The Straight Pipes: 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Review

2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Review

Posted: 2023-04-14 11:56:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Ford Bronco Sport Heritage review by The Straight Pipes. The Ford Bronco Sport is putting down 181 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque from a 1.5L EcoBoost 3 cylinder. At $46,009 CAD, would you take it over the Ford Bronco, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Plymouth Prowler, Chrysler PT Cruiser, a bunch of Hot Wheels?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Broncos sport Heritage without launch control we’re almost there all right that’s enough horsepower and torque 181 horsepower 190 pound-feet of torque from a 1.5 liter EcoBoost 3-cylinder we haven’t driven that motor in a Bronco sport yet but most importantly this is the Heritage Edition so it’s white yes white roof robin’s egg

Blue and then we also have a nice pinstripe with the old classic Bronco logo and some white steelys which are actually aluminum and the white girl with red lettering yeah and then there’s also another broncosport Heritage which is the limited which has a different white Grille that has more holes and

Then that one you can get in yellow and it has the better engine yeah way better engine and this engine sucks so before we get into The Styling choices and if you should get one of these classic looking ones instead of the newer blackout style ones what is your problem

With this engine okay so it’s actually not the speed yes it’s slow but I’m able to deal with it totally fine wow that’s cool M6 wow wow that looks so cool back to this engine so it vibrates incessantly at idle is that a word yes it is at

Certain RPMs as well when you’re driving when you’re like I found like 60 kilometers per hour when the r PM’s around 1100 and then you can’t actually control them because there’s no paddles this is an eight-speed Auto it’s not a CVT but holy crap does this vibrate all

The time when I’m in a drive through when I’m just pulling away from a stop sign and the stop start hasn’t activated it is so annoying yeah it’s got a lot of weird little vibrations like it’s pretty subtle like it’s not as annoying to me

As it was on my grandma’s 2015 CRV that they actually sued in small claims court a Honda dealership in Toronto got money back because those need to get engine mounts and they’re selling them screwed up and just hoping people didn’t notice yeah but you haven’t driven it by

Yourself with no gear in here and that’s what makes the difference as soon as you hopped in we threw all this gear in the vibration actually improved the resonating frequencies are very weight dependent it seems in this particular model yeah so honestly for me if you’re

A solo driver this powertrain is a deal breaker and so for that reason alone I cannot in good faith recommend this vehicle I would have to recommend the limited trim because we had no problems with that 2-liter EcoBoost we actually really liked it so I would have to say

Just go with that one okay what other mechanical things do you get different with that limited trim you get a different all-wheel drive system so you get a couple different goat modes we only have five goat modes in this one I think in the upper trim you get like

Seven goat modes which by the way are the drive modes I mostly would want that for that yellow yeah the yellow is nice but I mean this robin’s egg blue also fits this like Heritage okay let’s talk about the looks what what this is and why it’s cool so 1966 Ford Bronco had

White on it so that’s why they’ve got this yep is it a good representation of that because to me this is kind of like so the Plymouth Prowler was the Bronco the PT Cruiser was the Bronco Sport and then when you put wooden panels on a PT Cruiser that’s like the white Heritage

Version of the Bronco sport okay so I actually do like this when I first saw it in photos I didn’t love it but seeing in person it makes a lot of sense now I think this exists for old people because I was actually getting dog food and this

Old lady like Grandma gestured to roll down my window which has never happened to me in car ever before and she said I love your car I said thank you she said I had an original one that I drove across Canada and she said that it

Looked similar to this one and then she asked me is this the old one I said well no it’s a new one that’s meant to look like an old one she said wow I really love the wheels and the color so it’s they nailed it they nailed it looks wise

Like I love this is for like Boomers and grandmas and grandpas and it’s perfect for people with a hard Boomer energy like me yeah exactly big Boomer energy yeah but otherwise the regular Bronco sport exists for buyers that don’t really care about the 60s model I think

This color spec looks so like 10 times better than the normal Bronco sport it makes it look pretty cool not gonna lie so these wheels they look perfect like perfect style like that’s all we wanted on the defender Defender couldn’t get us the white wheels and here they look

Great and then what Continental Tire do we actually have on here the cross contact ATR which is the OEM tire for this car but another good alternative choice would be the cross contact lx25 also it’s summer Tire season so go get those tires swapped out click the link

Below to see what’s your Continental recommended tire for your car and then doesn’t this kind of remind you of that one jeep that we drove the blue one yeah that’s right yeah it’s kind of exactly that and then this kind of is also very fj-ish as well it is more so the big

