StanceWorks: IT’S ON! K24 Ferrari Vs. The World • WTAC 2023 Begins

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Posted: 2023-09-22 13:30:23
Author: StanceWorks
Shot by Apham Films – Be sure to give his work a follow on IG: @aphamfilms

We made it, and it’s time. The honda-Swapped Ferrari finally hits the track at Sydney Motorsport Park in Australia for the first practice day of the World Time Attack Challenge 2023!

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00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Recap
01:06 – Day Four – Return to Haltech
02:59 – Scott Returns to Work his Magic: Fail Safes
04:49 – One last rundown
06:05 – The Rain Begins
07:39 – Imposter Syndrome
09:21 – Practice Day
11:05 – Scrutineering
12:24 – It’s time: Session 1
13:11 – ON TRACK – Session 1
14:10 – Status Report
15:55 – ON TRACK – Session 2
18:17 – The Drift King
20:19 – SESSION 3
22:05 – The Fixes
24:43 – Why We’re Here – by Oxer
27:05 – We’ll break it if we have to.

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign last week we boarded a plane from Los Angeles to Australia where we were headed for the world time attack challenge the single largest time attack race in the world a few months prior we shipped out the Ferrari 244 gtk a project car we’ve been building right here on this channel that

Features a turbocharged Honda engine and a minimalized weight we spent a few days with our friends at haltech where we tied up any loose ends on the car and then strapped it to the dyno and from there Scott worked his magic to make sure it had a safe tune

And had flat shifting set up now it’s time to head to the track after a much needed night of sleep we found ourselves back at haltech Brighton early on Wednesday morning the 244 gtk was right where we left it still strapped down to haltex dyno begging for whatever comes next

Surprisingly though somehow it feels like we’re ahead of schedule we put in enough work yesterday that there’s not a ton left to accomplish today before we send the car over to the racetrack on the other hand though we don’t want to be Dino Hogs and want to make sure

That anybody else who needs to use this thing has access to it so we figured why not unload the car push it outside into the beautiful Australian Spring weather and figure out what we can add to our list even if it’s only to cross it off

We’ve got our T’s crossed and our eyes dotted but it’s also easy to forget those lowercase JS as well but with that said after some time spent thinking about it most of what we could come up with were simply small aesthetic fixes with a huge photo in video shoot

Planned on track this evening we wanted to make sure the car was ready for prime time uh we just have a short list here that we’ve got not really much left on it this is the entirety of what we need in order to pull off the day Scott here at

Haltec is going to do a little bit of be pooping make the dash work the way you wanted to make sure we have the proper Fail-Safe set up so that I don’t blow this thing up and realistically I think beyond that we’ll knock these small things out and we’ll be ready to

Head over to the track this evening for the media shoot video shoot all that type of stuff for World Time attack so I think Ox is gonna due to courtesy of driving us around so we’ll catch up with you guys in a few so while Oxford drove us around to

Acquire small bolts and screws as well as seeking out a very particular type of black cloth tape the rest of the gang stayed behind tidying up the car by the time we returned Scott AKA tuning fork himself had arrived and was willing to donate his entire morning to setting

Up the car just the way I wanted it and it’s hard to put into words just how much I actually appreciate his and the rest of the haltech team’s efforts because as you’ll see later in this episode Scott’s work right here literally saves my engine you’ve got all

Angel prediction stuff set up in the ECU now so there’s going to be on set two levels up so the first level has got a 4 000 RPM rev limiter so if something happens if it overheats or if it’s something that you can get back to the pits sure no dramas

Um there’s also another one that’s got a 2000 rev limiter so if it reveling to go to 2000 you need to have a quick look at the dash and figure out what’s going on and choose whether realistically it’s only going to be a lack of oil pressure

Pretty much what will cause it so if it’s rev limited to the Grand you can choose to turn it off so of course it comes as no surprise that an aftermarket Standalone ECU would have a limp mode and fail-safes but having two separate ones to help identify different problems goes above and beyond

But Scott wasn’t done there either so what we’re going to try and do is we’ve got overrides on the buttons in this car so the idea that after you’ve gone out for a session to come in it’s nice and hot you don’t really want to just shut the engine down straight away

Because this thing’s got an electronic water pump and electronic Thermo fans we can set up an override so that you turn that on you switch the car off but there’s still water circulating and the fans are still turning on and still going to cool the engine down but you

