StanceWorks: BACK from the DEAD! The K24 Ferrari absolutely rips at WTAC 2023!

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Posted: 2023-10-05 13:44:05
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – RECAP
02:34 – The Final Day Begins
04:37 – Motorsport Connections saves the day
05:56 – The 244 GTK Roars to life
09:37 – Session 1 Begins
12:26 – Success! Prep for Session 2
16:13 – Prep for Session 3
18:19 – Session 3
22:29 – This is only the beginning…

StanceWorks Video Transcript

If you missed it we shipped our Honda swapped Ferrari from California to Australia for the 2023 World Time attack challenge for the uninitiated the world time attack challenge takes place at Sydney Motorsport Park in Sydney Australia and it stands as one of the Premier time attack events in the

World it brings competitors on a global scale all to compete for the single fastest lap time around one of Australia’s most competitive circuits It Is by most measures the world series of racing against the clock so if you’re wondering what we’re doing here with a fresh build that’s completely untested

Well that’s a pretty fair question but a few months back we received an invitation from our friends at haltech and so we put the hammer down and finished the car we got a few test laps in loaded it into a container and shipped it to the other side of the

World it took some effort upon arrival to make sure the car was ready for competition but a couple of days spent at htech proved that it was or at least so we thought on our first lap of the first day of competition we suffered an extreme part failure our qua qk e8j

Sequential transmission let go I was able to limp the car around the circuit back to the pit but it was abundantly clear the car was dead in the water it looked like our competition debut was over as soon as it began but the folks at JDM yard happen to have an identical

Qua transmission and after putting it on my credit card we spent the night pulling the entire drive line from the Ferrari and replacing it track side it looked like things were going to work out until the track told us we had 1 hour left we needed to leave at midnight

So we put the pedal down and gave it our all only to find that one 10cent fitting could keep the car from going back together my greatest fear was having spent $1,000 I don’t have on a transmission all for it to be for nothing but we weren’t going to let

Adversity stop us even without a solution for this clutch slave line we figured we should get to the track as soon as the gates open and give it our all and to be honest it didn’t take long before our prayers were answered after reading of our situation on Instagram it

Was Chad the same gentleman who gave us the Gantry to pull the engine who sent me a phone number and said to call it so I did and it was Shane at motor sport connections who answered I explained the situation and he assured me this shouldn’t be an issue he’s got the tools

And the parts on hand to solve this and he’d be at the track in an hour for the first time since this ordeal began it felt like the stars were beginning to align we had 3 hours left before the car needed to be on track for the first session and while it didn’t

Look likely that we’d make that everything was coming together and with a bit of luck we might make it for the second two sessions of the day with a photo of our late friend Cory we reminded ourselves that no matter the outcome dude it’s fine so we pressed

Forth and gave it everything we’ve got yeah I’m down here with the guys at this beautiful Ferrari now these guys had gearbox problems yesterday and they’ve pretty much all worked all through the night they said they got kicked out of here about just after midnight they were

Back here at 4:00 a.m. you can see down on the ground there they’ve been handing out the cases of Red Bull cuz uh these guys have been working so hard to get this car back out on track they’re just about ready to fire up they think they’ve got it all back together so

Really excited to see this beautiful Ferrari on track later today how about that a kicked out kicked out at midnight and back at 4 I did stop past that pit on the way out last night and yeah there was no no motor in it the motor’s out

That’s incredible look at that so to to change the Box on that the engine had to come out that’s right yeah so that’s an incredible job from that that team down there thanks for that Luffy and uh look if that car can run again today whether

It runs at on idol or if it runs at all that’s an amazing amazing effort dude it’s fine yeah looks it with pipes hanging out bits not back on it but uh it’ll get there piece by piece before our eyes the car was coming back together and like

Clockwork Shane arrived when promised to fix the last remaining issue with him he brought all of the tools needed to fix our clutch line in position any traditional fix would require pulling the entire Drive Line back out of the car but he was going to save us by