Bronco because there is a big Bronco version of The Heritage as well so do you think in like 50 years if we’re still around or our kids or whatever they’re going to be like oh this is the Heritage Edition of the broncosport Heritage Edition that’d

Be so I’d like for sure I don’t know because who cares about a Bronco sport but because they did it to the regular Bronco it’s going to be a floating space car with like white Jets okay let’s send this floating space car through concurrent configuration through cliche

Corner and it’s okay uh feels just like a regular Bronco we have that Haas suspension which honestly is kind of doing it no favors on the road it feels okay through cliche it’s a little bit bumpy in Daily driving like I wanted this to be softer considering the

Exterior and everything like that this is kind of off-roady or at least it’s implied to be off-roady yeah so and it’s got a little bit of a suspension lift so I want it to be softer yeah it is like a little a little Econo box it’s not

Unbearable it’s not too stiff it’s just I want it a touch softer that Grandma who saw you yup I bet you she wouldn’t care she’s probably got the same feeling of suspension and like not carrying his ear where there’s like a nice big fat like margin of like I don’t care I’m

Fine I don’t know man these vibrations combined with the suspension should be like nah I’m out although her back’s probably in better condition than mine but let’s see you’re back in condition in the driver’s seat in here that made no sense but let’s just swap anyways

But what does it sound like from the outside but what does it sound like from the outside traction off floor at launch there’s like two levels of things happening there yeah this is like uh you know what this is like Nissan Sentra slow but since

It’s not a CVT it doesn’t feel nearly as bad or like crawl across the regular one it’s not that bad because like I was looking at the speedo and it like really wasn’t getting there yeah okay so now that you’re up to normal speed just floor it

It’s okay to downshift that was sport mode though okay yeah so when you’re in normal mode it it’s kind of slow Grandma’s not driving in sport mode God no she’s in bucking bronco mode see you there that was like two or three gears and it just took a while yeah I

Don’t know how many people are gonna floor that yeah it’s just it’s a weird thing yeah I just I wish they offered the powertrain independently of the entire trim level feels kind of all right they’re cliche like yeah it’s okay it’s not a sports car but definitely a

Bronco sport yes sporty it’s all-wheel drive which we should say uh it’s not like four by four like a real Bronco but yeah well how are you supposed to go out anywhere goat anywhere are you supposed to go out anywhere if you don’t have a wheel drive

Front wheel drive can’t do it right no and if you want it to go anywhere this is actually rated at 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers combined and I’ve actually been getting better than that which is really impressive and then you can even tow up to 2 000 pounds with this little

Three cylinder so this is kind of this can kind of be like just like a Civic or Corolla alternative that you want to oh Chevy no Chevy Toyota CHR HRV crawl across no no but the old one that also had a small though but that also had a mode a version with a

White roof and stuff oh yeah similar energy oh okay I thought you were saying like size wise and stuff no no okay so like yeah this is kind of just like I like Civic maybe I’m older and I want an easier way to get in so I don’t drop as

Much and I like old styling yeah like it’s yeah I mean you have to buy this purely based off styling and it’s perfect for style like I love this I would love to see this in my driveway and this isn’t that much more than a regular equivalent trim Bronco sport so

Then moving on to the interior we got some cool fun materials nothing looks cheap but I’m getting a nasty rattle from like the roof area and I think from the infotainment yeah and there’s some cheap Plastics kind of down here but at least it’s not gloss black so I’m okay

With that it’s very appropriate for what this is yes and then these seats are incredible looking this uh Navy Pier blue or whatever with the stitching that’s blue and red yeah this is awesome but if you get the good engine you’re forcing the leather seats yeah which

Sucks that’s why like just allow the good engine to be optioned in this base trim pretty sure they know what they’re doing I know because they’re trying to make some money yeah and then I did notice when I got in there is some carpet visible if there were a set of

Tux mats in here it would probably have a lot more coverage go to the straight pipes to see what they have for your car because they definitely have mats for this car by the way we’re having a meet up April 29th at tux mat headquarters in Scarborough so check out

The link below come visit us that’s right Cars and Coffee with Jacob and Yuri we are sharing it on Instagram RSVP click the link we’ll see you guys there so putting my phone places in here I got a nice little shelf underneath the infotainment I can put it here too I can

Put it in the cup holder and there’s this net here lots of cool options and what about the cup holder does it pass hell yeah it does yeah it does visors I think three two one yes wow I feel like these were like all lubed up and ready to

