StanceWorks: K24 Ferrari: OOPS. Turns out my clutch is in SEVERAL PIECES… But I got a new trailer!

K24 Ferrari: OOPS. Turns out my clutch is in SEVERAL PIECES... But I got a new trailer!

Posted: 2022-12-16 14:43:13
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Hi, I’m Broke.
00:50 – Recap: Clutch Woes
02:04 – The Damage
03:29 – The Cooling System – Let’s Change It.
04:47 – Why Not Use a Vacuum Bleeder?
05:32 – Let’s Build a Solution
07:31 – Expansion Tank
08:23 – So I HAVE to buy this Trailer.
09:20 – A Very Small Road Trip
10:27 – We Made it!
10:54 – Trailer Walkaround and Showcase!
12:48 – Changes I’d Like to Make
14:04 – What Generator Should I Use?
15:44 – Outro

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign I expected this to be a really simple episode just full of Ferrari content and it is don’t get me wrong but somewhere along the line I emptied my bank account and spent every dollar I’ve got but hey what some people would call a savings account I would call a enclosed race car

Trailer fund so a quick recap of where we currently stand just over a week ago we took the Ferrari over to animal Auto to break it in on the dyno the only issue is we had a clutch problem it was slipping so I pulled the engine out and I gave it my

Best effort to figure out what was going on inside all signs point towards a throwout bearing to pressure plate clearance issue but my initial inspection suggested that might not be the case but frankly the only way we’re really gonna know is to pull the whole thing apart and take a look inside and

That’s where we are now some of you guys may recognize Dan from previous episodes and he’s finally made the move from the UK here to California and who is eager to lend a hand we got the transmission separated from the engine block and it gave us the opportunity to see what’s going on

Inside Dan jumped at the opportunity to take some measurements to see if indeed everything was set up correctly but unfortunately the measurements weren’t all that conclusive it showed that we might be out of spec but only by a few thousandths and that shouldn’t be enough to cause such an extreme issue so we

Need to remove the pressure plate and the clutch from the engine and take a look inside all right what we found inside was honestly shocking one of the clutch springs had broken completely and ejected itself from the clutch disc and then upon a closer inspection we realized that every

Clutch spring on both clutches was fractured at the base and some at the top too so clearly we’ve got a clutch problem but that wasn’t all the damage that we found the rivets holding the clutch discs together were ground down on the flywheel side and that’s when I realized

We’ve got a clutch disc installed backwards initially I figured I made a careless bone-headed mistake but I decided to look back at the unboxing and unwrapping footage and then the footage where I took this thing apart to show you guys and that’s where I spotted it that right there the C sticker is

Pointed in the wrong direction you can see in the next frame exactly how the clutch was sitting in the clutch assembly those rivets sat against the flywheel and ground down after I looked at the factory instructions it was pretty clear this clutch was sent to me assembled incorrectly

But I want to be abundantly clear I don’t really want to blame clutch Masters I don’t think this is anyone’s fault if I had checked the instructions I would have caught this error and the onus is on me to make sure the parts go in my car correctly after all you know

What they say when you assume although I wouldn’t mind stickers that say flywheel side instead of just the letter c anyways let’s turn our attention to the front of the car we’ve got a cooling system with a handful of issues that we attempted to address on the dyno and

Now’s the Time to tear it apart and make some advantageous changes allow me to do my best to explain the issue at hand obviously this is a mid-engine car but the radiator is still located at the front meaning we’ve got a pump coolant from the back of the car to

The front and then return it to the back once again in order to accomplish flowing coolant from the front to the back we’ve got some odd coolant hose routing and the result is some air pockets currently the only way to fill our system is to use the radiator cap

Located off the side of the cylinder head this is the highest point in the system but the problem comes from the fact that the coolant flows through the rocker panels at the bottom of the car it then pops out at the wheel well and changes Direction climbing straight up

So that it can get to the radiator this drastic change in Direction means that there can be an air pocket at the top of this line and that makes bleeding almost impossible so our goal is to add some way to get the air out of the top of these lines

And on top of that we need to add a bleed port to the top passenger side corner of the radiator because there’s an air pocket there as well now I know some of you guys are already thinking it Mike why don’t you use a vacuum bleeder like this one

