StanceWorks: WHEELS! – The Honda-Powered Ferrari is ON THE GROUND! 16+ Months of Work For This!

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Posted: 2022-06-15 13:22:30
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:19 – We’re Finally Here
01:08 – The Rotiform ROC-H with Nitto NT01s
02:42 – Installed
03:10 – The “244 GTK”
03:47 – But it Wasn’t That Easy
04:30 – Machining Spacers & Installing Lights
07:33 – Enjoying the Moment. Thank YOU!
09:07 – One More Look
09:56 – The Final Checklist
12:17 – Outro

StanceWorks Video Transcript

I can’t believe that i’m saying this but we finally have wheels and tires for the 308 it’s on the ground it rolls around and i am so stoked with how it’s turning out and if you’ve been watching this build since the beginning you know just how many hoops we’ve had to jump through

To try to get wheels and tires in hand for this project i’ve been waiting so so long for this moment and believe it or not the wheels on the car right now still aren’t that same old-school japanese set we sent out 10 months ago to have cut apart and rebuilt still

Don’t have those but thankfully about a month ago i reached out to my friends at rotiform wheels told them i need some sort of lifeboat i need to get rescued we need wheels for this project and they stepped up to the plate they delivered a

Beautiful set of 18 by 10 and a half and 18 by 12 roc hs the outcome is incredible i cannot wait for you guys to see this thing let’s go put it together this is admittedly a dramatic take but it’s hard to put into words just how special an unmarked box can be

17 months of hard work has brought us to this point right here what we have here is a set of rotiform roc hs and they measure out to 18 by 10 and a half for the front and 18 by 12 inches in the rear rotiform is the same brand that sponsors

The ferraris that just podiumed at the 24 hours of le mans last week and so they are right at home on a ferrari like this the design that we decided upon pays tribute to the iconic 5 spoke of the ferrari f40 lm but with a twist

But as good as they look on the workbench they look even better wrapped in tires we’re using nitto’s nto1 competition r comp the fronts measure out to a 275 35 r18 while the rears are an impressive 315 3018 that’s nearly twice as wide as the factory tire this car came with back

In 1981 the wheel and tire package as a whole is what connects this car to the ground and it will give it an unprecedented level of grip compliance and performance that i don’t think enzo ferrari ever had in mind for a car like this in one of the most anticipated moments

Of my automotive career it’s finally time to put the ferrari down on the ground for the very first time and for me to show you what we’ve been working towards for all these months I’m a firm believer that wheels make or break a car they are without question one of the most important design choices that goes into a build and they will help to form the first impression someone walks away with the very first time they see your car

With that in mind although there is a show wheel build in the works it felt only right to reveal the car on its track setup so here’s the car now known as the 244 gtk [Applause] All right we’re rewinding a little bit this is well before i recorded what you guys just saw this is the past we can time travel thanks to video editing the truth is i already set this card down once yesterday and it looked terrible all of the alignment everything was off

The camera was off on all four corners the back end was like tucking tire the front end is sky jacked the toe is like way out in the front i mean every aspect of this thing is off including look how off-center the rear wheel is in the

Wheel well i’ve got a lot of stuff to fix because it’s all just kind of thrown together and i didn’t record it because i knew that would happen but now that you guys have seen it and i’ve gotten to kind of do the unveiling now let’s go through

And fix everything because it’s an important step it took two full days of work to get the ferrari to look like this i had to begin with all of the issues at the back end of the car for starters as you can see the wheel offset is quite

Sunken there’s a lot of room to account for here and on top of that as mentioned the rear wheel is quite off-centered in the rear wheel well so we need to figure out how to fix that as well thankfully it’s not nearly as big of an

Issue as it might sound like we use these misalignment spacers attached to the heim joints at the base of all of our control arms currently they center the heim joints within each heim joint mount just like you see here but if we chuck one of these misalignment spacers in the lathe and

Shorten it and replace the other with a longer one we can offset the heim joint inside of its mount if we do this for all four heim joints in the same direction we can offset all of the rear suspension forward in the wheel well with just some basic machining and best

Of all it’ll have no adverse effects on suspension geometry there are a lot of advantages to using misalignment spacers and this is just one of them to solve our wheel offset issue it’s as simple as using some spacers and this was a conscious decision i made when ordering the wheels because i’d rather

Be too conservative than too aggressive now i don’t have the exact wheel spacers that we need on hand but thankfully some old 5×114 spacers i had in a box can be opened up for the center bore and used for mock-up purposes so we can let h r know exactly what we need

From there it’s just a matter of installing our new parts and getting all of the adjustments and alignments into place nearly every aspect of the suspension is adjustable since we built it from scratch which means we need to dial in things like the rear toe the camber the

Caster and of course the ride height this was an incredibly laborious process of getting everything dialed even to a very loose baseline but it’s finally done and we’re looking good the front end needed only a fraction of the work as we spent time aligning most of it in a previous episode