Slide they were greasy the infotainment nice and small volume knob tuning knob Apple carplay if you’re in apple carplay and you want to get back to your normal screen click this sound button and that’ll take you back to the sound settings where you can have all your

Stuff at the bottom it’s a great alternative to having a home button Pinnacle of Ford infotainments possibly no the new ones are pretty good the ones that aren’t uh vertical yeah like the F-150 one which is still sideways I I don’t know which Ford and 14 it’s the

Best it must have been something like five years ago I think no because that was like sync three and stuff that was bad sync 4 is good as long as the hard buttons are good and this has a pretty decent sound system decent for for playing The Beach Boys which I think

Would definitely be being played in this car 100 and if I’m an older person maybe my arms are heavy I can put my elbows here yeah while driving why are your arms heavy if you’re old because my muscles are weak okay so your arms aren’t actually heavy but I’m not making

Fun of old people like I love all people I love old people style old people car stuff I get that there’s certain cars directed to an older demographic someone left a comment it’s not that you’re saying uh that you don’t like old people and you’re saying old people it’s like

You should be saying older people old people is not the term that they like I read the comments okay Boomer old Boomers anyways uh the seats on the backs are actually really comfortable for myself at six foot one and a half so if you have your older friends going to

Bingo no problem back there yeah okay got a lot of Headroom like a ton of Headroom because I guess the way the roof is scoop that we got a cool little sunroof here what I really like also is that we’ve got pretty good adaptive cruise with Lane centering in here yeah

And it’s not a blue Cruise so it actually doesn’t bother you that much and blue cruise is actually never worked perfectly for we’ve never been able to drive anything blue cruise with our hands completely off the wheel in any Vehicles we’ve driven in Toronto yeah and it’s not even for construction

Reasons it’s just I don’t know why it doesn’t work so this is actually good yeah and we’ve got hard buttons down here so that’s really lovely Although seeing this temperature thing without the actual display really yeah that feels like very uh budget yeah but we do have heated seats no cooled no heated

Steering wheel which is odd gauge clusters chill analog on the sides digital in the middle cannot complain one bit I like I like the Simplicity yep okay trunk room very good we got grocery bag hangers which is like the best and it’s all rubberized as well so your

Stuff doesn’t really fly around back there oh I went to the grocery store and I found a Super Treasure Hunt Hot Wheels on the on the hangar dead front and center so I keep going back there to see if they restock for more Super Treasure

Hunts but I haven’t seen any yet yo my buddy got me the fox body one from uh Fast and Furious so I just opened that with my kid he loved it also let us know if you have Super Treasure Hunt tips in the comments below yes and your Hot

Wheels collection uh but back to the back uh we actually have like a tray table thing that can also move around yeah you can slide that back and it’ll like stand onto the bumper which I guess it’s like if you have snacks and you want people to like not lean too far

Into your car or a change table for children up to 30 pounds speaking of children well people with the change to if you change the kid at the gray you’re gonna put them that high yeah but you can uh anyways the back seats for a baby

Seat are actually a pain in the ass because there’s no room to get the car seat in there because the doors don’t open very well and then once it’s in here the passenger is so far forward you can’t really use it have you ever tried

Putting a car seat in the back of a coop no never I and I wouldn’t dare with my back that’s a fun one and then back to the trunk there is also a cool light up to the top that you can control you can angle so that’d be really nice if you

Have to dig stuff out at night or whatever yeah and then a bottle opener so you can go to parties and open bottles yeah and root beer that’s what the advertising stuff is it’s just opening like orange pop bottles yeah wait come on Sony pops okay

Ford I see we can only have eight Sony pops a day the legal Department’s like look man just have an orange soda so I guess with all our rambling coming to an end it’s time we get to the price this one is 46 000 and nine dollars can you buy a

Actual Bronco at that price a regular non-heritage yes you can like the cheapest Bronco Broncos like around that price yeah but like would you rather have the cheapest Bronco or would you rather have a Heritage sport personally I’d rather have a regular Bronco I don’t know I think the heritage is cool I

Think it is cool knocked it out of the park I would definitely recommend getting one of these instead of a regular Bronco sport I would recommend the Heritage limited on discounted price offers and I wouldn’t recommend this particular model blue or yellow it doesn’t matter yellow whatever’s in stock thanks for watching

Guys let us know which other Heritage Edition of a car we should review next yes or you would like to see made up in the future maybe I’ll Photoshop one for you I was gonna say what if there was a raptor Heritage of some weird jump truck that we don’t know about though

The largest Photoshop damn