StanceWorks: BMW: Please make cars like this again.

BMW: Please make cars like this again.

Posted: 2023-01-31 14:31:28
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:24 – A new type of StanceWorks content
00:58 – Introducing Jeremy Whittle’s E28
01:48 – A History Lesson: The genesis of the E28
04:01 – Even Chris Harris loves these cars…
05:15 – History Lesson #2 – Jeremy’s Background
06:24 – The E28 at Hand
07:39 – The Interior
08:45 – The Exterior
09:44 – It’s all in the Details
10:31 – Did you enjoy it?
11:22 – BONUS – Backwards Burnout

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign If you know me well you probably know that my favorite car is BMW’s second generation 5 series The E28 It Is by pretty much every measure a boring family sedan but if you’re asking me it rains Supreme of course ignoring all the unattainable crazy cars we’re never

Actually going to be able to afford and I want to tell you why because as this channel grows I’m looking for the opportunity to do more of what I’ve always done with stanceworks which is tell cool stories and share cool cars things that matter to me so I figured

Why not start out with one that I hold near and dear let me show you a very special E28 foreign For as long as I’ve known Jeremy Whittle there has been at least one E28 in the picture it’s a car that has bonded more than 15 years of friendship between us and for Jeremy that 15-year Journey has culminated in this particular example now there’s a lot that makes this car

Absolutely spectacular including what lurks under the hood but before I’m able to fully articulate why I love this car so much I think it’s important to take a step back and show you guys exactly what makes the E28 itself special Now I don’t expect everybody to see the epitome of automotive design when they look at the e285 series but hear me out at least for just a moment the E28 was born not long after BMW began using the term the ultimate driving machine and honestly I think

They got it right yeah on the surface it might just look like a family sedan but underneath is the technology BMW developed after a decade of successful racing in fact the E28 was BMW’s first ever group a touring car and in 1982 the only year it was raced it won the

European Touring Car Championship it’s that good but to discuss why I think the E28 is so great we’ve got to go all the way back to 1975. six years before the E28 made its debut rumor has it that BMW only had one computer to the entire company and

It was used specifically for payroll and parts Logistics but BMW’s chief designer begged that he had access to this machine and the result was BMW’s first car developed using digital technology the computer performed the calculations needed to develop the new engine and Chassis and similarly the E28 is one of

BMW’s first cars to employ computers to control electronic fuel injection all of this of course is a reflection of what they were accomplishing in Formula One at the time which to be clear still stands as the most powerful Formula One car ever made but I digress if you’re asking me the

E28 represents the perfect Confluence between technology and the analog Driving Experience technology helps move this car forward to make it better without inhibiting any part of it it offers a driving experience that is purely analog and feel but it uses technology to boost it along and bring

It into the 21st century if only just but just so we’re clear I’m not making this up the legendary Chris Harris himself owns an E28 M5 and he too admits it’s one of his favorites when it was first built in 1984 the E28 M5 was the fastest sedan ever made thanks to the

Fact that it had a 286 horsepower inline 6 under the hood I’ve driven a lot of cars at this point but none of them come close to the experience that the E28 M5 delivers including the E30 M3 and I mean it but I guess I do need to get my biases out of

The way to date I’ve owned 13 of these silly sedans most of them being total [ __ ] box economy cars that I bought for somewhere around a thousand bucks but I have had a few that I tried to take to their fullest potential including my 1982 group a tribute build and

Eventually I will have a real M5 to call my own in Factory trim the E28 might not be the most impressive looking car but I do think it’s one of the most elegant that BMW has ever designed I think it’s truly gorgeous in the most understated way

But okay okay you get it I’ve done enough talking you understand why I love these e28s so let’s get back to Jeremy A full decade ago Jeremy and I spent an evening in downtown Los Angeles filming video of his E28 and at first glance this might appear to be the same car that you saw at the beginning of this video but trust me it’s not this car was very far from perfect but while it

Wasn’t without its flaws this car did offer Jeremy the opportunity to see through a vision what he felt was the perfect E28 at least from an aesthetic standpoint now some of the styling choices reflect a 22 year old instead of the 32 year old Jeremiah today but we

