StanceWorks: Why I sold the build I spent years and every penny on… • “Rusty”

Why I sold the build I spent years and every penny on… • “Rusty”

Posted: 2023-05-05 13:04:27
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Status Report
00:56 – I’m in BMW Heaven
01:54 – Rusty’s Backstory
04:37 – The SEMA Unveiling
05:39 – Let’s Start with the Engine
07:47 – The H&R Suspension
08:43 – The Bodywork & Inspiration
10:52 – Other Details
12:05 – Why did I sell Rusty?
13:29 – Rey’s Collection
16:00 – The Parts Collection
18:15 – Hopefully, that makes sense…

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Status report the Ferrari is 500 miles away at RS Motorsport getting its roll cage finish welded as we speak and I’ve been hard at work on the model A getting it ready to go back on the road but yesterday I took a little bit of time

And went to go see a car that I hold near and dear some of you might be familiar with an E28 known as Rusty but no one’s ever really gotten an up close and personal look at this car if they weren’t at SEMA when it was unveiled or

If they didn’t go see it at the BMW CCA headquarters while it was on display so today I want to give you guys the first and the only up close personal and detailed look at Rusty and I want to take the time to tell you about the man

That I sold the car to so let’s dive in let’s check it out this would be a good one nestled within a non-descript warehouse in Southern California is by all accounts BMW heaven a sea of Parts is overshadowed by a collection of cars that most would consider to be invaluable

There are pieces of BMW history Within These Walls most won’t get the chance to see anywhere else parked here is BMW royalty and thus it’s an honor that this is where we find Rusty a decade ago it seemed like everyone within the BMW Community knew about this car in the Heyday of forums

It found itself on every single one of them and it’s had a dozen or so magazine features it’s been published in books and it’s won numerous Awards but I sold the car in 2018 and while it’s done significant things in that time I haven’t been there to celebrate them

So first things first for those not familiar with Rusty let’s take a crash course now to be fair I gave this same rundown about a year ago but not everyone will have caught that episode so for the Young Guns out there here we go Rusty began as a completely normal E28

My daily driver while I was in high school and it had several cool stages up until a former friend wrecked it but instead of sending it to the junkyard I took the opportunity to strip all of the paint off rust the bare steel and fit a

Set of 18-inch BBS rs’s as a clashing finish now honestly explaining why I did this hasn’t gotten any easier over the last 14 years the simplest answer is for the texture for the color and for the finish that it brought the car it was my flavor of hot

Rodding in an attempt to bring something different to the status quo and in some sense it clearly worked because the car spread like wildfire and I did too along with it I reinvented the car over and over again constantly making changes in an effort to bring something new and

Different to the car community the final version of the car before the big fire was a chopped top body dropped air bagged and twin turboed hot rod of a BMW unlike anything else but when I was in college some foolish and ignorant decisions while working on

A car led me to burning my garage down to the ground and Rusty along with it at the time I claimed Satan just wanted his car back but as a result Rusty’s unibody was unfit for the street I didn’t feel right putting it back on the road but

Thankfully my friend Chuck Yoder said hey I’ve got an idea so we drag Rusty’s carcass over to his shop and spent the next several months cutting everything apart until all we were left with was Rusty’s outer skin we began the process of building a tube chassis that utilized C4 Corvette front

And rear suspension we made steady progress up until the moment I decided to leave and move to California to pursue stanceworks full time Rusty sat in Chuck’s yard while I on the west coast learned to fabricate on my own I built a 1928 Ford Model A hot rod

As a test bed and once I knew I was ready to tackle Rusty I went back home loaded it into a box truck and brought it out to the West Coast with the desire to conquer the project on my own and to utilize the skills I

Had learned I cut out all of the work Chuck and I had put into it and started from square one once again the result in 2015 was the unveiling at Sema if you attended SEMA in 2015 chances are you saw the car and if you were lucky

You caught it on the day that it was displayed with all of its Bodywork removed in fact it’s one of the only times the car has been seen with its tube chassis on display for all to see as a result a lot of people aren’t even

Aware of the level of work that went into this car or what lurks underneath its skin following SEMA the car was flown to Germany for display at the SN Motor Show with h r for Germans to get their chance to see Rusty in all its Glory but if you

Weren’t lucky enough to see it there either well realistically you haven’t had many other chances Rusty spent a year on display at the BMW CCA headquarters and it’s made appearances at a handful of other shows and events but otherwise my social media feed is about all you get

