StanceWorks: “What Color Will You Paint It?” – 14 Things You’ve Been Asking: Answered – Honda-Swapped Ferrari

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Posted: 2022-06-29 13:41:15
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
01:12 – What Color Will You Paint the Car? And the Arches?
02:17 – Those Fender Flares Aren’t Round…
02:55 – You’re Getting Rid of the Pop Up Lights?
04:20 – I Hate the Wing!
05:48 – Can You Explain the “244GTK” Name?
07:12 – What Has the Build Cost?
08:12 – Check Out Ryan Tuerck’s Wing Setup!
09:13 – What’s The Solution For The Poor Engine Cover Fitment?
10:13 – Mirrors?
11:09 – What Are You Doing For A Steering Rack?
12:10 – Isn’t That Turbo Too Big?
13:32 – Can You Elaborate On Your Choice of Oil?
15:12 – Is the Exhaust Too Short?
15:57 – Dude, You Need a Quick Release Wheel!

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Welcome back guys today we are hanging out in the shop and we are talking shop i’m taking a little bit of a break from working on the car i need to catch my breath and i’ve got some other things i need to try to accomplish this week and

Get done but i still wanted to put an episode out for you guys and thankfully some of you guys have said you really enjoy the episodes that feature kind of the answers the ideas that are behind the decisions i’m making why i’m doing certain things and so i’ve spent the

Last handful of weeks reading every single youtube comment you guys have made and collecting the best questions the most important questions the deepest questions are the ones that i think are most worth answering things that i feel like maybe i’ve done a poor job of explaining

We’re going to take the time we’re going to run bottom of the top on this episode so if you don’t like those episodes where i do a bunch of talking this one is not for you but if you want to know more about lots of the decisions behind

The 308 and how i’m solving certain problems why i’ve done certain things you’re going to dig this one i’ve got so many things to share with you guys and it’s finally an opportunity to focus on those and really talk about stuff instead of just trying to showcase work

So let’s dive into it question number one You guys have been asking what color is the car going to be and am i going to paint the fender flares are they going to be body colored am i going to leave them white am i going to paint them black what’s really going on here well

If you’ve been subbed to patreon you’ve known what the color of the car is going to be for a year and a half but i have decided when i paint the car i’m going to paint it yellow and it’s going to be indie yellow from the new nsx it’s

Really similar to fly yellow on the car right now with a bit of pearl to give it a little bit of pop and it’s a honda color to go with the engine i think that’ll tie it in really well as far as the fenders go they’re getting painted

Body color they are definitely not staying white that’s not an option in my opinion i do not like the way the white looks some of you guys are really into it but it’s not for me i do think black flares would look cool but i want to see

In body color i think it’ll give us a better more fluid look overall and give us a more finished look i do want to keep the hardware i don’t want to mold them into the car i like that look personally so that’s what we’re going with Now on the note of fender arches a lot of you guys pointed out in the last episode where we set the car down on the ground for the first time that this arch shape is very inconsistent it’s wavy wiggly and it doesn’t look good and you’re completely right it was pretty hard to

See without having a wheel and tire on the car but the second i sat it down i saw it too and i was disappointed we’re gonna have to fix it don’t know how it wound up this way because the rest of the kit does fit the car really well but

The arches on all four corners are all wiggly none of them match each other we’re gonna have to do some bodywork Pop-ups i made an episode a long time ago about how i wanted to get rid of them and then when we set the car down i put the headlight buckets back in and said they are installed without motors and i’m locking them into place a lot of you guys have had suggestions

On what i should do for headlights and the two most common ones are to get rid of this headlight cover and extend the vent down which i photoshopped and it looked really bad it really messed with the way the car looked and i was not

Into it or second is to do a small pop-up with a modern led in it or something and just kind of have it lift a little bit and i like where your head is at for that but for me the whole idea is to keep the pop-up from coming up

I think it really disrupts the way the car looks and i know a lot of people really like pop-up headlights when they’re up for me i like pop-up headlights because they disappear when they’re down and that’s why they were incorporated in the design of this car it was designed to have that

Wedge-shaped nose and the pop-ups were a solution of how to give it lighting when it’s needed the 288 gto circumvents that by having driving lights down on the front end so we’re going to do something like that and keep these headlight covers down i don’t want a slimline pop-up

You know a subtle pop-up i just want them to stay down so i never have to see them i think the car looks great when they’re down and starts to get pretty silly looking when they come up my personal two cents A lot of you guys do not like my rear wing and honestly i get it i don’t blame you but i like it a lot a lot of you guys don’t like my end plates you think they’re too big or some of you continue to say you think that

They’re on backwards and i promise they’re not it’s the way they’re supposed to be as far as the size all i can say is this if you like wild arrow you will like this once the car is finished this is only a small portion of our arrow

Package and it does look out of place right now it’s the only thing on the car that looks this way but once we get the rest of the arrow package on here because it’s a time attack car it’s going to all kind of come together and have a more cohesive aesthetic if you’re

