Restoring My R34 GTR | Episode 3

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Posted: 2023-11-05 11:46:10
Author: Dino DC
The journey in the GT-R restoration continues with a visit to Ogura Racing Clutch to replace the 20 year old ATS carbon clutch with an all-new ORC Pro Carbon Twin item, a 20 year jump in technology to what I’ve been used to. We ran into some issues but the mechanics at Pit ORC took care of all hurdles and delivered a tight, responsive clutch with an OEM pedal feel back to me so I’m beyond stocked!

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Dino DC Video Transcript

All right so I’m back at the shotkin center in Tokyo uh with my paperwork here because uh the original uh temporary plate that I had for the 34 has expired and I’ve had to come back here and get another one so I’m picking up the insurance and then going to the

City hall to get my SL plates and as ever there’s always cool things to to see when you come to the shot Center and today we have an outtech 40th anniversary four-door GTR in pristine condition this is absolutely spotless stock wheels and everything so cool it’s on uh trade plates so it’s got

The red suround so it’s definitely a dealership or somebody with a workshop that has brought it here for the shot in dc2 integr type power with an FR FRP Hood car seat and I just saw a McLaren Dr there it is there it is it says rich meal on the

Side I don’t know if it’s a special version 620r Richard M the cool stuff that you see a shotgun centers and there’s a cool K truck here but the cooler stuff is in the back if you guys are into your bikes you would know how special a VFR 750r is

Very cool all right so we decided to get some nice chahan opposite the license center here in Samu best chahan in the area awesome shop always come Here all right so picked up the number plates and we are now legal to drive the car uh insured and everything so uh I’m actually on my way up to orc the famous clutch manufacturer I’m going to be fitting uh a new twin plate clutch to

The car uh this is actually uh replacing another twin plate clutch that I’ve been running for close to 20 years uh as funny as that may sound so getting rid of the ATS twin carbon for an orc clutch uh I just want the best possible clutch

Out you know in the market to kind of uh map the car and just have it reliable and uh no issues with slippage cuz you’re going to jump in the car and head out and uh before I do that though uh I actually wanted to show you this brand

New generation Z you actually don’t see these cars too often uh in Japan I may have seen like maybe five or six out on the road they’re still very much behind on deliveries and I have to say white is probably the coolest color for this car

I really like how the black Parts uh contrast but enough of that time to jump back in the GTR and uh head Out okay so uh we got the clutch here and we’re actually going to take a look at it here in the main shop before uh we fit it to the car so we can talk about it see what the benefits are and uh what it looks like so so he’s basically

Saying so it’s actually a carbon clutch um which is what originally I asked for which is great that um they were able to prepare this and the benefits are that it’s much easier to handle and and drive on on the street so like a daily use

Kind of thing and then much uh better at heat resistance retention so the it’s better performance all around I guess okay so I just wanted to see a breakdown of the actual clutch how it’s uh put together so you can see the two carbon fiber um clutch discs so the main

Difference uh between this and the one I’m actually using from ATS is that this is actually weaved carbon fiber where the one I have now is actually uh forged carbon fiber so um this should actually be smoother and easier to warm up and the model number

Is orc 559 CC all right so here it is let me move the chair out the way actual clutch beautiful thing I mean it’s almost a Pity to actually fit this and hide it away move the GTR inside again pit orc is the place we’re at Aura racing clutch That wrap still has a bit of shine left hopefully it comes off next week All right so the is already started here so we’re taking the trim away and UND doing all the bolts around the shifter and then we’ll be able to drop the transmission and uh remove the ATS clutch that’s currently in there now unfortunately with the 34 there’s always

The diffuser in the way uh so that had to be taken off and along with the stays here that we saw are in really bad condition but that’s okay because I actually contacted gar yida and they sent sent me uh their version of the bracket kit for the

Diffuser so I’m going to be replacing uh all the rusted out Parts uh next week with the garera parts uh I have to look into the instructions because these are actually mounted to the diffuser with rivets so I need to see if I remove the rivets or actually use some bolts or

Different uh systems attach but um they got rid of the exhaust and are now working on the propeller shaft actually spotted a little bit of leakage around the the KW lifter lines so it’s always been spraying hydraulic fluid all over the place another thing to look at so

The cool thing about pit orc is that um most people just assume it’s like a a kind of race development shop but it’s actually a tuning shop so you know if you’re a privateer and you want uh Parts fitted not only there clutches where you can either buy parts through them or

Bring your own Parts uh they have a fully accessorized uh Workshop here tire changer they have a very expensive Hunter uh alignment machine and uh you can pretty much get anything you want done here they have very fast mechanics I’ve never seen anybody work so fast

Getting stuff taken down off a car so if you’re ever in the area isaki GMA um check it out that is the 20-year-old ATS twin plate clutch uh that’s just about to come off all right so we managed to remove all the plates from the ATS as you can see been

Through quite a few heat Cycles all right so we have the two clutches compressor orc here ATS here so what I’ve noticed uh with the ATS design is that it has kind of like a casing all around um the the center clutch where the discs would be packaged and because

It’s semi closed there was a lot of dust that just sat and collected along potentially causing issues like when we untightened it so much dust dropped to the floor so uh I think with the open design of the RC the dust can uh be more

