StanceWorks: … and now I’m shipping the K24-Swapped Ferrari across the world.

... and now I'm shipping the K24-Swapped Ferrari across the world.

Posted: 2023-03-31 13:45:31
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – I was invited to compete in the World Time Attack Challenge!
00:59 – Where We Began & Where We Are
01:42 – What is the WTAC?
03:17 – The WTAC Class Structure
03:59 – The Rulebook
04:58 – NEW MERCH!
05:43 – To Cage or Not to Cage
07:33 – Weights… and one potential problem.
09:08 – Alignment and Bolt Check
10:21 – The Timeline
10:55 – Outro!

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign My French but I am absolutely losing my right now I just got off the phone with my friends from haltech and they have invited me and the Ferrari to Australia to compete in the world’s time attack Challenge and if you don’t know what that is well I’m going to explain

It here in a moment but this is a huge deal but with that said all of my timelines just change because now we’ve got rules that we need to meet we’ve got safety regulations that we need to meet and we’ve got to figure out what class

The Ferrari is going to be in and we’ve got a very limited amount of time in order to get all of this done and still get the car tested and tuned so we need to put together a game plan and we need to do it right now

Two years three months and 16 days ago I introduced this project to YouTube and laid out plans to build a K24 swapped Ferrari and in that first episode with pride I said I actually want to use this car I want to take it time attack racing

In the time since that first episode we have marched diligently towards that goal and the car has gotten closer and closer to completion at this point the car looks the part and it makes the power so there’s only a few small things left before we get it out

On track to begin the physical tuning process it was my hope that by the end of this year we would be in fighting form if not in fit enough condition to compete in the global time attack finals but last week I received a phone call from my

Friends at haltech and from Ian Baker who runs the world time attack challenge together they’ve invited me and the 244 gtk to Australia to compete in the largest time attack event in the world now for the few of you that are uninitiated time attack racing differs from your standard wheel-to-wheel racing

Format instead it’s a race against the clock to see which competitors can put down the outright fastest lap it is a competition amongst drivers and their machines because time attack racing is about building a race car of your own all of the effort we put into the k-swap Ferrari has been to improve

Upon the foundation that Ferrari laid four decades ago we’ve made it lighter we’ve made it faster we’ve given it far more downforce than it ever had and presumably it’ll out handle any Ferrari of the era in which it was made hauling the car halfway around the world

Might be the Long Way Around The Barn towards testing it but what better stage than the world time attack challenge to find out what our car is actually made of the wtac is the definitive time attack event and it is a stage for time attack Racers from around the world to bring

The best of the best the fastest time attack cars that exist and they all come to Australia to prove their worth but the event takes place at the beginning of September and while that sounds far off it’s literally just around the corner once we include the shipping time for the car it’ll spend

More than a month in a container at Sea so we need to get to work immediately so let’s talk about the classes World Time attack challenge has four of them there’s Club Sprint open Pro-Am and Pro the club Sprint class represents the most restrictive class for cars you

Might expect to see on the street while on the opposite end of the spectrum is the pro class which is the invite-only professional tier of time attack racing in the middle is the Open Class where modifications like forced induction carbon fiber body panels and sequential Transmissions are allowed and with any

Luck this is where the Ferrari will land but it’s unlikely to be competitive in any meaningful sense the cars in this class do pack a much bigger punch than what we’ve given the Ferrari to fight with but to fit into the open class we need to open up the world time attack

Challenge rulebook and take a closer look the first change we’ll need to make is to our fueling it states that every vehicle must use a commercial fuel E85 or unleaded racing fuel and currently our 110 octane fuel does not comply so maybe this is a good final push to go E85

The next one’s a bit of a given and it’s been on the to-do list but we also need to fit tow hooks to both the front and rear of the car because going off track is a guarantee at some point and the car needs to be recoverable

And that brings us to the big one the rules State we’ve got to have a six point roll cage inside of the Ferrari if we want to compete at the world time attack challenge we previously built a roll bar for the car but that’s not enough and I’ve gone

Back and forth extensively about whether or not I want to put a full cage in the car but I feel like this decision has been made for me because I am not going to miss this opportunity and speaking of missing opportunities this is all perfectly timed because I

Finally have the latest round of stanceworks apparel to release I’ve got three new shirt designs a crew neck sweatshirt and a hat for those of you that have been asking not to mention I’ve also got a new DTM inspired art print to decorate your walls with by buying my merchandise you’re helping

Support this Channel and projects like the K24 Ferrari and while haltech is helping cover the bill of getting the Ferrari to and from Australia there’s still a lot of other costs involved in bringing this thing to life so head to store and snack whatever looks appealing to you

Supplies are limited but it all goes towards helping this channel stay alive so that we can keep projects like this coming so let’s talk a little bit about this roll cage as said I’ve been going back and forth on this for a long time as most of you guys probably know I think

There are pros and cons to having a roll cage and pros and cons to not having one from a safety standpoint on track there’s no question it is the best way to have this car it will be a lot safer to be in but problem is is that on the

