The Straight Pipes: $100,000 SUPERCAR KILLER! 2024 Corvette E-Ray Review

Reading Time: 14 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-13 13:00:04
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Corvette E-Ray review by The Straight Pipes. The Chevrolet C8 Corvette ERay is putting down 655 horsepower and 595 lb-ft of torque from a 6.2L V8 and 1 electric motor with a 1.9kWh battery. Starting at $104,900 USD, would you take it over the C8 Z06, Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Acura NSX?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob and eay going for a drive 2024 Chevrolet Corvette eay with launch control Jeez horsepower and torque 655 combined horsepower and 595 combined pounded Torque from a 6.2 L V8 with a hybrid system in the front axle FL for me I want to hear electric motor that sounds cool and that pulls really hard so if we were testing that 0 to 60

Time it would have been 2.5 seconds so we’re finally driving the first all-wheel drive Corvette the first electrified Corvette the first front-wheel drive Corvette because you can do electric only just to the front because the electricity is only in the front yes that’s right cuz there’s literally only a motor that powers the

Front wheels which is battery assisted with the batter in the center tunnel which I did ask is serviceable by a regular dealership cuz you can access it with a plate underneath the car and then we still have our naturally aspirated 495 horsepower v8 Outback which is basically unchanged from the regular

Stingray yeah it’s not the Z06 motor back there don’t get excited but it is the Z06 body on the outside it’s the wide body but then we got color matched stuff at the front which you could also get not color matched yeah so by by default I think Chevy’s kind of really

Trying to push this color match thing and I think it kind of really works on this car yeah especially on the sides like those whatever those things are called around the door looks so awesome color matched and we are in Colorado uh I think Chevy’s really trying to push

The fact that this is all-wheel drive and a Four Season perhaps three season Corvette so we are doing a lot of handling on these uh mountains Canyons I don’t know what you call them but Pikes Peak is around here and we will be going to the racetrack tomorrow so we are

Going to insert our driving impressions from tomorrow right now all right eay on track what do you think first of all I had to be in the convertible so my helmet definitely hit the roof and it was actually quite uncomfortable so I would recommend uh coups for anyone

That’s 6’1 1/2 and above on track it felt very weird uh it did a lot of different things the front axle wants to under steer at first and then you have to treat it like a front-wheel drive car rather than a rear wheel drive car and

Then you have to power through the under steer to correct the under steer which was very interesting and then depending on the battery state of of charge it varied what it was doing in certain corners and at exits and then drifting it doing donuts it was a little weird I

Stayed fully in it made a bunch of smoke couldn’t hold like a big circle cuz I was just testing it out and I held the drift of the week apparently as uh was spoken to me by the technician engineer that was beside me and I had a lot of

Fun but it definitely was a little bit weird at first but once I got it like okay hand over hand hand over hand open up close and boom hell yeah this is sick you got it down this is Awesome my battery you’re at about 30% so you can probably get another lap or two oh Now now we’re starting to get low on S yeah yeah you’ll feel it it’ll get to a point where you can’t really maintain it anymore Tire Stu y nice job thank you it’s been the best all week so far hell yeah that’s what I want to hear do not take this to a

Takeover it is not going to end well but it was super fun out here so back to the video but my driving Impressions right here on the street which is primarily where everyone’s going to be driving this is fantastic this is basically the American portion 911 Turbo yes where the

Z6 is the GT3 exactly and this thing handles really well it has Z6 suspension basically I feel like it’s a little bit softer we do also have the allseason tires without the full performance package softer right now because we dialed it all down when it’s in the

Firmus mode our cameras are vibrating so crazy and it kind of hurts our poor little sciatica backs but we do have Magna ride which is fantastic and the fact that we have so much variability like right now this is going to be be a little bit punishing if we were to put

It into max maximum mode right now so you can feel and hear everything right now but as soon as we dial that right back down it is a really big difference magnet ride is fantastic okay but what if I dial my traction to all the way off