Not into big wild aerodynamic packages you’re not going to like it unfortunately it’s just not going to be for you you probably think that it ruined the car and that’s fine you’re entitled to that for me i love the way this is turning out i think this looks great i love how

This dives below the body line here how it covers up part of the side of the car it’s very aggressive looking i think it’s going to look really sweet it really looks indicative of the time attack nature this car is being built for so if you’re up in the air about it just

Have some faith have some patience we’re gonna get there we have a lot of other aero components put on the car if you’re one of those guys commenting saying you think i should do like an f40 style rear wing that’s fine but i’m not going to do that

Ferrari already did that it’s a little bit boring for me Now i mentioned that i’ve officially named the car the 244 gtk and some of you guys have wondered why that name how did i get there what does it mean well the answer is relatively simple i just followed some of ferrari’s nomenclature rules from the era the 308 got its name

By being a 3 liter 3o and an 8 cylinder 308 because ours is a 2.4 liter i’m going with 2 4 and since it’s a 4 cylinder 2 4 4. as far as the gtk goes ferrari had two different suffixes for this car the gtb and the gts b for berlinetta that’s a

Coupe and the s is the removable spider top or target top if you will now i went with k for obvious reasons i wanted to change it up and add our own touch to it and identify the fact that this is not a ferrari engine anymore it’s something completely unique but

What i like about it is ferrari has used that k suffix before and one of the craziest cars they’ve ever sold the fxx k now in that instance it stood for the kers system but i kind of wanted to tie into that it’s a ferrari race car that type of stuff but

Still sort of a street car that’s exactly what we’ve got here it felt like the perfect kind of tribute to that type of name but with our own spin on it so 244 gtk it’s official we’ll get it on some shirts at some point just wait for it Build cost is something i’m not ready to dive into yet because it’s kind of a weird subject to be honest it feels like it could come across the wrong way as i share but i also don’t want to hide things from you guys and let’s be honest

The cost of building a car is one of the most if not the most important aspect of getting a project finished and i want that relatability to be there for you guys i want you to know what it actually took to finish this thing so i’m considering putting together a full cost

Breakdown episode once the build is done once we have the series finished and we’re just enjoying the car and refining it and enjoying it at the track maybe i’ll do it let me know if it’s something you guys want to see and i’ll put some thought into how i can approach

That and do it the right constructive way i want to share what goes into a car like this it’s just an odd subject i think you guys let me know Lots of you guys told me to check out ryan turk’s video of his supra and how they accomplished his rear wing mounts and how he’s able to still open his rear trunk or hatch with the wing attached to it and admittedly they have a very cool

Solution for it it works really well the only drawback is that’s a very expensive solution there is a lot of cnc billet aluminum in the back of that car i don’t have access to that kind of tooling to come up with that kind of solution we could probably drum something up and

Assemble it ourselves using send cut send and two dimensional files but ultimately it’s still a bunch of weight back there there’s a lot of aluminum all sorts of trussing and structure underneath that deck lid and it’s just not a solution that i think is so elegant that i’m eager to

Run out and do the same thing i like what we’ve got it’s a little bit complicated there’s definitely room for revision ryan turk’s solution is awesome no doubt about it i think the perfect solution is somewhere in between i just don’t know what it is yet i’ll keep thinking about it As far as the rear hatch goes some of you guys have asked what i’m gonna do about the fitment we kind of left that up in the air in a previous episode i’ve been doing some thinking about it and ultimately i’m not really sure i’m gonna

Be happy with the way that the rear engine cover we have right now is gonna fit maybe a body guy could make it work i don’t know yet but i have found a full vacuum-formed pre-preg dry carbon rear engine cover that isn’t outrageously expensive it’s really not

So right now i’m leaning towards buying that and presumably the fit’s gonna be a lot better it looks like a really nice part it’s also not like 30 years old so i’m leaning towards that at the moment or if i come across another factory engine cover that’s cheap i might try

That for the time being take the weight penalty although we just talked about not doing that take the weight penalty for the sake of simplicity and fit and finish and go from there we’ll see I will admit the 308 mirrors suck i do not like them they are not what we’re going to leave on the car in the long run i want to do something that looks modern carbon something real kind of spindly maybe an f1 style mirror i think

It will match with the rest of the arrow might look a little bit out of place on the car if it were stock but i think with everything that we’re doing i think they’ll look the part invasive motorsports has a mirror that i think would fit the bill really well i was

Looking at this one if you guys know of some other ones that look similar to this or that you think might look good drop a link in the comments let me know i’d be curious this is not necessarily my forte the only thing will be i need

To 3d print or design a mount that can use this factory mount solution so that it still looks good and fits where the original mirror went i don’t want to go drilling a bunch of new holes and trying to fashion something new there Some of you guys have made note about the fact that the steering rack in this car is original it was never meant to turn wheels and tires of this size never meant to operate against the forces that we’ll be generating with this kind of downforce and that kind of stuff at some

Point we’re going to change the steering rack i’m going to drive it with the rack that we have in it for now just to get an idea of what we’re working with and then when the time comes i’m going to call up woodward racing racks get a

