StanceWorks: The S54-Swapped E36 Returns! More Best-of-the-Best Parts (Interior, Carbon Intake, and Cooling!)

The S54-Swapped E36 Returns! More Best-of-the-Best Parts (Interior, Carbon Intake, and Cooling!)

Posted: 2023-03-15 13:41:20
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – The RECAP!
03:38 – Interior Install & Turner Motorsport Intake Plenum
05:35 – The RESULT!
05:59 – The E36 Meet!
06:57 – The CSF S54 Swap Kit
08:02 – The Install Begins
09:17 – The Oil System
10:56 – It’s in the Details
12:02 – It’s Okay to Make Mistakes
13:07 – The Finishing Touches
13:49 – Pennzoil 10W60
14:26 – Chit Chat!

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign By sheer coincidence it’s been a full year to the day since we last had an E36 build episode given that there are a lot of new subscribers around here and I’m gonna guess the rest of you have a memory as poor as mine here’s a quick recap on

Where the project began and where we left off two years ago we pulled the cover back on my E36 to reveal a project that sits in a sad sad state I’ve owned this car since I was 17 years old but after having it painted a few

Years back I didn’t have the money on hand to see the rest of it through so it wound up sitting for years on end time spent sitting in the California Sun had destroyed the interior and it meant that this car needed pretty much everything thankfully despite the fact that the car

Was sitting I was stockpiling parts and after a few years I had almost everything we needed to put this car back together better than ever before now I’m not one to believe in the concept of forever cars but if I had one this would be it and so through the

Rebuild I’ve wanted to put nothing but the best parts back on the car so we rebuilt all of the rear suspension and the front suspension we installed brand new bearings everywhere possible new control arms new axles new h r coilovers everything possible was replaced we upgraded what we could from the

Differential to the big brake kit leaving nothing untouched and then we carried that mindset to the outside of the car replacing everything from the lighting to every piece of trim every piece of rubber and every gasket ultimately yielding an E36 that is as close to New as it could possibly be

Well except for the interior which as discussed is notoriously the worst part of e36s when it comes to Quality they just fall apart and clearly mine did just that so I decided to go all in on redoing the interior as well and I sourced a set of

Vintage Bridge Zeta 2 seats as a centerpiece these vintage Japanese seats are certainly worse for wear so they need to take a trip to an upholstery shop but we’ll need the rest of an interior to go with them so I sourced an incredibly rare one of 150 made original E36 325 m-tech Interiors

The M rain Fabric and Alcantara suede are famous within the BMW world and I wanted this as the Finishing Touch for my interior the only problem is as you can see the parts and pieces that I found are just as rough as our seats it’s probably silly to start with

Original mtech parts only to reupholster them but to me it was important to know it was all original underneath so I turned to MST upholstery who has a lot of experience with E36 Interiors ASC Fabrics provided beautiful reproduction M rain cloth and Alex at MST did the rest

But that was a full year ago and at this point really nothing has changed the E36 has spent most of that time parked because I don’t want to drive around in a car with no interior in it but just one day before our annual E36 meet and with all of my E36 owning

Friends in town my interior finally arrived Admittedly it took more time than expected there were some hiccups to overcome but in the end Alex did a phenomenal job bringing an idea I saw in my head to life without hesitation it was all hands on deck to get the E36 put together for the following day

Andre focused on getting the front seats mounted to sliders while Blake and Oliver tackled the installation of the rear parcel shelf and the rear seats while they were focused on the inside NS and CJ focused on some goodies under the hood as some of you may remember my car

Currently runs a set of fluid motor Union open velocity stacks on the s54 throttle bodies and while it makes an unbelievable induction noise I think after 15 or so years it’s time to finally pull some filtered air into this engine and to do something about the big

Ugly empty cavity in the engine bay something I’ve never been quite satisfied with in place of the Velocity Stacks we’ll be installing a beautiful all-carbon fiber CSL style intake plenum from Turner Motorsport while CJ and Ennis installed that lastly I dug around and found some old bav

Sound speakers I’ve been sitting on for a number of years and these will go a long way towards improving the sound system in the E36 under the hood clearance is at a minimum modification is required to make it clear the hood and persuasion is required to make it clear the strut

Tower but after a bit of work everything was indeed fitting which brings us to the big problem we encountered the headliner my car has been converted to a slick top the headliner we thought was for a coupe is for a 318 TI and thus it didn’t fit so it’s back to the drawing