Then it forces you to have the fir suspension probably because of some tuning stuff exactly cuz I feel like they needed uh certain suspension settings with traction modes cuz that’s the optimum settings yeah could to put it back the smooth one take some corners for me let me know if the traction

Interfer on dry mode okay manual mode cuz yeah we still have an 8speed dual clutch to control this thing and it dude this is so fast out here I love driving this out here it is like it it takes so much less time to get used to this than

Like a Z6 cuz a Z6 is a heck of a lot of car and it’s purely rear wheel drive which you know we prefer we do own a C6 Z6 with over 700 horsepower but man this thing is so approachable this is like a 911 turbo versus a GT3 it is easy but

You know what’s not approachable about this the whole new infotainment and stuff and all the settings and to get in every mode it is a nightmare but we’ll talk about that later yeah cuz this is transitioned as a 2024 model to full Google infotainment and even before

Google I mean the Corvettes are always a little tricky to get them into the mode it’s like launch control turns out you have to be in a specific traction specific mode and you can’t be on any Hill at all cuz then it doesn’t work that’s correct so we are using Z mode

Which is your customizable drive mode on your steering wheel which is the best way to get into your fully custom mode and that’s also the easiest way to get into launch control you can also access it through the race drive mode which is different than the race traction mode

Cuz there are individual traction modes as well okay and then it also has a tour which you can go into V4 mode and then from V4 mode if you floor it still goes like full beans pretty quick we’ve got tour and then we got my mode which is

Kind of weird and then we got like uh all weather which is like your snow you think cuz you’re actually going to be driving this in the snow probably you definitely can and that’s why they’re pushing this car with allseason tires and by the way the content all

Recommended tire would be the extreme contact dws06 plus if you did want to drive this year round and if you’re strictly going to be in the summer the extreme contact sport o02 but back to this drive so the front motor provides 160 extra horsepower and you can

Actually see it if you click your little r-ray logo and you can see your electric output and your engine output so are going to floor it and you can see it build right away from the front axle and then the rear just catches up because it’s building power and yes we are in

Colorado so we are at higher elevation so we’re not getting Peak power but that is how confident Chevy is in this car and I can confidently tell you that this car is actually very quick out here I actually love the sound floor it one more time but don’t say

Anything that electricy thing and the Pumped in this is cool and what if you pull back both paddles and floor it still Redline it it is a very good mix and we’re in the convertible version but we’ve been getting like sunburn all summer so we’re not going to drop it

Down and now with the convertible versions you can have a little clear piece of glass that you can see the engine through yeah cuz that was their biggest criticism from the public that you couldn’t see the engine on the convertible so they have solved that and

By the way I did ask yes you can get that same piece retrofitted to your previous Corvette but you can’t see it while you’re driving you need to like open up the back and then you can see it yeah but uh let’s open up some more

Things cans of worms with you in the driver’s seat I’m going to be super stealthy about I might even shuttle us somewhere okay I want to go in full electric mode so to do that now that I’m already on I got to turn my car off I need to put my foot

Back on The Brak and turn my dial to either stealth or Shuttle so I’m going to start with stealth dead silent car on Corvette is on drive we can go up to 45 M hour and up to 3 to 4 mil miles of distance but when

You’re doing this there’s no h back yeah it’s actually really hot right now ready and then you floor it engine starting synchronizing boom that’s pretty cool I I really like that but you cannot put it back into that mode while driving that’s right you need

To turn off the car and I asked the guys if you could put it in neutral and then kill the button and then turn it back on and it’ll start in that mode they tested it out for me thank you very much and it does not work that way yeah there there

Is no other hack other than turning the car off and then turning it back on and then we also have a shuttle mode which is for like moving it around in like your garage with your multiple cars or whatever and it’s for off-road use only

It’ll only go up to 15 mes hour even if you floor it all the way it will not go faster they said maybe if you’re going down a hill it’ll pick up speed maybe it’ll hit 16 but I think that’s also a very cool feature and you don’t need to