Don’t want it to get too cold which is also a problem with these things where you’ve got big fans and water pumps so what the plan is is that we’re going to bring it all the way down to about 70 degrees Celsius or 180 ish degrees Fahrenheit then everything will turn off

And you know it’s ready for the next session straight away and that merely scratches the surface of the tricks Scott has up his sleeve meanwhile I was working on the dash back stateside I was having problems with Reflections both off of the aluminum panels and the tape I applied to it so

Oxford and I found some matte black vinyl to put in its place to kill those Reflections once we’re on track here in Australia classic maintenance there you go from there we brought the car back inside one more time deciding that it was probably smart to get underneath it

And make sure that following our Dyno poles there were no new leaks after combing through the engine bay thoroughly we could only find bits of residue we deduced that this must be from our first startup and all of the oil that came out of the exhaust and thus we feel pretty confident moving

Forward that the car should be leak free with that the car is officially done it’s ready to head to Sydney Motorsport Park and as much fun as it would be to drive it there I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about how not lenient Australian cops are when it comes to

Their Automotive laws so we’re gonna throw this thing onto a flatbed and trailer it over but as luck would have it or perhaps Fate In this case that’s when the sky is opened up and it began to rain a glimpse at the forecast showed it wasn’t going to get any better for the

Rest of the evening in fact it was only going to get worse with lightning picking up in the background and a roaring thunder rolling overhead any plans that we had for filming or photographing on the track were quickly getting washed away however seemingly always the man with a

Plan Ian Baker Mr World Time attack himself had a backup plan in place when we arrived at the track an event sized several thousand square foot tent had already been erected to Shield us from the weather inside would be a gathering of the event’s top cars some of the fastest

Time attack machines on planet Earth brought over from all over the world and then for one reason or another there was my Ferrari as well suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by some of the coolest cars I have ever seen in my life dude look at this yeah this is race car

The Imposter syndrome is super real right now in both honesty and transparency I was suddenly doubting my own accomplishments and skills I mean yeah I was here on the other side of the world with my car amongst some of the most impressive drivers and machines anywhere but I just

Couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t belong here I have a garage built car and it’s being driven by a guy with garage built experience I’m entrenched with teams that have spent millions of dollars and have given everything to be here but here I am with just some friends trying to chase a

Dream which is cool but somehow feels undeserving but on the flip side I suppose it’s important to remember that we all start somewhere and I suppose I’m just beyond fortunate to have my first event be the biggest and best one that exists despite the way I felt though the

Community made sure I felt welcome and with that the night came to an end and we took the car over to our garage we locked it up tight for the night and got some sleep because tomorrow we drive while the world time attack challenge doesn’t officially begin for another 24

Hours Thursday is practice day for all of the drivers and for me this is where it starts the Ferrari will make its way onto the Tarmac today with me behind the wheel and it feels like this right here is what we’ve been working towards for years

All of the hard work that all of my friends have put in since we landed on this continent adds up to this right here but before we actually get out on the track in the car there are a few things we’ve gotta knock out first we’ve got to get registered to make sure

That I’ve got my credentials and the rest of the team has theirs too pit passes crew passes and parking passes to make sure we can all get to and from the track as needed for the next few days and then there’s the drivers meeting which is to make sure we have at least

Some idea of what on Earth We’re actually doing out there on track oh and I almost forgot there’s one other critical detail we’ve got to go through scrutineering if you’ve been following along with this build series you know before we ever left for Australia that I put an immense

Amount of effort in to make sure that we would qualify for their rules most of the events we’re going to participate in Stateside are self-tech which means there aren’t really any eyeballs on the car until something goes wrong but when it comes to Australia they take their scrutineering very seriously if

The car doesn’t comply down to the smallest details we either have to fix it or we’re out so I made sure to read that rulebook thoroughly before we ship the car out and thankfully there was only one small change we had to make they wanted to see

Some roll bar padding next to my helmet they even thoroughly checked all of my Racing Equipment like the helmet itself along with my racing suit shoes gloves and socks but everything checked out and they signed off on the car specifically complementing the RS Motorsport roll cage is one of the best they’ve ever

Seen hands down I wish I could say I’m surprised but we kind of expect that when it comes to our boy Riley as I got ready to get into the car the rest of the guys got the car ready by making sure we had things like Titan lug

