StanceWorks: Coilover Install: Next Episode on Friday!

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Posted: 2022-08-30 00:43:15
Author: StanceWorks

StanceWorks Video Transcript

So i was really hopeful i’d have an episode put together for tomorrow on the 308 but at this rate we’re looking at friday morning i’ve got a lot of work to do because for better or worse i’m doing my rear control arms one more time there’s some changes i want to make

There’s a ball joint problem that i want to solve and a falling spring rate issue that i want to account for we’re going to elaborate on all of it there’s a lot of suspension nerd talk in the next episode but a lot of fabrication i’m

Making a lot of new parts of this thing we’re going to have a bunch of stuff in the next episode because i want to get it back on the ground we finally have our custom h r motorsport coilovers these things are insane i’m excited to

Show you guys it’s going to be a cool episode lots of new parts lots of fabrication lots of tech talk and on friday morning i’m going to have my new merch drop so make sure you are hitting that bell so you don’t miss it probably 6 30 a.m pacific time somewhere

Right around there i’ll catch you guys at the end of the week thanks for the support