The Straight Pipes: 2.5 RS IS BACK?! 2024 Subaru Impreza RS Review

2.5 RS IS BACK?! 2024 Subaru Impreza RS Review

Posted: 2023-08-22 12:00:33
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Subaru Impreza RS review by The Straight Pipes. The Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS is putting down 182 horsepower and 178 lb-ft of torque from a 2.5L 4 cylinder boxer engine. At $31,795 CAD, would you take it over the Honda Civic, Mazda 3 AWD, Toyota Corolla?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Drive [Applause] 2024 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS without launch control holy crap bro they can’t call this an RS we’re about to get to the engine specs some somebody called the police and arrest everyone at Subaru this is embarrassing it won’t be us because we’re not even at the speed limit

Horsepower and torque 182 horsepower 178 pound-feet of torque from a 2.5 liter four-cylinder boxer engine this is the fast motor yeah so the 2.5 RS is back for the first time in a long time since the 90s yeah they actually use the photo of the cool one in the press release

Yeah so that it should not be allowed I wanted one of those when they were at the time that I couldn’t afford them and like Colin McRae rallied one with the 555 Livery it’s a legendary car we never got the WRX and the STI versions that

Japan had and those are like the super cool 22bs and all that cool stuff we only had the 2.5 RS so now it’s back in um let’s just say it’s pretty slow yeah the badge has the Boxster uh cylinders on it yes it does I mean like I

Shouldn’t be bragging about that after seeing all those Subaru issues with the BRZ on track right this is a right turn are we allowed no right turns the bad turn yeah yeah watch out let’s go okay cliche corner right turn uh no a little pressure oh I’m not just kidding I’m

Kidding anyways yeah this thing’s like kind of it’s not the worst of cliche you know like slow slow and it is all-wheel drive symmetrical all-wheel drive with active torque vectoring through the brakes though and it does feel okay yeah yeah it feels fine like I took some

On-ramps and stuff and I was I felt faster than I thought I would in this yes and then this is like a competitor to like the Civic Mazda 3 and the Corolla and this is the only one that comes standard with all-wheel drive and you can option it on the Mazda 3. yeah

But you don’t need all-wheel drive you really don’t really don’t for like most of the stuff unless you’re like I just don’t unless you live in Quebec then yeah get all-wheel drive yeah but even they they half the people Rock a front wheel drive Sunfire put some nice winter

Tires on there and you’re good and then what would be the Continental recommended winter tire for this car the Viking contact seven and what if you needed truck tires and it’s July or August the terrain contact at July August promo in the comments below all

Right so I want to talk about the looks go for it it’s very red yes and this is there’s a cool new blue to go along with it that’s very similar to the Corolla xse Blue yeah I guess that’s not the XC blue but you know the one I look like a

Lightish blue the one from the speed Academy video yes anyways uh yeah the red is cool because it’ll get dirty and like you can’t tell and it’s like this red just eats up everything and there’s like no metallic so it just looks like a red blob flying down which I am okay

With it’s a nice bright color but it reminds me of your Matrix that we reviewed yes my wife’s uh old Matrix uh that thing was a legend but this thing I don’t know if it will be okay we got a piano or gloss black along the bottom

Rocker and on the wing which kind of looks cool black in the front end I don’t mind the looks at all it’s fine but you can’t run drls you have to have like headlights on and don’t forget you skipped over the black wheels that you

Love so much I hate black wheels yeah it would have been nice the silver Wheels white Wheels manual STI wow yeah exactly okay I just get like they shouldn’t get people’s hopes up with cool Badges and cool throwback to cool cars like this is just an economy car this is a marketing car

Like marketing designed that badge and made it I’m surprised anyone even let that go like there wasn’t some like old guy at Subaru was like you can’t call it that yeah they’re like shut up Carl but at the same time R 2.5 RS that we had in

North America didn’t have a turbo so like it also wasn’t the fastest it just looked cool and it was like a coupe and stuff it probably had three pedals and a wing and uh and two doors exactly yeah yeah but I mean I don’t mind the looks

Of this but nothing stands out to me but it’s it’s just like it’s just car this is a family car yes this is like a normal boring no offense family car which is fine and then you have all-wheel drive who think that’s safer and I get why people would think that because people

Like I my Mazda CX-5 is all-wheel drive yeah I don’t use any of the all-wheel drive in this no and like people just seem to think they have this thing in their head that you need all-wheel drive it’s a symmetrical full-time all-wheel drive where’s our X modes and things no

It’s not for off-roading we not have any of that up here no you got to get the uh the Outback Wilderness and all that kind of stuff yeah I mean I in the wilderness I didn’t get stuck at all in like heavy snow and I didn’t need the X mode so I I

Think you’d be fine with this anyways if you do like cottagey stuff or ski hill stuff or whatever I’m sport oh dude you just put it in RS mode [Laughter] what does RS stand for uh really slow I’m sorry Subaru boy come on you do it to yourself yeah yeah we’re gonna stop

Having the SDI we’re gonna release the RS yeah and the crazy part is there is a slower engine yeah but it’s fine like I don’t know yeah whatever uh okay I guess you should drive before we run into things to talk about ready born ready are you actually ready though yeah brake boost

Well I got a little bit more let’s go CBT all right [Applause] is Swap this into uh old RS yeah but the old uh RS like drivetrain on this on this body no this drivetrain in an old RS body yeah hey vad okay the switcheroo okay uh some

Stuff inside we got cloth seats and they look cool yeah we got the red accents and Canada gets an exclusive sport Tech trim which gets blue accents right or different colored accents on the seats like leather seats they get yeah and USA cannot get leather in this but whatever

We got hard buttons for our heated seats which is cool and then I got the app which let me preheat the car or start the car and then you had a setting that you can go to full air conditioning so every time I got in it was very very

