StanceWorks: Is Ferrari Going to Sue Me?

Is Ferrari Going to Sue Me?

Posted: 2022-12-23 14:45:52
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Cease & Desist
03:11 – Why not an LS, 2JZ, or anything else?
04:48 – What would you have done differently?
05:27 – How do you stay motivated to finish a project?
06:12 – How does it feel to have the most reliable Ferrari?
06:39 – How did you get your start?
07:55 – What’s the best way to get sponsors for a build?
08:58 – Top 3 International Tracks?
10:23 – Is there a tool you want to add to the arsenal?
11:26 – What are your hopeful lap times?
12:13 – Who’s your main competition in GTA?
12:58 – When’s the first track session?
13:55 – Why a water-to-air intercooler?
14:48 – Would you sell the 244 GTK?
15:58 – Now that the car is close to done, how do you feel?
16:47 – Model A? Where’s our update?
17:38 – Should you start a YouTube channel?
19:14 – Outro

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Everybody knows that Ferrari issues cease and desist letters like candy on Halloween if you do literally anything to tarnish their brand image some people will even tell you they will Blacklist you from buying a car from them forever if you modify your car in a way that

They don’t like which is nuts so you guys have been asking am I going to get a cease and desist letter or if I’ve gotten one already and a lot of other things because I asked Instagram and the stanceworks Discord channel to hit me with questions you guys have been left

Wondering now that we’re here at the Year’s End we’re going to cover some broad topics like C synthesis letters or how you guys can get sponsors for a project like this one all the way down to the technical details like why I chose a water to air intercooler over an

Air-to-air or what kind of lap times I expect this thing to do so let’s dive in kick back relax we’re talking shop let’s do this so where is my cease and desist letter well oddly enough this discussion is going to begin completely off topic with the world famous DJ dead mouse why he’s

Relevant to this is the fact that Beyond his music he did make a bit of a name for himself with a certain Ferrari all the way back in 2014 dead mouse also known as Joel Zimmerman vinyl wrapped his car with the graphics you see here and then re-badged it naming it the Ferrari

Ferrari took a bit of an issue with this as a form of trademark infringement and sent him a pretty nasty cease and desist letter which made waves through the internet ever since there’s been talk about the fact that Ferrari will sue you if you do things to your car that they

Don’t like and Joel Zimmerman isn’t the only example racing driver jean-platal cut the roof off of his f-40 in order to create the f-40 barchetta Ferrari was so displeased that not only did they insist he removed the Ferrari badging from the car Ferrari erased this car from their own archives dropping the

Number of official F40 LMS from 19 to 18. Ferrari no longer considers this car a genuine Ferrari So then it’s an obvious question given the fact that I have a Honda engine inside of mine when is Ferrari gonna come after me but honestly I don’t think that they will for starters I’ve chosen to modify the lowest level cheapest Ferrari that money can buy short of maybe a couple

Esoteric models like a Mondial you see dead mouse didn’t get in trouble because he modified his car it’s because he messed with the branding Ferrari had to protect their trademark in my case we did put some custom badging on the car but I’m not really worried about it upsetting Ferrari

Because it doesn’t really mean much of anything they could get upset of course but again I don’t think they will because a 308 just isn’t important jean-blatar got in trouble for cutting up his f40lm because it’s one of the rarest cars Ferrari’s ever made and one of the most important

There’s always the chance Ferrari could send me a cease and assist letter and if they do I’ll be sure to frame it but I just don’t think they care about what some random guy is doing in his garage in Southern California Carr why didn’t I choose something else like an LS or a 2JZ the answer to that takes us all the way back to the beginning of the build and the engine that was originally fitted in the car you might notice that although it is a V8 the engine is mounted sideways the

Crankshaft is mounted perpendicular to the direction of travel it’s essentially a front-wheel drive drivetrain mounted in the back of a car and if that sounds familiar that’s because that’s exactly what we did with our engine swap on the other hand most mid-engined Exotics have a longitudinally mounted

Drivetrain such as the 288 GTO one of the successors to the 308 plenty have asked why I wouldn’t just mount a V8 engine like this one but the answer is because the car isn’t long enough the 288 GTO was extended four inches from the factory if you’re talking about

Something like an inline 6 like the 2JZ the problem is only exacerbated there’s no way we could fit a long inline engine as well as a transaxle mounted behind it lengthwise in the car the rear wheels are just too far forward meaning there’s no way to get the drivetrain oriented

Correctly to pull it off if we wanted to do an LS of course we could have done an LS4 like what’s in the Impala SS but I just don’t have an interest with that and that means needing to use a transaxle like the one found in say a C8 Corvette in order to

Do any of this but if we take a look back at the engine bay you’ll notice that the engine itself is almost directly in line with the rear wheel center line meaning that fitting an inline engine transversely just won’t fit I’ve put a ton of work into trying to

Pretty up the chassis that came underneath this Ferrari and one of my biggest complaints is that no matter how much I try to polish it it’s still a turd there are parts of me that wish I had just cut the car apart and done a custom tube chassis from the get-go it

