StanceWorks: This trip just got $17,000 more expensive – WTAC Ep. 3 – K24 Ferrari vs the World

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Posted: 2023-09-29 13:29:31
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Recap
01:09 – It’s Race Day
03:14 – Carbon Repairs and Track Prep
05:27 – The First Lap…
07:35 – Delivering the Bad News
08:48 – I can’t even afford this.
10:22 – But then we found a transmission…
12:27 – Drifting with Tsuchiya!
15:18 – The Teardown Begins
17:14 – The Community
20:56 – Engine Mounts at Hypertune
25:08 – The Reinstall
27:06 – Just One Hour Left
28:08 – And One Last Problem…

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign Australia for the 2023 World Time attack challenge we’ve faced a handful of issues getting to where we are now but the car has passed scrutineering and has turned a handful of laps on practice day but that’s not without both some ups and some Downs on the upside keichi suchia gave the 244

Gtk his stamp of approval but on the downside we’ve done considerable damage to our carbon fiber front splitter and worse we’ve done extreme damage to our quave sequential gearbox it’s jumping from second to third gear and we don’t even know if it’s gonna hold up however

That’s where we pick up and it’s now Friday morning not only is it a new day but it’s also the first day of competition at the world time attack challenge if we’re faced with two options either worrying about our transmission troubles or simply knuckling down and dealing

With the problem as best we can well I’m gonna go with the latter because I’m here to drive it is a massive motivator to be surrounded by some of the fastest time attack cars in the world and I’m not gonna let some transmission troubles stop us yet we arrived at City Motorsport Park

Bright and early given how the last episode left off clearly we have a handful of changes and fixes we need to make before the car goes out on track this morning for the transmission our best bet is to drain the fluid clean it out refill it

And make sure that it’s at capacity in this case it suggested that we run 1.95 liters with respect to our damaged front splitter we sent it out for some overnight carbon repairs thanks to a local guy who is willing to tackle this project with the very limited time we gave him

But he wasn’t due at the circuit until 8 A.M just one hour before we were to head out on track so we collected our timing equipment and got all of our ducks in a row it was a waiting game until 8 am so the situation at the moment is we don’t

Have much of second gear it’s popping out I was looking at in-car footage from yesterday and basically anytime I get into boosts it’s immediately jumping a third I think the dogs are just probably rounded off or something I’m worried that I’m just not going to

Be able to stay in boost and the car is going to be slow just due to the way that kind of the car is geared and the fact that I need that boost to really get it going um try to remember that I’m here we’re still running the car the car still

Seems happy otherwise the guys have been awesome working on this thing while I’ve been trying to do everything else here at the track and uh yeah I guess at this point I gotta go to a driver’s meeting and then we’ll be out on track and while I was at the driver’s meeting

The gang was downstairs in the garage figuring out our splitter plan the repairs for the damage that we had assessed last night are already done and it’s ready to go back on the car we had this whole thing created Force both sides put some Pucks in right there to make it

Thicker so it’s not just pulling that core material should be a lot better but fixing the damage is only half the battle if we were to Simply bolt it back onto the car and make no further changes then we’re not really fixing the issue just fixing the symptom

The RS future Arrow kit that we have on the car generates an immense amount of downforce especially at the speeds we’re seeing on the front straight our front Springs are compressing more than we anticipated due to the load but at the same time the splitter itself is

Flexing at the outside corners but some cable supports that are attached to the chassis should add enough rigidity to remedy the issue at hand as our morning fixes came to a close the gates for the event opened and the crowds began to form people were excited to see the Ferrari

In the flesh and of course I was excited to put on a show and drive this thing through whatever efforts decide to rear their head of the test laps we did complete yesterday that went reasonably well the car feels good balanced and safe so I feel reasonably confident in leaning on

It my only concern at this point is with the transmission itself but my game plan is this the transmission seems to shift itself from second to third gear as soon as the load begins to kick in right as boost builds up but unfortunately when the shift happens I’m falling out of boost

And losing most of my power my thought is that as long as the transmission survives these shifts the worst case scenario is that I’m down on Power and it takes time to rebuild the Boost from the low range of RPM up until about 6 500 RPM in third gear when the

Turbo has fully kicked in I figure as long as the transmission doesn’t blow itself apart it might slow me down but I can drive through this now for better or worse a GoPro mounted to the front of the car generates an insane amount of wind noise so as the

Car gets faster the sound of it disappears so I’m cutting the audio back and talking about what I’m actually experiencing in the next episode we’re gonna have a lot of on-track footage from within the car that’ll be a lot better off through the first few turns the transmission felt normal shifting felt

As expected and nothing felt out of place especially as I rounded the corner and went over the bridge the First on throttle section of the track on my outlap it didn’t shift itself and I was building a bit of boost so my confidence was Rising maybe our fluid change had a positive effect