Well unfortunately I’ve tried it but I haven’t had much luck my best guess is that it struggles to compress the an hoses which means it can’t really shock the air bubbles out of position I don’t have any science to back that up but that’s what my intuition tells me

Either way I haven’t been able to get this to work and I want a better long-term solution anyway so I went shopping and I bought some materials for us to build a solution I’ve got a number of weld on an bungs and a heap of an fittings and then I

Also bought an expansion tank because this is way easier to purchase than to spend a whole day making only for it to turn out half as well but we’re going to kick this whole project off with just some good old-fashioned raw aluminum material let’s get this stuff cut off in the

Bandsaw and then chucked up in the lathe so we can clean it up to be frank facing or truing up an object like this one is about all I know how to do with this lathe but I figure the only way to get better with it is to

Continue using it and trying things out these definitely don’t need to be Precision machined but it’s an opportunity to try and get it right to get the tool to work in my favor and yield the result that I’m looking for the end result of the part that we’re

Trying to make will also turn out a little bit better as you can see on the far left side we’ve got the raw cut off edge and in the middle you can see what we just turned down on the lathe on the far right I hit it with some Scotch Brite to

Clean it up and make it as pretty as I could now what we need to do is attach some Dash 20an fittings to each end if you haven’t figured out what it is that we’re making yet that’s okay I don’t blame you what I want to do is

Insert a place to bleed air out of the system and add water in at the High Point on each side of the front of the car we’ll cut the hoses at their High Point and insert this fitting right in the middle from here we’re going to add a bleed

Port to it and then we’ll vent that bleed port to the expansion tank I showed you earlier the end result is a way to easily add coolant to the front of the car and to bleed air out We really don’t need much flow from this fitting to the expansion tank itself so we’re just going to use some Dash 4 bungs and Dash 4 hose the end result is a glorified tea fitting we probably could have bought this online but that would be way less

Fun and it would have been way cheaper and that doesn’t make any sense to do now does it but with these oriented correctly in the car it should save a lot of effort in bleeding it so let’s turn our attention to the expansion tank where that air needs to go

In an Ideal World these ports would be low on the tank and the tank would be much higher than everything else but we just don’t have the space for that so these ports are going to be placed high on the tank to help facilitate getting air to travel in the correct direction foreign

While welding one of these fittings I had a serious bout with contamination in the weld I had to cut it off clean try again rinse and repeat and it was a nightmare knowing that if I didn’t figure out what the problem was I was going to ruin this part and I’d have to

Start all over and then I hit a roadblock all right now admittedly this is a terrible place to pause progress I don’t want to I wanted to finish all of this for this episode but I just got a phone call I’ve got to rewind a little bit a handful of weeks

Ago I got word about an enclosed trailer that might be for sale and the price is amazing now don’t get me wrong it’s still expensive I have had to sell quite a few things scrounge up some money and I’m gonna empty my bank account and pull

This off but I’m not gonna miss the opportunity but I just got the phone call that says hey Mike if you want this thing you got to come get it tomorrow it’s a little bit quicker than I was anticipating but with that said I know I’m not going to

Get all this stuff done by the episode which is tomorrow so we’re gonna pause I’m gonna get up at the crack of dawn and go pick up this trailer I’m taking you guys with me we’re going on a field trip and we’re gonna buy something I have wanted for

Years it’s going to be a game changer I can’t wait to show you guys this thing is amazing I’ll see you guys in the morning so bright and early I hit the road and headed towards Stanton California and trust me when I say it’s fitting that this is happening in December

Because this feels like Christmas morning all right guys here it is So what we have here is what’s supposed to be a 24 foot 2008 Hallmark Edge enclosed race trailer turns out it’s actually a little bit bigger than 24 feet but we’ll get to that here in a moment the former owner used to race formula 2000 and trophy trucks out of this thing

So it’s going to be perfectly suited for our needs the only drawback is it’s been sitting right here on this pad of concrete for the last six years so it’s gonna need some maintenance but it made the tow back to Costa Mesa without a hitch well with a hitch but you get what

I mean Foreign so we are back at the shop the truck did awesome as expected the trailer is here it towed great there’s only one problem and that’s uh well I just measured it it’s two feet longer than it says that it is um and then the tongue is longer than