Would have yielded a better product and I wouldn’t have to worry about how ugly Ferrari’s fabrication is but with the end result cleaned up I think the engine bay looks good enough and hides some of Ferrari’s crimes that I can get over it I don’t think I’d do anything major

Different a second time around I get this one a lot only the answer is always the same and it’s always equally brutal it might even come off as condescending although that’s not really my intent but if you’re wondering what it takes to finish a project you have to want it bad enough

Now of course that ignores not having the resources to finish your car but if it’s sitting on jack stands and you’re not working on it but you’re wondering what it takes to get it done you have to want to finish it if you don’t want to

Finish your car no one else is going to want to finish it for you if you don’t want it bad enough it will never happen you have to go out there you have to pick up the tools and you have to want progress or you have to want that finished product bad enough

There are no shortcuts to the few of you that asked this one I don’t know if you just missed the episodes but if you did I’ve only put a couple of miles on the car and I’ve already had to pull the engine out for a major service item so no not the most

Reliable Ferrari in fact so far we might have built the world’s most unreliable Ferrari but once we get it tuned maybe that’ll change I built a number of cars before the model A but my 1928 closed cab pickup was the first vehicle that I built from scratch and I built it shortly after I moved to Southern California I bought it as little more than a pile of rolling parts and everything that was

Critical seemed to be missing but I dove in head first walked across the street and bought a welder and decided this would be how I would learn to fabricate it took me more than a year to put together a vehicle I could actually drive and in retrospect there was still

Plenty wrong with it but it was good enough that I wound up driving it every day for about six months ever since this build I’ve worked to grow my skills and my understanding of how to build something useful but the reason I showcase this vehicle is I

Think it’s a perfect example of the fact that literally anyone can build something just like this to buy the original model A and the tools to build it and to complete the project including the special three-piece bbs’s that I built for the car I only spent about ten thousand dollars

That’s not to say it’s not a large amount of money but it goes to show that with some creativity you could build something just as creative too and who knows where it’ll take you foreign This one’s a broad one but I can easily tie it into the last one having built that model A from scratch I was able to then show sponsors that I was able to finish a project and that I might have a vision they see as unique enough to want

To invest in that’s the entire idea behind sponsors it has to be a good return on investment whether that’s in the form of parts or money they’ve got to get more out than what they’re putting in so you need to show them that you can finish a car and then it’s

Something unique enough that’s going to get the eyeballs the attention or it’s going to be fast enough to win the races or something to that effect and if you don’t have your own YouTube channel or an audience of your own you’ve also got to show them what you’re going to do

With the car whether that’s going out and taking it to those races or to those car shows you have to make the investment worthwhile it’s a business transaction just asking for free parts or showing them you have a cool idea isn’t going to get anybody anywhere and it’s not worth it to them

Foreign that opportunity but if they did my first choice of tracks would be Spa I think it’s one of the most beautiful tracks in the world and obviously one of the most famous I put a lot of laps in on Gran Turismo and I know it pretty

Well it would definitely be a dream come true followed of course by the world famous green hell better known as the Nurburgring it might not be the best race track but it’s easily the most famous and I think it’s a bucket list item for any car Enthusiast from across

The world but honestly I’d Save The Best For Last if I had my choice I’d send the car to Japan where I’d race it around the sukuba circuit while I’ve never been in person there’s no doubt I’ve turned more laps on this track than any other

When it comes to Forza Gran Turismo or anything else its short length has always made it one of my favorites it’s so easy to turn lap after lap after lap slowly perfecting each turn and shaving tenths or hundredths of a second my infatuation with this track came long

Before my understanding of time attack or time attacks relevance to this track in particular which makes it doubly special I don’t know that I could ever justify the cost of shipping my car to Japan but if it ever became an option I would move mountains to make this a reality The tool I want more than anything else is a legit 3D scanner sure we could use our phone for some primitive level scans but something as high quality as what Rob parsonet bending Solutions uses would really unlock the next level of fabrication especially with respect to being able to

Build Parts specifically for a project as you can see here he’s able to design a roll cage that fits the chassis perfectly and then to have the entire thing CNC bent and cut we could build one the old school way like I’ve done plenty of times before but with what I

Have in mind for the next big build this would really up the Annie this technology paired with our sponsor send cut send would allow us to do some really crazy stuff the only downside is these scanners are really expensive easily surpassing ten thousand dollars and more and I just can’t justify those

Costs anytime soon but if anyone wants to sponsor me with one hit me up the fastest time I’ve ever turned at buttonwillow’s 13 clockwise is 201 I did that in my E30 M3 and it’s respectable but it’s nothing crazy I’ve got a long way to go as a driver before I’m turning

Anything in the 50s let alone the 40s on paper the 244 should be able to run in the mid 40s without much trouble but for now I’m gonna set my own personal Benchmark at a 155. it’s a time that’s respectably fast but leaves a lot on the

Table for growth both on my own and as we develop the chassis If eventually we break into the 149s I would consider that a Monumental success Honestly the only competition I’m facing on track is myself now I know that’s a boring answer but in time attack it’s a race against the clock and unfortunately this car is not going to be competitive in the limited class that’s not why I built it that’d be cool to do at some

