MORE LUXURY & LENGTH! 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L Review

Reading Time: 15 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-21 12:59:25
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Grand Wagoneer L Series 3 review by The Straight Pipes. The Grand Wagoneer L putting down 500 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque from the new Hurricane 3L inline 6 Twin Turbo engine At $140,670 CAD, would you take it over the Escalade, Navigator, Yukon Denali BMW X7 or Mercedes GLS?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Yuri and I’m going for a Drive 2023 Jeep Grand wagon near Series 3 l with the new twin turbo inline 6 hurricane Engine with 500 horsepower and 510 lb Fe of torque and a maybe unofficial launch control that’s not bad so today we’re doing a Yuri solo review we’ve got this Grand

Wagon here and it’s got the new motor which is pretty cool the last grand Wagoner we drove was with the V8 and this actually has more horsepower more torque and is more efficient and then this is the first Grand Wagoner L and now there’s also a Wagoner cuz the

Wagoner and Grand Wagoner are also slightly different like the grand Wagoner one’s more luxurious and has like slightly different looks and stuff so let’s started off with showing the trunk space to show how much more room you get over a grand Wagoner nonl so

This adds 12 in of length to the car and extends the wheelbase by 7 in and it actually doesn’t even feel that much bigger I’ve done some crazy u-turns and had no issues actually turning around like it’s not a fullon boat which has been nice and next because this is a

Luxury three row let’s look at all the seats we can fit in every single one of them there is so much room we even have reclining in the very back USB and USBC in the very back we’ve got screens back here and we even have a screen for the

Passenger so that they can watch stuff that the driver cannot see and as I like to do for a Yuri solo review I like to get to the price right away this one starts at 13,496 Canadian and this one is sitting at 14,670 and what this really competes

With is an extended Escalade there is an extended Navigator as well and then also I guess the Denali Yukon extended this doesn’t really compete with a GLS or a X7 because those aren’t super extended but I guess like it kind of can because this is a luxury car it’s kind of like

Its own brand waganer just like how Genesis turned into its own brand that’s what they’re doing with this even when you go to spec 1 out you go to Wagon not work I was trying to rotate around and look at all the cool interiors and it was just very hard to

Use in Chrome which should be where it works the best so this being a Yuri only review I’m going to dive deep into the stuff that makes this awesome for daily driving all the cool features dig right into it we’ll talk a little bit about power and handling but like it’s not

Really about that is it it can off-road but the main thing is we have screens tons of screens big gauge cluster big infotainment a passenger screen that you can watch TV on there screens back here and has built in Fire TV so Amazon Alexa

And stuff in the back you can also go to YouTube go to Netflix you do need a Wi-Fi connection this does have Wi-Fi built into it but nobody activated it so I had to set it up to my hotspot on my iPhone which was fine you can also cast

Directly to the TV wirelessly if you have an Android or if you have an iPhone connect through HDMI through an adapter and for me as an iPhone owner I would much rather do that then even consider owning an Android I I don’t like Android it’s not my jam it’s not Jacob’s either

He converted over shout out Apple I mean whatever who cares and then you have little remotes you actually have like a proper TV remote like you know you probably have at home for yours and then you also have headphones that sync up to each one separately and you can I think

Also share what people are watching but I couldn’t find the headphones anywhere in the car I checked that armrest it wasn’t there I checked this armrest and there’s just a fridge down there which is also pretty cool and then with this having built-in Alexa it does have car

To home which I think you can start like controlling stuff at your home through your car which I personally would not want to trust ever at all so some people might like all that Tech stuff but I would like a harder disconnect between my car and my house let let me know in

The comments below if you have C of home and you actually use it like what do you use it for just to turn on the lights when you get home or turn up the temperature I I don’t know to order groceries and then with these screens

You don’t have to use the built-in Fire TV you can also plug into HDMI like there’s an HDMI here in this secret compartment which I’ll get to in a second HDMI back there and you have AC power back here too and 12vt Power and only 12vt in the trunk so I guess

Technically you could hook up a game system play that but I don’t know if there’s going to be HDMI input lag like there was in that BMW i7 so let’s test that out with some N64 with my HDMI converter and see all right the colors

Are all messed up when I tried on the front one but doesn’t seem like there’s too much input lag oh my God that’s probably the worst input lag I’ve ever seen in my life nah not about it all right now we got the PlayStation with the official

