StanceWorks: This Hidden Door Just Made My Shop a LOT Bigger…

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Posted: 2022-07-22 13:38:58
Author: StanceWorks
This has been a long time coming! Thank you guys for the support and helping to make this happen.

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StanceWorks Video Transcript

Now i’ll say this is not your normal stanceworks content but if you’re a fan of the channel this is still going to be pretty sick i first moved into this shop space almost 10 years ago all the way back in the beginning of 2013 and in

That decade this space has changed a lot if you look at how it was when we first moved into now that part’s pretty obvious but it’s even changed quite a bit since the last time i did a shop tour about a year and a half ago when i

Started doing this youtube thing i’m always trying to make this space better and make it my own but there’s been one constant since i moved in some of you guys may have even noticed this thing there is a hidden door on the wall behind me nestled behind the tools it’s

Been locked since day one and i have literally never been on the other side of it up until yesterday let me just say the stance works shop is about to get a whole lot cooler check this out now chances are you never notice this door or if you did you probably thought

It was something like a bathroom a closet or something equally innocuous i mean after all why would anybody care about a door i’ve never even bothered to mention even in that 2020 video when i was staring right at it but the truth is some of you guys in the

Comments have mentioned it because it’s been lurking in the background of every shot over by the drill press the band saw and the arbor press and it’s not surprising some of you noticed it because it’s impossible to pull anything over on you guys aside from keeping the new project car a complete secret

But we’ll talk about that in another episode for now let’s just get these tools moved out of the way and get this door unlocked because for almost 10 years i’ve wanted to walk through this door just to see what’s on the other side as you probably guessed to some degree

Through this door is a 1 000 square foot office and warehouse suite it’s subdivided into four rooms it has air conditioning a ton of natural light and has been completely renovated it’s the front most unit for our building here in southern california and now it along with half of this

Building’s parking lot is all mine i feel like there’s a lot of stuff to talk about for this episode we’re gonna start with yes i did know what was on the other side of the door i knew that there was an office unit here i

Had a unit right next to it of course i can see it attached to the building but i’ve never been in here prior to a couple of days ago getting the keys i didn’t know really what to expect when i got the keys to this place i

Didn’t even get a tour of it my landlord said hey it’s open you’ve said you want space do you want it you get first dibs is attached to your unit and i said definitely let’s do this so i got the keys and i was pleasantly surprised with

This place to say i’m excited is an understatement and i also owe it to you guys i would not have expanded and snagged this unit if you guys weren’t watching my content and making all of this worthwhile and making it work i wouldn’t be able to afford this

Otherwise but let me give you the tour of this spot because it’s pretty sick let’s start with the front room the front room represents about 20 of the overall space inside of this unit it’s got a door that exits out to the street along with a window and a lot of

Empty space to do whatever we want with this room also has a dedicated mini split air conditioning unit so we can keep it nice and cool and opposite the entrance is of course a door out into the shop we’ve been in this whole time

Now as far as what i want to do with this front room the answer this one’s honestly probably the most boring of the lot i probably want to put a table a place to sit down and eat lunch a place to have a meeting with somebody if i want to

Instead of standing in the middle of the shop and most importantly a place to put just kind of a small kitchenette a place to have the refrigerator the microwave and maybe a little bit of counter space because right now if i want to make lunch i go into the back corner storage

Room of the shop where the refrigerator microwave are there’s no table or countertop i wind up pushing stuff to the side on the shelf and just kind of making a sandwich there just doesn’t work well having a place to actually you know eat here at the shop instead of

Eating out fast food for lunch every day would be would be better better for me more comfortable and because we’ve got ac i have a place to sit in the cool air now i’ve never had that anywhere in the shop before so i’m excited about it that’s the boring answer but that’s

That’s what i’m gonna do now on to the big room next to me or behind me if you will this one’s definitely the biggest room in this unit of the four rooms uh it’s probably 15 feet by i don’t know give or take maybe 30 feet got two nice

Big windows that face outside i think i’m going to kind of subdivide this room i’m not going to build a wall or anything like that but maybe put some some shelving up or something to help kind of split it because over here i think i really want to turn this just

Into storage i want to get stuff out of the shop right now so much of my floor space is used just to store stuff and that’s floor space i can’t use to actually work i’m paying per square foot and a lot of that square footage is just taken up by stuff so

Getting some of that out of the shop and in here as storage will be really beneficial it gives me more shop space it makes my shop a lot bigger i find that to be really advantageous however this is a big room i don’t need all of

It for storage and i would love to have a place for when all of my friends are here on the weekends and things like that to congregate to hang out in the air conditioning i would love a place for a couch and a tv we’ve got the tv out in

