StanceWorks: 5-Cylinder Teardown: Audi Ur-Quattro Engine Build & Swap Underway!

Posted: 2023-01-04 14:30:26
Author: StanceWorks
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00:00 – Intro
00:34 – The Audi 5 Cylinder Sounds AMAZING… So I’m Keeping it.
01:25 – Enlisting the Help of my friends at Leichtbau
02:32 – Let the Teardown Begin
03:39 – I want in on the fun, too.
04:25 – The Crank Bolt
05:58 – Removing the Alternator… by Force
07:37 – Back to the Crank Bolt
08:53 – Head Removal and Disassembly
09:50 – Rotating Assembly Removal
11:28 – What’s Next?

StanceWorks Video Transcript

Foreign The Audi five-cylinder engine is one of the best sounding engines of all time it’s an important part of what gives the Audi Quattro its legendary status that it has earned today and it’s why we’re sticking with an Audi five cylinder for our Audi Quattro project now for the new viewers around here I

Sourced an 82 Quattro for our next Channel build the problem being it came with a blown engine so I sourced this it’s a 2.2 liter aan engine sourced from an S4 perfect platform for making power and I’m hopeful that at some point down the road we’ll put down about 500 to all

Four wheels but before this engine goes into our Quattro it’s going to need a rebuild because well it looks like it came from the bottom of the ocean thankfully to help with this rebuild is liked bow which just so happened to be in the very same building my shop is in

But that’s no coincidence because the shop owners Byron Wilcox and Khalil Kasem happen to be some of my best friends in fact those of you that have been watching the channel for long enough will definitely recognize Khalil from some of our E36 episodes when we were tackling the rear suspension the OG

Stands for expands out there we’ll know Byron Wilcox is the other name that adorns the top of Rusty slammington obviously these are two of the only guys I trust to work on anything of mine and the Audi is no different in their shop right now they’ve got some pretty cool projects like six-speed

Converting and Standalone swapping this original Dinan twin turbo V12 e32 and they’re building a featherweight wide body E36 race car of course the core of their business is maintaining and modifying European cars so building a hot Audi motor for our project will help to show the world what my friends and

Their new business can do on top of that I want to be involved in the process and to take you guys along for the ride and thankfully they don’t mind having me in the way so we’re gonna get out the tools you kick back let’s disassemble an Audi five cylinder

The first thing we’re removing from the engine is the original wiring harness there’s nothing wrong with it but considering we’re gonna go for a standalone system I’d like to redo it so that everything is clean and tidy so this will go into a bin and I’ll sell it

Once I know we don’t need anything off of it with hopes of tearing the engine down completely by the end of the day Khalil turned his attention to the exhaust side of the engine it took removing only a single bolt to make it completely clear that the rust

Was going to make disassembly a serious challenge so while Khalil worked on that Byron began removing the front end accessories Byron wasn’t having any better luck on the front end either in fact not only did he have to use penetrating oil he had to break out the map gas torch just

A few bolts in although I bought this engine from Atlanta it’s pretty clear it came from the Northeast Progress crawling along I hopped in as well Even areas of the engine that I expected to be cleaned such as the bosses for the fuel injectors were disgusting I have neither records for this engine nor any idea how well it was maintained so discoveries like this don’t bode well for what we might find once we get this thing pulled apart

On the other hand it is clear that at least some maintenance has been done to this engine the timing belt wasn’t totally rotted away and based on what I know after taking this engine apart a timing belt job isn’t a walk in the park however I’m also assuming that it must

Be possible to change the belt with the crank pulley in place because this thing did not want to come off penetrating oil isn’t effective immediately but on the other hand he is and we are hopeful that some map gas would help loosen the threads of this bolt up however after looking at the

Factory Shot manual for this engine it’s clear that it’s tightened down to 330 pound-feet of torque that combined with the rust means this bolt is gonna be stuck so while the penetrating oil worked its magic I moved on to removing the coil pack cover only to discover that this

Thing is admittedly kind of weird the coil packs are bolted to the cover itself instead of nested into the valve cover and each one is hardwired into a specific Loom it looks like to replace these things you’d have to splice them in we moved on to removing the intake

Manifold which had one set of easily accessed bolts and another set of bolts that were rather tough to get to we turned the engine over for a bit better access but still I spent way more time than I want to admit trying to get to those hex head bolts only to find out