PlayStation cable let’s see if it works and if there’s any input lag hey it does work and oh my God so much input lag so you you really can’t play anything on here all right so I plugged in my computer instead and you can see

There is a good amount of input lag I would say not acceptable for games sorry and that kind of sucks that it has input lag because then you can’t really play a lot of games like you could in that Dodge Durango that just had the RCA cables that was perfect I think analog

Gaming belongs in cars I think there was a minivan that had a built-in N64 N64 controller that was cool and then with these screens here there’s no screen in the middle because we have this big gigantic moon roof and a sunscreen at the back which is very nice I would much

Rather have the flip D like I had in the Odyssey and older minivans because then the people in the back can enjoy it too I assume you’re going to have this for a family or a limo but maybe a family for kids so now back to the secret phone

Compartment it took me a while to figure out how to plug in my carplay because it was down if I click this button right here it drops down or lifts up and that’s where you have some of your temperature and fan controls which you could also get up here as well your

Massage seat controls and your rear climate as well when you click this button it does lift up and then you can put your phone on a wireless charger as well cuz it does have wired and Wireless Apple carplay and then it also does have USB and USBC for everything it is like

The perfect combination of all the technology you need unlike a lot of other companies that’ll only give you USBC and wireless like I want the options it’s a transitionary period in cars and then in that compartment too you can stick your phone up or on the

Wireless tray and it’s nice cuz it can be up because sometimes having your phone on a wireless tray overheats your phone and there’s nowhere else to put it except for on the wireless charging tray and with that there it’ll also close but I don’t know if I fully trust having a

Phone in Electric closing compartment because like what if it gets stuck then like what I’m going to have to try to rip that open by hand and like cause so much damage or like go to a shop and see if they could fix it and like risk

Losing my phone in there I prefer like mechanical places to hold my phone or just keep it up like Drop it for a massage and bring it back up but you can also control your massage through here so that’s fine too the next thing so when you’re parked you may hear

That you can go to a relax mode which will make this show up on all three screens you can get the uh what is this one called the Aurora Borealis an aquarium theme a fireplace theme a forest theme or also a topographic theme I guess it’s meant for relaxing but the

Thing is you can’t see the passenger side screen because of like the computer angle screen protection thing even when you’re in the middle you can’t really see all three and on the right side you could like barely see all three I think they make it look a lot cooler on the

Marketing material than it does in real life but it is definitely a cool gimmick and a cool way to use all three screens that I would never use except for to impress people with my gimmicks and to finish off the infotainment I know that’s a lot there’s even more we’ve got

Favorites that slide down at the top which is nice you’ve got all your hard buttons not hard buttons but like menu buttons always at the bottom even when you’re in carplay which is something that like Alexis and a lot of other companies that have bad infotainments

Don’t do and then this does have a ma a Macintosh McIntosh system which I really really love it’s got serus XM a lot of good stations you can get like 341 and stuff it does rewind it has been a pleasure listening to music in this car

That was a lot now let’s get to the looks from the outside first thing I want to talk about is the wheels they don’t stand out to me at all I barely even know what they look like I kind of hate them the Continental recommended tire would be the Viking contact 7 for

Winter or the cross contact lx25 in the summer and then if you want to go to our con pipes page you can even just say it to your phone and it spits it out and sends you there perfectly Continental theay pipes cuz sometimes it’s hard to type out

Continental thestraightpipes or you can click the link in the description below and since I hated the wheels the first thing I did was Google 4G autos Grand Wagoner and the first thing that showed up was a couple wagon ear with photos on it it was a non-r

Wagoner but it was Whited out with the Woodies and sck wheels Shout 4G auto my favorite Wheels I think they should have a spec with the Woody just like that because it looks so amazing now to the looks looks starting with the side view that back window looks freaking huge but

It doesn’t look too awkward like it looks menacing it looks like a presidential Convoy kind of car I can definitely see stellantis paying to have this as like a bad guy vehicle in like an upcoming Marvel movie or something cuz they do that a lot with different

Movies from the side view my favorite part is the chrome trim AR around the windows and along the roof also the Chrome of the roof rack which really stands out when you’ve got like a darker background like trees behind it funny thing is this car looks black right it’s

Not it’s like a very very very dark like candy red or purple or something like that the roof actually is black this is a two-tone option but you can barely tell sometimes it pops I think it’s very cool if you want a black car with a

