The Most Unique Toyota Soarer Build I’ve Ever Seen In Person

Reading Time: 14 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-17 16:00:38
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Honestly at this point I still have no idea what I’m looking at I kind of have an idea of what I’m looking at what is this it’s a 1988 Toyota sore so I’ve seen quite a few sore builds Yep this is not so common in the US

Obviously the SC yep is what we actually had in the US and that’s a little more common Y and then on top of that it being built in this style is very very interesting so what’s the story behind this like how did you get this well the

Very first car show I ever went to and I was like 16 I saw one and I was like one day I’m going to own a sore and then about 5 years ago I bought one and I’ve just gone through a couple different phases with looks and styles with like

Small 14in SSRS and big 18s and then I’ve been going to a lot of low rider shows and my real good friend was like hey you got to put Daytons on your car and make it a low rider and he bugged me about it enough that I was like all

Right let’s do it so did you import this or was this already in the US it was already in the US I used to work at an importer and I walked in the door on my first day and I was like I’m going to buy that car yeah what kind of condition

Was it in it was all stock but it was in I mean good condition it only has like 70,000 miles on it the paint’s all original I’ve never had any problems with it but it was just completely stock this style is just so crazy I’ve just

Never seen anything like this I love it appearance-wise what have you changed to the body so we made the flares they’re made out of brass cuz I to make chy look like they’re goldplated I got the 72 spoke gold dayon are real Daytons um and

Then we got these made so the instead of being knockoff they’re actually floaters that is so neat wait so when you’re driving it actually stays still it just stays still yep a lot of the time we take them off when we’re doing these far drives cuz I’m worried about them falling off in

The freeway and I don’t want to buy a new set they’re kind of expensive but but like how does it actually work there’s a weight on the bottom yeah there’s a weight on the bottom and these are CNC and what bearing in them and I just found a guy

On Instagram that made him and I was like pre-ordered him from him he very first set that is so cool actually so then traditionally it would be like a knockoff but it would just stay yeah it’d be a knockoff and you have to hit

It on with a lead hammer and so then how do you actually take the wheel on and off I this is just a big nut I have a big wrench that goes on it uh and then there’s an adapter that is bolts to the hub and is a basically makes it like a

Center lock oh so that way you could fit something like this to pretty much any car yep yep and they’re all multi look pattern and everything they they’re come with the wheels when you buy them from Dayton got it in the cool they’re pretty everything’s nicely made like they one

Set goes on one side the other set goes on one side so one side’s reverse thread so as you’re driving it doesn’t loosen itself right is it the same all all four all all the way around yep is this a custom offset and size Dayton really

Only come with one size so there’s like 13s 14s and they’re all by seven with a 5-in lip or you can get a like a 1in slip something pretty small but they only come in seven wide so did you have to like ask for like a custom offset in

Terms of the adapter I want to I bought these secondhand I was just looking on Facebook for them cuz brand new they’re way too expensive and so I found how much are they brand new I got these for like three grand uhhuh and they’re not like in what like the low guys they

Wouldn’t call like show condition cuz there are some Nicks and stuff on them but even more if you buy them new a couple Grand they’re and then with the gold and everything I mean just when I looked at just trying to get new knockups offs cuz these are a little

Chipped up they were like two grand just for the knockoffs I was like never mind I can’t I’ll just keep them so is this a pretty common thing though for a lot of low riders to do this this is I this the guy who makes this like just started

Making him I just found him on Instagram like probably two months ago I just can’t believe this is running on 175 squared yep 175 and that is like the tiniest little patch of rubber but it’s only a 7in wide wheel so and you can tell that they’re small when I’m

Driving them it does want to like the road wants to move it around a little bit but it looks cool and that’s kind of you know who cares so then a bunch of other appearance things you have this crazy s skirt yep it’s a hyro side skirt I’ve been

Trying to find the front bumper and the rear bumper but I found this on Yahoo auxy Japan just got shipped over when this car was aired out this Bumper in the s in the side were like super off so this kind of made it so it was all kind

Of the same R hide all the way around yeah no it looks great and then you did some like gold leafing here yep we had a guy in palop stripes and Things by calling he came to our shop and just I told him to do whatever he wanted to it

And did it all in our shop it was pretty cool to watch him matches the brass really nice yeah it does um and then so the front end what about the lift I found this lip on Yahoo auction usually I like to make we like to make

Everything ourselves but I saw this and it was goldplated already and I was like I have to buy that and then we made this front grill out of twisted uh bar stock that is so neat and you fitted the original emblem here yep yep cuz that’s

A cool emblem we want to make sure that was still on there it’s pretty cool looking and then this is a theme that pretty much goes throughout the rest of the build well yep with everything else and you made this too out of the same brass material yeah actually my dad

Made that I was uh went to go pick the car up the other day cuz I leave it at a shop and he was like Hey look what I made for your car I made this I got bored in the garage last night decided to make it for you that’s so cool yeah

