StanceWorks: Why I turned down $400k for my Honda-Swapped Ferrari – Q&A

Why I turned down $400k for my Honda-Swapped Ferrari - Q&A

Posted: 2023-08-25 13:33:46
Author: StanceWorks
You guys asked, and I’ve got answers!

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00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Alright, so… $400,000?
02:30 – On that note, what did the build cost?
03:12 – Why did you destroy a perfect car for your build?
04:40 – What spare parts are you taking to Australia?
05:36 – Top 5 tips for someone
looking to start their first in-depth build?
06:46 – Which aspect of the car are
you most worried about failing?
07:41 – What matters more?
Building or driving?
09:04 – What happened to the Ferrari’s rear diffuser?
09:42 – Will the car ever go to the Nurburgring?
10:20 – “What’s your next major tool purchase?”
11:36 – Can we say “hi” at WTAC?

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Now I am sure after reading that title a ton of you guys are scratching your head wondering Mike what on Earth are you thinking but I can explain I’ve got answers for that and for a bunch of other questions for this year’s q a I asked Instagram and Discord for the best

Of your best so here goes well as most of you guys know at this point we finished the Ferrari up for SEMA last year in November and as a result it sat in CSF radiators booth on display as one of the most prominent and successful cars at the show

With that though comes a lot of attention including from a handful of people who did ask if I would sell it now this happens every year at SEMA no matter what project you take and normally these people aren’t very serious but the weekend after SEMA at a friend’s

Event another person asked if the car was for sale in an attempt to be polite I said well everything has a price and of course his response was well what’s this cars and as an off-the-cuff number in an attempt to make him go away more than to

Actually entertain a sale I said four hundred thousand dollars and surprisingly he said awesome come talk to me as soon as you’re finished parking now clearly and maybe foolishly it wasn’t something I actually entertained and I’m sure most of the reasons for that are pretty obvious this was right

After I had put the guard together for the first time and well before we’d ever even gotten to turn the wheel in anger getting the car out to the racetrack for testing and eventual competition has been something we’ve been working towards diligently for years and this

Was not something I wanted to just cut short for both my sake and for you guys there’s no way I could live with myself after two years of build episodes just to show up and say hey after all of that I sold it I think you guys would

Probably hang me and if not you’d certainly never watch my videos again and who knows maybe there’s going to be a day in the future where I really regret not taking that mountain of money because I don’t care who you are that’s life-changing but I also know a lot of you will

Understand that sometimes something you put a bunch of Blood Sweat and Tears into is worth more than a giant sum of money I’m really proud of this car and I don’t want it to go anywhere anytime soon I will take a little bit of Pride though

Throwing it in the face of all the people who said I destroyed the value of my car by doing what I’ve done to it that for a brief moment I might have had the most valuable 308 on Earth Foreign a lot it’s one of the most popular questions in the comments and it’s one I’m still a little bit hesitant to answer because money is kind of a weird topic and what I don’t want is to make anybody think that just because you can’t afford a project like the Ferrari

It doesn’t mean you can’t afford to build something special because you can you don’t have to have Deep Pockets to make something creative or special to you but with that said probably the easiest way to answer this one without being totally direct is that that other guy’s number if he took this project

Idea to a shop and said hey this is what I want you to build and outlined the exact car I have giving you’d have to pay for labor it’s probably a pretty fair number Following my recent build time lapse this is easily the most popular question I’ve been asked in the last month or so and honestly I get it on the surface it probably seems completely ridiculous to take what appears to be a mint condition car and completely rip it apart to make

A race car why not use something like a salvage title or one that’s been in an accident one that’s got rust or maybe one with a blown engine and trust me I tried my best to find one of those but what I settled on was the single

Cheapest Ferrari 308 Coupe I could get my hands on the reality is as a classic Ferrari it’s hard to find these cars in dilapidated condition they’re just not really out there most of these things are kept in garages and kept in pristine shape so it’s not as easy as just finding one

That needs work and to that end for everybody that says it’s still sacrilegious to cut one of these Classics up like I’ve done all I can say is this remember that most of these cars are already in showroom condition they’re preserved in plastic Bubbles and kept in garages as showpieces because it’s a

Vintage Ferrari there’s no shortage of pristine examples I don’t think the world of 308s lost anything meaningful and on the other hand by selling off a lot of parts I helped put more 308s back on the road It’s important to remember that most of this car is hand built so obviously we’re not going to be taking things like extra control arms given that there’s eight of them and they’re all different instead we’ll be taking things like heim joints and ball joints to replace on

These control arms if we begin to have an issue to put it simply though this is largely an exercise in faith that we built a solid car that can go a weekend without any major problems we’re not a full-fledged race team and we don’t have the funding to take

Everything under the sun we’re not taking any spare Motors or gearboxes and we’ll only have one set of wheels instead we’re focusing on things that could keep the car from running something that could cut our day short like our first track day so we’ll have lots of things like

O-rings and gaskets HD clamps and even spare axles and with a little bit of luck the car will make it through the entire weekend Okay now this one comes from the stanceworks Discord so if you aren’t part of the community there is a link in the description come join us we are always talking shop but if I had to give five tips for anybody that wants to tackle their first big build here they are

First and foremost have a plan have a vision know where you’re trying to go with this build before you even get started if you don’t have guidance you’re not going to get to the finish line second take whatever you think it’s going to cost and double it because I