Nuts and removed pins for our onboard fire system as far as goals for our first session it’s really simple session one is solely to prepare for session two I’ll be listening and smelling for any potential problems and feeling for any vibrations that I’m not expecting but otherwise I’m not going to

Be pushing the car all that hard I know some of you are thinking that sounds completely stupid and like a waste of time but it’s baby steps here I want to make sure the car is ready for prime time and we’ve got one day to pull that off all right

My initial reactions the car feels pretty good the only obvious problem right away is the splitter is regularly skipping on the asphalt listen as we go through the next turn clearly that’s not gonna work but as far as fixes go that’s relatively simple so I’m not too stressed about it otherwise

The car feels planted and confident so I stayed out and continue to get a feel for the car all right foreign and I know I know you guys are begging me for flying laps of this thing and we’re gonna get there I promise but the session was over as quickly as it began

So I pulled back into the pits first to collect tire pressures and tire temperatures so we could better understand how the car is behaving that’s Session One crossed off the list and it was a resounding success but we’re far from finished with any important work from here the car gets

Yet another once over to find out if anything is shaking itself loose we pulled back into the garage so we could put it up on jack stands and take a look but it was here that I did feel admittedly somewhat emotional yeah we’ve turned laps in this car

Before but I just turned laps in Australia and on an FIA grade 2 circuit at that I don’t want to get too excited but honestly it feels like we’re cooking with fire the boys gave me the rundown on how the car looked from afar out on track and

Aside from the splitter tapping the pavement everybody said it looked fantastic and we weren’t the only ones filled with excitement either everybody wanted to hear how our first session went starting with our friends at HB Academy and continuing on with what felt like everybody else with a microphone

There was a bit of a buzz going on within our pit and Paddock to put it simply though this event was already shaping up to be everything it had been promised to be clearly the cars that were surrounding us were incredible and the community was just as special

But now I can say Sydney Motorsport Park circuit is also absolutely Bonkers that turn one everybody says separates the boys from the men Mom they’re right and I’m eager to get back out there and hit it again luckily it’s time already all right in session two the idea is to lean on

The car a little bit harder now for those somehow new to this series I’ve only driven this car two times previously and I only have about 30 minutes of seat time in total so I’m learning my comfort level with the car its limits and I’m learning a track I’ve never driven prior

And aside from that splitter things felt good on my outlap but on my first flyer I encountered a problem turns into lap number one and at Peak confidence the car went into limp mode the dash informed me that we had a lean condition but thanks to those safe modes

That Scott had programmed in yesterday I knew that we hadn’t hurt the engine Scott and this haltech just saved my ass and the cost of a new engine in limp mode we’re limited to 4000 RPM but that allowed me to bring the car the rest of the way around the track back to

The pit so we could take a look we assumed there had to be plenty of fuel left in the car and there was around four gallons in fact but it did remind us that it’d be a good idea to get the fuel level sender set up so that the dash would tell me

As a result there were only a few things that could cause a lean condition like the one that we experienced on one hand perhaps despite the fact that it had nearly a half tank of fuel we were experiencing fuel starvation in short meaning we have a fuel pickup

Issue which would necessitate a surge tank on the other hand Scott was mildly worried that we might be experiencing a lean condition as part of the tune something we didn’t see on the dyno that instead was rearing its head in on-track conditions so he took a deep dive and looked at the logs

Meanwhile though there was something crazy happening in our garage I was tied up in a conversation with some suspension Engineers when keichi sachia himself came to look at the 244 gtk honestly I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked over and saw his iconic green racing suit right next to my car

Now if you don’t know who sucia is he is literally the father of drifting as a sport he is a two-time class winner at Le Mans and rumor has it that Initial D is based on him he’s known as the drift King and he is quite literally in every respect a legend

And yet somehow here he was standing over my car taking photos with his cell phone I just could not believe it but I guess that’s World Time attack challenge for you it was such a special moment in fact that longtime friend Larry Chen had to

Ask me how I felt on camera after it happened I expected a lot to happen at World Time attack challenge but I didn’t expect to meet a hero but just as humbling was the fact that there were others at this event just as excited to meet me and that blows my mind

It’s day one just two sessions in and I’m already having the time of my life it could turn South at this moment and I’d still feel some sense of satisfaction after all we made it we’re here 8 000 miles from home on the other side of the world we’ve turned laps

