StanceWorks: Turbo K24-Swapped Ferrari — It’s DONE! — Full Build Breakdown!

Posted: 2022-11-11 14:30:06
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:37 – 700 Days
02:06 – 9 Days and a LOT to do.
03:54 – All City Wraps does the impossible.
05:17 – Andrew Molina makes it drive.
07:31 – Driving into SEMA
09:03 – The REVEAL: Engine Breakdown
11:38 – Aero Breakdown – @RSFuture
12:52 – Interior Breakdown
14:29 – Exterior Breakdown
16:31 – Final Thoughts
17:09 – What’s Next?
18:49 – “It was worth it.”
19:47 – Outro

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign Foreign December 11 2020 I uploaded my first episode of this build to YouTube and in that time some 130 000 of you guys have decided you like this build enough to follow along through 140 maybe even 150 episodes and today I am so stoked to show you what those two years of hard

Work has made but for those of you that are worried that this is where this series comes to an end you’re dead wrong I promise you that this is the beginning of a new chapter this is where the fun begins because now we’ve got to get this

Car to the dyno we’ve got to get this car to the track we’ve got to shake it down we’ve got to make revisions improvements and changes and we got to fix all the things I don’t even know that I have messed up yet there’s a lot

Of stuff yet to do but with that said I know you’re here you want to see the car I’m excited to show it to you I’m very proud of the outcome and I hope you guys are too because this car wouldn’t exist without all of you that tune in week

After week it’s as much your car as it is mine this is the 244 gtk foreign for those of you that have watched every episode of this build so far you’ve contributed more than 30 hours of your life towards watching this build come together and it’s a build

That I haven’t undertaken by myself but alongside you for two years we have chipped away at this build slowly Crossing things off the list and when I began filming this episode The List was shorter than ever so let’s take one final look at what remains when the last episode concluded there

Were just nine days remaining until SEMA began and as with every episode of this build series you guys have seen it in real time when an episode goes live you’re seeing the previous day’s progress every time I’ve touted how close we are to the finish line but for those that saw the

Last episode and especially for those that know what goes into a build you know just how far away that Finish Line truly is with the goal of having a finished car one that runs drives and is truly complete and only nine days to pull it off the list of things to finish was

Actually insane I won’t read them all out for you but I did take the time to transcribe my notebook into a checklist on the screen each of these line items was something I deemed truly necessary to have a finished car at the rate we’ve been working this was

Probably six months worth of work and episodes so something had to give there was no possible way to record every detail of the final assembly and still get it done in time so I set the camera down and got to work I did record some things like cutting up

The original steel engine cover when I couldn’t get the carbon one to fit in a way that I was happy with but as a whole I focused on filming my friends several of them came to my Aid and pulled all-nighters with me to make sure that this car got done in time Justin

Chenoweth John Salerno Lauren golden Khalil Kasem and Byron Wilcox all came to my rescue I want to be abundantly clear that I never would have gotten this car to drive into SEMA under its own power if it hadn’t have been for them with only about eight hours of sleep

Across the five nights before SEMA these guys put their bodies through the ringer to get my car done and I’m grateful for it but with all of our work out of the way there’s still one job that the boys and I are certainly incapable of a full

Color chain there’s an elephant in the room to address some of you guys are wondering when did this car become white what happened to the promises of yellow we’ll get to the Y here in a moment but first let’s talk about the how with just

Two days to pull this off I had to turn to my friends at all City wraps here in Costa Mesa they came into the shop with a team of four and put together what might be the most impressive rap job I have ever seen for anybody that saw this car at SEMA

They’ll vouch there’s not a hint of yellow anywhere on this car as the same crew of folks that wrapped my previous E28 race car I knew they would turn out something special but this I was entirely unprepared for but why did I change to white as opposed

To the yellow we’re also familiar with well for one I wanted something to bookend a sense of completion something to transform the car entirely to Showcase just how much we’ve accomplished I also initially wanted a white 308 when I was hunting and I wanted to give a nod

To Honda’s Championship white as well but rest assured when the time does come for paint we will be going with yellow it’ll just be later down the line And then of course there’s the process of getting this car to run and drive I called upon my friend Andrew Molina from animal Auto and haltech to come out and work his magic he spent Friday afternoon before SEMA going through all of the car’s systems to make sure everything was working

Properly while there is still a need for a major tune on the car this Baseline will at least get us mobile and give us the ability to drive into the convention center with his work finished we work through the night both on Saturday night and Sunday night eventually Landing us right here