Little bit of like flavor to it I think I do like that red one with the black roof that we had before but I also do love the the Chrome Silhouettes against the black this also can raise and lower a whole bunch but not like super super

Low like an Alpena dumped which actually would be super sick we do have side steps for getting in and out and they are very very convenient at night we’ve got Wagoner lights on the ground and this what lights up on the door that says Wagoner so that’s cool as for

Headlights and tail lights we’ve got cool Jeep LEDs everything in there looks really nice we’ve got a little carbon fiber there too which is cool we’ve got a different Grill and Hood style than a regular wagon ear because a regular wagon ear will say wagon ear on the hood

This says Wagoner on the Chrome then on the back it also says Grand Wagoner and I love that silver Chrome outline around the back window it just looks so freaking cool like I think I do like the looks of this more than the Escalade even though Escalade is like classic and

It’s an Escalade this just has like a a different look that I think is more interesting to other people like it’s more of a conversation starter and then compared to the looks of a linoln I don’t really care for a linoln Yukon Denali kind of cool but like I think I

Think this is a better look and then moving on to the back no exhaust tips so let’s listen to it from the [Applause] outside sounds pretty all right for a six-cylinder let’s get on it nothing pumped in just pretty much normal 2023 car sounds which is fine

Tail lights pretty cool got like Jeep there red lines we got sequential at the front and back and I think those like little pods underneath if you look really close it does look really nice I I really like all the fine details then we also have the series 3 l badge back

There too all the badges are very cool the way it shows uh like bronze on the outside and silver on top or brushed steel or whatever it is it’s just a good good looking car with lots of nice details and if you’re looking to buy one

Or want to compare it on a configurator I would highly suggest using using tsp. instead of the configurator on wagon cuz is very difficult to use back to driving this do I look like I’m comfortable got air suspension on this it is very very

Comfortable we have a ton of off-road modes too our Drive modes are rock sand mud snow Auto and Sport I’ve just been keeping it in Auto cuz whatever we also have four-wheel drive low we’ve got downhill assist we have a rear electronic LSD and quadr track and quadr

Drive 4×4 stuff there’s like bunch of versions it’s kind of confusing I don’t really know but we do have an off-road page for your off-road mode stuff so you can click launch off-road Pages you get all your information and stuff like that you can even record breadcrumbs which

Will record what trail you want and send it to the app on your phone which I don’t have but that is pretty cool to have I mean it’s probably better to save it in Google Maps but you can’t blame them for trying to like give you features right they can’t make their

Whole brand off oh you’ll just do it in Google Maps right cuz like this has its own navig ation but I’m never going to use it Google Maps are nothing even Apple Maps like don’t need to like get sent the wrong direction or be late plus I love driving around in satellite view

I don’t know why I just like to see like the topograph like an actual satellite view of what’s around me as I drive and then to launch your off-road Pages actually loads a lot quicker than previous uh infotainments because this is UK connect 5 and it is very quick

Very smooth works great and then yeah that rear independent multilex suspension just makes this very very comfortable as for handling we did drive through cliche Corner a bit yesterday and it was like kind of all right like it’s a boat but you’re not going to push

It like push it push it so it felt fine it felt like fully adequate for how big this is and what I want to do with it and then as for towing this can tow a little over 9,000 lb in this configuration the L with the 3 L motor

However if you have I think the non-l and the 3 L motor I think you can tow up to 10,000 I think you lose weight depending on if you have the V8 because of how much that engine ways compared to the six-cylinder and also if you have

The L instead of the non-l and then with Towing they showed a cool video that you can back right up to your trailer with like the backup trailer Camera 360 cameras and stuff and what they said you could do is drop the air suspension all the way down line up perfectly with the

Trailer hitch and then raise the air suspension up to get under the trailer hitch so you don’t actually have to crank anything ever I have not tested that out because uh there’s no trailer hitch on here my Prower trailer buried in my garage but I think you could make

It work maybe I’ll try to like reverse up to a pylon and see if I can like absolutely nail it got it and then as for other videos online with this car guess who the celebrity to advertise this car is here’s a hint he’s an American baseball player Derek Jeter

Seems like he’s having a good time with the Wagoner the grand Wagoner sorry all right and then a couple more things we got to address you may have this if you have a kid or kids an ad dog we can definitely put a rear-facing child seat