Your dad’s car is right there we’re going to talk about that afterwards love the mirrors super cool very JDM off the moped oh is that what it is yep the Highlight really for me is the back yeah this is insane I’ve never seen anything like this what is this so it’s

I mean it’s the sore has like huge tail lights I think they’re kind of ugly so we made this panel it’s all out of metal we painted it ourselves wed it all ourselves um and it’s kind of was like the like originally the car was like a kaido racer like shaved everything low

On like Mark 1es or something but uh then we started going to low rider look and I still think it fits pretty good with the rest of the car is that the name of the car Lucky 7 yeah in my instr stagram and everything so that’s kind of

What I just named this car and we decided to do the cherry tail light just one single one yeah cuz I thought that was be you know look crazy though down the road so then how do you actually signal like is there a signal there is

Cuz we didn’t want to get pulled over these are supposed to be the reverse lights you we just put brake lights in there so technically it’s legal I’ve never got in trouble with the police or anything so then when you actually use your left turn signal that comes on yeah

That that comes on that is actually really and it lights up when I break this is supposed to be reverse light just reverse so you put red yep oh how cool that you repurposing it but the thing is the sore of this generation the Highlight was the tail light yeah

But I I think it’s pretty cool that you made this so you made this in your shop yep yep all one one piece metal it’s uh there’s a piece here and then we made the sides and weld it all together and it has like you top nice top piece piece

On it so when you open the trunk it still fits nice and everything yeah I see you have like a little yep like a uh like a step down here to keep the body lines tell me about the exhaust it’s a HKS exhaust and then we cut the muffler

Off and I made this little star tip for it it’s interesting because um uh you had to put your license plate down here y cuz traditionally it’s just mounted in the middle yep but it it kind of ruins the look it does that you’re going for wonderful just wonderful um so it’s a

Toyota 1G GT 1G yep so then uh is the engine mostly stock it is mostly stock the only thing I’ve done is like upgraded the turbo Wheels because um when I first got they were blown um but yeah besides that it’s just stock and we’ve been trying to

Clean it up a lot when I first got the car this engine bay was like black it was so dirty it really is so clean I love the the little touches like is this the actual real can yep how did you get it to work we just cut it cut the ends off

And put clamps on it and we’ve had it for on there for a couple years hav given me any problems or anything I love that and did you guys make that too yeah we made these try to cover everything that’s kind of ugly back there my goal this year is to

Actually tuck all that stuff and delete everything and try to just have the engine not all this other stuff in here this this is really cool this this looks aftermarket almost yeah it’s a pretty cool looking engine yeah it’s it is so weird the way it’s designed it honestly fits kind of the

Rest of the theme of your car yeah and you made this too little cover try to cover all stuff no one in the back just to kind of clean everything up [Applause] yep a lot of people put like Jay-Z’s and stuff into these but I think that I get

So many questions about the engine and stuff that it’s kind kind like it’s kind of cool to have something that nobody even knows what it really is yeah come to think of it I’ve never seen a stock one of these with the stock motor yep

I’ve always seen with one JS or two JS cuz there’s no really aftermarket for them so and it’s hard for me to buy find replacement parts so then it what is it it’s a 2.5 L it’s a 2 L 2 L twin turbo oh so this is like before the the 1j yep

So 2 L yep twin turbo yep it makes like I think Factory they said like 210 horsepower that’s not bad that’s not bad it’s probably a little less now yo there’s so much going on here this is so cool so most of the Interior

We try to keep a lot of it kind of stock because it is like super clean for what it is um we made the steering wheel out of just Twisted Square stock I welded it all together and trying to make it super small I don’t have power Ste steering so it kind

Of sucks but it does look cool so it didn’t come with power steering it did come with power steering but the pump broke and I can’t find it with placement one so we decided just to get rid of it that’s the problem with having like the

1G can’t find parts for so I was just like eh just clean up the engine bay get rid of it but the 175s it probably helps for it to be such small it’s not too B wheels and tires but it being heavier I’m sure it probably doesn’t help either

Yeah but you know we drove it to an hour and a half here today didn’t wasn’t too bad and then uh we made the shift same thing just use the Twisted Square stock and a boss a little coffee can on there did you like Hollow it out and then put

Something in yeah we like drilled it out dumped everything out and filled it with like a rubber concrete and put a bolt in there so so cool really really neat idea I love that and then your air suspension all of that is kind of on this little

Bracket that you made y we made that just a nice little holder and then uh yeah we made all did some try to clean up some of this interior uhhuh and then we have the air tank in the back yeah what a setup and so I I like being

Able to see people’s air tank setups but I don’t like having pictures of my car with a trunk open to show people you know right so we thought let’s just put it in the back there was a little Center divider here we got rid of that made

This and yeah put the air tank in there and made all the hard lines are self this is neat because this is still functional as a four passenger vehicle yep right y my wife still sits in the back of here some when we are full of

People going to car shows and stuff and it’s nice and comfortable this is just so neat so you made this like shelf thing y we made that it’s all made out wood and some metal and stuff and then you bent all of this yourself we bent

