StanceWorks: WE MADE IT!


Posted: 2022-11-02 16:20:28
Author: StanceWorks

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign what’s up guys obviously we made it to SEMA if you haven’t seen it on Instagram yet the car is done it drove in under its own power and I cannot even put into words how stoked I am on this thing honestly I got to apologize I don’t have

An episode out yet unfortunately I was thrashing too hard on the car to get it done and then I forgot my laptop coming to see me because I was focused on the car itself so you’re gonna have to trust me when I say at the end of the week an

Episode is coming I’m gonna put together the best video I have ever produced I’m going to show you all the details I am so thrilled to show you guys this car just be patient it’s coming check Instagram in the meantime and I’ll catch you at the end of the week