Giving us a motorsport grade repair to our stripped threads in place as a hydraulic line for the clutch system it needs to withstand thousands of PSI of pressure but specialty fittings allow him to cut our line and replace the end of it without needing specialty crimps or hydraulic equipment and equally

Impressive to the fix itself was the speed with which Shane was able to execute the fix it seemed like he was only under the car for a handful of minutes before he uttered the words we were all waiting to hear hold on without Shane all of the investment the

Time and the effort we put in to fix the car would have been for nothing but with his help I was able to get under the car and get the clutch bled with that we were officially back in Action Scott from howtech came back over to the car

And began the process of calibrating our gear position sensor we cycled through the gears to make sure our Dash is reading correctly and to make sure we’re not going to have any issues with our flat shift programming with the Baseline out of the way it’s time for that moment with we’ve

Been working towards we’re going to fire the Ferrari up and make sure it Runs having the Ferrari Roar back to life was one of the most Victorious moments of the project so far we turned through the gears while perched on jack stands and once again confirmed everything appears to be in good working order with Scott’s blessing it sounds like we’re ready to take the next step

Things looking pretty good so Saturday morning um gearbox is in um we’ve just done the gear calibration it’s got all of the gears now there’s no crunching no banging it’s got good engine oil pressure um now all it really needs to happen is the car the engine needs to

Warm up the gearbox will need to warm up so that thing can go out and circulate and then go and get that one perfect lap and just like that the wheels were officially in motion there were very few parts that needed to be put back on the

Car in order to have it back in racing form so it was all hands on deck so we could reach the starting line our test sessions on Thursday had us feeling relatively confident about the rest of the car and with a new gearbox in place and everything sorted we felt like we

Might actually have a chance of getting that one lap we came here to achieve better yet there were still a few minutes to spare and we might actually make it on track for the first round of Saturday’s competition whatever happens from here on out certainly isn’t for a lack of effort I think we did it we’re we’re going to go out so it counts for something um like I said as long as I can do one flying laugh I’ll be content it’s uh I’m the most strange mix of excited and nervous and scared I’m going to break something again um but

All we can do is our Best we’re going to go for it and so I suited up with one final touch for the 244 gtk bringing along Cory for the trip he would have been on if he could have we worked so hard to get to Australia and then to fix everything that has gone wrong along the

Way and with one of the greatest personal achievements I’ve ever had looming on the horizon I wanted Cory to come along for that one important lap it would be hard for me to suggest that I’m glad that our gearbox failed but in a roundabout way it makes that

First competitive lap that much more special we had to earn it we had to work for it and we had to dive in head first Into The Gauntlet that is competitive Motorsports to learn the hard way that it will never ever come easily but even

If the lap we do turn is the slowest in class or the slowest overall that part doesn’t even matter no matter what it’s a victory we win we did it we came we saw and we conquered and all that’s left is to pull this car out of the pit under

Its own power and turn that single lap this wasn’t the first time I had pulled the Ferrari out onto the track in fact far from it but somehow it felt like the first time all over again I was as nervous as could be but somehow more optimistic than ever it felt like

Everything had come to this point right here and after all of the hard work I knew somehow this was going to work Out in fact I think in that moment we all knew it was like our own version of the sand lot where we had conquered the odds grown closer together and got our race car out on track so the only remaining question was just how fast were we going to go There we go this is good news ladies and gentlemen this is good news Mr Mike Burrows from stws brand new qu uh sequential on board the Ferrari and um he’s already pumped to want to try and come back and do it next year but uh

Yeah he’s he’s lit up a circuit well I think everything for him’s going to be PBS to start with because yeah no luck yesterday folks this is all the way from the other side of the world the stw’s garage I think he’s based where is he

Based out of Cali B out of California yeah right Southern California and here it is the K swapped uh Ferrari 308 so yeah let’s let’s get some let’s get some eyes and ears on this for a lap let’s just have a tune in on The Stance workor Ferrari