Custom rack made to the right width right ratio we’ll get it all dialed in so that we have a manual rack capable of turning these wheels power steering is an option but i’m not really keen on applying it right now i don’t think that we need it and ultimately it’s just adding more

Complexity to something when i’d rather minimize it i don’t want to add that kind of weight and i think a manual rack will be fine but we’ll worry about that later the current rack will do the trick at least for some basic testing Let’s talk about the turbo setup and the horsepower figures some of you guys have said how do you know how much power it makes i don’t yet we have it running but we haven’t put it on a dyno but what i do know is what i paid for and what i

Asked for from the engine builder i went to four piston racing and said i want a bulletproof reliable 1000 horsepower at the wheels of this car what do we need to do to make that happen and this is the engine we wound up with now for a

Turbo on the car right now we’ve got a garrett g42 that is a huge turbo and the main purpose of this turbo is to hit that 1000 horsepower mark i want that as a personal goal i’ve said before though this is not the turbo we’re gonna run on track

When it comes to on-track usage we’re gonna drop turbo size and aim for a much more reasonable give or take 600 horsepower because that’s going to be a lot more manageable and usable power figure when we want to drive this car at 10 10. but with that said why build a

Car like this and not shoot for something incredible i would love to see a thousand horsepower out of this thing so that’s what the setup we have on the car is going to do now as far as lag goes i’m not too worried about it it’ll

Be fun it’ll have kind of old-school big turbo characteristics we’re gonna change it up we’re gonna go over all of the new turbo setup once we dive in and build a second manifold second exhaust all that kind of stuff in some future episodes Now on the note of performance and horsepower some of you guys have asked about my choice of oil and why i’ve chosen it now i’ve said in previous episodes we’re using pennzoil’s ultra platinum full synthetic and there are a lot of reasons why not to mention the fact that pennzoil’s just been an

Awesome brand to work with and for my formula one friends out there if you like ferrari you’ll know that ferrari runs shell v-power fuel and pennzoil oil if that’s ferrari’s choice of oil then i know my ferrari is in good hands and it’s pretty cool to me to share a sponsor like that

Now as far as the oil itself the ultra platinum full synthetic has a lot of qualities that are going to pair really well with what we’re trying to do we’ve got a 2.4 liter engine originally out of a family sedan and we’re asking it to make a thousand horsepower that’s a big

Ask that means it’s going to generate a lot of heat and a lot of wear very quickly so having the right oil in it is paramount to making sure the engine is going to last now ultra platinum full synthetic has a lot of qualities that work well with

That it is considered an extreme performance oil it is meant for a job like this it’s also formulated to work well with turbochargers we’ve got to keep this turbocharger working well we’ve got to keep it lubricated and thankfully this oil will do exactly that and it’ll play well with the wear and

Heat characteristics of a turbocharged engine it’s also a very clean oil with great wear prevention properties and in all it is the right tool for the job we’re asking of this engine and that’s why we’ve chosen it simple as that you need to come to the table with the

Correct tool for the job Several of you guys have commented and said that you think the exhaust setup on this car is too short and we are going to burn the back of the car and honestly you are probably right you’re almost guaranteed to be correct i wouldn’t say that the end of this is

Completely finished i think i want to do a subtly flared tip on it and we can add some length to it when we do that i’m not too worried about it but i also do want to see what it will do as it stands we’re going to drive the

Car before we actually paint it i want to get all the kinks worked out and i kind of want to see a little bit of burn on the back end i think it would be a bit cool before we paint it just some style points i love some wear and

Tear some signs of abuse let’s see what it looks like Now in the last episode we talked about caging the car and i showed myself getting in and out and so many of you guys mentioned dude you need a quick release this will solve a lot of problems quick release for the steering wheel i don’t expect everybody to see every

Episode that’s an unrealistic request but i do have a quick release steering wheel we’ve already put it in the car it just isn’t in there right now i’m borrowing some parts from it for the e36 and i’ve got to replace some of them so we can reinstall it we are going to have

A quick disconnect steering wheel in the car and a different steering wheel so don’t worry about that portion of it the rest of the cage discussion i haven’t really made a decision on yet i’m still thinking about it i’m leaning towards four point roll bar in the back with some low door bars

Going forward i think that’s what we’re gonna do still gonna chew on it for a bit but i think that’s where we’re headed that is all i have for you guys for this episode i know some of you are going to be upset that nothing actually got

Accomplished and then i just talked the whole time but you know what i gave you a warning at the beginning so i don’t want to hear about it now to everybody else i want to say thank you it is a joy to get to answer questions like these

The fact that you guys ask questions and that you provide suggestions means a ton to me your investment in this build is why this build is happening so thank you to all of you guys who take the time to leave comments on my episodes i know i

Don’t reply to all of them but i do try to read every single one of them and comments like those yield episodes like this and it gives me a chance to interact with you guys like you interact with me so thank you for that i do appreciate it with that said i’ve got

Some other stuff i’m going to try to knock out this week i’ll catch you guys at the end of the week or maybe this weekend with another episode i’m going to try to put one together i’ll catch you then thanks as always for the support you