What was really rewarding is the fact that all of the measurements we took regarding scrub radius and tire clearance worked although it’s only by fractions of an inch everything clears as it turns through its range of motion and that’s exactly what we needed and because i knew i’d want to step back

And see the car as complete as possible i figured why not finally install our headlight buckets and headlight grilles we updated the look of the grilles by powder coating them black in a previous episode as well as all of the hardware and supporting bracketry which means we

Should have mostly new parts as all of this stuff goes back into the car it’ll have to be removed eventually once we go in for final bodywork and paint but i’m excited to see it put together nonetheless it’s been a while since we’ve talked headlights the buckets will be going

Back into the car as empty shells we won’t be installing the factory headlights or the pop-up motors i’ll be locking these covers in the down position and instead we’ll have to come up with a lighting solution that’ll be hidden in the front grille of the car

But i’m a fan of how this nose looks all closed up so the car is on the ground and it rolls around and it looks absolutely amazing so what’s next well two things one is to finish up this episode i want to put together a checklist i think we’re

Finally at the point of figuring out what’s left in this build what parts we need to order and what we need to do in order to actually drive this thing but first i just want to take and share a moment with you guys share my excitement and enjoy this moment right here because

It only happens once and then it’s gone and it’s back to the grindstone but to get to experience this car on the ground for the first time to get to see it to feel its presence as at least some form of a finished vehicle and not just a

Shell floating on a dolly for the first time is absolutely incredible i am so excited about this build i’m so excited about the way that it’s taking shape i love the way that it’s turning out and it’s just such a special moment i feel like i’ve been working towards this very

Specific point for i don’t know a year and a half and i’m stoked that you guys are here to enjoy it too thank you to everybody that has watched from the beginning of the build or if you’re just one episode in i wouldn’t be able to build this car and i

Wouldn’t be making these episodes if you guys weren’t watching along and so i feel like we’re all on this journey together and here we are it’s finally on the ground it finally feels like a real car i can finally see that finish line and it is closer than ever and i’m just

Stoked this is such a special moment in the build it really is at least to me so thank you guys and i’m just gonna enjoy this moment right here for a minute i’m just gonna look at the car i’m gonna stare at it for a few let’s check it out one more time

I’m hoping you can’t blame me because i simply can’t stop looking at this thing and admittedly there’s a lot of work left to do including a lot of finish work the details the edges the fit and finish things like dialing in the wheel fitment to get it perfect but making

Sure it’ll clear the fiberglass fenders at race pace or shaping those fiberglass fenders so that they’re nice smooth straight and fit the pin and farina design body of the 308 itself we should close in the rear wheel arches we’ve got a diffuser to mount a rear

Bumper and grill to make there’s so much work left here to get this car to look the way i truly want it to but this is the first taste of something special and i couldn’t be more excited for it so now i want to talk about what we need

In order to drive the car we need a checklist a final checklist because i think we’re close enough for one clearly the car is more done than ever before now i’m not going to worry about all the things that aren’t going to help us drive it bodywork for example paint that

Kind of stuff we’re pushing that to the end same thing with all the interior finish work it’s not important right now first on the list we need axles for this thing to move under its own power we talked about that in the last episode jump back and watch it if you haven’t

I’ll link in the corner and second is we need brakes obviously we have calipers and rotors on the car but we don’t have any brake lines fluid reservoirs or any brake fluid so we need to get all of that stuff set up and functioning i’ll

Show you guys how we’re going to do all that in an upcoming episode there’s some odds and ends that we need to accomplish we need to finish the cooling systems in terms of getting them bled uh setting up the pdm so that we can bleed them and get fluid running

Through the entire car we also need to build a scavenge tank for the oil turbo system some of you guys pointed out that i can’t actually pull directly from the bottom of the turbo which i had no idea about and i’m glad you guys let me know because we

Don’t want to kill a turbo right off the bat other than that i think we’re looking at kind of smaller detail things we have a lot of aero components still to mount those won’t really help us drive it but they’ll finish out the car so we’re going to get those things

Mounted and installed lots of brackets designed things to make work that kind of stuff and then there needs to be some discussion about a roll cage now we built a roll bar for this car in a previous episode i was really opposed to a cage because

There’s not much room inside the car i want to drive this car on the street and a cage on the street isn’t safe if there’s not ample headroom it’s very dangerous however i’m realizing this car is going to be a floppy noodle and it’s also

Going to be very fast and from a safety perspective i would like to have a roll cage in there on the track so i’ve really got to do some soul searching and think about what i really want to do with this car make a decision and get to

Work building a cage if we’re going to do that so got to do some thinking there i’m not sure yet other than that like i said small detail stuff that’s the short list that’s the checklist that i want to get working on so so i’m gonna get to work i’ve got an

Episode that i’m working on for the end of the week subscribe if you haven’t i don’t want you to miss it i don’t want you to miss when this car actually drives for the first time we are rapidly approaching it and of course thank you as always for

You guys support i’ll catch you at the end of the week foreign