The shop but we’ve tried the couch thing it never works it’s always covered in stuff it’s always in the way to have a dedicated place to hang out relax kick back that would be really cool maybe even have a sim rig i’ve always wanted one

But have never had a place to put one so we’re gonna see that’s what i’m thinking in here we’ll subdivide this room into two parts storage hangout space now let’s go to the other side of this front foyer room let me talk about the future office this is definitely the smallest room of

The unit but that is perfect for use as an office the wide-angle lens makes it look a little bit bigger than it is in reality but my desk computer and editing suite it’ll all fit in here really nicely on top of that we’ve got climate control some natural light and i know i’m

Repeating those but man am i so excited about them and unlike my current office in the back of the shop i’m also going to be able to see out the window for when people pull into the parking lot it’s a small detail but they all add up for major quality of life improvements

That are going to make this a lot better than the dark basically closet i’m currently working out of now if we turn left out of my office instead of going back to the front room we’ve got a little hallway in the hallway we’ve got two tiny tiny

Bathrooms uh bringing the total up to four so i can now have four friends over and i’ll have them dumped simultaneously which is uh it’s that’s important but more important than that is this room at the end of the hallway we’ve got just a concrete room concrete floors whole buildings concrete but

Just a warehouse room storage room the benefit here is now that i finally have a place to store all of the merchandise and to set up a shipping station apologies if it’s echoey but in all i did not have a place for any of that stuff in the old shop and when we

Did our first round of merch i had to just put it all in the middle of the shop until i had shipped it all out it was a huge just mess a huge endeavor and i said hey i’m going to take this seriously i really need a place to kind

Of set this up and to get organized because i want to make sure you guys get stuff that you order in a timely fashion if you’re going to support me by ordering it and it’s awesome that you guys have done that because of that i can have this place and i really wanted

To invest in the future of my channel and the future of my business so i said hey this room right here is going to be huge now why this room well the cool part is we’ve got a pair of double doors some of you may have noticed them in previous videos

From outside the shop these open up to the parking lot they face the same direction as the big shop door so i can package everything up have it all set right here open the doors usps fedex any of that stuff can pull right up we can load them up i don’t have to

Lug everything through the shop it’s going to be so convenient and so nice this was kind of the main motivation for snagging this unit was to be able to expand from a business perspective and really kind of invest in seeing this channel grow and being able

To support the people that support me so we finally got a place dedicated to that if we cruise back through i am so excited to finally have an office with air conditioning let’s talk briefly about my old setup that corner room back there is my old

Office still is my office at the moment and it has some pros and cons it’s nice in that like i have windows out into the shop but i sit so low in there the windows are so high i can’t really see out so i kind of have to stand up to see

Anything i can’t really see the door if people walk in which is kind of a bummer i have to kind of listen for it but the problem is it is a small room in the back corner of the shop with a door at the backside there is no airflow

There is no natural light it can get really warm in there two of the four walls are made of concrete so they heat soak it can be problematic it can suck to be in there especially when i really have to get work done so getting out of this

Corner room i think i’m going to turn this into some storage as well it kind of lines up with where the other storage room is going to be getting into that front office is going to be so nice i can’t put it into words i know some of you guys can relate how

Much your productivity goes up when you wind up with like air conditioning and some comfort and honestly some natural light a window to be able to see outside i’m just so excited like i said at the beginning of the episode most of this unit really presents just a

Massive quality of life change for being in this shop space i mean i’ve loved it i have no intention of leaving it but getting to add something this comfortable onto it instead of working in a small corner of the shop with no ac and no airflow at all

Or having a kitchen that is just literally in the same room as the shop air compressor and where i was trying to keep the merchandise things like that quality of life improvements finally getting storage so we can get a lot of this stuff off of the shop floor

Just overall i’m so excited for this i’m really rambling and repeating myself but this is a big deal this is a huge step for me one of the biggest kind of leaps i’ve taken in a long time and again it’s all because of you guys i couldn’t be more excited so

With all that said yeah let’s uh let’s cruise outside i’ll give you the quick outside tour so you can check it out see what it looks like from out there we’ll open up the doors uh to the storage room or the merchandise room get a good view

Of it and then we’ll wrap it up and so with the addition of this unit i also get all of the parking spaces in front of it and to the side which means i now control pretty much the entire front of our entire parking lot and as a

Car guy i like that a lot i do wish there was a bit more real estate on the front of the building for some stance work signage but honestly it’s probably a good thing that there’s not because i don’t need random people stopping by the shop

But overall i am ecstatic that the shop has gotten bigger and more importantly that it can facilitate running this business better than ever and as said that’s all thanks to you guys so as always thank you for the support i appreciate you guys watching and i’ll catch you next week for yet another

Episode You