StanceWorks: My Custom-Built Vintage JDM Wheels are Here…. And There’s a Problem — Honda K24 Swapped Ferrari

My Custom-Built Vintage JDM Wheels are Here.... And There's a Problem -- Honda K24 Swapped Ferrari

Posted: 2022-11-25 14:31:17
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:25 – My Wheels are Here… And they’re paperweights.
00:53 – Let’s Talk Wheels
03:55 – The Wheel Reveal
05:14 – Mockup
06:41 – What about the Fronts?
09:21 – Rotiform saves the day
10:30 – So, it didn’t work.
13:21 – Outro

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign Over a year ago I set out on a custom wheel project for the Ferrari I wanted to build something that no one else has and chances are that no one else has ever seen so I bought a set of old JDM Wheels I sent them out to be cut apart

And then resized to 17 by 10 and a half and 17 by 12. and the outcome they’re here and they look amazing I’m excited to show you guys but then I’m disappointed to show you why I’m out thousands of dollars and I’ve got wheels that I can’t even use

But first I want to talk about Wheels in general I am a firm believer that for any build Wheels can be make or break I think they’re unquestionably the most important part of any car’s visual theme and I think that Wheels create the most important part of a first impression every time

When I’m choosing wheels of course style is important but equally so is era whether it’s the 90s hres on my 93 E36 or the 80s Renault Center locks that were on my 82 group ae28 tribute it becomes the wheels that Define the character of the car and of course that

Can be taken to extremes let’s use the example of a hot rod the Le Mans Wheels fitted to my 31 Model A give it a completely different look than the four inch wide BBS rs’s fitted to my 28 Model A over a decade ago of course there are other aspects to

Both of these hot rods that help Define them but the wheels really do make that first impression So when it comes to personal preference I’m always a fan of finding old rare and unique options as opposed to going with something new and off the shelf I find immense satisfaction in using old Parts with history and Heritage and repurposing them for something of my own

So of course one would probably deduce I’ve picked something special for the Ferrari so let’s talk about it early on in the build we tried several different sets of Wheels all in an effort to get an idea of what might look best we tried the te37s first and as you

Might expect they looked good because they tend to on pretty much everything but they’re a bit too expected for my taste so I wanted to go with something a bit different the center lock renaults were an unexpected surprise they looked great and gave the car a serious eb-110 Vibe

But they weren’t what I was looking for the center lock bdss were probably the best looking of the trio but once again these fell into the category of not quite being what I was after I felt that they were too European in flavor and I want something specifically Japanese as

A car with a Japanese engine Japanese Bodywork and competing in a sport that hails from Japan I want to nail that first impression and I want the source of inspiration to be abundantly clear I spent months deliberating what Wheels I truly wanted to put on the Ferrari and

Then months more tracking down the right set over a year ago I sent these wheels out to have them cut apart as they were originally a two-piece welded set I had custom halves spun to step them up to 17 inches in diameter and had them widened

Out to 12 inches wide in the rear but this wasn’t without a number of hiccups if you’ve been watching this series you know it was delay after delay after delay but they’re finally here and I’m ready to show you these are the wheels that I originally planned to put on the 308. I don’t know what you expected but you either love this or you are mortified it’s probably one of the most controversial choices for this car so far but I’ve got to say that personally I’m in love they’re Advan ownies and they are quintessentially unmistakably Japanese and when it comes to the aspect

Of matching the era we discussed earlier they are undeniably from the 80s but I can hear it some of you guys are wondering an entire year or more wait for this I don’t get it well let’s start by taking a look back at what we began

With these are the ad man ownies when I first purchased them an extremely rare set of five lug 16 inch wheels now they do come in 17s but the 17s are a reverse lip structure a flat lip without a step and having a stepped lip was important

To me for aesthetic reasons so I sourced a 16 inch set and then sent them out to be cut apart and have custom have spun so that they’d have stepped lips and so that they’d also meet the 17 by 10 and a half and 17 by 12 dimensions

Now to be clear they have not been refinished yet and the intention was to paint the center’s gloss white whether the car was yellow or white like it is now but nonetheless it’ll still be fun to see one bolted up so let’s get a rotiform removed and bolt this thing into place One of the many reasons to convert the car from 5×108 to 5×114.3 was so that it could run cool old wheels just like these and although they aren’t refinished nor are they painted white man they look incredible on here it’s a considerably different overall aesthetic versus the rotiforms

We already have on the car and I’m really curious to hear what you guys think however this is where the problems begin although I sent the break Dimensions to the company doing the custom work and was told we shouldn’t have any issues we had to stack not one spacer but a second

Ill-fitting Universal spacer on the car just to clear the brakes and on top of that I had to take an angle grinder to my brand new Wheels to cut down the ends of the bolts on the back side just to clear the calipers I only cut a few away

Because this is not a permanent solution but it’ll at least let us test fit the wheels to see what else is needed to actually run them as you can see this isn’t even really viable at the moment the size of the nuts on the back side will still clip

The caliper and so realistically we’d have to run even more spacer than what’s on the car now which means spinning new halves so that they’d fit and the whole thing starts to kind of Fall Apart so love them or hate them I know most you guys are at least curious what the

Full set looks like what does it look like on the ground what do the front wheels look like well that’s a good question and I’d love to show you except for I still don’t have them in fact I’ve had the rear wheels since May and I posted them up on the patreon page

