StanceWorks: The Most INSANE Week At the Shop… Ever — Engine Bay Paint! — Honda Swapped Ferrari

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2022-10-07 13:45:01
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – There’s a SWAT team on my roof. For real.
00:56 – RECAP!
02:05 – Cutting even MORE out of the back end.
03:10 – Chassis Cleanup
04:30 – Masking & Paint
04:57 – Why Aerosol? Did I really use SPRAY PAINT?
06:37 – Suspension DIsassembly, Welding, and Powdercoat
08:06 – New Valve Cover from Skunk2!
09:18 – NEW AXLES from Driveshaft shop!
10:16 – Paint Reveal
11:21 – Up Next…
12:25 – PICS and VIDEO! Snipers on the roof and a SWAT team outside!
14:05 – Outro

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign Two snipers on my roof right now there are two snipers on the roof next door there is a SWAT team outside all because there is a shootout happening literally at the end of my building this is the craziest thing that has ever happened in the 10 years I’ve been here there’s a

Guy barricaded shooting police drones out of the sky this is nuts I’ll tell you a little bit about it at the end of the episode I’ve got a couple of photos to share but I’m locked inside under police orders which means I’m focused on the 308 I’ve made a lot of progress over

The last few days I’ve got the engine bay painted it turned out pretty good let me get you guys up to speed the Ferrari has been cloaked in plastic since the last episode if you missed it we sandblasted everything in the engine bay to remove all of the paint rust and

Impurities from the metal the problem is it’s very quick to rust if we’re not careful so it is an all-out Blitz to get this thing painted as soon as possible the problem is there’s a lot of work that has to happen before we’re able to

Lay that paint down there is a lot of welding that needs to take place in this engine bay because most of it has just been tack welded through all of the progress that we’ve made so far it needs finished welding so everything is securely in place

There’s also a lot of tabs and brackets that we need to cut off a lot of ugly Factory Ferrari welds we need to grind down and a few finishing touches like end caps on some tube work in order to close everything up tight but as said in the past the unfortunate

Reality is that this chassis is a really ugly one so we’re going to start with these decorative plates I made in a previous episode their only purpose is to cover up some of the ugly chassis Ferrari has cursed us with but after removing the fiberglass Fender wells in

The last episode they no longer fit very well so we need to redesign them so they close everything up properly however I got to thinking why are we building covers when everything else back here is still ugly instead why don’t we cut out everything that we can lightening things up in the process

While making it look better at the same time we can Nix Ferrari’s Patchwork quilt of ugly sheet metal we can get rid of all of the ugly fiberglass and hopefully make everything look better than it did before without just covering it up with plate steel

So with less than 30 days left to finish this car I did what any reasonable person would do and continued cutting apart the rear end without much of a plan for what I was going to do once I had it all cut apart I dropped the fiberglass winglets from the bottom of

The car which we’ll reinstall later once I do some trimming but we’re left with some really ugly sheet metal behind them this is a big part of what I want to cut off of the car the covers we made previously were an attempt to hide this

And I realized the right way to approach this job is to get rid of it instead of covering it so over the course of an hour using a hammer and chisel I separated the sheet metal from the original welds and pried it off of the car but obviously that

Does leave us with a lot of metal still stuck to the chassis that I’d like to get rid of I spent hours grinding on the back end of this car trying to smooth things out and make it look at least a little bit better but I have to be

Realistic no matter how much time I put into cleaning this chassis up it’s never going to look great the chassis itself is ugly and Ferrari’s Factory Fab work is abhorrent the welders on this thing must have been blind if you’re asking me and it’s unfortunate because it truly

Takes away from this car it’s my least favorite part about it the Italian Fab work here is truly trash so I spent a few hours cleaning it up but I had to remind myself I’m polishing a turd I could only take it so far and

At some point I’ve got to move on to other projects to get this car done it would take me a full month of Fab work to truly clean this chassis to a satisfactory point I spent the next full day welding on this thing because there was a lot of

Finish work left to do and a lot of gaps left unfilled following that there was a lot of cleanup on the inner sheet metal such as removing seam sealer and sound deadener in preparation for paint and then there was cleaning up the chassis itself with all those extra little brake

