StanceWorks: Ferrari with a Turbo Honda Motor Earns its Stripes (Final Test Session!)

Ferrari with a Turbo Honda Motor Earns its Stripes (Final Test Session!)

Posted: 2023-06-23 13:16:24
Author: StanceWorks
This last test session was a good one. I hope you guys enjoy it, as well as the livery! Let me know what you think!

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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – This is the last one for a while…
00:54 – Alignment and Corner Balancing
04:21 – Broken Ferrari Metal!
06:36 – The Livery with The Race Studio!
08:34 – The REVEAL!
09:18 – Some love for the sponsors that made it all happen
12:50 – Testing at Willow Springs
15:04 – TURBO NOISES! – Flying Lap –
16:13 – Brake Testing
18:20 – … now what?

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Um For better or worse this is it this is the last episode we’re gonna have of the Ferrari until we fly to Australia in August where we’re going to race it in the world time attack challenge but before we send it out of the country I’ve got a big episode for you guys I’ve

Got a livery install and one final track test session so we’re gonna go rip on this thing but before we do that we’ve got one round of repairs to make so let’s dive into it under a rock and somehow missed our last episode we took the Ferrari 244 gtk out

To button Willow Raceway Park for its first ever test session it was a remarkable day for me more than two and a half years in the making and the car did remarkably well we had a few teething issues but nothing that I would say is a catastrophic failure everything

On the car felt tight firm planted exactly as you’d hoped for on a first test drive and it probably goes without saying that this thing is fast too our day was cut a little bit short though once we lost one of the coupling clamps for our charge piping without it

We were unable to build boost or filter the air going into the engine so we loaded the car up and called it a day we made a number of notes of things to fix I got back to the shop and started making changes but it was there that I

Noticed one other issue to explain it though we’ve got to rewind back to before that test session I spent a number of days getting the cars set up dialed in I weighed it Corner balanced it and spent a lot of time aligning it a lot of you guys have asked about this

Aspect of the build so let’s cover some of the details while we’re at it with the engine cover on the car but without me in it it weighs 2 461 pounds that’s 1116 kilograms for everybody else and that does include all of the things we’ve added to the car including the RS

Motorsport roll cage with me in the car the skills tipped higher than I would have liked 2636 pounds but overall I think that’s a pretty good number the car’s cross weights look pretty damn good right out of the gate but there’s room for improvement and while we’re at

It I want to swap out our springs for stiffer units we establish what our motion ratio is in the last episode and after some math at figuring out what we want for a wheel rate I got some custom Springs ordered from h r and we’re gonna

Swap them out as you can see from the side by side with the Springs we had before these are way beefier and they’re going to do a better job of managing the suspension loads and the arrow on the car to perform the alignment I had to buy a

Set of race strings there’s no way this would be possible on a typical alignment rack without spending hours to do it and given I’m going to be adjusting this car a lot in the future I figured I might as well own the tools myself setting this stuff up took an entire day

But now that it’s all calibrated it shouldn’t be too much of an effort to align this thing in the future for those not familiar we’ll be measuring from the string to the wheel to calculate things like Tow and proper track width additional equipment will tell us things

Like camber and caster and as a whole we should be able to set the Ferrari up to handle at least reasonably well as a Baseline the downside though is that all of the control arms are Heim jointed and as a result they must be removed from the car

To be adjusted reinstalled and then all of the measurements must be taken again this means doing the initial first alignment given we’re starting from scratch took many hours to do but with Will’s guidance I got everything set up and our initial numbers we’re going to work with are

About a degree and a half of camber in the rear and three and a half in the front I’ve got eight degrees of caster and we’re aiming for about an eighth inch of toe in at the back and zero in the front we set our right height got an

Approximate rake dialed in and dialed in the angle of the front splitter all to give us something to work with as we start dialing the car in at the racetrack all of this of course to say that we did a lot of work to get the car

Dialed in and thus we’re surprised at the racetrack when the rear end of the car was sitting about a half inch lower than we had anticipated initially we chalked this up to settling Springs it’s unlikely they’d settled that much but we did pull the rear end

Apart and take a look at all of the joints and bolts and everything still appeared to be in place after all this is what testing is for so we put the car back together and went back out on track and everything worked just fine after getting the car back to the shop

Step one was to begin disassembly so we could look over everything as said before I’m not a professional and this is a garage built car so anything could fail and it’s here that I found that we had a fatigue crack on the chassis this is where I had welded the new

Coilover mount to the original Ferrari material and as it turns out it wasn’t quite up to the task but this isn’t a surprise in the initial CAD drawing for my shock mounts I even designed a reinforcement because I anticipated this might happen Square Ferrari tubing that I attached my

Shock Tower to isn’t really meant for the axial loads that it’s going to see especially with the increased spring rate but somewhere along the line I forgot to add these reinforcements in and so now we need to do it I drilled holes at the end of the cracks