There with a ton of room and then we do have family cam so if we click this button or fam cam you can see the back seats and it’ll highlight a certain seat and show it upside down so if you have a rear-facing seat which I still use you

Can see the baby’s face straight on not upside down which is pretty cool this does have rear baby shades on either side so that’s nice too instead of having to stick on your own and then if your car is loaded up with people and they’re blocking your view out the back

We do have a rearview mirror that turns into a camera as well and then we also have those little like wide angle mirrors on the side too I guess cuz this is such a huge car you can also lock the car by clicking the trunk close button

On the trunk while it’s closing unlike a Mazda which has to wait for the trunk to close all the way and then the trunk close button isn’t up at the top it’s on the left side which throws me off every time I drive a stantis product and then

As for commuting to work with this we do have the really good adaptive cruise and Lane centering it is the masera style where you just need to have like your fingers on it like that works wonderfully and to click that you got to click the buttons on this weird looking

Steering wheel but it’s got really nice materials I don’t know what this like weave metal thing is but it all looks nice I love the grand Wagoner over that like it’s got Piet black but like this is luxury luxury luxury so I am all right with it we got a hard button for

Massage we got kind of capacitor buttons for our heated steering wheel and all heated seats and stuff like that which is really cool when I remote started it this morning it also had all the heated stuff go on but I don’t have the app so I don’t know how fully I can customize

It the only thing that was weird was I couldn’t find the lumbar support anywhere so I had to dig through the seat settings in the infotainment to get that but once I dialed that in that was good and the massage isn’t like super super hard but it’s just like an overall

Good decent massage system and then this has a zf8 speeed but no paddles where the paddles would be we’ve just got our volume controls which I you know I love as a Chrysler Fanboy well I don’t know if I’m a fanboy I just have two of them and then also really decent head-up

Display not offensive not too big doesn’t show any of the wrong information it’s just nice and chill and then with wagoners you can get different layouts we’ve got the seven seater setup back there we’ve got this little area here with the armrest that can control your climate back there and with

Different variations you know who has floor mats that covers all the different sizes tux mats so get a set of tux mats for Your Wagon ear or whatever car you have at tuxmat dcom thestraightpipes and then to add to the seats yeah they’re very comfortable in every single row

It’s so nice to have that much room no real complaints cool interior colors available from the website which I had the hardest time spinning around and trying to look at but it does look like you can have a lot of cool options and make your wagon ear like pretty

Extravagant and you can also drop all the seats down from the very back so you get like a pretty flat load floor and you can automatically raise up the back row from there too but not the middle row obviously you know you know how it is and then lastly you know Dodge you

Know their reverse cameras they are awful what does this have it has a pretty all right 360 camera no hard button for it but you can add it as a favorite to the top it makes it very easy to maneuver but it’s also like not the best like I’d expect more from a

Grand Wagoner Series 3 but escalade’s getting away with their janky GTA 4 spinning around the car view even though this doesn’t have one so like the 360 camera stuff is all right it also has automatic parking which you might want to use if you have trouble parking a big

Boat like this but it is kind of slow so I found just parking it myself was kind of easier but the automatic parking does work and it’s very clear and easy to use and lucky for us this card does pass the visor test with flying colors and it’ll

Fit a whole bunch of different cups in the cup holder very easily oh and last thing I forgot forgot is we do have night vision in the gauge cluster which does have pedestrian and animal uh detection assistant which is pretty cool and you can run it during the day unlike

A lot of other cars which is cool and then your gauge cluster is very fluid very nice you can have your Speedo in the middle and that’s all I really want so uh I think overall I like this I think it is better than an Escalade if

You look at all the features and every little thing you can do like we got a volume knob a tuning knob I’m pretty sure a lot of other cars don’t have a tuning knob it all works pretty fluidly the built-in TVs and stuff work really well like having a TV up for your

Passenger is also really cool I think if you can get over the fact that the name Wagoner isn’t as cool as the name Escalade then this is awesome unless you’re willing to Pony up the over $200,000 for the Escalade V which is the ultimate big three SUV like hands down

Can’t compete with that at all but this if you’re not going V I really like it again the price of this is 14,670 Canadian where a similarly priced extended Cadillac Escalade would go for 157 758 Canadian pretty sweet I really like it lots of good stuff and I’ll be

Back filming a car review with Jacob in no time thanks for Watching