We’ve shaken hands and the car feels amazing I am by every measure on top of the world and it’s worth mentioning that I wouldn’t be here doing this if it weren’t for you guys watching along session three though was cut short I was black flagged due to an apparent fuel

Leak coming from the back of the car but none of us were really surprised we did just fill the tank all the way up to combat our lack of a surge tank everyone scrambled as soon as I pulled back in to see if we could find an

Immediate solution to get me back out on track I was flagged on my outlab meaning there was quite a bit of time left in the session for us to get the car back out on track and gather important data to make sure that the car is ready for

Prime time tomorrow when the official competition starts at least that’s what everybody else was thinking but honestly I was in a full-blown panic I sat in the car in total silence solitarily facing a much bigger issue than anyone else was even aware of everyone else was working to get the car

Back out on track but I had to put a stop to it and you’ll see why here watch closely what happens to the shifter just seconds before I grab it coming out of turn three catch it be subtle but the transmission shifted from second to third before I

Ever made contact with the shifter I told myself that it must have been a fluke and continued on but it happened again a shift from second to third occurred without any input from me so I let off and I brought it in solving the mysterious fuel leak was

Going to be simple it just required a bit of basic re-engineering on our fuel cell vent line moving it to the other side of the car would circumvent the issue but that’s just one problem solved on the other hand we’ve had that front splitter dragging on the ground all day long and

After looking underneath it’s become pretty clear that the issue is bigger than anticipated the carbon is beginning to come apart and the core is exposed and if we don’t do something about it the splitter is going to come apart and without the front Arrow we’re going to be in a

Seriously troubling position even if we find a solution for the gearbox and that of course brings us back to the elephant in the room we took a look at the data logs to find out if there was any chance that our new flat shift setup was contributing to the

Gearbox issue but the reality is all the flat shifting does is cut throttle it’s not doing anything to shift gears itself instead the most likely cause lies in the way that sequential gearboxes actually function we’ve decided that the second gear dog ring must be damaged in some capacity

How that actually happened we’re not entirely sure but some form of Mischief must have damaged the teeth causing an engagement issue that yields the shifting problem now to simplify that HP Academy has this very simple video that shows a dog ring moving back and forth between gears these teeth engage on the gears

Themselves and transmit power out of the transmission if these teeth get rounded off the transmission can attempt to try to shift itself out of gear and that is most likely what’s happening so what do we do about it well right now our best solution is to Simply hope for

The best perhaps giving it a clutch kick or two out on track might Hammer the dogs back into shape and give us better engagement but otherwise it’s a crap shoot and if it does somehow get worse well then we’re in some deep trouble a sequential gearbox can’t be held into

Gear like an H pattern box can and if second gear is gone entirely it becomes very difficult to shift through given the fact that you can’t skip the gear without clutching and if you clutch well the gearbox doesn’t like that and you risk damaging other dogs and so before the competition has even

Began that’s where we stand it feels like we might be dead in the water without even knowing it yet the day went from such high highs to a newfound low in this project all we can do is see what tomorrow brings it’s hard not to be catastrophically

Upset until I stop and remind myself one more time that we made it we’re here we did everything that we set out to do and even if this is it I’m happy from from early days on the forums where we were just like literally talking and having a good time

To what Mike has been able to achieve was crazy to think like where we started out from Rusty being a car that came to fruition due to an accident and then you know Rusty went through so many iterations whether it was the complete rusting of the body to the rooftop to the

Troop chassis finish of Rusty um yeah and the bills that followed that just awesome to see all of the hard work paying off you know and to see him like in Australia and the car in Australia it’s so cool so cool I’ve never been to World Time attack and

To be honest I probably wouldn’t have attended any just because it is so far away like it took me on on average to drive from Melbourne to Sydney would be like a eight and a half nine hour drive but as soon as Mike said the car’s

Coming I was like sweet lock it in I’m coming too you have to we’re family I feel like Dominic’s already dude I just hope he keeps doing what he’s doing like I’m just so happy that he’s been able to like hone what the dream for all of us is that’s

Just building on a daily basis because not many of us actually get that opportunity and I don’t know that there’s opportunity to be honest because Mike’s worked his ass off to get to this point so yeah that’s that’s the dream he’s living it which is awesome got nothing but love

But I guess we will drive it anyway we’ll break it if we have to and I know hopefully it’ll still go kind of fast with no second gear foreign