Street well it’s really unsafe you shouldn’t be driving caged cars without a helmet in them if you hit your head on a roll bar tube it could kill you and the idea behind having a roll cage is to not die when you’re in an accident so

Maybe you don’t do that it’s why I haven’t want to do this because I want to drive this car on the street on top of the fact that it’s just hard to get in and out of as it is to be even harder once there’s a roll cage in the way but

You have to have a roll cage to run in World Time attack Challenge and so I think this decision is being made for me in a sense my hand is being forced I want to take this opportunity I want to do it so we need to put a roll cage in

Now some of you guys might remember the roll bar that we built I don’t know maybe a year and a half ago well it’s still sitting back here in the corner of the shop it is totally Rusty because it’s raw steel and it’s been sitting here for so long it also isn’t finished

Welded it’s just tacked together we could use this as a foundation for the cage but I want to start over because I built this one with the headliner in the car it is built to fit to the top of the roof with material there we’re not going

To have that anymore I never put a headliner back in the car instead I painted the inside of the roof I want a roll cage that fits as tight as possible I want every ounce of Headroom that I can get I also think that we can use a

Lighter material than what we have here so with that said we’re going to start completely over I’ve just got to decide if I’m going to tackle this project Solo or if I’m gonna turn to a friend of mine for some help in building an even better

Roll cage but let me figure out the details there before we get too far on that now there is one other aspect in which a full roll cage will help us and that’s with meeting the minimum weight requirements there are some stipulations on how that weight is calculated and

Then it’s compared to the manufacturer’s original specified weight for the lightest version of the vehicle made now if we’re allowed to quote the weight of the vetro recina 308 that’s somewhere around 2 400 pounds at least that’s what Ferrari says even if it’s totally untrue but even if we have to use Ferrari’s

Specified weight for a 308 gtbi we will be within the noise once the roll cage is in turn that checks off yet another requirement we need to meet in order to fall within the Open Class of the world time attack challenge perhaps the only point of contention in

The rule book for the Open Class might be where it says in the chassis rules that the original shock absorber Towers must be retained and some of you may remember that our rear shock Towers have been completely redesigned and moved however grammar and semantics are critical when it comes to writing rules

And it’s the interpretation of those rules that can give advantages and disadvantages what’s important here is the wtac’s use of I.E McPherson struts not EG this means that McPherson struts are the explanation not an example this rule only applies to McPherson strut towers and our car is not a McPherson strut car

So we should be in the clear and to be totally Frank this car is not gonna win nobody’s gonna protest what we’re doing anyway let’s make it our secret okay but on the topic of suspension and well everything else we also need to nut and bolt check this entire car every bolt

Needs to be torqued to spec it needs to have Loctite or lock washers or some way to keep everything from coming undone because this K24 is going to Rattle everything loose we also need to get all of our custom suspension aligned so I’m going to turn to my buddy Joey Seeley at emotion

Engineering and hope that he’ll get this thing dialed in perfect with a Sealy setup last but not least one potential change I’d like to make if I have spare time on hand which is admittedly unlikely is to change our turbo setup right now we’re running a gigantic Garrett g42 1200

Compact which is great for making power on the dyno but not so much if you want down low power around a circuit I had mentioned rebuilding our turbo manifold and changing our charge piping to go with a smaller turbo but I think for the time being in the name of

Efficiency I’ll just build an adapter and bolt a smaller turbo to our existing manifold and Hardware this will bring our power level down and our response up and it’ll do so rather quickly getting us ready for the track sooner than if we redid everything but in the name of efficiency we also

Need to talk lastly about our timeline we have give or take about 16 weeks to pull this off that means getting everything listed in this episode done as well as getting out to the track and getting testing underway we can’t ship a car to Australia having never driven it

This timeline is tight but I feel relatively confident that if we stay focused we can get it done that might mean not driving the E30 project to Washington later this summer but I think that’s a worthwhile sacrifice because this is too cool of an opportunity to miss

So I know nothing actually happened in this episode there’s been a lot of figuring but that’s what I have spent most of my week doing that’s where I’m gonna wrap this episode up if you want to support this channel if you want to support me if you want to

Support this car and all of the effort it’s going to take to get to Australia and make this thing happen you can head to the stancework store store and check out the new merch it will be available until it’s gone I don’t know how long it’ll last as always

The release is somewhat limited but I made this entire investment myself all of this stuff is designed by myself or my friends it is all packaged right here I hand ship every order it directly goes towards supporting everything that this channel does and it means a ton to me

That you guys continue to buy what I put out there so thank you in advance I hope you guys enjoy this round of apparel I’m really proud of it it’s all as high quality as I could possibly make it as always enough rambling if you’re looking for

Other ways to support the channel I do have these stanceworks patreon page and we do have the stanceworks Discord come join our community we have fun we talk all day every day in there about everything related to cars and then some and as always thank you for support I

Will catch you guys next week we got to get working on this thing I’ll see you then