The Straight Pipes: 2023 Honda Civic vs Honda Accord – Which is Better for $30,000?

2023 Honda Civic vs Honda Accord - Which is Better for $30,000?

Posted: 2023-05-17 11:59:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Honda Accord vs 2023 Honda Civic review by The Straight Pipes. The 2023 Honda Accord is putting down 192 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque and the 2023 Civic is putting down 180 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque from the same 1.5L Turbo 4 Cylinder. At $37,000 CAD($29,060 USD) for the Accord and $33,350 CAD($29,060 USD) for the Civic, would you take the Top Trim Civic or Lowest Trim Accord?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign The all-new 2023 Honda Accord versus the new 2023 Honda Civic we did this comparison last year with the top trim Civic and the top trim Accord now the Accord has been updated however this time we’re comparing the lowest trim Accord to the highest trim Civic which in the United States there’s basically

No difference in price but Yuri let’s get to the horsepower torque horsepower and torque the Accord has 192 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque from a 1.5 liter turbo four-cylinder and the Civic has 180 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque from a 1.5 liter turbo four-cylinder yes it’s the same engine ready oh Yeah wow that was the world’s worst uh acceleration battle I’m just happy when both cars are the same speed but what if somebody wanted to buy one of these where would they go for discounted price offers these are some of the top selling vehicles through that

Link because Yuri is currently in the ex trim of the Accord America actually gets the LX trim which is below the ex they also get the ex and similarly priced in the United States in Canada there’s much more of a difference between these so if you’re shopping for one definitely check

Them on the United States because they’re even more comparable so what are the biggest differences between these two because they’re both sedans you don’t have the hatch right now so they both have trunks do we start with the looks or the Interior Space let’s start with the looks uh you’re driving a

Undercover cop car in the Ford Taurus beside me am I defending the Ford Taurus Honda Accord or am I just talking normally here no we’re gonna defend the vehicles that we’re currently driving this is a special edition of car review course the brand new Honda Accord looks

So good like such a streamlined look looks like nothing else out there I especially love the taillights they stand out so much more than the Civic and they look so Sleek wow very convincing lawyer Yuri this Civic is undeniably better looking this beluga whale front end is gorgeous there’s

Absolutely nothing wrong with it compared to the hatch which also looks very lovely the Civic headlights don’t even match the headlights of the rest of the Honda lineup like they do in this Accord we got similar ones to the pilot and to the CRV that’s what makes the

Front end of this Accord look better thank you for pointing out how unique my vehicle looks in the Honda lineup oh damn I read both of these cars in white they look like some fleet stuff like just saying they look like Life Labs or like a delivery company for like NAPA

Auto Parts or something like that you know put a yellow helmet on them and they’re good especially the Accord with its uh base model wheels so you have 17 inch wheels I got 18 inch on the Civic yeah that’s right the Civic has bigger Wheels okay Civic wheels look kind of

Nice but I got more sidewall which is like you know better for more Comfort I don’t have to worry about scratching my wheels as easily so I think that’s a win for the Accord yeah the Accord can definitely plow through curbs much faster which uh I’ve seen some Accord

Drivers before and you’ll probably need that feature that is a selling feature and what would be the Continental recommended tire for either of these cars the extreme contact dws-06 Plus for the Civic and the pure contact LS for the Accord which is a luxury premium all-season touring tire for a luxury

Vehicle like an accord oh heck yeah okay and then what is next that we can compare with the looks like body lines are both pretty similar right yeah let’s just leave it at pretty similar nothing special uh the tail lights much better on the Civic they actually put some

Effort into them they look fantastic and the Accord I think they just forgot about the back end you have never been more wrong in your life how about exhaust tips the same because we both don’t have exhaust tips okay let’s saddle the looks by whose car sounds better from the outside Let us know in the comments below which one you think looks better if I took my lawyer hat off right now you know this looks like a Ford Taurus cop car it’s not really my favorite look I had to park in front of my house all

