RIP LUXURY V8! 2023 Chrysler 300C SRT 6.4 Hemi Review

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-07 12:59:03
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Chrysler 300C review by The Straight Pipes. The Chrysler 300C is putting down 485 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque from a 6.4L V8 SRT HEMI. At $72,995 CAD, would you take it over the Dodge Charger, Dodge Charger Scat Pack, Dodge Charger Widebody, Dodge Charger Scat Pack Widebody, Dodge Charger SRT Scat Pack Widebody, or 5 used Chrysler 300 SRT8’s?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Jacob and we’re going for one last [Applause] Drive very last 2023 Chrysler 300 see with launch control in the wet it’s just doing a burnout so so is this car fast or not I can’t tell I’ll tell you in a second but yeah it’s pretty fun so far horsepower and torque 485 horsepower 475 lbet of

Torque from a 6.4 L Hemi V8 from the SRT division they brought it back for the last year which is cool yeah so this car has been around for 18 years in basically its current configuration it’s received uh multiple updates over the years it looks a little bit different

Than when it originally came out but uh basically the same car essentially it’s a Chrysler Dodge Charger yes uh if I were to put a pie of tape over this Chrysler badge and over this lovely analog clock this is a Dodge Charger in here and I guess also the shifter cuz we

Actually have a turn down shifter well there’s multiple things I’ll get into all that there’s a lot of little things here but let’s go uh very wet very gingerly into cliche corner cuz it is so sketchy to drive this in the wet yeah yeah whatever hockey pucks they put on

Here is the scariest thing it’s not even like that wet it is just like it kind of rain it’s just greasy and I’m just under steering and then over steering this I I don’t understand okay let’s get into the Continental recommended tire right now because I would highly recommend the

Extreme contact sport O2 which is what I have on my rear wheeel drive Supercharged V8 wagon that I daily year round and when I switch to Winters I put it on Viking contact sevs and that’s also what you should do with this and then it’ll be totally fine it’s the same

Platform as this car right uh basically yeah it’s a Mercedes yeah okay so this car do you love it or hate it the outside the inside the whole idea of this car you know me Yuri rear wheeel drive vaa you like I absolutely love this car it’s the best well it’s not the

Best but I love this car bro how about this Heritage badge leading back to that like 60s or whatever Chrysler 300 yeah or whatever is correct cuz I have no idea what it it is apparently a Heritage badge on on the front with the blue the

Tricolor yeah and then we got cool like lip kit and like a cool blackout Grill like I don’t like the satin Wheels I wish it was white Wheels okay let me get into all the things that you get with this special edition even though this is

Just called a 300 SE it’s not called an SRT but for the last year they’re making 2,000 of these in America and 200 in Canada so let me get into the special stuff with this particular model so those Wheels they look really nice they’re kind of hell catish kind of

Charger is we also get adaptive suspension and a limited slip differential which you definitely need both of those things in this car however I’ve noticed that the suspension is a little bit firm I would kind of prefer this to be floaty and boatlike which it’s actually not you just want boat

With big engine kind of like the uh F-150 cool thing we had yeah just like old school Vibe kind of thing you also get blacked out exhaust tips let’s take a listen to the Outside sounds pretty damn good awesome it’s a hemi it’s straight out of the charger it has more horsepower than when this car originally had an SRT8 version even though it was the same kind of engine basically okay can we talk about uh how the old ones used to look and how

They we’ll get to that hang on couple more things to talk about and that exhaust is also valved but you can’t change it through any of the modes it just like automatically does the the valving for it yeah it’s nice like it’s not too loud while you’re driving around

And whenever you get on it it gets nice and loud yeah which I’m not going to do normally I would do right now but it is so sketchy to drive this on even though it’s not sketchy conditions like in general yeah and at the front and all

Around you kind of get black chrome accents you get blacked out headlights tailights everything’s like a little bit tinted all darker cool spoiler cool spoiler and obviously that big old engine front and then inside you do get like carbon fiber and some cool little touches in here like the badge on the

Seats carbon fiber singular cuz it’s like one area only yes yes yeah and the seat stamping is cool and that’s basically it okay comparing the looks of this to like the old ones like when they first came out you know everyone made them Bentley and I think it’s the most

Abused car model in history in terms of the aftermarket like poor modifications yeah like Bentley’s rolls-royces doors up dunks but I also I like I kind of love all those they they are so fun like I remember like right when the Chrysler 300 came out I saw it on a cover of

Magazine it was like white and gold two-tone like I’ve always liked them I still like it it is cool that it’s still around I I just love old feeling cars it’s the Detroit Bentley it’s sick there’s nothing bad with it and this one looks awesome too bad it’s a black color