But today I’m giving you a bit of a build breakdown and I’m gonna show you Rusty’s inner workings and we’ll start with the engine most of Rusty’s s38 is only visible through the windshield because it has been moved back more than two feet to put it behind the front wheel center line

But on top of not having the engine where it’s supposed to be it’s not even the engine that originally came in the car the s38 under Rusty’s Hood originally came from the second generation M5 the E34 my engine began Life as a 3.6 liter but vac Motorsports in Philadelphia took on

The project of building the gnarliest s38 they could conjure every aspect of the engine was given the VAC treatment it got custom forged pistons with a 14 to 1 compression ratio it got CNC head work and the cam box was hollowed out to fit the largest cams possible

The crankshaft was polished knife edged and blueprinted and the inside of the block was painted with hydrophobic paint to increase flow for both coolant and oil and that only scratches the surface the cylinder head got oversized valves upgraded Springs titanium retainers and ported throttle bodies all to increase flow

The end result is an s38 that still stands as one of the best sounding and most powerful ever assembled [Applause] Oh it Loosely compares to an M1 Pro car spec m88 and thus in spirit is the perfect engine for a group 5 tribute build like Rusty now let’s talk about what’s in front of the engine and no I’m not talking about all of the dry sub equipment if we look

Buried down in front of the s38 we’ll see a pair of custom h r Motorsport coilovers if you’re wondering why they’re buried down in front of the engine that’s to save unsprung weight they are mounted inboard as part of a push rod and Bell crank suspension system but because the

Front end is hard to see we can take a look at the rear end for a better view of how it all works the h r coilovers are mounted to the chassis and they are actuated by push rods in other words steel tubes in place of where the coilover would originally be

As said this saves unsprung weight but it also decouples the adjustments between ride height and shock travel these days garage built push rod suspension systems are becoming a lot more commonplace but when we built and designed this almost a decade ago we had to figure out a lot on our own

But just like with the Ferrari h r was part of the rusty rebuild from the very beginning and helped us overcome a lot of the engineering challenges that we faced and without them Rusty never would have been Reborn as far as the Bodywork goes if you’re not into group 5 or silhouette racing

Rusty probably looks pretty weird but now’s my chance to show my source of inspiration most of Rusty’s body work was inspired by the Zak speed Capri group 5 racers from the cow catcher front end and the slanted nose to the massive boxy fenders and the inset tail lights I tried my

Best to replicate the design language of the Zak speed Capri and bring it to the BMW along with inspiration from the group 5 e21s and the 935k3 even the 16 and 19 inch wheel stagger were critical in making Rusty look like the group 5 and DRM race cars I was

Striving for it to be and because silhouette race cars often have distorted proportions to their road going counterparts I took Rusty and cut an entire foot out of the wheelbase I extended the front doors and turned it into a coupe welding the rear door shut and molding it into the rear fender work

To get the wheels accurate I sourced a set of BBS e57 Center locks they were sourced from a Porsche 962 and not just any 962 these were run on the brunt racing Jagermeister 962 in competition the front wheels measure out to 16 by 12 inches wide the rears on the other hand

Are a staggering 19 by 14 and a half and they’re wrapped in 345s now there are countless details we could discuss about this car but I’ll have to keep the list short for the sake of video length but the next one I want to address is the front air dam

It’s known colloquially as a cow catcher and this particular one was sourced from a real group 4 E9 race car acquiring this part wasn’t my only Stroke of Luck it also happened to fit on the car perfectly as though it were custom made for the project without question it’s one of the most

Important aesthetic pieces to the car to drive home its overall style and aesthetic counter to the authentic air dam though are the more hot rotted choices such as the gas cap located in the roof or the fact that the roof itself has been chopped the roof line was lowered by a

Total of four inches which helps with the proportions of the car given that it was shortened by a foot and widened by more than a foot and now more than 11 minutes in we haven’t even touched upon the fact that Rusty has air jacks are they totally unnecessary without question but are

They also totally bitching also without question and then of course we can talk about the chassis itself it’s made entirely of one and three quarter Dom tubing it was my first attempt at cage work and I put extra effort in to make sure that all of the tubes noted together which

Means that all tubes intersect at common points this makes for a stronger safer chassis but requires significantly more work to pull off and because of the amount of work the car never would have happened without the help of my dear friend Byron Wilcox his name also adorns the top of the car

Thanks to all of the after work effort he put in in order to help me get this car finished but on the note of being finished people have been asking for years why did I sell Rusty how could I given how much this car means to me and other people