All that took a long time to figure it out my so what do you guys actually do at the shop what do you guys build just just our cars just you know we’re not really doing anything on anybody else’s car we’ve talked about just maybe doing like small things for people I’ve been

Thinking about making more of these steering wheels getting them chromed and see people want them yeah it’s just a custo it’s a hobby shop for you yeah yep he my dad just got this shop built and so just at his house so it’s a nice place to keep our cars it’s a nice

Little hangout spot for us work on some cars hang out I can’t believe how good these seats are super comfy too condition for for 1988 yep the interior is so nice I mean a lot of times because they’re cloth too they just get worn down so bad huh and then

You did the door panels you did the door panels yep is this just some material that you just found yeah material does all of this stuff work still it does the only the only thing that uh I mean it works the radio works but it doesn’t really pick up any

Signals out here mhm um but it is all the factory I love this look at this micr processed automatic air conditioner it it it’s funny to me what they leave in English and what they yeah some things are in Japanese some things are in English is weird yeah so like all

This stuff is in Japanese this is in English this is in English and all of this is in Japanese which I think is hilarious and this so this is has actually like 80s style digital dash does that still work some of it works oh you have a etc card right there

Too yeah I do yeah what is this turbo timer but yeah it works pretty good sometimes it decides not to work uhhuh but the speed always works RPM gauge usually we kind of start going away I think it’s old bulbs and stuff they start to die as I

Drive you know what’s really really funny to me is um this is so low that the floor is like the same height as the ground like I just stepped in and it it is just crazy how low it is where do you actually hold you grab it down there cuz

This is just too much yeah it’s a little crazy but it looks cool guess everybody’s like w what is that so you know you can actually hear the car shaking on the ground so you just air up all the way Yep this car is pretty heavy so it doesn’t like

To air up super high but amazing you must get some serious looks in this thing I do we’ll have people on the freeway waving at us and stuff especially with me and my dad’s car right next to each other in the freeway it’s funny you and your dad your

Your cars could not be any more different yep but they both obviously have touches from from your style we used to I my very first car was a 85 Toyota silica the like rear wheeel drive one and uh it actually when I built it in high school it looked like

Pretty similar to my dad’s style of car like kind of rat Rotty and then I got this thing and then that thing just the sil been sit in our garage while I’ve been building this what do you think you’re going to build next um I have a

64 Impala oh so you’re actually going to build a actual low rider yeah and it’s it’s literally just a rolling chassis so I have the frame off I’m about to get like sand blasted and start doing like reinforcements and hydraulics and all that good stuff so would you go the

Opposite way building uh a low rider would you make it like more JDM make it rightand drive and no I want to do like a more like kind of like a old like 70 style low rider where they they’re still pretty crazy and all the crazy custom

Stuff that they do with like a chromed undercarriage and everything yeah that’s a that’s going to be like a long-term build that’s going to take me for a couple years and stuff and then I have a RX7 FD that I me and my wife got to and uh

I’ve had that forever and I’m trying to get rid of it now I just got to get it running again it’s cool the this the the gauges are just so 80 there 80s they’re very uh P correct huh yes yeah that’s a pretty cool part of this whole car is

Amazing it sounds good too yeah the 1 G is pretty it’s get an engine it’s I mean it’s basically straight pipe too it’s not crazy loud yeah this is really cool too the the turbo that that uh boost gauge still works yep it’s like this that is so

Cool oh you got to be careful not to get hit in the face when when somebody’s riding with you because of how long that thing is I almost feel like you couldn’t put it any longer cuz you’ll probably hit yourview I saw a video of a guy in

Japan he had the same thing a little taller and he goes a shi from the third and just wrecks his mirror off and S is pretty funny maybe you can tell me why is the JDM scene so popular up here in Pacific Northwest I think what we did have a

Really big street racing scene for a long time and uh I don’t know we have a lot of importers up here we have a lot of military I think we have a lot of military helps um cuz we have a lot of military bases so we get a

Lot of people that were maybe like stationed in Japan and then of course you could register this pretty easily too and like the way this sits right now it passes inspection or is there even any kind of inspection there’s no type of inspection out here that’s why why y

That’s awesome yeah the cops you know every once in a while you know you’ll have a cop that’s yeah wants to do but not normally the cops at least where we’re at they don’t really care too much as long as you’re not driving like crazy or anything well thanks for showing me this

Build it’s very very unique and the style is just unlike anything I’ve seen I appreciate it it it’s cool because it’s like a Japanese car built with Japanese flare but built in the US yep and it has like low rer style the Dayton they’re actually built in the US yes

Yeah California yeah that is so cool I love that I mean because a lot of times now you can see American cars built in Japan with JDM style yep so I think it’s cool that you’re building like a like a Japanese car with some us style kind of opposite

Yeah I mean looking at those cars which kind of inspired me to do all this stuff too you know yeah super cool all right awesome hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to Larry Chen I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect

Gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your Wall [Applause] Joh