Free to get out of the housing and not be in the way and possibly create any issues with the ways uh that the the discs kind of uh merge up to each other You So this is a very special process that uh orc does they have a specific grease that they developed uh along with a grease manufacturer with M denim uh inside so uh it creates this coating on the input shaft that even after the grease the oily part of the grease Burns

Off it stays creates a coating against the metal and uh it’s it’s only RC that does this so that’s pretty pretty interesting process second plate and then the spring loaded front section which we were looking at before we’ve spotted this diot to truck carrying a drift

S14 I can’t make out whose car it is but it’s probably going down to the conai drift Allstars which are being held this Weekend He all right so um fast forward 24 hours and I’m back in Tokyo uh unfortunately the the guys at pit orc were not able to uh adjust the clutch in the manner that they thought was nice I think what ended up happening was that uh once they purged the system the master cylinder

Didn’t end up working too well I mean it’s still the original one that was used even on the stock setup so I left the car there they gave me a Suzuki Swift Courtesy car came back home today Saturday I’m actually going to Nismo Mori Factory because I just called them

Up and they have a Nismo slightly bigger capacity master cylinder so I’m going to pick that up and then tomorrow once I come back from gai I’m going to stop at pit orc uh get them to fit the master cylinder and then hopefully everything will be fine and I can drive back with

The GTRs okay so here we are at Nismo horei Factory and strangely enough if you look down here there’s a Supra and an fl5 nice z32 just pulled up on BBS very nice 332 GTRs all right let’s go inside and see if we can get this uh clutch cylinder cool thing is they

Always have the lon car hanging on the wall and race engine so the group a R32 engine and then the very last RB to be run on a Skyline race car the GT500 jgtc R3 34 and it’s so much lower because of course it’s dry sumped some of the

Engine packages that Nismo offers R3 the S2 and the VR but the coolest thing of course um are the complete cars and I’m not talking about the modern stuff but the Clubman racing spec the R34 the R3 three and the R32 and the king of the mall The Zed

Chune this is nismo’s very own Zed chune that will be on display at the end of um this month at ours meeting and then also at Nismo Festival um on the first Sunday of December they actually have the r33 penil from jgtc so this is a

1998 car uh that Eric komas drove and won the championship there it is what a legend of a car stunning in every way let’s take a look at the back has the craziest uh spoiler setup then of course the R34 so this was uh Eid and trer yours

Car 2002 so this is the last year of the R34 Skyline GTR in the GT500 it then got replaced by the z33 and uh this car wasn’t actually running an rb26 it was running the the VQ turbocharged VQ so yes a Skyline but not really a true Skyline so there it is

The vq30 D twin turbo V6 that then was used used on so this is actually the Nismo version of the skyline 400r this just came out this is actually the first time I see it I know somebody that has this on order so we’ll probably do a piece when that car arrives but

Basically it’s a pumped up version of the 400r so it runs the same engine as the z34 uh sorry the rz-34 the 400z so it’s a vr30 um base engine and uh fited here to comfortable s down so you can call this the Japanese M3 the goodies radiator shroud the airbox the

Carbon fiber piping titanium strut brace the GT plenum old dream parts for any guys with an rb26 on their bunnet and a ton of other stuff here all the Heritage stuff and replacement parts for your RB well that’s the dream this is all the zetune uh carbon fiber set so the carbon

Fiber wider fenders The Zed tune bumper and the diffuser section and that over there is the new R35 carbon hood very very expensive stuff Okay this is really funny so I thought let me give orc a quick call just to make sure that I don’t need the operating cylinder as well as a master cylinder for the clutch because Nismo stocks both and it turns out that last night uh they actually figured out that

A small seal had uh broke in the master cylinder so they actually ordered it uh this morning and uh I think the dealer had it so they managed to actually replace it and it works fine so um yes I did come to niso for nothing but uh at

Least uh the car is fixed so I can actually just go and pick it up tomorrow on the way back from gai without any issues or without them having to fit um the cylinder so uh thank you to the guys here at Nismo that actually look for the

Part for me uh but uh this time it’s not needed so we can uh head out and uh head back to GMA tomorrow all right so here we are at pit orc again just coming back from gai and the GTR is done is right here

Hello so we’re here to pick up the GTR again it’s uh being fixed up it’s all ready to go hell they even cleaned it no they didn’t but yeah cool let’s uh let’s jump in all right so um I’m just going to head up to the uh track

Here at orc just to have a little check of the feel of the clutch and uh if I have any feedback I’ll let them know if they need to make any changes but I already feel it already feels pretty tight and almost new so I’m going to go do that Now so the the feel is actually really really smooth and there’s no nasty vibration at low RPM like the ATS Had okay so um car is all set ready to go uh we’re going to head out and uh since we have a nice long drive back with plenty of traffic I’m going to get to not only start beding in the clutch I got about 500 km I need to kind of make

Sure I hit some uh some things that they told me to do here at orc uh kind of slip in the clutch in second gear some takeoffs interesting cars keep driving by here and um uh yeah so like on the highway maybe doing like five clutch kicks waiting 30 seconds doing another

Five just to get some heat into the plates and uh just uh bind the carbon disc to the other metal surfaces all right so a few more clutch kits and then hopefully that will be enough for this uh F in procedure so one 2 3 four and Five