Day and I’m like why is there a cop watching me uh I think yeah Civic looks a little better yeah Civic definitely looks a lot better this this looks like they put effort into it the Accord especially next to the Civic because when I saw it in isolation when we drove

The top trim I was okay with that Accord but seeing the base model next to the top trim Civic it does not look very pretty I think the Accord looks a lot better in red I think both of these cars look a lot better when they’re not in

Like Fleet car spec 100 agree let’s get to some of these interior differences now I would like to start with my lovely leather steering wheel the quality of this is immaculate Yuri have you ever looked at your dashboard and thought that is a material that I want on my

Steering wheel I have a urethane steering wheel now that is something cool to talk about just leather like who cares Yuri do me a favor and knock on your dashboard and then knock on the steering wheel it should make the same sound steering wheel is actually a little harder

Okay so it’s a weird steering wheel but the nice thing about getting into this Accord was that everything was very simple nothing was complicated my infotainment has a volume knob a tuning knob and so many hard buttons way more than that Civic yeah the Civic definitely has some of those hard

Buttons a home back a volume knob and a tuning button not a tuning knob which honestly would have been nice if they just added in a secondary tuning knob but to be fair taking my lower hat off this doesn’t have Sirius XM in the Accord none of them do which is total

Trash and we love SiriusXM they’re a sponsored for a while they’re wearing my SiriusXM shirt and they’re hooking us up with Blink 182 tickets that we’re going to tonight so shout out SiriusXM blink 182. Blink 182 rock on I got in here and I was like SiriusXM

Where are you so I just used it off my app off my Apple carplay which is wired which worked perfectly oh you don’t have wireless Yuri no nobody likes Wireless Apple carplay Everybody Loves Wireless carplay when you do own a vehicle so this top trim Civic has wired and

Wireless that’s right options but does the Civic have a digital dash in the lowest trim we’re not talking about the lowest trim I’m in the highest Rim right now and yes I do have a digital dash in the Civic probably the same one as the Accord it’s pretty nice though I had a

Nice nice Digital dash yeah yeah what about Drive modes because I have a couple of them and I have a drive mode indicator button I have economy mode economical mode econ the one with the green leaf that one and then I got Drive Sport and

Low for my CVT no paddles though uh yeah you got DSL and I don’t have any of that I only have D yeah so I guess the accord’s winning again wow no it’s not you know where it’s also not winning the overall premiumness of the Interior because this has gloss black and

Everybody knows gloss black is a sign of premium-ness I’ve even seen it in a Bentley while that is very true I’ll give it that much to the Civic of glass black the Accord has no gloss black which makes it much easier to clean and no fingerprints it is uh good

For somebody who needs to maintain their vehicle very easily and I’ve got this metal mesh pattern up here which looks lovely as well I got one of those two in the Accord in this low trim as well and I’ve got very clicky hard climate buttons in the Civic

Got the same ones in the Accord how about the clickiness of my tuning knob and can you do the clickiness of your tuning knob for me real quick uh here’s the volume knob and yeah sounds great button is pathetic anyways uh something we both have exactly the same is the quality of

Reverse camera yes they are on par with the upper models of the pilot as well which is not very good but a feature for both of us is that we actually have the same backup camera as a 50 000 pilot and another thing that I have is a wireless

Charger Yuri can you Wireless charge your phone no and I would never Wireless charge my phone anyways because I only use wired carplay yeah I guess that makes sense and what about your cup holders I’ve got a full pass in the Civic no problem yeah Full Pass in the

Accord I feel like they’re exactly the same however you’re not going to fit a small up at the front one you just got to put it at the back one and while you’re drinking your coffee the sun might be in your eyes Yuri three two one yes Full Pass speaking of the

Sun I got a sunroof do you I do it’s pretty small but it’s there yeah hey a lot of good features equally along both cars and you know what I have in this Accord is a nice cool cloth seat so when the sun is beating on it and I get into