Anticipated so it definitely does not fit where the parking spot was earlier where the old trailer was so I don’t know where I’m gonna Park this thing but enough talking about it let’s open it up let me show you all about this thing because I am so stoked

When I say this trailer is big I mean it it’s almost twice my height towering nearly 10 feet tall it’s going to make an amazing home base whether we’re at the dyno at the track or any event we want to take the Ferrari or any other project too and I’ve been waiting for

Something like this forever so let’s get this thing opened up and I want to show you everything inside speaking of opening it up let’s talk about that big door on the side yep it even has a door on the side so you can open up your car or truck door after you

Drive your car in so you can get out of it how sick is that and then there’s the interior build out it’s nothing crazy but we’ve got cabinets up top to store everything from fluids supplies or tools and then we’ve got stainless steel countertops below them with a lit work surface

It needs a little bit of cleaning here and there but I’m totally okay with that it’s worth the price of Entry below the countertop we’ve got a built-in toolbox and this thing operates beautifully the sliders are heavy duty as are the trays and it’s built to hold up

And then we’ve got another storage cabinet with some of the generator wiring tucked away inside as said we’ve got our big access door so you can climb in and out of your car and then we’ve got fluorescent lighting along both sides of the roof line and then there are the spotlights on the

Outside of the trailer just in case you’re going to be wrenching on your car in the paddock at night the floor definitely needs a power washing but it’s also in really nice shape it hasn’t been abused or dented and it’s holding up really well and last but not least the drop gate in

The back has a really nice approach angle I’m not positive that I won’t need something like some race ramps but this is going to be way easier to load than my old trailer I don’t know what you guys think but I am just beyond excited for this thing

I’ve wanted something like this for so long but there are a few things that it needs so let’s run over them the first one is that this door over here this side door that would be sweet for opening the door on the Ferrari once it’s loaded in here forgive the street

Noise can’t get people to not drive down the street uh problem is is that it’s definitely too high for the Ferrari it’d be nice to be able to drive in and open the door I could build some sort of platform in here that the car sits on

That would fix that but I have a much better solution and that is just not have any need to drive the car in in this small door down here with the space that’s in here what I think would be perfect is to just floor mount a winch down here

They can then just run out and pull the car in it’ll mean I can load the car and unload the car totally by myself I don’t have to have spotters I think that system will work a whole lot better I don’t have to open the doors once the

Car is in here as a whole I think this would be a great solution it’s also right near the power near the generator all that kind of stuff but the other problem is speaking about that generator there’s not one foreign so we’ve got power that’s hooked up to

That Port inside we’ve got the plug that should provide power from the generator we’ve even got tie down Provisions for the generator but there’s not a generator in here so we need to add one so if you guys have a suggestion on a generator that I should put in here that

Would be sweet I’m all ears I don’t know anything about them I don’t know whether I need like a 120 or a 240 any of that jazz ideally I’ll find something that runs on diesel instead of gas so it runs on the same fuel that the truck does and

Then I can keep an extra thing of fuel in here or nearby or in the trailer and not have to have gasoline as well but yeah let me know what generator I should put in there I’d also like to add onboard air to this thing but the truck

Does have onboard air so I’m not too worried about it got an air tank and all that jazz everything else yeah man I’m just so stoked on this thing I know it keeps repeating myself it’s just uh incredible and what an insane deal this thing was just a steal

I had to go get it today it’s it’s the find of the year I’m just beyond words for it anyways I’m gonna quit rambling I’ve got to uh I gotta get inside and start editing this episode it’s almost the end of the day Sun’s about to go down and I’ve got at least

12 hours of editing to do to get this out for tomorrow morning so that’s the end of this one I’ll catch you guys at the end of next week I know I said I’m gonna get back to two episodes a week and here I am flubbing that two weeks in

A row but I already know it I’m gonna say it now end of next week we’ll be back on the Ferrari we’ll finish what we started in this episode and then we’ll make our way back over to the dino so be ready for it with a well-blood cooling

System and a happy clutch so anyways thank you guys for watching I’ll catch you guys next week and uh yeah happy holidays foreign