StanceWorks: Shop Vlog: Where’s the Ferrari Unveiling?!

Shop Vlog: Where’s the Ferrari Unveiling?!

Posted: 2022-11-05 16:34:15
Author: StanceWorks

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Good morning guys apologies for the atypical kind of vloggy video here but you guys deserve an update about where on Earth the unveiling video for this car actually is why has it not happened yet what is going on I have seen a lot of comments across the internet on

Instagram on Reddit everywhere that I have seen that some of you guys feel really cheated or even betrayed that you haven’t gotten to see the car from me yet you got it spoiled from somewhere else that you’ve seen it on SEMA coverage and I haven’t put a video out

And that I’m doing a disservice to everybody that has supported the build along the way that breaks my heart that’s not how I want anyone to feel so I figured I’d give you an update a video is coming at the end of the week I’m working on it

I’m officially home as of this morning and now the work begins to put together the best episode that I can and I wanted to kind of just give you guys a quick rundown the thrash to get the car done for SEMA was insane it was one of the hardest

Things I’ve ever done it was about eight hours of sleep over the course of five days thrashing with some of my best friends pulling several all-nighters to get the car done I was working till my fingers were bleeding my feet were crying in pain from just standing up all

Day long day after day after day after day it was a lot of work a lot of work but getting the car to SEMA and having a car complete was a promise that I made to my sponsors to CSF when I say I’m gonna have my car done for your SEMA

Booth I have to make sure that that happens I got to give everything that I can to do it and that comes before producing an episode now some of you guys have said hey why isn’t there an episode at SEMA why am I not seeing coverage from you what’s going on

Honestly I’m a one-man team here one guy that builds the car that films the episodes that edits the episodes and Things fall through the cracks sometimes in the thrash to get the car done I left my laptop at home Amateur hour here unfortunately that means I had no way to

Edit an episode on the go but even if I could have I didn’t have time to do it and even if I did I probably would have wanted to wait anyway now I know some of you guys feel really cheated you’ve left some pretty harsh DMS in my inbox about

How you feel I have treated you by not putting an episode together I’m still kind of new to this YouTube thing that’s a unique experience for me I don’t know how to feel about that but I don’t want anybody to feel like I’m leaving you guys in the dark about this

Car you guys have supported me for two years you’ve watched every episode this has been a huge huge week for me the biggest of my career by far finishing this car has been something truly special it’s an amazing experience and I don’t want to just something

Out so you guys can see it and that’s that I want to put together the best episode that I can I put my heart and my soul into every episode that I make I really pour everything I can into it and this episode is no different in fact

It’s even more I want this video your experience of seeing this car for the first time at least from me to be as spectacular as the experience has been for me that’s important so I hope you guys would be patient and episodes coming later in the week I’m working on

It I’m home now that work begins I’m sorry if any of you guys feel disappointed about how I’ve kind of played this out it’s a lesson learned next year when I have a car at FEMA I’ll try to bring someone to record and edit with me if I’m capable of doing that by

That point if the channel has grown enough but anyways with all that said I’m blabbering that’s the end that’s my update an episode’s coming later this week I hope you guys enjoy it I hope hope you guys can be patient with me I’m sorry if the roll out of finishing this

Car hasn’t been your your preferred way or the best way I’m working on it I’ll learn as we go as always just like building a car doing this YouTube thing is a learning experience too so I’ll catch you guys later this week with the best video I can possibly put together

Of this car I’m gonna take you guys on the first drive it’s going to be amazing I’ll see you then