Here with a brand new qu sequential um last night he was waiting for pass so he had a bit of time to to talk to the guy and you couldn’t get a more humble unassuming fellow you know like he you know people people s of start to build a profile for themselves

And some people believe in their own height at the end of the day you know you stay humble and um you know be show a human element of it that’s why I think where people gravitate to you if you’re real and you would get a more real guy

Than Mike barrows out there because uh as he said he’s you know he wanted to build something different this was very very different you know what we call that Christ this it’s called chill yeah he’s chill he’s he’s so chill he was actually at the stage last night he goes

You know we’re getting a new equ because I don’t know how I’m going to play for it said listen it’ll it’ll well I’ll sort it all out later he goes I’ll just have to go and make some more money he said you go and do that but don’t worry

About how we going pay for that right now we sort it sort it out right now so again he’s not a guy that’s talking about he’s got a you got a $100 million out there he’s he’s worried about how am I going to pay for this transmission

We’ll sort it out at the end of the weekend he might hand it back you know what I mean it might not be that he needed to use it he you know buy it he might have just used it to uh use it for the weekend and maybe that’s all let’s

Just see what happens all right it probably goes without saying that the first session was an absolute success Beyond any expectation or even possible hope the car felt amazing planted and was doing exactly what I hoped it would the most important factor moving forward was that I needed to find my own

Confidence both in the machine and on the track itself but that’ll come with both time and experience we need to get the car back into the pit and give it a thorough once over to make sure nothing has worn down or loosened up after all this is the hardest we’ve driven it this

Is a new frontier for us but by God does it feel amazing but we weren’t the only ones buzzing with excitement it was infectious everybody around us was thrilled with what had just happened and with a few hours before the next session and the car thoroughly checked over we

Took the car back over to the htech booth and shared the excitement with everyone To see him this morning run a couple of laps it was amazing the cheer from the back of the pits was wild as soon as he pulled in after after doing this and it’s that’s the best feeling that’s what we here for it would be impossible for me to

Count the sheer number of fans and supporters that came up and shared how excited they were for how successful our first session was which made the second session that much more exciting gone where the few Fe of whether or not the car would even work instead now it’s

Just time to focus on going faster the pressure’s on there’s a lot of eyeballs watching but this is exactly what we built this car to do so let’s go out and find our groove No [Applause] Oh in all the 244 gtk felt incredible beneath me I was still working on finding my own Comfort limit in the car and finding the limits of traction because this car has a ton of it and it’s abundantly clear that even after just a few laps within a few sessions

This car has some impressive capability that I have to extract from it there are a few changes it’s obvious we’re going to have to make namely we’ve got to get a smaller turbo in this thing to cut down on the turbo lag and we’ve got to get some spring rate changes to play

Better with our Arrow but as a whole this thing just feels so good I never imagined that a car I built with my own two hands would ever feel like this especially with so little development so Far that’s session two in the books and the only issue throughout the entirety of it was a lean condition on our final lap our htech Nexus R5 saved the engine once again all because we didn’t top up the fuel before we went out everything else on the logs looked good but it’s pretty

Clear the 244 gtk is thirsty so we topped it off and then pushed the car outside before the final session of the day for what’s known as the pit walk some of World Time attack challenges thir 35,000 attendees are given passes to walk through pit Lane as the race

Cars are parked within it it offers an incredible up close and in-person look at some of the legendary machines racing this weekend just like our first night at Sydney Motorsport Park it was a humbling experience to have our car parked amongst them but it was also cool

To escape for just a moment and take a look at one other car in attendance if you aren’t familiar with Jeff’s Al Ferrari you should be and if you don’t know who I’m talking about you need to check out the YouTube channel homebuilt by Jeff it’s one of the few others I

Take the time to watch when I can because Jeff has poured his heart and soul into building one of the coolest vintage Alphas period and he was more than kind enough to show me all of the ins and outs and it was a thrill for