Turn five here scrubs a lot of speed but it requires a downshift into second and it’s a hard throttle push up the hill which again the transmission held on for turn six brings us what feels like to a stop and then all hell broke loose rerev was second gear completely letting go

The transmission once again attempted to shift itself and this time it didn’t hang on the rest of the lap into the pit sounded like a bag of hammers inside the transmission and it was abundantly clear this thing is absolutely broken on top of that the transmission didn’t want to

Shift down into first ore up into third which meant even if we wanted to somehow try to drive this thing without second gear the gearbox was effectively useless so on the outlap of my first everlap of competition we were done and I brought it back into the pit

It was hard enough to climb out of the car and tell my friends and family that we were officially dead in the water but the second I got out I was also met face to face with a microphone and a camera because there were a lot of other people

Here just to see this car perform and I had to break the bad news the car was effectively immobile and its weekend was over we didn’t have a spare transmission even if we wanted to attempt to fix it everyone’s well wishes and hopes that we could enjoy the rest of the weekend were

Of course meaningful but ultimately futile this broken gear set felt like the final nail in the coffin of course despite the troubles our experience at World Time attacks so far was incredible but with their motto of one perfect lap I couldn’t help but feel robbed that even without a perfect lap

We hadn’t even gotten a complete lap in competition and all of that to say even if somehow we could find a complete replacement Quay sequential gearbox here on the other side of the world Spirits were at rock bottom s tomorrow and to that end Byron was right

Even if we somehow could find a replacement sequential gearbox paying for it was going to be an issue I already spent every dollar that I have to my name just to get to Australia and adding an 11 000 gearbox to the equation means spending money I simply do not have and

What would I get out of it anyway the best case scenario at this point is that I turn a handful of laps tomorrow only to push myself further into debt than I already am just to pull this trip off in the first place two and a half years of work just to get

To this point where it feels like it’s all falling apart the car is broken we’re out of money we have no solution to fix it and the event has just begun not to mention I’m further from home than I’ve ever been before a lot of people came to World Time

Attack challenge just to see the 244 gtk and so instead of keeping it locked up in our pit garage we knew the best move was to take it over to haltex booth and display it where at least if it wasn’t going to be turning laps it could still

Be enjoyed by thousands of people I like to imagine that the car didn’t disappoint any fans but it was still hard to tell each of them when they asked when’s the car going out again when can I see it turn lapse that that simply wasn’t gonna happen

At this point the car is simply a showpiece our weekend is done this is officially game over but then something happened our pit neighbor reminded us there was one other car at Sydney Motorsport Park running the exact same gearbox that we were the spoon Sports fk8 endurance Civic

It was shipped over from the United States to run this weekend but as a non-competing car only doing exhibition laps it wasn’t necessarily in need of that spare gearbox and so Z from JDM yard also known as spoon Australia let us know that if we were in need of that

Gearbox he’d be willing to sell it to us now if you’re wondering how a front-wheel drive Civic transmission is going to work in our mid-engine Ferrari well that was by Design but what was surprising is the fact that the Civic and the Ferrari are running the exact same gear set as well

That means the gearbox Z holds on his shelf as a backup for the Civic is an exact match for the one I have so I turned my attention back to the team and began every justification I could conjure we’re here the car is here and now there’s also a transmission here

And I’ve been steadily increasing my credit limit on my credit card specifically for an instance just like this one way or another I can figure out how to pay for this thing in the future but what I can’t do is guarantee I’ll be back for an opportunity like this and so

We struck a deal for seventeen thousand Australian dollars I was now the owner of a second quaff qk eha sequential transmission and we just needed to go pick it up but there’s still a lot that lies ahead of us because changing the transmission out is no easy task

As many of you already know replacing it requires not only pulling the engine in transmission but it also requires pulling the intercooler all of the charge piping the turbo the manifold and the entire dry sump system it’s going to be a long night if we want to pull this off

But before we get to that there’s something slightly more pressing alright so right now we’re pausing from figuring out our transmission Fiasco because we’ve just been given the invite to ride along with suchia in the new Hyundai and obviously I’m not going to turn that down transmission be damned

Lemons lemonade something like that so we got a suit up I’m never gonna get to do something like this again foreign it was one thing to have keichi suchia admire my car but if you had ever told me that I’d be riding shotgun with the drift King

Himself as he absolutely boils the tires off of a car I never would have believed you not in any form uh I can’t imagine a world in which somebody doesn’t know who keichi suchia is but if you’ve been living under a rock this man is the Godfather of drifting

Series like the D1 Grand Prix and Formula Drift owe it all to this guy as do aspects of pop culture like Initial D and Wong and midnight keichi suchiya is a cultural icon and I cannot believe I’m writing next to him as he does what he does best he’s in his