Point but I built the car that I wanted figured out where it lands and what class it’s going to be in and I’m going to go out and I’m going to have fun I’m here to develop the car and to push my own driving and Engineering to its limit

Everything else in the limited class is going to be way way faster There’s an opportunity to do a lot more than I did with this car but I made concessions based on what I wanted and we’re just going to see where it takes us foreign as you guys saw in recent episodes we’ve

Got some Kinks to work out following our first Dino session but I anticipate that our next Ferrari episode will have the car back together and headed towards the dyno if not back on the dyno once again once we get the car fully tuned and ready for prime time I need to make a

Few more revisions to the chassis and improve a handful of things that’ll make sure that we’re ready to go around the track the biggest one being I need to put the Roll Bar in and get some seat belts installed I need to do a full nut

And bolt check on the car to make sure everything is tight nothing’s going to fall apart and I need to finish some suspension components and reinforcements once those are done it’ll be time to load the car into the trailer and head to the racetrack for our very first Shakedown laps if everything goes

According to plan I’m hopeful this will happen by the end of January Several of you guys have been asking this one ever since we started building the water to air intercooler almost a year ago there are a handful of reasons that I want to run a water to air intercooler setup as opposed to a more traditional air-to-air system the biggest one being

That water has a heat dissipation Factor 13 times better than air-to-air that means that our intercooler can be significantly more efficient and do a lot more work at keeping our air intake temps down which will be a problem considering we’re currently running race gas as opposed to E85 ethanol on top of

That we’ve got some spatial constraints that make it easier to run a heat exchanger up in the front of the car as opposed to an air-to-air system all crammed in the back foreign No secret of the fact that I enjoy the build process more than I enjoy the finished result that’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to having the 244 as a finished vehicle and I’m certainly looking forward to driving it but if I had to pick between driving it

And building it I pick building it every single time it’s kind of like Lego Systems as a child I enjoyed the build process of building the system more than I enjoyed playing with it once it was done from Legos to cars the build process is a creative outlet and it’s what I enjoy

The most about the hobby as a whole as for whether or not I’d sell the Ferrari I have no intention of selling this car anytime soon we have a lot of work left to do before I’d actually call it finished and I owe it to you guys and

To myself to make sure we get the most out of this car before it finds a new home but eventually that time will come I’ll sell the Ferrari and we’ll move on to another bigger and better project because after all that’s what I’m really here to do

But again rest assured the Ferrari’s not going anywhere anytime soon I promise you that foreign First of all let me be clear in saying a Ferrari is a long a long way from actually being finished we’ve got a ton of changes and revisions that we’re gonna have to make to this thing as we start putting it through its paces and I

Want to push this car to the Limit and to my limit but with that said yes I am admittedly feeling a little bit empty inside now that I’m not facing down a Monumental fabrication project we’ve got the Audi to finish and I need to put the

Model a back together but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already looking at what the next Project’s going to be I’ve Got a Car picked out and I’m really excited about it if I’m excited about it I think you guys will too after all I’ve

Said even just moments ago that I’m here for the build I’m excited to drive this car and utilize it and make revisions but I gotta have a big project in front of me or I’m gonna go crazy foreign It was quite literally a year ago that I had the model a accident and since then I’ve only worked on it one time and that’s admittedly a pretty big disappointment both for me and for a select few of you guys I do plan on returning to the model A

This spring because it’s important to me to get it back on the road and enjoy it for at least a little while frankly I haven’t even gotten to do that yet but once I get that out of my system I hate to say it the model A will go up for sale

It follows the same reasoning I just expressed for the Ferrari I’ve done the build and the hard work is out of the way I’ve accomplished everything I set out to complete now the funds from this car can go towards something bigger and better Last but not least I get asked all the time if people should give this YouTube thing a shot and my answer is always yes I have found this to be extremely rewarding and fulfilling but I do have to be clear about a few things one it’s

An insane amount of work it’s not just fun and games working on something and throwing a video together I spend so so much time making these episodes you don’t have to hold yourself to the same standard and I admit that my production quality is probably way higher than it

Needs to be and I could be more efficient but the creative process is part of it that I enjoy I like the filming I like the editing and I like coming out with an episode that I feel is as polished as I can make it so be

Prepared to tackle all of these things because making a YouTube series is an immense immense amount of work but it’s fulfilling I love this I’ve had a ton of fun over the last two years and I am super lucky to have a dedicated following of fans that continue to come

Back and watch 20 minutes worth of episodes like this one when they could be watching literally anything else I am super fortunate I’m thankful you guys are here with all that said this episode is a wrap I’ve got to get back to editing I’ve got an update for later

Next week or maybe the week after I’m going to take a quick Christmas camping break but then get back to it I’ve got a big update for the Audi which I’m excited to share with you guys and I’ve been making progress on the Ferrari I’ve got all of our replacement clutch parts

Thanks to clutch Masters we’re gonna get this thing put back together and back over to the dyno so we can make some power with all that said I’ll catch you guys then thank you as always for the support wow