But I was faced with the decision I could spend the next number of years pushing Rusty around the shop given I had built a car that couldn’t really be used for Street diving nor was it fit for any racing series Without extensive modifications I didn’t build it to

Compete I built it just to build it and with the car complete I knew that that chapter was coming to a close and Rusty’s next chapter wasn’t necessarily with me I was ready to move on and Conquer something else and thankfully that’s where Rey comes in the massive BMW collection that

Surrounds Rusty at the moment belongs to him he is without question one of the most die-hard BMW enthusiasts on planet Earth and now some of you may connect the dots because if we turn back all the way to 2012 one of the most successful stanceworks articles we ever wrote was

About an anonymous BMW collector but given that that was a decade ago and most of you probably don’t even know that stanceworks as a Blog ever existed what better time than now to share Rey’s story once again It was a few years back that Rey finally dropped his anonymity and was willing to share his real name with the world and thankfully along with it his collection first and foremost Rey would probably identify as an O2 guy there might be a dozen in this shop

Which is lined with four post lifts and has cars stacked one on top of the other but while it’s likely that the o2s are the first thing to catch your attention a quick look around will reveal some hidden gems including some e9s and one authentic 3.0 CSL the factory lightweight homologation special of

Which just under 1300 were built just in front of the 3.0 CSL wrapped in plastic is one of very few authentic Alpena e24s perched above that is one of several new class sedans the four-door version of the 2002 which is credited with saving BMW following some disastrous decisions

In the 1950s there’s a little bit of everything inside of Ray’s shop which brings us to the 320 is the quote-unquote Italian M3 which features an S14 in two liters okay like me Rey is also quite an E28 fan he’s got an authentic Alpina B9 and an mtech 524 turbo diesel that’s been

Upgraded under the hood to utilize the twin turbo six-cylinder found in the e92 335d I was given the chance to drive this car a few years back and it is an absolute riot with the show and tell continuing things get even weirder with Rey having one of very few gloss 3000 coupes

If this one doesn’t look like a BMW that’s because it’s really not but that’s a story for a different episode it’s tough for me to relate to what BMW is doing now in 2023 but it’s clear that Rey and I both share an immense affinity for what BMW was doing in decades pass

It’s cliche to say that they don’t make them like they used to but it’s true they simply don’t the BMW’s built from the 1960s on into the early 90s are unlike anything else on the road and I mean that wholeheartedly even as someone currently building a Ferrari with a Honda engine in it

And because Rey shares that sentiment it’s why he maintains this collection and the parts to keep them going seemingly forever because just as impressive as the car collection is the parts collection that he maintains there is a literal C of both M and S Series engines waiting for their chance

To be thrown into a car as it goes through Rey’s restoration process all of the cars within Ray’s shop are drivers or at least will be eventually I think that’s part of what makes Ray’s shop so special it is in every sense an all-out celebration of what makes these

Vintage BMWs so spectacular well that and because it’s like being a kid in a candy store lurking on the shelves at the back of the shop is every obscure and special part you could possibly imagine and that’s not an overstatement for vintage BMW Geeks he’s got every part from every

Old school tuning house you can name Alpena AC Schnitzer Hardy and Beck and harka it’s all here because when you have a collection like raise you can’t afford not to jump and snag these parts when you come across them Seeing all this stuff absolutely blew my mind upon my first encounter nearly a decade ago and frankly the car and parts collection has only grown in that time and it still leaves me speechless but to punctuate that thought yeah it’s cool to see this stuff and it’s neat to

Know it’s here but what’s far more important than that is what this collection of stuff represents Ray didn’t stumble upon any of this it represents years of work and a massive investment towards keeping these cars on the road for now and for years to come this collection represents one man’s

Unbridled and undying passion towards these cars and the mark that made them it is Automotive enthusiasm in its finest form it’s one of the many forms of success I hope to achieve one day and one of the ways I hope in which I can celebrate my Same Love for these BMWs

So at this point I hope it makes sense I really don’t think there is a better person to be Rusty’s next caretaker I like to imagine that Rey sees both the art in the machine and in my work at this point I think that’s what Rusty probably is it’s not really a car

Anymore and it doesn’t serve a specific purpose it’s just intended to be that might bring disappointment to some but it’s good enough for me and thankfully it’s good enough for Rey too and I know Rusty is in good hands if you guys enjoyed this look at Rusty

Let me know in the comments there’s always an opportunity that we can take an even deeper dive in the future and for those that want to see more of Rey’s collection we’ll be back before too long to take a look at his next big project and last but not least a special thank

You to you Ray for everything foreign