StanceWorks: Audi Quattro Teardown: 5-Cylinder 20v Turbo Swap Begins! – Ep. 3

Audi Quattro Teardown: 5-Cylinder 20v Turbo Swap Begins! - Ep. 3

Posted: 2022-12-09 14:30:50
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro / Where We Left Off
00:59 – Topside Disassembly
02:37 – The First Big Problem
03:13 – Back to the Ferrari 244 GTK
04:15 – The Audi and the Dolly
05:40 – The Audi’s Underside
06:20 – Bottom-side Disassembly
07:12 – Someone is on my $#!T List.
08:22 – The Dropout Begins
10:30 – A Look at the Engine & Bay
11:45 – But Wait… There’s More! The Rack.
12:55 – What’s to Come

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Welcome back guys I don’t want to waste time with a fancy intro instead I want to get back on the Audi and get back on the swing of making two episodes a week so let’s dive in and rip the engine out of this thing it seems like a pretty common theme for

YouTubers to start a project only to push it to the back burner and for it to never see any state of completion but I promised you guys that once we had some Breathing Room on our Ferrari project we’d return to the Audi to make some progress and I’m happy to say that today

Is finally that day so let’s pull the cover back and figure out exactly where we left off on this thing some of you may remember that our last step was to put the car up onto jack stands and remove all of the suspension these parts will be shipped off to Germany for a

Custom coilover build by our friends at h r but with the suspension off of the car that leaves us to work on the engine there were signs that we had a blown head gasket but a leak down test confirmed it so today we’re gonna pull the original 2.1 liter engine out of the

Car but for those that don’t know I am not an Audi guy and I have no idea how this car comes apart so you guys are going along for the ride with me sure I could look up a tutorial on how this engine comes out but what better way to learn

Exactly how this car works for no particular reason I decided to get started on the passenger side of the engine bay I figured if I could get the wiring and the fuel lines out of the way I could get a better idea of what I’m working with by visuals alone

We could cut a lot of this stuff out but I want to preserve it because parts for these cars are hard to find we’re not going to reuse any of it but I guarantee there’s a Quattro guy out there that would die for it the first component that I’m actually

Removing from the car is the CIS fuel injection system it’s a form of mechanical fuel injection and you can think of this part like a distributor for fuel I assume you guys have figured it out already but this is an Antiquated system so we are not going to reuse it

Then comes the cast aluminum air box one of the cooler parts I’ve seen in a long time I work my way across the engine bay next to deciding to tackle the cooling system which means for better or worse this is where the mess begins and I don’t care what you tell me I’m not gonna believe you if you say you’ve managed to pull an engine without

Getting coolant all over your garage floor too Push a bit more coolant out of the block and then begin removing the rest of the coolant hoses including the hoses on the back of the engine for the heater core I made it about an hour into disassembly when I realized we were facing one rather critical problem when it comes to

Pulling the engine out of this car some of you guys may remember given the odd engine bay layout of this thing that there is no room in front of the engine it is literally up against the front grille of the car space is so tight that

We had to remove the front bumper just to get access to the crank nut for our compression test a few episodes ago and these spatial constraints made me realize that this engine has to come out of the bottom of the car there’s no way it can come out of the top which means

We’ve got to put it on the lift the problem is as you guys probably know we just pulled the engine out of the Ferrari and to get the engine out I had to drop suspension components to remove the axles so to put the Audi on the lift

We’ve got to put the suspension on the Ferrari back together and get the Ferrari off the lift thankfully the extent of the disassembled suspension is a dropped upper control arm reassembly is super straightforward and only took a couple of minutes this is the small part of the

Job it’s getting the Ferrari off of the lift that’s the actual headache to do that we’ve got to get the wheels and tires reinstalled the car needs to roll on its own accord so that we can get it out of our way Getting the car off of the lift arms itself requires the familiar song and dance of using a Jack and two by fours but with a bit of work it’s freed from its perch and we can roll it outside however to move the Audi we’re gonna need that dolly that we built a number

Of episodes back for the Ferrari the only problem is the Audi’s sitting on jack stands that are way too close together to fit the dolly between so we’ve got an interesting conundrum on our hands to rectify this I grabbed a 4×4 piece of wood and jacked it up underneath the

Audi’s subframe and then move the jack stands to the outside in an effort to give myself more room this seemed to work up until I realized it was nowhere near high enough to get the dolly underneath it thus began another song and dance of trying to get enough ground clearance Foreign Eventually with a little bit of help from my friend Khalil I got it perched Atop The Dolly and moved over to the lift but there were still a couple of minor annoyances I was facing down the problem is there’s not really enough room between the bottom of the Audi and

The top of the dolly to fit the lift arms just like getting the car onto the dolly in the first place it requires a ton of work to get it perched on the lift arms but eventually we pulled it off giving me the opportunity to lift

The car into the air for the first time since I bought it I’ve mentioned in the past that this car has been restored at one point in its life realistically it’s not the best work I’ve ever seen but it’s certainly not bad components like the brakes were replated in a yellow CAD while the subframes were pulled and completely re-powder coated you just have to ignore

All the coolant that’s now on them from when the head gasket blew there’s even small touches like solid aluminum subframe bushings both front and rear and it’s really clear that someone really cared about this car at one point in time honestly my only complaint is that it’s clear somebody’s

