StanceWorks: I’m workin on it!

I’m workin on it!

Posted: 2023-05-19 20:04:23
Author: StanceWorks

StanceWorks Video Transcript

I’m a little bit behind episode will be out on Monday or Tuesday but probably the most I’ve ever crammed into one episode I’ve got a new Race Tech seat that we’ve got installed in the car I’ve got coolant lines running through the car with all sorts of crazy bulkheads

And clamps and what have you to meet regulations I’ve got a bladed sway bar finally installed on the car that I can adjust from inside of the cabin with a shift lever it’s pretty crazy some really cool Tech from the 80s it’s not new but it’s neat to me we’ve got a new

Dash setup in the car I’ve got new hubs on the car I have modified my control arms I’ve got a full fire suppression system installed in the car now this should be the last episode before we take this thing for the first drive I’m trying to get all of the t’s crossed and

The eyes dotted so be patient I’ll catch you guys next week