Yeah like if it was like a burgundy color or maybe like a white color even would be cool uh I did see in the Toronto car spotting groups some guy in Brampton had a one of 200 plate on it and like a cool camo paint job he probably works at the Brampton Factory

And has put together so many of these cars he’s like I got to get one for myself this thing paid for my house over the last 15 years but back to the looks of this versus the old one I think the old one the actual SRTA version looked a

Lot different than the base this just kind of looks like a c you also get the Brembo brakes as well which kind of helped stand this out a little bit more but it’s like if you didn’t know what this car was You’ just assume it was a c

Whereas the previous SRT8 had cooler Wheels a little bit of a cooler lip kit and stuff obviously the SRT8 badge so I think they did a better job with the first one but that’s probably why they didn’t badge us as an SRT yeah I would love to actually review like old weird

2000s cars that I think are cool I would love if you guys watch them check out this playlist we got in the top right corner oh God you’re going to kill me no I’m not going to kill anyone check out this playlist of old cars we’ve reviewed

Yes and let us know in the comments below which old cars we should r i want to review a M5 with a V10 I want to buy an M5 with a V10 I actually drove one there is an old video that I filmed exhaust video which was actually Flames man that would be that would be fun cuz you know yeah it’s a V10 I bet you the next chrysis 300 is not going to be as cool do you hear that they’re going to put a gas inline six in the neutr charger or whatever should we buy

An M5 V10 for the channel and then we document the problems if there are any for the channel so that we make people aware of what the problems could potentially be with that engine buy one buy one bro let me know in the comments just say yes please cuz I really want to

Do it and the last thing I actually want to talk about is this ZF 8speed which so sketchy shifts like it always does in every other charger and every other product that has this so it is still quite good we got these half paddles whatever you also with this

Whatever half paddles are amazing because then it gives you the radio controls on the bottom behind the steering wheel we also have this uh completely different shifter like you mentioned earlier than the charger so this is a luxury shifter so it’s a rotary dial so you have S which you have

To rotate to do does it go to park when you turn it off yes I’ve tried that multiple times wa in Drive yes oh yeah heck yeah that’s good that’s they probably did that because there was some incidents in the past oh yeah yeah yeah start Trek guy yeah yeah that’s honestly

All I want to say about this from the driver seat so let’s get you into the driver’s seat cuz I have one secret sport mode feature that you don’t know about there’s all there like I literally know nothing about this car yeah yeah well there’s nothing to know we already

Reviewed the SE all I know is traction button is there and gas pedals on the right I haven’t even mentioned the drive modes or any of that performance page stuff who knows what’s in there Yuri don’t look at the screen I can see what’s in there whatever it’s in a

Charger all right not going to try launch control no it’s not going to work today Yeah that was like half throttle yeah I know sounds good cuz the traction is like think there’s a little bit of ZF in there I think it was just the traction control kind of doing its thing there hey hey traction great job exactly that was track traction that was full track

Mode man this sounds great okay what how do I go back to like uh sport I guess I’ve been driving in custom just cuz uh I like my soft suspension with everything else kind of maxed out it’s nice that we can customize all that and it’s that good infotainment I’m used to

So that’s nice yeah same old infotainment that we’ve had for the last whatever amount of years in the charger it is good it’s good besides the fact that the rearview camera looks like you’re holding a lighter to it and they burnt it they probably burnt a million

On the assembly line and they’re like we got to just keep keep making price of 300s we got cameras to feed Apple carplay Android Works flawlessly plug the phone wired great what’s the hate nothing honestly honestly rewind satellite radio sounds all right and you know what this thing probably isn’t

Doing what tracking me and doing over the air updates which I hate and it’s like the best time to get an older style car in 2023 with a warranty right now so that in the next 5 years not every single car you have to buy has over

Theair updates and you can brick your car online potentially and all that stuff so go to tsp. buy this last 300C or any of the ones right before this one or the previous gen SRT8 cuz this is such a sick car unless you live in Toronto cuz it’ll get stolen

Okay I actually uh woke up at 4:30 this morning to uh I thought somebody was stealing it checked all my security cameras obviously nothing happen so I understand the uh crippling anxiety that people must be going through that own stellantis products but uh luckily nothing happened okay secret sport mode

So just do nothing just Coast at the like a normal speed just pick a speed and Coast okay left hand reach down by your seat at the front no front yeah right there now pull the the thing towards you the little lever pull towards you keep it keep going pull it

Pull it pull it what the hell is that is that the is that the paddle button no it’s the pedal the pedals are moving towards you my foot stay still and the pedal moves against my so I was driving trying to adjust my seat I’m like oh what’s this

Button and all a sudden car’s going faster oh God there’s a truck I got to go I’m literally going like a snail space to try to not under steer into everything yeah I mean this is sick it is and undrivable completely yes on uh this current configuration that we’ve