As a standard procedure to keep them from re-cracking and advancing and then I welded everything back up it took a bit of force to move the shock Towers back into their original position but for those curious the shot Towers only moved about a quarter of an inch until

They made contact with the vertical support members and weren’t able to move any further which is why their car performed just fine our reinforcement is going to tie the shock Tower into those vertical support members with additional material so that this doesn’t happen again and from here

On out we should be ready to rock I also found that the original torque specs supplied four Corvettes by Chevrolet are not adequate and have been revised to include red Loctite and significantly more torque so I made those adjustments and got things tightened down I made a few changes Elsewhere on the

Car gave it a complete once-over and now it’s ready for more track abuse but as I’ve said before I don’t think there’s any point in going fast if you don’t look good doing it so I’ve enlisted the help of my good friend Blake Adams to help design a livery for

Our trip to Australia if we’re going to play the role of a race car it’s time to look like one so now we’re going to take the car over to the race studio in Corona California to apply Blake’s design to understand the race Studio as a brand

It’s important to look at what goes on behind the shop door Ryan and Devin’s personal projects range from a Z4 GT3 build to a range of air-cooled 911s BMW 2002s and e36s but when they’re not entrenched in builds of Their Own they specialize in graphic design both

For Branding and as you might guess for liveries they can design print and cut everything in-house and thankfully as friends of both Blake and stanceworks they were willing to tackle our project too and these are clearly the right guys for the job the design that Blake has penned

Up will require a lot of precision it’s quite geometric and requires many elements to be lined up perfectly across the car’s curves some panels of the Ferrari will be re-wrapped and color changed While others will remain the same familiar white you’ve grown accustomed to on top of the base colors numerous

Elements will be added it’s going to be a unique design featuring some loud colors to say the least the inspiration for our Livery is multifaceted at first we attempted to aim for something supremely 1980s but eventually we landed on something at the other end of the spectrum

It’s something I like to think that no one’s quite seen before and the ray Studio brought this futuristic Vision to life with absolute precision and perfection after two grueling days of getting every detail perfect I am excited to show you the end result Blake landed on a design that brings in elements from some of our favorite sources of inspiration specifically sources of Science Fiction from when this car was new the idea of what the future looked like back in 1981 and needless to say he absolutely nailed it the car is full of details both large

And small and trust me when I say you have to see it in person to truly appreciate it but on top of looking good a race car Livery is meant to celebrate a race car’s sponsors so I want to make sure I celebrate those who made this build

Possible starting of course with h r because without them neither the car nor its suspension would even exist they signed on from day one and brought this project to life following h r is haltech who not only supplies the car with all of its technology but is bringing the car to

Their home turf in Australia making this insane trip a reality if it weren’t for Riley at RS Motorsport this car wouldn’t be fit for that competition he worked tirelessly to build a roll cage that fit the bill in time and there’s no question no one could do it better

Ryan from ryewire supplied the car’s wiring or in other words the nervous system that makes all of these systems work together every electrical integration we’ve performed so far has gone seamlessly thanks to him and then there’s RS future who built an incredible Aero package for this car that helps transform it from regular

Road car to something far beyond element fire extinguishers has been a supporter of this project since I started the YouTube channel and when the opportunity to go to Australia and actually compete with this car became a reality they were eager to help make that happen not only is element adding a degree of

Safety to the project they’re providing key support to help get this car to the other side of the planet of course there’s CSF who’s provided all of the cooling equipment for the project and has proven during our first session under the hot Desert Sun at button Willow they’re keeping the car cool

Under pressure and the same could be said for me without their support I’d be sweating it literally and figuratively but I know I can head across the world with confidence that the car will perform as anticipated plenty of you will remember all of the headaches we’ve dealt with when it comes

To Wheels in this car but rotiforms stepped up and provided an incredible set of rochs that fit the bill perfectly they’re lightweight strong and they look incredible and of course there’s the race Studio which you now know brought this Livery to life a number of these Brands Adorn the top

Of the driver’s side fender to further cement them in place as brands that helped bring this project to life but on the other side there are important Brands too like the drive shaft shop Pennzoil animal Auto sen cut send and like bow all of whom were pivotal in

Ensuring this car got done in time to make this absolutely incredible trip happen and then there’s one other brand I’m adding to the mix that you’re probably not familiar with and that’s bamakazi garage Jamie at bamikaze was eager for any way that he could support this project and

The mission at hand and what makes that special is that Jaime and his cohorts have bought the cheapest S2000 in the UK and they’ll be taking it from an absolute Rusty pile of junk to a race ready Ripper on their YouTube channel which you can check out at bamakazi garage

Jamie’s a Honda guy at heart and an incredible Storyteller which has earned him a huge audience at his other channel oddbos so a special thanks to Jaime for stepping up and also supporting this project all of these sponsors help make the Livery what it is and as a result I