All right it is 3 45 in the morning and it’s time to head to Sema Foreign backing this car out of the shop is the first time it has ever moved under its own power and it’s the first time I have ever driven it it’s hard to call this moment a first drive but needless to say this moment was truly special It’s unfortunate that video doesn’t do this card Justice because when I say that it’s loud that is an understatement but waking up any sleeping neighbors was more than worth it to hide that A Moment Like This provides is something I will be chasing for the rest of my life

But with the car officially driving that means there are a few loose ends to tie up and we need to head to Las Vegas for those of you that have never been to SEMA it’s a common Trope that booth and display cars simply don’t work they’re hardly ever finished on time

For that reason it was incredibly important to me to drive the car in under its own power it have been one thing to have the car look complete for the show but it’s another thing entirely to actually finish it the howl of the K24 made it clear that

The 244 gtk was indeed a driving car and it gathered a crowd very quickly upon entry my home base for the show was the CSF radiators Booth the provider for all of the cooling components on the Ferrari that keep it functioning properly first thing on Tuesday morning we unveiled the car It was a massive success with a number of interviews media appearances and shoots lined up in the coming weeks and I managed to take home an award for the best high performance build of the show SEMA coverage made it impossible to keep the car a secret from this point forward

So I made the decision to share the car on Instagram but a SEMA reveal wasn’t quite what I had in mind for YouTube a trade show floor isn’t the most glamorous setting and I wanted the opportunity to showcase everything about the car without having to shoot through a crowd the entire time

So I made you guys wait but now it’s finally time so you tell me was the weight worth it because this feels like a much better place to share this car we’ve labored for two years in order to put together a car that could be considered finished in some fashion and

In the last week or so literally everything came together at once now chances are most of you are familiar with all of the inner workings of this car but for those that aren’t let’s take a look under the hood what makes this Ferrari unlike any other

Is the fact that it’s powered by a Honda K24 it was built by four piston racing as a kt-1000 crate engine capable of withstanding 1200 horsepower at the crank I could carry on all day about why I chose this engine but I’ve covered it in countless previous episodes so let’s

Talk about the parts on the front side of the engine we have a beautiful carbon fiber prac Works intake manifold paired with an 80 millimeter Bosch drive-by-wire throttle body air is fed to that throttle body through a CSF water to air intercooler core paired with custom tanks we made many moons ago

A water to air intercooler setup allows us to maximize efficiency for this small engine package underneath the intercooler is a quave sequential gearbox which unfortunately we can’t see but we will cover it more in future episodes on the back side of the engine we have my first ever TIG welding project a

Custom tubular turbo manifold we built this with wastegate priority to keep boost creep at a minimum and we’ve got a turbosmart wastegate controlling that boost is generated by a Garrett g42 1200 compact turbo and if you look closely you can see it peaking through the back of the car

Ing the 244 gtk is a haltec Nexus R5 ECU and a pd-16 PDM running these in tandem gives us some amazing capabilities I’m excited to show you in future episodes the hero of this build that lurks in the shadows is rye wire Motorsport Electronics who stepped up and built a

One-off engine and Chassis harness for this car Ryan also lent his extensive Honda expertise helping to spec things like GTR coils our fuel injectors and all of the sensors that provide the data we need in order to make massive amounts of power that is at least the 1000 foot view of

The engine but if you’ve been watching this series you already know all about it and if you don’t there are countless episodes that can catch you up to speed instead let’s take a step back and look at all of the things that are new on the Ferrari things that have yet to be

Finished in any previous episode I’d like to start with the arrow package built one off for this car by RS future it’s one of the most controversial aspects of this build but I happen to think that it absolutely makes it at the back towering over the car we

Have our full width wing and tucked underneath the tail end we now have a diffuser as with the rest of the arrow both of these components are built from 100 carbon fiber the splitter at the front of the car is also finally installed and it’s been paired with carbon end plates there’s

Also a piece that Bridges the splitter to the front bumper which was the last piece made before Sema last but not least are the carbon side skirts which Bridge the front and rear fender flares they complete the Aero package as a whole and I love the way

That they look but I’m even more eager to find out how the Aero package performs with the door open you can see just how thorough the wrap Works wrap is there’s not a hint of yellow to be found you can also see our new suede door cards which were made using the

Originals stripped down and then recovered they pair beautifully with the otherwise Spartan interior and I couldn’t be happier with how the inside of this car came out it is perhaps one of my favorite aspects I was chasing the Simplicity of an F40 and I got it the interior begins with our Narita

Dogfight steering wheel and it’s been paired with a BattleCraft quick release which has yet to be released lurking behind them is the haltec ic7 dash which has been molded perfectly into the Pinnacle of the original Ferrari dashboard to the right is our 15 button haltech can control pad which controls all the