Been given and I have a theory about that okay so I think uh stellantis gives out these hellcats SRT products with these allseason tires because there’s less shock to the drivetrain so the car when it’s not just like instantly hooking up you’re not breaking axles or

Anything like that you want some slip to save the axles and the car and the engine and the transmission this is their way of not having to um warranty claims warranty yeah yeah exactly they’re probably going to just spin it in an intersection and put it into a

Pole anyway so let them do that before the claim exactly I think it’s a correct Theory I get it and I guess that’s why the demon is cool because it actually is built for hooking up exactly it’s upgraded but we’ll never know may no no

No chance come on okay so since this is a sedan it’s probably a very big roomy family car so Jacob could fit his whole uh six full one and A2 family in all four seats right yes the word of probably is very good choice cuz I don’t really fit comfortably black there like

My the top of my head hits the roof and then my knees are basically into the back of the seat so so that’s kind of funny it is very funny actually for a full size sedan to not be that comfortable for someone but like whatever yeah whatever at this point who

Cares okay so let’s get into these little differences that this has that the charger doesn’t okay we have this little cover yeah nice which is really nice it’s a big cover heated and cooled cup holders just like a BMW well that’s a ton of reason to buy this over a

12-year-old one for what 10,000 bucks yeah exactly so I actually genuinely used it this morning for my coffee because it was a little too hot so I actually put on the cooled cup holder for my hot coffee to get it to a drinking temperature and then we have

Heat and cooled seats up here and then in the back we actually have heated seats which you don’t get on a charger as well you know what I am mad about in this car what this is an old car yeah it should be have old Tech in it no CD

Player yes no CD player shock of the century like this definitely not a shock of the century what are you kidding me leave a comment below if you’re shocked that it doesn’t have a CD does it have a CD player in there no it doesn’t I’m

Still looking for one how does it not have a CD player uh pretty obvious cuz nobody uses CDs anymore does Lexis have cd players in their cars I actually have no idea they do Okay C and the visor sure for sure for sure three two one

Full pass with the extension hey we got we got uh seat memory yes oh and you got blue gauges instead of red gauges or anything like that like on a charger and Yuri do me a favor hit red line right now H impossible there is no red line yeah

It’s a I noticed that I’m like I don’t know where to shift but you can program shift lights through here yeah so I guess you could know when to shift if you want to drag or I guess you probably could drag orist that’d be pretty cool

Oh yeah this will do like a pretty decent quarter mile time and uh 0 to 60 is also very respectable as well those numbers are on the screen right now thanks editor yeah yeah and uh I love how fluid the gauges are it shows everything like everything about this is

Nice it’s comfortable I may be an old man now at the age of 36 I don’t want more Tech in a car no I don’t either this is the perfect amount of tech yep if something about a Chrysler 300 started tracking my eyes I would be

Upset same here and then if say I wanted to make this car look like a Bentley oh man there are a lot of Chrysler 300s that look like Bentley but you know what I would do to this one to make it look like a Bentley get yourself in set of

Tuxmat Yuri go to tuxmat /th stray pipes to see what they have available for your car to kind of turn it into a Bentley and then I’d put a Bentley badge on it yeah yeah and Spinners hell yeah let’s go up doors all day baby swangas throw

Them on here no problem you know what swangers are no you know those uh spoke things that stick out of the car they’re called swangers swangas swangas and then this does actually have adaptive cruise control which is cool so yeah that’s pretty much it absolutely love this car

Shout out Chrysler and Dodge for fleeing everyone on 2024 2023 models and oh everything’s limited edition there if you do the math I bet you there’s at least 10,000 limited edition cars for 2023 24 whatever the last year of gas is there’s probably a lot like if this is

At 2200 each special edition charger is at like 2,000 yeah and for Challenger is at 2,000 and then they keep adding new ones there’s a lot there’s nothing limited that’s just different ones anyways let get to the price let’s get to the price this one is 7299 Canadian and built in Canada and

The Charger SRT 392 starts at 66 290 which has the same engine so it is considerably cheaper but the 392 widebody is 74 290 so it’s a little bit more than this would you rather have this or a 392 wide body this this over a widebody for sure I would go widebody

This looks cooler than a widebody to me I love the widebody Chargers but this is cooler it is cooler imagine showing up to like a Mopar Day and then you got like 30 Gorillas with the yellow sticker on the bottom and then you show up in

This I get it that’s is cooler it is honestly I just kind of want to drive one of the older SRT8 so do I like that would be cool you know I considered buying one yeah you’ve considered buying every single car ever only the cool ones though no you’ve considered every car no

I’m not a PT Cruiser not once in my life you considered making me buy that one no I considered helping you as a friend cuz you wanted one the $500 one the GU yeah you want it I didn’t want it got I wanted it for you it would have been on the Channel