Think the Ferrari 244 gtk turned out spectacularly so with our colorway and Graphics done now it’s time to head to the track For our second and final test session before we ship the car out of the country I’ve rented horse thief mile at Willow Springs International Raceway it’s not an ideal track but it will help us test the car and load it up in ways we have yet to do

Wilderies has returned for this trip and is once again offering his expertise and helping us develop this car everything we learned from our first test day last weekend can now be applied and modified this time around we’ve made a number of changes in fixes so it’s now time to

Find out how those changes perform but more importantly this trip isn’t about setting any super fast laps horse thief isn’t great for that instead this test day is about making sure there are no further glaring issues before we send the car thousands of miles away from home to the world time attack challenge

Originally designed as a motorcycle track horse thief mile as you might guess is only a mile long it has 11 turns most of which are on camber and load the car up quite aggressively given the actual turn speed but it’s coarse pavement and its complete lack of runoff anywhere make it

An unforgiving track it may look tame from the sky but it is certainly a car killer throughout the day we performed a number of sessions with quite a few laps and the car was happy through all of them given that our last test day was cut

Short just as we were trying to put heat in the tires that’s where we picked up this time around I was confident in pushing the car significantly harder and thus it was easy to get temps into our Falcon rt660s they were providing more than enough grip to push on the car as

Hard as I was comfortable doing given the nature of the track and the wear patterns on the tires were showing that our suspension geometry was acting exactly as we hoped as I stated last time the car is confidence inspiring I feel really good in this thing and comfortable leaning on

It harder than I expected I’d be able to this early in the testing process I don’t know that I’ll go ten tenths in Australia but I’m feeling confident that I can at least lean on this thing hard and put in some reasonably decent laps now because everybody asked for more

Audio of this thing enjoy Oh My God Foreign Never pushed the car all that hard the goal was to test the car and get temperatures into the tire and it performed wonderfully given that it was even hotter than the last test day all of our fluid temps stayed perfectly level and the car seems ready enough for Sydney

The only real issue that we encountered all day was the fact that I keep breaking turbo support mounts but after getting the car back to the shop I figured out why and I’ve engineered a new solution that has it ready for our trip but not wanting to break or crack the

Manifold at the last minute we decided to transition from testing on track to getting our brake bias dialed in perfectly Will and Regan watched very closely for a number of back-to-back runs towards which Wheels locked up first and after dialing in the pedal box we feel pretty confident that we won’t have the rear wheels locked up unexpectedly it’s one of the final but most important steps in making sure this car feels

Comfortable and confident as we take it out to Sydney Motorsport Park at this point we feel pretty good about everything there’s no question that another three four or five test days would get us feeling a lot better but overall I think we’re ready to drag this

Thing up to San Francisco where we’ll be shipping it out of the port and if we’re not ready well too bad because the clock has been ticking regardless this test day was just 48 hours before we needed to have it at the port for shipping where we loaded it into a

Warehouse and shipping experts will do what they do best and hopefully keep this thing safe for its trip across the Pacific in the final hours we had it to ourselves we fixed a few things like designing a new turbo Mount as well as draining the fuel removing the battery

And coating the roll cage and cosmoline to help keep it from rusting on its Journey but now it’s in their hands and all I can do is wait patiently to arrive in Australia So just like that the Ferrari is officially gone it is not in my possession it is not in the shop for the first time in two and a half years which is honestly kind of an awful feeling I have not been without it and it’s got

Every dollar an hour I’ve had to my name put into it and now I’m trusting some people I don’t know to ship it to the other side of the planet but fingers crossed everything should go well this is what they do so thank you again to haltech and to World Time attack

Challenge for making this whole thing happen and of course thank you again to all of the other sponsors on the car for pulling together and helping get this car not only brought to life but finished so that we can do this I’m really excited for it but with that said

The question is now what do we do next what comes next what am I going to do and I’ve been asking myself that too I feel kind of naked without the Ferrari here but with that said next week we are diving into Corey’s E30 if you have not seen the two

Episodes I’ve put out on this car already do that right now they’re some of my favorites that I’ve done if you enjoy stancework storytelling you don’t want to miss this one we’re going to get it back on the road Cory’s brother’s flying into town we’re gonna take this

Thing for the first drive since Corey passed away it’s gonna be fantastic I’ve been looking as forward to this as I have driving the Ferrari this is a big one for me once this is out of the way we’ve got a Model A we need to put back

Together and I need to get it sold and then we’ve got an Audi we’ve got to put together with tons of stuff to fabricate we’ve got to get the engine swapped in we’ve got to put all the suspension back on the car we’ve got to build a whole

Turbo assembly and set up uh manifold intake charge piping exhaust all of it gonna make a lot of power should be pretty sweet we got to get it done by October for the Overcrest rally so we’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot of

Stuff to accomplish plus the fact that August is going to be here before we know we’re going to fly to Australia and we’re going to race in the world time attack challenge it’s going to be sick I am so stoked I hope you guys are too

Thank you as always for the support I gotta get to work on this thing I’ll catch you guys next week