My car it’s not gonna burn me do you have a nice cloth seat in your Civic are you going to get burnt by the the hot hot leather no I’m just gonna crank my AC with my lovely knobs and use my heated seats while I’m at it because

Yeah I got that and you know what even if it’s a little chilly outside I’m going to use my heated steering wheel can you use yours for me I can definitely use my steering wheel it is not heated unless the Sun hits that urethane real hard but I do have heated

Seats no cooled but another thing that both of us actually have and I’m shocked that you do is Honda sensing so we do have a lane keep assist and adaptive cruise and it works really well yeah the lane centering is good it’s nice that this has it I was a little bit shocked

Because when I see cloth seats I don’t think Lane centering and we are on the way to cliche corner but before we get get there let’s assess the suspension between both of these and I’m just going to say they’re both extremely comfortable and I honestly don’t know

Which one’s more comfortable yeah yeah I can’t really tell the difference perfectly nice commuter cars nothing to complain about okay back to seats do you have forward and back lumbar I actually don’t have any lumbar oh Civic what the heck do you have seat presets in the Civic no and neither do I

In this record okay good hey do you even have electronic seats in that thing because I have yeah like electronic scenes for sure and then uh seat room I think you’re comfortable in both of these at six foot one and a half correct yeah totally fine in the back of these

Uh Headroom and leg room but is there more leg room in the back of the Accord I object I’ve already answered this question indirectly yes and then Headroom in the back and leg room it’s perfect if you have tall people in your family I think the Accord is definitely

A no-brainer because like who really cares about these short people nobody we need to we need to watch out for the tall people or if you’re buying one of these as an Uber I would prefer to be picked up in the Accord actually what if you barf on those seats then definitely

Because they’d probably be a lot easier to clean although they are perforated so I don’t really know but I’ll give you this much Honda Civic for an Uber you would be able to USB charge from the back where this a cord has nothing and I even have

Heated seats in the back which would be lovely for the winter and trunk space the Accord definitely has more but the Civic is really really good no problem I was able to fit a lot of diapers in the trunk okay the Accord has grocery bag hangers which I used for my groceries

And uh you know held it in there nice I had eggs that did not go flying but I’ll give this much to the Civic if you get the hatch version you pretty much have the best room for storing stuff ever yeah and the Accord has no hatch version

So the Civic has options and the Accord doesn’t have a two-door version anymore I know the Civic doesn’t either but like there were some cool two-door Accords back in the day yeah and I mean if we’re gonna go that route there’s also an SI version of this there’s also a Type R

Version of this and there’s also an Acura version of this so you know yeah you don’t know that is that is cool version it’s cool that you don’t actually have the top trim Civic I have the most premium commuter version you have the top trim sedan CVT yes unless you go to Acura

Which is the Civic yeah but one thing I also have that you don’t is paddle shifters on my steering wheel which everybody knows paddle shifters are where it’s at paddle shifters are completely useless in a CVT and I can prove it I’m going to pull up this clip

From this awesome car review Channel called the straight Pirates which you should all subscribe to and uh proof is in the pudding the CVT I actually don’t mind it at all we do have paddles to simulate gears so I’m just going to simulate a couple right now I would never use them realistically

They’re just there I’ve never met this man in my life look man I really like downshifting the CVT look it’s so fast watch this instant faster than a DCT continuously variabling your way through cliche Corner uh speaking of continuously variabling we should talk about fuel economy the Civic is rated at 6.9 liters

Per 100 kilometers combined or 34 miles per gallon and that Accord has a paltry 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers or 32 miles per gallon combined I got to tell you this much I enjoy this drivetrain much more than the Hybrid drivetrain in the Accord the one we drove in

California it was like a lot of weird stuff going on I love the Simplicity of this I think maybe a lower trim might be The Sweet Spot of the Accord and this is actually actually not just like lawyer hat Yuri yeah 100 because you even kind of get almost a better infotainment

Because it’s just simpler more hard buttons yeah I mean if you don’t get SiriusXM then like what’s the point of moving up if you don’t get like a better 360 camera or reverse camera like why but where it might be worth spending your hard earned cash for this top trim