Board before we can install that and the associated parts but after a group effort we got the rest of the Interior installed and everything squared away under the hood it’s been a long time coming but it’s one step closer to finished Now I promise to provide some real shots of how this interior turned out once the opportunity arises but for now you’ll just have to deal with some shots before the E36 meet but needless to say I’m thrilled with how it turned out and as for the Turner Motorsport intake plenum

I’m just as excited but we’ll revisit that later in the episode first let’s talk about the E36 meet the turnout this year was absolutely incredible with more than 100 e36s in the stanceworks parking lot and perhaps more impressive than the number of cars or the number of people there were

Several hundred in attendance and I’m proud to say every single one of them was beyond respectful of both the shop and the cars in attendance the exact type of stanceworks family I’m looking for the event brought out a little bit of everything from track cars to show cars

To engine swapped cars to those loved by absolute purist there was something for everyone involved and it was a true treat to see them so if you made it out and you happen to be watching a special thank you to each and every one of you it gives me even more confidence towards

Having events like this at the shop so keep your eyes peeled and hopefully before long we’ll have another one now as mentioned we’ve gotten more work to do under the hood we’ve got our intake plenum installed but we’ve got some changes to make to the car’s cooling system both for the radiator and

The oil cooler it’s important to me that the Partnerships I form with the sponsors of this channel represent more than just a Payday in this case I’ve been working with CSF behind the scenes to develop a new cooling package specifically for s54 swapped e36s of course it’s an all-aluminum larger upgrade but this

Time around it’s been fitted with Provisions for electric fans the ports have been adjusted to make plumbing tidier and it’s got mounts underneath for an included integrated oil cooler on top of that the integrated oil cooler comes in two sizes one for cars with air conditioning and one without

And last but not least the ports on the oil cooler allow for the use of factory BMW oil lines or an hoses all in an effort to create the most comprehensive cooling package possible for s54 swapped cars just like mine so let’s get this thing installed which

For Better or Worse begins with ripping off the splitter and under tray from the front of the E36 although it looks and performs well it definitely adds a degree of frustration when I want to service anything under the front of this car but hopefully soon jobs like this will be few and far

Between With the under tray out of the way I proceeded the spray coolant all over the floor before catching it in a proper drain pan on top of that I forgot to remove my radiator cap so air pockets meant this stuff just had to dribble out for half an hour

But with the fluids drained I was able to actually remove the radiator itself and it’s pretty clear BMW expected you to do this a lot what with them designing awful cooling systems in general removal of the radiator just means removing the hoses and popping the upper clamps and then it just lifts out

Only for you to of course spill more coolant all over the place if you happen to leave some in the bottom not that I would do that because I am a professional Now as part of this process of replacing the oil cooler we’ve also got to drain the oil from the car so underneath I pulled the drain plug and I’m gonna say I’m pretty proud of the fact I didn’t get a single drop on my fingers remember professional

But now we need to remove the oil cooler I installed all those years ago along with the Haggard aluminum brackets that are holding it in place it might work well but it sure does look awful and it’s been an eyesore for years while we’re at it we’re going to replace

The oil lines if you want any idea of how long these have been in here these an fittings were red and blue when I installed them now as said our oil cooler replacement can be used with an lines but these lines are far too long if I were going

To keep them it’d be an opportunity to Simply shorten them but instead I’ve got some fresh Factory lines sitting around that I’d like to try out now technically speaking E46 M3 hoses will fit with a bit of work but what you should use are Euro E36 hoses as they

Are a better fit for the chassis but in my case I’m going with E46 units because it’s what I have on hand the same O-rings and block fittings attach the hoses to the oil filter housing on the engine and to the oil cooler which I now have installed on the

Bottom of our radiator now I plan on running air conditioning so I’ve got the smaller oil cooler in place but for the track guys you can go with the bigger optional counterpart we had test fit a number of these units on my car in the past but having the

Final production unit in hand and seeing it fit right into place was a wildly satisfying feeling it’s hard to say I’ve ever been enthusiastic about radiators but fitting one that I had a hand in helping to design is rewarding to say the least foreign now as part of the oil change that we’re

Performing we need to change our oil filter and one of the coolest touches that fluid motor Union performed on my engine was a custom oil filter cover now if you made it this far into the episode chances are you’re already subscribed but if you’re not and you

Want to see more episodes like this one you should consider doing so because your support helps this channel grow and allows me to keep making videos just like this thank you and with the filter installed I’ve got a parting tip if you want to clean up oil residue skip the degreasers and go