Jacked this car up from the pinch welds it’s not a huge deal but it’s definitely a bummer the car up in the air we can focus on the work underneath it that needs to be complete in order to get the engine out so I dropped the exhaust and then turned

My attention to the drive shaft because this car has been disassembled at least once in its life none of the hardware was seized and everything came out pretty easily although I did come close to absolutely crushing my fingers in the U-joint To further support my conclusion that the engine has to come out of the bottom of the car it’s obvious from this angle that the engine mounts are actually suspended from the top completely atypical from anything else I’ve ever seen but honestly I kind of dig it with these

Unbolted along with a few other things I knocked out off camera the engine’s just about ready to come out so I think I’m ready to unbolt the subframe from the car engines ready to come down except for one thing and that’s the shift linkage on top of the transmission it’s like one shaft

Slipped into another that’s then clamped down and I have that bolt out so it should come apart except at some point in this car’s history some bastard welded this thing together on the car it might be kind of tough to see but there is a tack weld holding the two

Pieces together and without a way to get in there and cut just that tack weld I’ve taped off the end of the transmission so I don’t get any medical particles inside of it and I’m gonna cut the shift linkage itself honestly I hate having to cut something

To pull an engine it’s definitely not the right way to do it but the shift assembly won’t drop down and I don’t even know if we’re going to reuse it and last but not least I’ve got a welder I can fix this if I need to so I used the

Sawzall to solve the problem with the shift linkage cut into two parts the engine is more or less ready to drop everything else we’ll find on the engine’s way out of curiosity it was right around this time that Byron and Khalil from next door at liked bow stopped by to see how

Progress was going and honestly it was perfect timing because I definitely don’t mind having a few extra hands and extra eyeballs as this engine comes out with a dolly underneath the engine and transmission to support it we should be good to go well except have we talked

About how there’s no room in the front of this car yet there was a sort of isolator or engine centering mount on the front of the motor which was butted up against the core support and at the time I thought it was keeping us from dropping the engine

And then of course there was the brake pressure accumulator that was mounted to the side of the motor that kept us from moving it far enough over to clear the Turbo from the right side engine mount and then there was an AC line keeping us from moving the engine over far enough

To clear everything else [Applause] nope [ __ ] in my sleep there we go Eventually though we found the clearance that we needed and all that was left was the remnants of a clutch line I had cut hey I know I said I don’t like cutting things but this clutch line was going to get replaced no matter what I just didn’t make it all the way through

Uh I think we’re free yeah it looks clear foreign [Applause] So there you have it the engine is officially out as for what its fate will be I have no idea but let’s take one final look at this thing as mentioned it’s clear at one point in time somebody really cared about this engine and obviously invested a ton of

Money into it most of it is new the details like all of the work that went into the intake manifold really make this motor shine but what was cool to find was what lurked underneath it an equally pretty period correct cast dialinx turbo manifold all sorts of

Little details began to show Once I was able to actually see this engine such as the an fittings mounted to the turbo for increased flow or the hand polished power steering and brake pump mounted to the top of the motor that I had completely overlooked previously the only surprising find was the hogged

Out solid engine mount but once I looked at the chassis side I realized somebody has been in here and repaired the threads I don’t know if I’ll leave it but I’m not upset about it past that the engine bay is in really nice shape it’s admittedly disgusting especially on the driver’s side but

There’s no rust to be found and all the sheet metal is really solid I think we’ve got some really good bones to work with with the engine out though there’s one thing I want to talk about because honestly I think it’s kind of insane I don’t know what Audi was thinking when

They designed the steering rack set up for this car the steering rack in the Quattro is actually mounted behind the engine and above the transmission and I know this is the result of odd packaging constraints due to the drivetrain in this thing but it’s still weird really weird

Frankly it’s also the biggest reason we’re not going to put some other foreign power plant into this car it would be a complete headache the tie rods extend from the center of the car through the fender liners and out into the wheel wells themselves the hole

Through which they pass is tall so that the suspension can still cycle which is equally odd and then there’s the fact that the toe is only adjusted on one side I have to imagine you set the passenger side of the car straight and then dial in the

Driver’s side to get it to track correctly overall it makes sense and I understand why they did it but I wanted to talk about it because it’s still unlike any other car I’ve seen personally so I’m recording this outro and I have just realized the stabilization on the

Camera has been turned off maybe this entire time I have no idea oh I’m reminding myself later to put a note about that earlier in the video none of that makes any sense anyways I’m excited engines out engine bay looks good I’m really pumped to get the new

Engine on a stand and torn down so in the next couple weeks we’re going to take it next door to see these boys that like bow the guys who are here helping me pull the engine we’re gonna tear the motor down I’m gonna help we’re gonna go through and start one really cool

High-powered a n build it’s going to make this car amazing I’m so excited for this this build is going to be sweet I’m pumped it’s such a departure from the Ferrari it’s a breath of fresh air how cool is it to have both of these going at the same time it’s gonna be

Sweet anyways enough rambling that’s enough for this episode I’ve done plenty of talking I’m gonna head into the office and start editing I’ll catch you guys next week thanks as always for the support