Masa Loves Cars: Why I was absent on Youtube for 2 months…

Why I was absent on Youtube for 2 months…

Posted: 2023-02-21 17:32:56
Author: Masa Loves Cars
Hey guys it Masa here for another update!!!!

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Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Hey guys it’s Masa again for another quick update so as you guys can tell I was been absent for a quite a while actually uh I haven’t been uploaded the video um since um December um 25th and the reason behind that is um very simple I was very busy for past two months

Um as you can tell with Dustin’s and other um YouTubers or creators video well basically I was helping them out through entire course of Auto Salon days and also after that I have some um let’s say private stuff happen um alongside of that so that’s why I haven’t been upload the video

For roughly about two months now and I’m sorry but yeah that’s why I want to make this quick little video so that you guys will be stay tuned and updated um the new video will coming up this week I went to attack scuba um unfortunately I went there very late

Actually I was at the venue for around like 2 30 in the afternoon which it was almost the end of the event so yeah and I haven’t stayed up to the end as well because I have plans afterwards but yeah um the video will coming out shortly

Maybe around the end of this weekend so stay tuned for you guys to enjoy the content so let’s talk about what I have been having happened in about two months and basically what happened was um you know if you guys haven’t uh following my Instagram which you guys

Should and go ahead if you guys haven’t followed go to go to my Instagram and follow but basically if you guys are hardcore enough to watch my own entire content maybe or maybe not so no I deleted two of my posts which regarding to this one specific person and reason behind that is

Um I just wanted to basically cut that person off I have no grudge whatsoever to that person but the thing is that um I kind of feel like I have to move on and I’ve been relying kind of relying on that person for a little while for many different reasons

Uh but I feel like if I’ve been you know be with that specific person for so long then I think I won’t evolve to the self that I wanted in the future so it kind of um cut that person off which to be honest it’s not a really easy thing to do

Uh since we had a very good time together and it’s for me I I kind of feel sorry that I caught that person off without that without that person knowing that I’m gonna cut her out cut that cut it off so yeah um so that’s why if you guys wondered

What happened to me with that person it’s a very to be honest it’s a very private thing and I don’t really wanna um talk it into the public so yeah um please just keep in mind but yeah that’s about it so if you guys are hoping for me and

That specific person to be um to see in more of both of their content um including mine uh unfortunately I cannot do it I’m due to that specific reason so yeah that’s about it and second thing is oh um another announcement well there’s one announcement actually so I’m working on

With the top rank that I have a Discord Channel if you guys checked out my Instagram story uh where I launched a a group Discord called a cross JDM it’s not X JDM it’s called cross JDM and basically that is um a community that we are starting to do and

If you guys want to enjoy go to the link that I will post down in the description below or also go check out my Instagram and you guys can join in and also I’ll be in there for a little while so if you have guys wanted to talk to me

Personally also if you guys wanted to discuss with other card uh car lovers all across the world then um that’s the best Discord channel that you guys can have so yeah go ahead and go to my go to the link in below and check out the Discord and let’s talk basically yeah

So another big announcement will coming up in next few days actually most likely I will be in Stateside very soon and sooner than you guys think which to be honest I’m pretty excited for this I’ll be announcing it once I get my all the flights and uh schedules

Around so go ahead guys don’t forget to follow my Instagram as well um since I’ll be most likely updating Instagram more often and yeah thank you very much for watching it’s a very short Vlog also the next Attack video will be short as well due to I haven’t already filmed much

But yeah hope you guys will like it um I will be keep posting it so stay tuned guys a lot of stuff is gonna going to happen in to my channel also big stuff is happening and in about few months so yeah stay tuned and enjoy muscle

Loves cars content and to be honest um around February I have a very big uh movement happen in my life that I would have thought I would never enough to have actually and kind of thinking dad I glad that I you know moved on it had sense

So yeah I will tell you guys once I will the stuff will be happening on next month next few months actually but yeah thank you very much for watching this short vlog I hope you guys liked it sorry that it’s kind of like a you know

Basic thing but yeah thank you very much for watching I’ll see you guys in the next video peace out matinee