Saying I was under the impression I’d have the fronts within about a week but it’s been six months and they’re still not here it’s insane they still can’t go on the car but even if they could I found out once I got these they were gonna have an even bigger problem with

The fronts so let’s go to the front of the car and I’m gonna show you now all of the problems we’ve encountered with the rear wheel are solvable none of them would keep us from running the wheels if we want to but the front on the other hand presents a

Completely different level of issue as one might guess the front brakes are even bigger than the rears we had over an inch of spacer stacked on the back but when it comes to the front we have to stack not one spacer and not two spacers but three taking us nearly to

Two inches worth of spacer just to clear the caliper they don’t even make studs long enough for this application for this to be possible which means cutting the studs down and running a custom bolt-on application to pull this off now to be clear spacers are totally fine

And more than safe on the racetrack but two inches worth nah that’s not a proper solution and it’s not how we’re going to solve this the problem is that these advans have almost no back pad on the back of the center there’s no offset between the mounting surface of the wheel and the

Flange through which the halves bolt to the center itself aftermarket big brake kits weren’t nearly as popular as they are today back when these wheels were new which means this wasn’t a problem at the time but let’s say we’re willing to run some huge special spacer setup just to fit

These wheels we’re not out of the woods yet because this would push the wheels far out meaning there’s a new issue the wheels would have to run lips similar in size to those zero-lipped BBS rs’s on my Model A these are called drop lips and they look good here as well as

On other applications like the E28 but with a 5 inch lip in the back of the Ferrari I really want something more in the front of course in addition to running a spacer I could just redesign the front suspension again to give us a lower overall track width but that’s

Counter-intuitive and goes against everything we’ve aimed to accomplish so I’m not going to do that that doesn’t make any sense and then yeah of course I could put a smaller brake package on the front of the car like we have in the rear but that doesn’t make any sense either going

Backwards in performance just to run some Wheels so when I realized I was facing all of these hurdles back in May that’s when I called my friends over at rotiform and told them about the problem I also knew that if I didn’t have some viable wheel solution in hand relatively soon the

Project was going to be so far behind that it was never going to get done so I called them up and told them what I needed a set of wheels custom built for the car that fit not only the track width and the fenders but also the

Custom brake specs and this is what we wound up with the rotiform Roch some of you guys are undoubtedly pleased that these wound up on the car versus the three spoke advans and the rest of you are wishing the advance were what the car debuted on and honestly I find

Myself wavering back and forth between the two because they both look incredible the wheels that are on the car today are the same gray rochs I just had them powder coated White Once I knew the car was going to be white as well I think they do a great job of paying

Tribute to the Ferrari f40lm and while some feel it’s contrived I think that the white on White theme of the car is right at home Now to clarify when I bought these wheels I knew they didn’t have much backpack on them and I knew clearing these brakes was going to be a huge problem it was going to be a challenge I was planning on running a 20 maybe even a 25 millimeter spacer

To clear the brakes to make it clear the step in the barrel and to clear the back of the hardware on the wheels that holds them together problem is is I gave the brake CAD files to the company doing this work and I was told that there shouldn’t be any

Problems clearly we do have a problem and I still don’t have those front wheels I still don’t have them so overall this is just one huge disaster and it’s unfortunate I’m not going to name and shame this company that doesn’t seem like the right thing to do accidents happen maybe there was some

Miscomication on the brake clearance as for not having the wheels yeah that still bums me out but you know I just won’t do business with him again now we’ve been over how we could make it work but honestly my opinion at this point is it’s juice that’s not worth the squeeze I’m not

Going to re-engineer all the suspension I’m not going to put smaller brakes on the car just for these wheels and I’m not going to run them with tiny lips and huge spacers because that doesn’t make any sense it won’t look the way that I want it to

So I’m left with some of the coolest paperweights in the world if anybody wants a super wide set of Advent owni’s Hala at your boy but otherwise I think the answer from here is to build something of our own I talked to the guys at rotiform I showed them pictures

Of the wheels and I said guys look at this this is how this car should be but I don’t want to just build a replica I’m not into knockoff or fake Wheels I don’t want to just copy the Oni instead I think we should build a three spoke of

Our own design that pays tribute to the wheel but has some touches of our own something that is unique for the car something that is derivative of the three spoke without it just being a true carbon copy there are some Design Elements to that only that could be

Better such as I don’t like the square lug pockets and the overall shape of the spoke could be a little bit straighter for a little bit more of an even more vintage feel I think we’re gonna see that’s the idea I’m going to explore I think it could be really cool it’s a

Wheel build for this car for the future and I’ll just kind of keep you guys in the loop as I continue kind of planning that out and exploring the idea we’ll see who knows maybe you won’t ever have immediate will with all that said I love

The wheels around the car now I think they came out perfect and in a sense I’m even more happy that these were on the car for the unveiling because it really just Nails how the car looks in my head I’m happy with it I love it so thank you

Again to the guys that wrote a form with all that said that’s all I’ve got for this episode don’t forget Black Friday sale everything is on sale everything that I’ve got left in stock so go grab it it’s while it lasts I’ll probably sell out everything because

There’s not a ton left so anyways thank you as always for the support I’ll catch you guys next week hopefully on the dyno Foreign