A little bit later that Audi was smart and put pass-throughs in the intake manifold to reach them I’m not sure if this falls into great design or terrible or maybe both at the same time I’m pretty sure to run this engine in the Audi Quattro which is considered a small chassis car we’ll need a different manifold so if you guys have any suggestions leave them in the comments with more or less everything removed from the intake side of the engine we turned our attention to the alternator

As you can see the last bolt that holds it on is the most stubborn bolt so far the impact hammer obliterated the end of the bolt without sliding it out of place most of the hardware on this Audi engine has socket cap heads including this one which is fully stripped out so facing

This conundrum we turn to The Only Solution we could conjure up There’s no doubt that this isn’t the right way to do this but we’re convinced it’s the only way even the torch wasn’t doing any good however with the alternator cut free we finally have access to the bolts that hide underneath it and with those we can finally remove the alternator bracket

And get this engine one step closer to fully disassembled we finally have our first good look at the block of this thing and as said it looks downright awful it’s going to take an immense amount of work to clean this thing up and keep it from looking like a boat anchor

From here Byron turned his attention to the oil pan with it removed we can more easily hold the crankshaft in order to remove that crank pulley bolt and obviously it’ll make it possible to remove the rotating assembly itself Applying enough torque to remove that crank pulley bolt does require a bit of redneck Ingenuity the boys stuck a jack on the engine stand itself and then used a 2×4 to support it because all of us have seen an engine stand fail but with the added support Byron gave it

Everything he’s got and with a bit of luck he actually managed to break this thing loose Perhaps equally as surprising was how easily The Hub pulley came off it didn’t require a puller or any special tools it just slid right off foreign We did get to take a look at the rotating assembly in the block but with the valve cover off it was our first chance to see the health of the valve train which surprisingly looked perfect everything inside of the engine has been Stark in contrast to what the outside of it looks like [Applause] Thankfully the head design of the aan means we can pull the cylinder head off in one piece we don’t have to remove the valve train from it in situ instead meaning we can do it on the workbench From here Byron worked to remove the cam caps the cams and the lifters instead opting to leave the valves and the valve springs in place for the head machine shop it’s likely that I’ll go with seven a cams in this motor but I haven’t decided if I’ll modify the valve train further

Beyond that there’s the possibility of things like oversized valves or aftermarket titanium retainers upgraded Springs and so on but I’m not really sure we’re going to need any of them given our relatively tame horsepower goal it’s all stuff that I can decide once I talk to some friends that are more

Knowledgeable than I am back over on the Block there’s only a few more things that we need to remove from the Block itself before we can pull the rotating assembly out first there’s the water pump and then the oil pump and front main seal thankfully for once both of these came

Off without a hitch foreign All five Pistons came out and they all look to be in great shape although there was one surprising discovery and that’s that all of the piston rings had the gaps lined up which is a huge No-No and I have no idea how this engine made any compression

The thrust on the crankshaft felt good and it rotated well the bearings looked great once we removed it and after giving the crankshaft a once over it too looked to be in perfect health although I will be sending this thing out for a once over before it goes back in the engine

We’ll want upgraded rods for sure and I’ve got to make a decision on the Pistons as said the block is in awful shape at least on the outside but looking at the cylinder walls all of the original cross hatching is still fully visible and looks perfect realistically it looks like we’re just

Gonna have to put in some elbow grease to get this thing to look the part but I think we’ve got a great engine to start with all right guys there you have it the engine is disassembled the parts are ready to go to the machine shop I just

Have to decide what parts and pieces I want to put inside the engine such as rods upgrading the valve train cams things like that got some decision making to do but I’m super excited about this we’re making good progress now as far as the Ferrari goes I know a lot of

You guys are waiting for an episode and I am too I really want to put one together I’ve made some progress the engine is ready to go back in but as you can see there is a trailer in the middle of my shop at the moment it fit in here

By about a quarter inch above the door I mean it’s insanely close problem is I can’t take it back outside right now because they have torn up the parking lot they are repaving it and so the trailer is stuck inside if the trailer is stuck inside I can’t get the Ferrari

On the lift to put the engine back in it there’s an E30 in front of it which I have to explain uh that’s a parts car if you remember the white E30 Coupe that I bought I don’t know maybe eight months ago nine months ago we’re gonna dive

Into that really soon we’ve got lots of stuff going on in here but I can’t put anything together right now I can’t do anything here in the shot that’s why we were next door so what am I going to do right now I don’t know I might be stuck

Just waiting around for the rest of the week if I get lucky I’ll have an episode at the end of the week if not I’ll catch you guys next week either way thank you as always for the support I’ll see you guys soon