Have your seat belt on for that either yeah I mean obviously we don’t have a large battery but it’s cool that they built in this kind of stuff because typically on a hybrid that isn’t a plugin hybrid this is not a plug-in hybrid you typically can’t drive on like

EV only or be able to like select when you’re driving on EV only well the NSX you can get it to go with EV only pretty easily that’s why I said typically and that W isn’t that the only other reel this is just the Chevrolet NSX okay yo Z mode with a stiff

Suspension God that is fast I feel like it’s hard to hit Red Line it just revs Out all right right now into manual mode oh yes it shifts really quick those noises are so cool I am so excited to hear what that’s like on track dude as a passenger I am so glad that we have these uh carbon Ceramics as standard cuz not going to lie I’m a

Little terrified in the passenger seat it’s so much scarier from the seat this car is so fast I I’m I’m still I don’t know if you can turn off the the the pump in I don’t think you can but I love it but we should probably listen to it from the [Applause]

Outside and there is another way you can change your modes around in the my mode but it is so hard to understand what is going on yeah think I think there’s a large amount of fails in the infotainment stuff definitely not my favorite there is Apple carplay Android

Auto that all works pretty cool you got built in Google which doesn’t work when there’s no cell reception like we are in wherever we are just like Apple carplay and Android auto so whatever in Colorado so you can’t use your voice when there’s no data obviously and then in the gauge

Cluster like it changes all the modes just like a Z6 just like all the other Corvettes and a level you can see like how much battery you have it charges back so quickly if you deplete it like say you’re on the drag strip doing it apparently by the time you drive back

It’ll be fully uh charged back up and there’s a charge plus button on like right near your right thigh which you can turn on to charge up which will make you slower but it’ll give you more charge to your battery and speaking of the drag strip this will do a 10.54 mile

And it’ll do it faster than a Z6 barely on paper but it’ll be way more consistent you’ll get those launches every single time because it’s all wheel drive but you can also dial in the launch RPM and your amount of slippage or go to automatic because I’m not

Really sure what all those things mean and how to get it optimized so when I launched it at the beginning of the video I actually did it in full custom and I did it in 4,000 RPM and 10% slip which actually gave me a really good launch the handling on this just it’s

Yeah dude very very like you get out of trouble very easily yes uh I like the Turnin isn’t the best like it’s it’s not exactly under steer but we are also on allseason tires I feel like it would transform the car on all on summer Tires

Which you can get as part of the performance package and some of the engineers told us that this is about a similar speed withth of performance package as a Z6 non z7 on certain tracks yep and uh when it’s a z76 it absolutely does this and it is faster on a bunch of

Tracks than the non-type S NSX which is cool yeah cuz that’s what they benchmarked in obviously the 911s and stuff but they’re not going to give us specific numbers and I don’t fault them for that whatsoever yeah yeah I’m all right with that vague statement yes but

This thing rips so hard it is anyone that buys this is going to love it like there’s straight up no other way to say it like I feel like if I got this my my wife would be okay with it in comfortable modes where if it was a Z6

She would not be stoked on that but I kind of still like I know but again this is so much more approach to anyone that’s like yeah the Z6 is a little too hardcore this is perfect for that person it’s more perfect for daily driving and driving more frequently than

The Z6 is for that many other people so like this is a this has a perfect place in Corvette lineup because I don’t think they’re doing the Grand Sport and this like would murder the equivalent Grand Sport of the last generation they’re doing a good job of matching the 911

Lineup yes and uh this does still have a ton of trunk room in the front and in the same as in the back as the other one and then in the front they lose the tiniest bit but it’s it’s not noticeable at all every 24 Corvette has an

Automatically uh self closing front once you put it down soft close and then every one of them has this cool little mirror that’s also a camera y this has the drive recorder which I’m sure you’re going to see footage from when we were on the track having a great time that’s

Right and then we have these really comfortable seats not like the crazy Z6 like carbon buckets yeah this which would not fit into this vehicle like you know uh not phys just it wouldn’t fit the suit it and there’s a lot of cool specs okay this