Straight for glass cleaner because it will blow you away with how well it works first with the Turner Motorsport carbon intake plenum going back into the car as said it’s a tight fit in the chassis but it does indeed fit and then I move to the oil lines down below which are

Also equally tough now on the note of hoses and fitment I want to have a moment of transparency here because I don’t know this seems worth sharing so I put this car together for the first time when I was 17. most of the motor swap was done at 17 and 18

Years old and I made a lot of choices that weren’t necessarily the best ones at the time including power steering hoses in order to make the s54 pump work on my system I took this hose which honestly have no idea where it came from or what it’s from and then turned it

Around on itself and bent the ends until I got it all hooked up and plugged in and then I sent it and I forgot about it I didn’t even know that this was under here it was fully kinked under the car like this I am honestly surprised that it even worked

So all of that to say you don’t have to be perfect and you can start small and then work towards making your cars perfect I’m still doing the same thing fixing things that I did when I was a kid but it’s fine you can grow as a builder

But with that said I’m going to take this down to the hydraulic shop and get a new hose made so that there’s a correct shaped one on the car and thankfully within a few minutes Brooks at Mesa hose had a brand new hose built just for me and as you can see the

New layout is a lot more simple it’s a straight shot from the rack to the pump I got it fitted and then moved back up top for a Finishing Touch the CSF s54 kit comes with a beauty plate for the top of the radiator in part to cover the

Coolant line that runs to the expansion tank but also to make the engine bay look as good as possible the kit comes with one plate in brushed aluminum and one in satin black with that the engine bay is more or less finished for this episode and now we

Need to top everything up with our fluids I got our coolant added but now it’s time for oil I’ve still got a lot of pennzoil’s platinum full synthetic racing 10w60 left over from the Ferrari and thankfully this is also the exact same weight that BMW commands for these s54

Engines if you aren’t aware BMWs of this era love to eat rod bearings so it’s critical to put the correct oil in the car pennzoil’s racing oil might be Overkill but I’m always one that’d rather be safe than sorry I added seven quarts to make up for the

Fact that we drained the cooler and now we can say this project is pretty much finished all right now I know what everybody wants at this point in the episode is to take this thing for a drive and to hear the carbon air box scream and for beauty

Shots of the interior and all that jazz and I want that too but unfortunately there are a few things this car needs before I can go out for a drive it’s not quite there yet so the work in this episode is done the rest of this is

Going to be chatting about the to-do list that remains so skip if you want to but under the hood we’re pretty close to finish I need the cowling at the back of the engine bay I wish I had painted this engine bay when I did this swap but I

Was a kid I didn’t have the means and at this point I think it’s worth just kind of embracing the imperfections and making it work I need to find the kind of cowling cover for the front nose panel that covers up that hole where the original oil cooler that I had in here

Was that’d make it look a lot better and I just need to do some cleanup I want to find a strut bar that clears the intake plenum but overall I’m excited underneath the car I want to powder coat the front subframe and put a new ring

Rack in but both of those can wait for the time being and then on the inside of the car well as said we’ve got to find a new headliner I sold the 318 TI headliner I’ve got to track down a coupe slick top one you can still buy them new

But it’s like a thousand dollars and that on top of having to have it recovered just does not seem worth it to me not right now I don’t have that kind of money I have a few interior pieces that still need to go in like the under dash pieces

Some kick paneling at the door Sills I want to figure out what I’m going to do for seat belts I don’t have those yet I’d love some real red Motorsport belts but those fetch thousands of bucks at this point so probably got to cross that

Off the list I need to track down my horn button the wheel that I have in the car right now is the Ferrari wheel out of the car originally which is kind of silly but since it’s out of my car I think it’s kind of cool and if I find

The horn button somewhere around here it’s yellow and it will match the brakes which I think is kind of a fun touch past that pretty close to complete inside I gotta fix the sagging glove box a few other small details and with that honestly the car will be more or less finished after

17 years of working on it I can pretty much cross it off of the list which I’m excited about really really close to it it’ll be the first project here on the channel that we can say is truly finished for the time being but with that said

I’m done rambling that’s the end of this episode I appreciate you guys watching till the end I appreciate your support if you want early access to the new apparel which is down here on the floor don’t forget head to the stanceworks Discord Channel And subscribe or to the stanceworks patreon all my subscribers

Get first access before anything sells so do that if you want to I always appreciate the support and I’ll catch you guys next week see you then