Element and I am in awe and so if finding an identical transmission to the one that we actually needed wasn’t enough of a sign that I should push through and do this an experience like this reminded me that this entire weekend is a once in a lifetime opportunity so with that said

Responsibility be damned I am not going home without turning some laps of my own thank you so much I will never forget that but the time for being chummy is over if we want to pull this off we’ve got to get down to work because we have an

Entire Driveline to pull and after a bit of back and forth about whether or not to take the car to a local shop or to go for it right here we decided this car is going to come apart Trackside there are of course a few details we still have to

Work out such as how we’re actually going to get the engine out of the car but those can be figured out as we move forward the fear was wasting too much time loading the car and all of our things up finding somewhere else to work

On it and getting the car back by the morning the transmission can’t come out separate because of how tight the chassis is so we need to pull the transmission with the engine himself and pulling the edge are involves pulling up the intercooler the full exhaust the intake button has

To come off dry sump tank has to come up with other girls against purpose basically everything out of the way so that we can get these edges straight up through this ball opening and out the back so that’s the mean you heard the man the entire car from

The bulkhead back has to come apart and the only part will be leaving behind will be a handful of hoses and the fuel cell itself but it’s all hands on deck and as my father always says many hands make light the work so the objective is to divide

And conquer my job for the most part is to direct I’m the only one who knows how the car actually comes apart so it’s my job to make sure everybody knows in what order everything actually has to come out otherwise we’re going to waste an immense amount of time fumbling in order

To get this done that’s what makes it important to recognize that this would have been flat out impossible to pull off if it hadn’t been for all of the friends that came along this journey with me so a special thanks to Byron oxer John Justin Anthony Wade Brad my dad and of

Course the haltech crew for diving in head first to help me pull this off within an hour or so of pulling the car into the pit garage the engine bay was starting to look a bit more empty the prospect of actually getting the engine out of the car was looming on the

Horizon and thus we were gonna need a solution sooner than later on how to actually lift it up and out a cherry picker works but it’s tough given how far the engine is actually buried in the car and that means we were really lucky when a fellow Enthusiast offered up a

Brand new Gantry delivered to the track for us to assemble and use to get the engine out of the car I’ve said it before but if this isn’t a testament to how absolutely incredible and helpful the Australian Motorsports Community actually is well I’ve got nothing left for you bottom to top

Throughout this entire Endeavor the community around us at City Motorsport Park was going above and beyond doing everything that they possibly could in order to help us pull this swap off course there’s the transmission and the Gantry but even things down to small specialty tools things we didn’t bring

Along with us because well we never thought we’d get this far in but here we are putting forth our best effort all thanks to the community Ian Baker and the world time attack challenge have put together I had said prior to leaving that a transmission was the one thing I didn’t

Want to break while we were at the track but even despite that and despite not really having a way to pay for it I was somehow having fun I wouldn’t say that I wanted to pull my engine out of the car but somehow all of this work and effort and the teamwork

Involved made the prospect of turning Laps on Saturday morning entirely worth it right around the time the engine was ready to come out of the car our new replacement quayf gearbox had showed up again thanks to JDM yard now the only difference between this transmission and

The one that we have in the car is the differential inside of it the one in my car is a helical type well this one has a clutch type but after a bit of discussion we’re just going to run what’s in there instead of pulling it

All apart it might change a few of the Dynamics of my car but I’m not too worried about it in fact I might even like it so as Corey always said dude it’s fine all that matters at this point is getting this engine out and getting this job finished thank you thank you

Thank you no no so we’ve got the engine out finally wasn’t too bad to do it’s never a good time but it’s out now it’s just a matter of swapping everything from the transmission that was in the car over to the new one we’re going to take some measurements for the

Throwout bearing clearance make sure that that checks out just because it’s a part and it seems like the smart thing to do otherwise there’s really not much else we’ll do a quick cleanup of the engine get all the oil and stuff off of it just so we can tell if other stuff’s leaking

And then we’re going to bolt it all back together I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that this next transmission won’t break who knows what will happen but the best we can do is our best so we’re gonna get it back together keep our fingers crossed with the Driveline removed from the car

And the engine separated from the transmission it begs the question what on Earth actually happened here and to be honest we don’t really know yet we’re not going to pull the transmission apart until we get it back stateside but our new Aussie friend MO has a lot of experience with these transmissions and

Was the first of many people to tell us there’s a critical flaw within them as I understand it the nut that holds the primary gear stacked together likes to back off under high load and high RPM and it needs to be tack welded into place to prevent this

I would have assumed that an 11 000 transmission wouldn’t have such an egregious flaw but then again I’m not a transmission engineer so we’ll have to add that to our to-do list but otherwise the new transmission is just about ready to be mounted to our motor