Cold nice that’s good okay cliche corner and uh I don’t love the steering the tires are making a lot of sounds I am hucking this in you’re hugging it way harder yeah yeah like it is like like ease it in bro no way there’s an RS really

Yeah you got to be going in reverse to be RS mode and I had it in sport mode not intelligent because uh you know throttle mapping yeah but um yeah get back to this interior we got gloss blacker on the shifter and then look at this carbon fiber-esque uh shift boot

And he looks all right it kind of matches the seats and stuff yeah it’s okay we got big screen that’s new about this because this is like a full new model technically yeah and uh it’s same old one that we don’t like in every new Subaru because it’s just doesn’t have

Enough hard buttons and then this one has only Wireless carplay and Android auto like you can’t do wired carplay I think that’s what they’re doing in all the big screen versions yeah and like it sucks because your delay is off and I was thinking about like why do you want

The delay if you got a kid in the back and you need to send them a show to watch on the phone so they don’t freak out and there’s a delay oh ah on ah that could ruin a kid’s day even worse and then I tried plugging it in so

It was going through like the iPod Media mode and there’s still a delay like how but there’s a solution to all that if you get the bass bass model instead of this big screen they have a two screen set up and that is wired carplay only

And it’s got a whole bunch of hard buttons in the middle so just go for the base it’s probably better this engine honestly isn’t worth getting the RS model no so you’re probably better off with a lower trim version of this car yeah I mean I want to try that yeah and

Then we have uh nice analog gauges with digital in the middle no issues there very simple and they fixed all those complaints we used to have years ago where like it would block your Speedo if you’re on a phone call so that’s all nice morning then we have the heated steering wheel

Which still hasn’t upgraded their LED which you can barely tell that it’s on okay cup holders they’ll fit a small cup fun and we got these little inserts on both which is cool and they got I think they got little mountains on them speaking of mountains bro we got like

Mountains on like the door Sills at the bottom and on the trunk because rugged yeah that’s right I wonder when they’re gonna do a Wilderness version of the Impreza like that’s basically the only car left at this point probably not because it doesn’t sell as well as

Everything else not yet yeah I guess everyone’s buying cuvs and SUVs and all that very comfortable in your seat I’m very comfortable I actually like that they’re not leather like these cloth seats especially today it’s hot as balls and these are great they’re nice they’re nice cloth seats and then how about uh

Trunk space trunk space pretty good okay yeah you can’t really complain I noticed your steering wheel has red stitching probably because RS oh yeah and then our floor mats also have red stitching Crowley because RS yes but you know be even more RS what’s that a set of tucks

Matte ah yes definitely a set of tux mat go to straight pipes to see what they have for your car and since this is a family car like a Civic and like whatever like this is like this isn’t cool it’s just a family car yeah

All-wheel drive you got a kid the amount of stuff my tux mat has collected oh yeah CX5 like and then I actually fit behind myself which is really nice like Headroom and leg room yeah there’s a lot of room in here like the whole like view like these little Windows yes you

Can see so much like so little blind spot from these pillars and then even when you check back even though you’re not supposed to like really like Chuck your head back that hard to check your blind spot like that little back window lets you see a lot more it’s really nice

And then uh for daily driving the suspension is very soft and supple I’ve got no complaints about it it is really good it’s not too bouncy going over the cliche Corner bump or anything like that the other thing I don’t love is the brakes the like the pressure is just a

Little too sensitive yeah like in the first inch of travel they brag about the new brake booster in this and like the Crosstrek from this thing and like yeah it’s just a little too much and I didn’t notice it as much in the Crosstrack but I definitely notice it in this and then

The steering is also like very vague which is supposed to be like that yes oh we also have a wireless charger here yeah and let’s see if our advisors extend I don’t think they ever do oh three two one no because I already felt

This part of it oh flap flap is a fail just so everybody knows a little sunroof yeah I don’t mind it on hot days it’s nice to close it but when we’re filming we need that extra bit of light to light our hair to the glow beautiful glow on

This beard I think that’s it with the curry yeah I think that’s it oh it kind of smells in here actually okay uh we got we have to turn off we’re circulating air because we don’t know maybe on the Press trip they like took this in the ocean or something yeah I

Was told they didn’t but something’s fishy yeah so we had to turn off the recirc and then it really kind of dealt down the fishy smell okay and then also this has a whole bunch of safety stuff I forgot to mention yes like all the stuff

That we had in the Crosstrek it has here so like it’ll even like avoid stuff and does a lot of good emergency braking and it has eyesight for like Lane keep assists for like all that stuff yeah so that’s good because if you want a family

Car you want to be safe and not only safe because of all-wheel drive and easier to control safe to avoid accidents and stuff yeah all right and only reverse camera with all that out of the way I think it’s time and it’s got satellite radio it will rewind it’s got

A tuning knob that rips super hard through stations but no more tune mix let’s get to the price this one is Thirty One Thousand Seven Nine five Canadian which is a pretty good price however the SIM Civic exists and the Civic SI exists unfortunately the Civic

SI is no longer around that price it’s now like 37 000 personally I would say it’s worth it and I’m only comparing it to the SI because this has an RS badge making me think that it’s a fast car you want an all-wheel drive commuter car

Just go for it you know Subaru people once they buy one Subaru they buy Subarus for the rest of their life pretty much well except me I bought one and then normal normal people not not car people yeah and it’s not because I hated it I actually really liked my WRX

But I was just bored of all-wheel drive I wanted to rip burnouts and stuff so I’m just that kind of guy anyways uh thanks for watching I don’t think they should have put the RS badge in if you’re in the States buy one with the double infotainment screen and wired

Carplay yeah sorry we’re not super excited it’s excitement