Line tabs and old mounts for things like the coolant reservoir which I removed and ground down in an effort to clean the chassis up as much as possible remembering that Perfection is the enemy of good enough I eventually said it was satisfactory and moved on to masking the

Entire car thankfully my friends were present and helped lay the plastic and the tape in order to keep overspray from getting anywhere that it shouldn’t be but with everything masked off I moved to laying the paint which I did not record because California would probably have an issue with me spray painting the

Entire engine bay in my parking lot which I didn’t do now I already know a bunch of you guys are freaking out in the comments that after all this time and money and effort I just spray painted my engine bay pump the brakes I’ve got some info for

You first of all aerosols can turn out amazing if you know how to use them now I’m not a pro but I’ve got a lot of experience you can make a really nice finish with this and I think that the only people that are going to know that

I spray painted this engine bay are the give or take 100 000 of the people that watch this episode it’s really going to be our secret it’s going to be fun but on top of that I use this stuff because anytime that I want to add a bracket a

Tab change amount move a suspension pickup point or anything else we can easily touch it up it’s always going to spray the same it’s going to be the same color I don’t have to dial in a gun I don’t have to get out thinners and mix a

New formula and try to make it match it’s really simple stuff and I know we’re going to want to make changes as we work through evolving this car I think this was the right move it’s a resilient finish it’s easy I can get this stuff anywhere

This was the right way to do it for the purpose of the car because it’s not a show car it’s a track car we’re gonna actually drive this thing I’ll show you guys the finished result here in a few we’ve got to let it dry up but we’ll

Come back to it and we’ll peel back all the tape I think you guys are gonna be surprised it’s gonna turn out sick but while all of our progress so far only makes up for about six minutes of a YouTube episode it took days of progress

To get this far and as a result the shop is an absolute mess it stresses me out and I am unable to function with the shop in this kind of state so before I can make more progress on this thing I’ve got to pump the brakes just a

Little bit and make some progress in cleaning up the shop it’s easy to overlook but cleanliness is vital but with workspace cleared off we can now disassemble all of the suspension from the car the spindles the hubs the brakes the control arms everything needs to come apart in preparation for welding

Powder coating and finishing as you guys know we’ve made more control arms than I can count at this point and thankfully we can call them done except for the fact that they’re just tack welded together enough to set weight down on the car but now we’ve got to sit down

And weld them all I’m gonna run the big Pyrex cup for stick out visibility and gas coverage and as always I’m using my CK Flex head torch which really helps me get all of those weird and odd angles while welding all these control arms up was some amazing practice it also took

Me an entire day probably six cumulative hours of TIG welding by far the most I’ve done in a single stint progress was slow but I was able to chip away at it and now I can say that all eight control arms are officially and completely finished it’s another big

Item we can officially cross off the list I can’t say we’ll never revisit control arms as we make modifications and changes but for now I can say the control arm Saga is officially and thankfully over but now we gotta take those control arms and a few other pieces and get them

Powder coated I spent a lot of time thinking about color choices and I don’t want something loud or vibrant but I don’t want to go too Factory either like a simple silver so I’ve landed on this pretty brassy champagne color that I think will pop against the color of the

Chassis and will pair nicely with the color of the car subtlety is key but on the topic of powder coating we’ve got one new thing for the car that also needs to get finished some of you will be disappointed I’m gonna get rid of our four piston racing

Valve cover but in this box I’ve got a skunk to magnesium low profile valve cover and this thing is beyond cool not only does it weigh just over two pounds it also looks fantastic this thing screams old school Motorsport and I think it’s gonna look right at home in

The engine bay of the Ferrari and even more so finished in a factory wrinkle red just like the Ferrari counterparts so a special thanks to Skunk2 for sending this part over because it’s going to look insane we’ve got all of the suspension parts laid out on the workbench and a few of

Them also need some finish work namely the spindles which are still raw steel I thought about getting these powder coated and at minimum they need sandblasting because they’ve got a healthy layer of rust on them but I’m gonna wait to powder coat them until I am positive that we are finished