While Wade and I take care of that the rest of the gang is going on a field trip with the engine apart and out of the car it’s presented the opportunity to make one other change the 244 gtk still has rubber engine mounts from when I thought

This was originally meant to be a street car but we’ve got a golden opportunity to fix that all right so we’re down at hyper June um we spoke to one of the boys at Easter Creek Mike needed some solid engine mounts made up made some calls boy said

That they could make up some solid engine mounts for us on the lathe same machine whatever they’re gonna did sorry about half an hour to come and get all these done and they’re gonna work through it and get it all sorted for us so if you’ve got like a big car in

Australia you get these guys to do your manifolds intercoolers radiators everything these are the guys to make them so despite having four individual mounts on our K series we’re allowing for a lot of engine movement simply under load when Mo mentioned that he might be able to pull some strings

And have hypertune make us some aluminum solid mounts we figured it’s now or never it’s a part so let’s go for it and give us the best chance of success tomorrow upon arrival Aaron also known as overtime Fab was willing to contribute a handful of his precious Friday night

Hours to custom machine some aluminum mounts to replace our original rubber ones for a skilled lathe operator these are pretty simple parts to make it’s a handful of diameters turned into a single piece of aluminum but for guys like us who have neither the skills nor

The tools to do this this was a massive massive help between the trip out to hypertune and the time it took to machine the parts it did mean delaying getting the engine back into the car as after all we can’t put it in without mounts in hand but

This seemed like a worthwhile sacrifice so a special thanks once again to Aaron before we knew it Aaron had pulled it off in hand were custom machined Billet 6061 T6 solid engine and transmission mounts as you might expect the fitment was nothing short of perfect these are a direct replacement for what

We had in the car prior and with a bit of luck they should bolt right into place with no need for modification into the chassis there’s a chance we might have to Tinker a little bit given that we won’t have any Flex in order to get our bolts into

Place but I’m feeling good about getting these things bolted in while the gang was getting the engine mounts made Wade and I took the time to measure our clutch throw out bearing clearances and then made the transmission to the block all we needed was for those mounts to show up and we

Had to shorten a bit of Hardware in order for everything to go together but otherwise it was a bolt-on affair and within a few minutes of their arrival the engine was ready to go back into the car dropping the engine in is admittedly a delicate Act of balancing the K24 has to

Go in at a perfect angle in order for everything to clear the alternator likes to hit the rear glass and the dry sump pump likes to run into the chassis on the other end the transmission doesn’t clear much of anything so it’s a perfect approach angle in order to pull it off

The Gantry did make life easier but without a load leveler we were at the mercy of the tools available to us including some blocks of wood is everyone okay yeah that’s okay not all of the wood survived but thankfully all of our fingers and limbs did and fortunately the rest of

The installation of the engine was relatively smooth sailing haha the evening jaunt for custom engine mounts did consume quite a bit of time but honestly we weren’t too concerned with it we were all willing to put in an all-nighter if we needed to as long as

We get the car done we’d be happy but unfortunately the track staff had a different plan for us they were asking us to leave no unfortunately they’re kicking us out in an hour so we’re just making just making as much progress as we can begin all right suddenly there was a newfound pressure

To get everything finished the track staff was unwilling to let us stay any later than midnight while we probably could have shut the doors and hid for the evening I wasn’t willing to disrespect both the facility and the staff in that kind of way so all we could do was knuckle down

It’s in moments like these that it’s easiest to get frustrated when the pressure ramps up and the tension grows but despite the challenges that brought us to this moment and the challenges we faced in this moment we were still having the time of our lives

There are a few times when you can say there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than hunched over the back of your car tearing it apart or putting it back together but this is unquestionably one of those moments we will all look back on and cherish forever

But as special as this moment is it wouldn’t have the impact that it does without one more challenge in what felt like the home stretch of preparing to go home for the evening we’ve realized that the clutch sleeve cylinder line during some point of this ordeal had the threads stripped out of it

Due to the construction of the car and the way it all goes together there’s no way to replace this line without pulling the engine and transmission all the way back out of the car and at this point there’s just not enough time left to pull that off

We’ll have to figure out some sort of solution in place if we want this car to go back out on track without a fix all of this work and all of the money spent on a brand new transmission are completely pointless we discussed every possibility we could conjure from clamping the line and

Running the slave cylinder backwards to tapping the inside of the fitting and putting a new piece of Hardware in place perhaps we could weld the end of the fitting and tap it or anything to make this work as long as we could get a clutch to work and get us off of a

Starting line but with each idea we came up with there were a half dozen reasons they simply wouldn’t work with track staff knocking on the door telling us it was time to go home we were forced to try to brainstorm this from afar my greatest fear was having just bought

A transmission I can’t afford and having it all be for naught the best we can do at this point is to make light of the situation and hope for the best tomorrow that’s very confident of you laughs