Even just a moment to be a car guy spectator instead of the center of attention but it was a fleeting sensation because soon after it was time for the day’s final session the grand finale where everyone puts every o of effort they can into putting it all on

The line it was clear before we ever arrived in Australia that our Ferrari would never be even remotely competitive within the open class so I wasn’t even concerned with putting down competitive times against professional drivers and some over-the-top builds what was important to me was to get out there and

Push myself to my limit every session has me feeling more and more comfortable and confident with this machine and so it’s time to leave my mark on Australia at least for the time being with any luck we’ll be back but this one has to count so let’s see what the 244 gtk can Do here we go look at these classic shapes out there Here Comes Mike Barrow trying to find some space in front of him here is Adam pasman that I know there’s a representative time out there but look at this it’s K swap the world it’s the K24 S15 it’s the K24 308 Y [Applause] Oh Is so come on Mike what do you got there we go minute 4355 another PB for Barrows keep going Mike it’s all yours I want to call him Mick cuz that’s kind of an Australian thing to do you know if you’re Michael you’re a mick you know you know what

This is the the modern version of Hollywood this is you know the uh the influencer world this is the YouTube world and Mike Barrow just with this amazing car to see it in the flesh you can only look at the screen for so long before you want to see things in person

And he is already hooked the hook is in this guy loves this track loves the vibe yes it’s been hard work to get to here but I’m sure by the time this man finishes at the end of the day he’s have said I have lived this event through the

End to the Core I’d like to really I hope he turns it up um they’re running a pretty big Garrett g42 and uh if he turns up the wick that’s going to be some serious power yes gcg open class bringing us all the action of course he’s running the htech

On board this thing as well so um it’s got a a nice um a nice few angles in it that makes it work really well and M just one of the most um you know personable bugs that that I’ve met like he took that much time last night to

Talk to myself and my sons he had a bit of time on his hand to because he was waiting for parts so it’s like he didn’t have much to do I listen to me didn’t know who the hell we were until uh until the end of it but just still a guy

Humble as ever look you in the eye so polite talk to you about everything feel free to go and have a look at it I even stood on his uh front splitter accidentally it was on the his front try accidentally I I thought I heard it C

Creek and break but uh I triple checked it before I left to make sure I’m not the one in the way of Mike marrow’s achieving any extra here I’d hate to be that guy that ruined for me and I’m now now it’s not Me and then began my cooldown lap World Time attack challenge 2023 was at a close at least it was for me it came with a lot of ups and a lot of downs it was a huge Challenge and it required more effort than I put into most things

In my life but I don’t think it could have been any more successful in its own way I wouldn’t change the way any of it went and I certainly have no regrets the world time attack challenge was without question one of the coolest events I’ve

Ever been to and it’s one of the most amazing things I have ever done it was a trial by fire for our competitive debut on the other side of the world but what a story it makes and what an opportunity it was I was surrounded by some of my

Best friends and people that I love dearly and it’s thanks to them that I got to do this and of course thanks to you guys as well this never would have happened if all of you watching this didn’t follow along if you had told me a year ago we’d

Be racing this Ferrari in Australia I just wouldn’t have believed it but if you tell me I’m going to be back a year from now well I’ll tell you I want nothing more because this was just a taste of what we built this car for and

I am eager to come back and show the world what this car is truly capable of with another year of development another year behind the wheel another year of building confidence because as said it’s clear this car has a ton of untapped potential this car is going to go fast

And it’s on me to find that speed both as a driver and as a builder we’re going to get this car back to the United States and begin the process of making all those revisions and changes that will make it one with the tarmac beneath

It suffice to say stage one of the 244 gtk build is complete and it’s time to start stage too so here’s to everyone who has watched along this journey so far and to all the new viewers as well to all of the sponsors who made this project reality and to haltech and Ian

Baker at World Time attack challenge for bringing us to Australia and giving us this opportunity I couldn’t have done it without any of you now Begins the long wait for November for the Ferrari to return home but rest assured we’ll be back on track in no time