Can definitely say he’s consistent with what he likes eventually he did move on from this E28 and he followed this project up with a number of others including a certain well-known e387 series that also fits his style to a T but just like I’ve been preaching the

Call of the E28 was too strong for Jeremy to ignore perhaps it’s one of the reasons why we’re such good friends and that of course brings us to his E28 of today thank you As I’m sure you’ve guessed at this point this is indeed an e285 series and to be specific it began Life as a 1986 535 is a six-cylinder sport model that predicated the M5 here in the United States in Factory form I’d argue that this is an incredible car but Jeremy’s

Is far from Factory the biggest giveaway to that of course are the sounds that you heard in the intro but if you missed them here are the sounds of that V8 once again under the hood of this car is the same M60 V8 that was under the hood of his

Previous 7 Series this bumps horsepower another 20 or 30 over the M5 and adds a ton of torque not to mention the fact that this car sounds absolutely incredible Of course that makes for a machine that is about as good as it gets for these California mountain roads which just so happened to be in Jeremy’s backyard if we turn our attention to the inside of the car you’ll find that the interior has been completely reupholstered with a

Distressed peanut butter leather on top of pairing with the gloss black paint and looking incredible this accentuates all of the design elements that make the E28 such a joy to spend time inside of they came equipped with amenities like power windows power mirrors and power seats that’ll adjust in every direction

Imaginable plus it has Creature Comforts like cruise control and air conditioning all of these come together to form a car that can be used every day for long periods of time despite its age but nevertheless all of those analog Sensations and feels come through the car and can be experienced by the driver

You’re far from isolated from the road you’re driving on but back to the details Jeremy hung onto the steering wheel from his first E28 and carried it over to this one and paired it with a renstall rskt2 shift knob it’ll also come as a surprise to all of

My fellow BMW fans out there but this thing also has an uncracked dashboard which blows my mind foreign on the exterior of the car there’s a beautiful set of BBS e50 wheels measuring out to 17 by 10 on all four corners a huge increase over the

Original 16 by seven and a halfs that came on the M5 while the wheel Choice definitely defines the overall style of the build there is another detail that makes it stand out from its U.S counterparts if we take a look at a factory U.S domestic Market E28 you’ll notice those

Big 5 mile per hour impact bumpers that stick out from both ends of the car they stand Stark in contrast to the European bumpers that have been mounted to Jeremy Z28 the Euro bumpers hug the body nice and tight and are significantly sleeker in their overall aesthetic as a whole it’s

Very clear this is the way BMW intended for the car to look but North America kinda got screwed over by pesky safety regulations Carry on about the details of this E28 for hours on end at least I know I could everything from the beautiful deep black paint to the rear window louvers to the euro headlight conversion to the E12 Chrome mirrors so on and so forth this car is thorough front to back but Jeremy

Has always been that particular with each and every build he’s undertaken so this one comes as no surprise all of those previous builds and all of their details have brought him to this point with this car and all of the hard work shows and now with a better

Understanding of what Jeremy and I love about these e28s maybe you’ll be a bigger fan of them now too foreign if you enjoyed this episode please let me know leave a like leave a comment let me know what you enjoyed about the car or the format let me know what you

Didn’t enjoy about the car of the format and if you have not subscribed yet please consider doing so all of this is to let me know I should put effort into making more episodes like this one because it’s not what I normally do but I do enjoy doing it but with all that

Said thank you as always for the support if you made it this far I hope it was enjoyable I’ve been working hard on the model A all week long I don’t know if you can see it back there you can’t there’s a Ferrari in the way I’ve got the chassis all mocked up

We’re about ready to weld it all back together and by the next fabrication episode we’re either going to be putting the model a back down on the ground or I’ve got a new intercooler for the Ferrari for you guys we’re gonna head back over to the dyno got lots of you

Know lots of sticks in the fire irons in the fire whatever the phrase is I don’t know I didn’t I didn’t script this outro I’m we’re gonna stop here all right bye thank you [Laughter] oh that’s so good