Systems of the car and we’ve got two sebelt x-pad full containment seats the detail most will probably never notice is the custom purlon felt carpet that we made ourselves back at the beginning of the build only now we’ve also got a custom center console to finish things out

As we rush towards the Finish Line the boys helped me make some custom aluminum kick panels and a dead pedal and last but not least there is the center point of the Interior the quave sequential shift tower which is topped by a load cell shift knob there will be an entire

Episode dedicated to setting this shift knob up as well as the transmission as we get further into the tuning process and perhaps the most satisfying detail of all is that the original key still works it’s used to power up the entire electrical system of the car and it

Makes it feel like a truly finished product now let’s turn our attention back to the exterior of the car because we are far from finished for starters there’s the one-off custom hood that we collaborated with son of Cobra to build the finished product installed on the car is absolutely jaw-dropping I could

Not be happier with how this turned out not only are the gaps absolutely perfect the overall aesthetic is incredible and dare I say it makes the car but there is one touch that might be even cooler it’s the 244 gtk badge this was 3D printed by my friend John Salerno and then finished

By my girlfriend Emily the two of them painstakingly recreated the original 308 badge only this time they changed it to accurately reflect the displacement and cylinder count of our build 244 means 2.4 liter four-cylinder instead of 3.0 liter 8-cylinder the gtk suffix represents the engine

Under the hood but for those not on the know it’s just a nod to Ferrari’s best for Wheels we’ve got rotiform rochs measuring out to 18 by 10 and a half and 18 by 12. they’re wrapped in 275 35 front and 315 30 rear Nitto nt01 R comps

Lurking behind the wheels and the brakes are a set of custom h r monotube aluminum bodied coilovers which make up the primary component of our custom completely redesigned suspension system for stopping power we’ve got a set of six piston front and four piston rear AP Racing Pro 5000r brakes and j-hook rotors

Now to be clear I could carry on about this build for hours but this is at least some form of a basic build breakdown and if you want to know more about all the parts and pieces that make this car up or all of the effort that’s

Gone into it I ask that you go back to the beginning of this series and watch it all as said it’s a 30 hour commitment but I like to imagine that it’s worthwhile because as a reminder I’m just a normal guy with no professional training and if

I can build a car like this I’m a firm believer that anyone can and I’ve done my best to show you how to do it too but in any case as promised this episode is not the end instead this is the beginning of a new chapter and I’m hopeful that you guys

Are ready for what comes next so there you have it that is the 244 gtk we’re about a block away from the shop I wanted to run the camera while I drove it over here but I’m solo I don’t have a way to kind of position the thing in

There and honestly it just barely made it over here I said we are absolute Baseline tune so that begs the question when’s the first drive well hopefully in the next episode or in the next couple of episodes we’re gonna get this thing to the dyno for kind of a real bass tune

That’s drivable so we can kind of break the motor in and start making some power we’re not going to go for the full thousand yet but I want to be able to drive the car and start shaking it down and figuring out some of the basics of what we need

To change and repair and fix and redo and all that kind of stuff so hopefully pretty soon that is the plan first drive coming up next now as said this is not where this build ends if you think that it’s only going to be testing and tuning from here on

Out that’s not correct either when I say there’s going to be revisions think about how many times we redid those control arms that’s a taste of what this build is really going to be like there’s going to be a lot of changes including building an all-new turbo manifold and

Charge piping setup for this car with a smaller turbo once we hit that thousand horsepower Mark there’s a lot of fabrication to do there’s a lot of testing all sorts of stuff in all I’m just pumped about it I’m so excited this is a dream come true and I know some of

You guys are probably bummed to not see the car driving around and that kind of stuff I’m working on it baby steps here but for those of you that have been along for the ride for the whole time thank you a million times over I couldn’t do this without you I hope you

Guys subscribe if you’re enjoying this build I want to see you on the next episode I’ll see you next week thanks as always well you guys probably know if uh or I can’t even think straight you guys have already seen the car I think I would assume or at minimum

It’s been in the thumbnail um it’s like seven in the morning on Sunday we’ve got to leave here and give or take 24 hours I’ve been up all night and I also have only slept about three hours a night every night this week um I’m burnt out but

The car is for all intents and purposes done at this point I’m still tidying up loose ends and little things and obviously you guys have seen a car but I’m stepping back from it for the first time at all really I’m just taking it in it’s a pretty cool

Moment I wish I was less tired to uh enjoy it but it was worth it back to it