Modifying them so for the time being these will get a coat of Steel it as well all right now forgive one last talking head but I had to share my excitement on this one instead of just doing a voiceover because we finally have the last piece that we need or pieces in

This case we’ve got our axles from drive shaft shop thousand horsepower capable axles custom built for this project they are immensely heavy these are the real deal the last thing we need it can now move under its own power now I haven’t bolted them in yet because there’s

Nothing to bolt them too obviously but once we get this thing put back together that means we can put these in and presuming I got my measurements right fingers crossed this thing can turn its Wheels it can move under its own power we can finally drive it I am so freaking

Stoked for this this last big piece of the puzzle so a special thank you to drive shaft shop for building these custom axles for this project for supporting the build we got these things in a hurry I am so freaking stoked this is sick all right enough parts let’s

Actually look at the paint in the engine bay the masking job that we performed worked out really well we didn’t wind up with any overspray and the outcome has been fantastic as far as the quality of the aerosol spray paint that we put down it also turned out beautifully I’m

Confident the naysayers will be eating their words here in just a moment because the outcome has surpassed even my own expectations it was a breeze fitting an aerosol can versus a paint gun in all of the nooks and crannies of this engine bay and the coverage has been fantastic so enough talking about

It here is the result foreign black steel it laid down as smooth as glass and any imperfections are unfortunately in the Ferrari sheet metal underneath the paint my cleanup work on the chassis did make it look a little bit better but any prying eyes will definitely see plenty

Of flaws still lurking but even still I’ve got to say that the black paint truly transformed this engine bay and I can’t wait to see it with all of the fresh components in their final resting place all right I’m cutting the episode off here honestly that’s all I have left to

Show I didn’t plan this one out but as you guys can see I’ve got my work cut out for me but this is coming together I feel so good about it hopefully by the next episode we’re gonna have the engine back in the car we’re gonna have everything else mounted back into place

If we get our suspension back from the powder coater we’ll have all that stuff back in the car too and we really just move on to details at that point I’ve got to figure out what I’m gonna do about the back end of the car since I

Cut it all apart we’ve got a lot of work in the interior to do some details here and there we did make some progress on the hood I’m really excited to show you guys as we make a little bit more progress I’m going to show you guys making the mold

And all that kind of stuff patreon subscribers have already seen some updates they got to see the paint already me cutting up the back of the car and progress on the hood but if you don’t want to subscribe to the patreon page everything will be here on the

Channel once I get these episodes done but it’s just another way to show some support and see stuff as it actually happens see some behind the scenes details yeah that’s all I’ve got for this week I uh I’m just going to keep the hammer down got to keep working on

It I appreciate y’all’s support I’ll catch you guys next week I’ll see you then now about those snipers I am currently in the shop I’ve been told by the police to shelter in place there are two snipers on my roof I’m gonna throw some photos and videos over the top of

This there is a shootout happening literally at the end of my building it’s about 400 feet away this is nuts apparently the doj was serving a warrant to this guy down at the end he was supposed to turn in some Firearms after kind of a domestic violence dispute from what I have heard

He didn’t do it he said come and take him we’ll have a shootout for it and uh he’s staying true to his word absolutely insane there are snipers on top of the building next to us there are cops everywhere there is a full SWAT team these guys have mp5s and m4s and all

That stuff out they are taking cover behind cars there are drones in the air they have sent drones into the building and the guy has shot four of them down they’ve been firing tear gas we’ve heard gunfire this is nuts and I’m literally like it’s at the end of my parking lot

This is so crazy so thankfully I’m safe in here we’re just kind of taking cover inside we’ve been told to stay put I’ve got about nine foot thick concrete walls between me and that guy so I’m not too worried I’d have to get pretty wild for anything to happen but yeah there’s a

Crazy guy hold up in the building down there uh he’s been in there for I think like five or six hours now uh it’s wild it’s crazy so yeah that’s what’s happening here that’s your bonus content there is a a shootout happening literally right here it’s nuts anyways haven’t gotten

That much done today because of it so I’m gonna get back to work try to get something happening and I’ll catch you guys next week