Promise you’re going to be wrong you’re going to need more than you planned on third have a plan for how you’re going to stay motivated when you lose steam or when stuff doesn’t go your way because that’s going to be the hardest part of the project I guarantee you fourth don’t

Be afraid to ask other people for help when you don’t know how to do something or when to do something or anything of the sort there’s nothing wrong with learning from other people and last but not least probably the most important one don’t be afraid to fail failure is

When you learn the most and the best projects come through a lot of failures I promise you that don’t be afraid to do something wrong this one is a two-part answer on one hand I’m most worried about the suspension failing in some capacity only because I built every bit of it and I’m

Not a professional there’s a chance I made a mistake and miscalculated something and if the suspension fails that could send the car careening into a wall and I’m not really ready to write it off yet but I do think we built a pretty solid car and I don’t think that’s a realistic fear

What I think is more likely to happen and what’s probably smarter to worry about is that a failure occurs that keeps the car from running in the main event after putting all this time money and effort into getting this car to the other side of the world I just be

Heartbroken if we came up short to be clear I have no expectation of being remotely competitive at this event but I’d be bummed if we didn’t even get to compete at all if you’ve been watching this channel for any amount of time at all there’s no chance that this answer will surprise you

But to put it simply I live to build cars doing this is a creative process for me and I enjoy it beginning to end now don’t get me wrong I want to be abundantly clear I love to drive too that is part of what we’ve been working

Towards for years on end that’s what we’re here to do with the Ferrari but the path to get there is what I really enjoy most and if I had to pick between the two there’s no question I would pick building every single time and if I were gonna wax poetic about it

I’d say that there’s something just unparalleled about the process of taking an idea to completion whether it’s something as simple as a tab or a bracket all the way up to a full fleshed out car there’s nothing that beats seeing something through to the Finish Line especially when you care

Immensely about it and doubly so when it represents the creative process for you not just a means to an end that sense of satisfaction that comes from building a part that fits just right or does exactly what it’s supposed to or maybe laying your best weld yet those Sensations can’t be beat

I don’t know if there’s anything that tops the feeling of solving a problem that feels insurmountable in a project A number of you guys have asked where the diffuser for the back of the Ferrari has been in the latest videos and this is a multi-faceted answer for starters we’re trying to compete in the open class for World Time attack Challenge and as a result we are not

Allowed to run a flat bottom floor on the car but without a flat bottom floor our rear diffuser doesn’t function properly and instead if we were to run it it would get ripped clean off of the car so instead we’re just going to keep things simple and while we’re in

Australia we’re going to run the car with no rear diffuser foreign as you guys know the car is officially in Australia when you guys watch this we are leaving town tonight to fly there and race it on the other side of the world and I’m really excited about it

And presumably the car will come back in one piece and with that said what are we going to do next well there’s a lot of driving here Stateside to do but if the opportunity ever arose the Nurburgring is definitely a bucket list item so if any sponsors are out there listening and

That sounds like a cool project that you want to help throw down on and make happen let’s send this thing to Germany and do some really cool with it thank you now I want to be clear that I am nowhere close to pulling this off because I

Spent all of my money getting the Ferrari ready for Australia but eventually someday I would love to buy my own CNC mill there are some really affordable options like the langmuir mr1 that’s only about seven or eight thousand bucks all in and they seem immensely capable for their

Price I’ve got the cad design for this stuff down and most of the software will handle the G-Code so there’s just a bit of a learning process I’d have to learn in order to utilize this stuff but I know that this would take my builds to the next level no question about it

And with a bit more money to bring to the table I could even upgrade to something like a tormach which I see a lot of on Shane’s stuff made here Channel and if you don’t watch it you should go check it out now just like the last question I’ll

Also take the Sheepish opportunity to say if there are any companies out there that make a machine like these and you want to see it here on the stanceworks channel and want to make some really cool car parts together reach out to me because I promise I will take such good

Care of this machine I’ll give it a good home I’ll keep it inside I’ll feed it I’ll bathe it I’ll give it a name it’ll be my new best friend and we’ll make some magic happen now I’m saving this one for last because clearly if you made it to the end of the

Episode you’re probably the only people that care about this kind of thing but I’ve had a lot of people ask if you can come say hi at World Time attack if we’re going to be signing things and if there’s going to be merch and the answer

To everything of course is yes now I won’t be selling any stanceworks merch personally that involves a bunch of custom stuff that I don’t even know how to deal with but there will be 308 stanceworks merch through both haltech and through World Time attack themselves so don’t miss it we will be signing

Stuff and of course I want you guys to come say hi come let us know where you came from let us know what you think of the car come introduce yourselves the only thing I ask is if we are busy working on the car or trying to get

Ready for a session give us a little bit of time give us a little bit of patience we are there on the other side of the world to compete and I’ve got a crew with me that is dedicated to making this happen so if we’re busy come back a

Little bit later I would love to meet each and every one of you guys because we’re there because of you and with that said that is the end of the episode I hope you guys have liked the Q a I don’t know these are always hit or miss the

Last one was huge so hopefully this one is too and I will you guys either while we’re in Australia or when we get back don’t forget hit the stanceworks Discord and patreon if you want to show some support and I’ll catch you guys in the next one