Color we got whatever Prim gray it sucks there is one called cacti with the greenish stuff that with the chrome wheels looks fantastic I don’t really like these dark wheels as much but I think that cacti spec is perfect that one’s a convertible you get a convertible hard top with a convertible

Your head is pretty much touching I don’t think you’d fit in a convertible with a bucket on yeah so here I’m already like my hair is touching uh I could not drive a convertible on the track with the helmet because my head’s touching the roof I’m feeling every

Vibration so I’m I’m kind of hunching forward so it doesn’t feel so vibrating yeah these Corners I wish we lived somewhere where there was corners and reasonably priced housing yes and sitting on this passenger side I’m uh enveloped by the Corvette cuz it’s like it’s meant to be around the driver but

I’m looking down on my carpets and I’m looking and I’m like yo where’s my tux mat Yuri I think you should get a set of tux map for your Corvette I wonder if it’s the same for the eay as it is as the stingray and the Z6 Tu mat leave a

Comment also this is probably the most fun I’ve ever had on turns this this is the most fun road I’ve ever been on and thank you so much Chevrolet for getting us out here yeah anyone that has these roads at their disposal is uh very severely spoiled dude carbon Camis day

Yeah oh yo yo okay this this is great now after all that excitement is there much more to talk about no the look sir we’ve already addressed it not too much different than the Z6 which is great the interior color the this like tannish beige thing it works I like it yeah not

My spec this whole car isn’t really my spec but that doesn’t matter and visor test oh three two one oh super car fail I don’t think this is a super car I think it kind of is no and then so fast if the doors went up maybe and the cup

Holders with a water bottle Full Pass small coffee I don’t know about that yeah I don’t think it really matters in this car maybe a can of cold brw fit ooh that would be good Nitro cold brew I should probably do a launch control uh yeah let me just stiffen up your

Suspension put you in thing and now you’re Ready okay I don’t know if that’s better than a Turbo S launch but with that sound I think it’s equally as good yeah it doesn’t feel like it pulls as hard after because it doesn’t have a turbo but man you get it like right away it’s

Nice okay I’m going to I’m going to say Nissan GTR launch and Turbo S launch better than this feels better I would say they’re very close and I guess that’s kind of it I think we should talk about the price and maybe compare it to

The Turbo S and the GTR and the NSX so this one starts at $12,900 American or1 14197 Canadian this one that we’re driving is $131,900 for this 3lz convertible I think that’s a good price compared to a Z6 and compared to a turbo Turbo S 911 exactly uh compared to a GTR that’s

About the same and I guess maybe similar to an NSX Type S or more than a old NSX non-type s yeah and this is the only one with a V8 naturally aspirated and that’s my favorite part of it and I love that I love that they kept it I think the

E-motor is a really cool idea because it’s completely split from the rear but they made it work all together which apparently was very difficult so this is like at the top for me of all all those in terms of price value that you get I

Like it I I think I feel better about carving through here with this than I would with a lot of those other ones Turbo S I’d probably be or Turbo 911 I’d probably be just as confident maybe I think I like that a little bit more yeah

I think I like the idea of a GTR more but I think this is probably way better than a Nissan and GTR and I think obviously if you can spring for a 911 turbo yes it’s a lot more money especially if you start specking it out

But the value per dollar here and the fact that I get my V8 back here I love this but then style-wise like if you’re if you’re driving an NSX on the road like that’s like the coolest but at the same time you’re driving one of these

With a wide body pry sick if you’re an American Fanboy then yeah I totally get it and uh it will be fun to see what happens when people put superchargers on these things yes uh definitely let us know and go to tsp. if you are shopping for any of those Vehicles

Let us know the best deal that you can get in stock Stingray z06’s NSX is whatever you can get your hands on they’re all cool cars and please just buy cool cars yeah big congrats on whoever pre-ordered one of these because turns out it’s a sick car and if anyone

Switched their order from a Z06 to this because you’re going to drive it on the street more I would not fault anyone for that yeah like as much as we love the Z6 the high revving and everything this is a better daily and that’s cor oh thanks sir you too Yeah