Civic is the sound system I’ve got a 12 speaker Bose sound system and it is actually really good you’ve only got eight speakers and it’s not even branded by Bose it’s decent and it’s at least not awful like there is awful sound systems that exist this is not awful

Correct it’s not on like I don’t know a base Subaru BRZ or something like that it’s not on that level I think most people could easily live with the sound system and not be mad all right so with all the interior differences out of the way cliche Corner uh first thing I

Noticed is that it’s just so comfortable through here it doesn’t even matter yeah these are definitely not sports cars and there’s actually like no sporty version of the Accord anymore which kind of sucks oh the steering in the Civic is lovely just the right amount of weight

Yeah I love the steering feel through this urethane wheel don’t you just love grabbing your dash as your steering wheel okay and this Civic here we go oh yeah I can hear the tires but this body roll is under control I am kind of keeping up with these

Big fat tires there we go I’m gonna lose you here I’m like I’m like pretty much there yeah they’re they’re pretty evenly matched this the Civic actually just feels great we’ve driven it like a hundred times through here and it’s lovely yeah the Accord was you know not amazing but uh

This is a commuter car spec so this is all I’m expecting from it and then in the Accord I have gotten nice carpeted floor mats do you have carpet or do you have some other material I mean I’ve got carpet under these rubber floor mats do those rubber floor mats cover everything

Or do they just cover a little bit they definitely don’t cover as much as a set of tux mat would so go to the straight pipes to see what they have available for your car yes more coverage I think would get more points for sure it would definitely give this a

Luxurious feel and probably catch more puke in the back seats as an Uber yeah it’s much easier to clean all right switch up the order back through cliche Corners see if the Civic can keep up with the Accord before we get to the price in our final decisions let’s see

The cliche Corner bump oh comfortable oh the bump in the Civic was nice all right eat my dust Civic ah not a chance I’m gonna hit your bumper if I get any closer the CBT is just screaming we’re just exchanging whose tires are screaming first yeah okay yeah this is kind of

Kind of a dog through there yeah honestly the Civic is better we have driven opposite Vehicles so we already know that lawyer hats on or off the Civic is the better handling car between these two in these trims so I think with all that out of the way it’s time we get

To the price in Canada the Civic is 33 350 dollars Canadian the Accord is 37 000 and in the states they are basically the same price even if you go to the upper ex trim which is pretty crazy and I think that’s fair because I think a

Cord has some like value to the name you know people say they drive a Civic like I don’t want to be in a Civic I want to be a court what’s the next car up when you have a Civic you go to a cord that’s where that extra price difference is

Coming into play urethane wheel name brand no I tell them the next car up is an Acura lawyer hats off price being the same in the states which one would you take okay so the better 30 grand car between both of these that being the ex trim this being the top

Touring trim I’m obviously gonna have to go team Civic there’s just so many features the seats are more comfortable I love this thing I think you’re right and I think as long as there is no room restrictions for stuff in the trunk or height restrictions for like a baby seat

Behind you or anything or if your whole family is like a family of Giants or something like that Civic is probably the right way to go however I will say this after browsing I have noticed that the Civic tends to be marked up more often than the Accord so

You might end up with more value in an accord if you’re able to get a better deal yeah and I’m sure some people just would rather have an accord they don’t care if it’s cloth seats instead of leather in the Civic they would rather have the Accord and I get that right

Like I do have to give it to Honda though they killed it with the Civic we’ve reviewed this countless times in countless trims and every time I get in this I’m just so happy and pleased to be in this car and even people modifying their Civics looks cool like we saw a

Cool Civic with wheels and a spoiler and exhaust so that look well I haven’t seen any of these Accords dressed up as like fake cop cars like people used to do with their Grand Marquis yeah but I know that’s coming yeah so let us know which

One you guys would pick is it the Civic or the Accord and which trim would you get thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed our clips from the Blink-182 concert foreign