Masa Loves Cars: Tokyo Drift Is Real!!! Daikoku Parking Nights

Tokyo Drift Is Real!!! Daikoku Parking Nights

Posted: 2022-11-29 16:00:08
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this video I went Daikoku Parking with non other than @ShotasPOV , one of famous TikTok Star!! Enjoy as both of us go through some crazy stuff happen from Tokyo Drift inspired cars to car girls and burn outs!!!

Shota Pov

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

People it’s Masa here again for another random daily Vlog all right go check it out onwards let’s go come and look at it so Fast and Furious lies right here what is uh [Applause] good evening people it’s Masa here again for another random daily vlog and today I have some special guests not

Special at all just a guest dude this is the guy if you want to know about like Japan this is the guy for you show the POV show to what’s up bro what up how are you I’m good I’m good seeing you in like six months it’s been a while

Six months yeah more like months ah but like properly in the car and everything yeah properly in a car that’s six months yeah but I just came back from Kyoto I have something what is this oh it’s in yatsuhashi the Kyoto’s traditional like uh really good yeah

Yeah no yeah it’s a very good one yeah it’s like a very unique flavor yeah thank you very much on top so what we’re gonna do what are we doing you tell me I have no idea what’s going on well you bragged me out in the freaking shinagawa

Station uh so we’re gonna go to daikok PA yeah the usual that I always do the usual yeah to you this is normal the two forgot for the viewers though this is gonna be you said it’s gonna be good right Friday night yeah Friday night is always good I’m excited first time I’ve

Ever been to daikok PA on a Friday night I think yeah yeah me too it wouldn’t be you too every week oh yeah I’ll go there every day every weekend but yeah all right go check it out onwards let’s go Shota so now foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Tonight’s daikoku is just ridiculous you know I met Jay like I know his car I’ve never seen him in person but today I just met him and look at it so Fast and Furious flies right here two fast two furious vibes and like look at it

You can tell it’s a bit old school wow that’s loud that’s a bit loud got in my ear but yeah this is very cool another very nice Acura Integra right here put the audio system right here hey shot POV sorry man I got like interrupted with a bunch of people chilling um

So yeah how’s your daikoku experience I’m just taking it all in right now yeah you’re are you using your camera are you using your super super expensive over there yeah there’s uh DK and Hans car the veil with the phone oh yeah let’s go check it out

Oh yeah oh yeah Tokyo Drift music no that’s not a Lotus that’s a Ferrari bro bro that’s a three three two eight that’s a three two eight very nice right yeah yeah well I’m gonna put it in yeah cue the Tokyo Drift music right now Thank you What in the does a Chevy Chevelle it’s a legit drag bill right there that is just it might be a hole Yeah insane and then right next to that there’s a beamer coming in and quiet no pop no pops and bangs just like quiet car you know quiet

It’s very rare to see a BMW that quiet yeah usually it’s more round and obnoxious and then look at look at us you know it’s just a bunch of 997 right it’s a normal carella and 992 and a C8 in yellow But I love this C8 it’s cool Mid Engine yeah and I want a new Z06 because it sounds like Ferrari I want to put like uh you know headers and exhaust make it more louder it would match you yeah flashy I want to be flashy wow

Now let’s just sell that old 20 year old Nissan crap and just buy a new ca the I mean it’s just epic you know there’s so many cars here to check it out I mean look at that FD over there on the red you have a nice zanky S14 right there

914 and 997 fdr7 and uh Soul red Mica obviously I can tell with the paint oh my God the dash has been re-wrapped too holy smokes this is a very nice FD no Wing So sleek it doesn’t age this car is amazing and like sorry if my iPhone camera but this paint

Is just immaculate the fact that it’s night time and there’s no good lighting and it still looks this good I really want to see this oh my God another 34 GTR just walked in I love how you’re oh my God sounded so fake he’s like ah another one

I shouldn’t make it more like oh my God like a YouTuber yeah yeah yeah oh my God another another 20 Euro Nissan and yeah don’t miss the fd2 type R and I do miss it all the time you know whenever I see in that cocoa I sometimes missed this fd2 oh nice R32

And a y plane interesting that’s a base plate right there so those of you don’t know if the plate comes with the Y right there that usually the person is from a base or who works for the base oh my God my dream car is here it’s my dream car Esther Martin Vanquish

If it’s a touch Target three then I’ll like I’ll be like Shut Up And Take My Money oh my God how beautiful this car is just look at it it’s so sexy on a hip line like like this curvature is just so sexy ah gonna drool over you know I want to

Touch it but it’s just like ah and the interior is just amazing the dash the shape and everything is just so cool and omarin’s car is here another almost here a rental car but yeah amazing and right next to that that’s a real nsxr that’s a real nsxr by the way and an

Omoring call just pulls in with the omor n34 GTR and just said Z coming in okay good question right here now look at it NSX R34 GTR and FD what are you gonna get I can only choose one one and you have to stick in it start stick

With that car for rest of your life so you cannot make a salad and make a profit out of it what are you gonna do that’s not even fair there’s not like what since my dad is a Honda guy and like I love Honda’s story nsxr right even though like my childhood

Dream car is the R34 I mean that Arrington Center you know yeah the story with Daddy yeah not gonna lie NSX LS6 is just so iconic right yeah and honestly I think this if if I had this like my dad would be super hyped yeah so this is shelter’s pick my personal pick

That car yeah but you don’t even have to pick because you already have this one so uh nsxr and then you can already buy the other one here yeah yeah yeah true because the masa’s balling Vlog is just going out of hair right now but oh my God dang it

That’s a one big ass picture right there holy morosso like what car is that that is just insane holy smokes this car Charlie off racing engines I don’t know what size it is but it’s definitely big block for sure actually it’s it’s small block looks like but very

Nice big oh my God TBS blower right there holy Jesus insane like dude like this car like it it’s not even fit in like a normal parking spot like how the Chevy Chevelle is not gonna lie it’s big it is just insane and you can have like a shoot here too

Like the the thing over here oh my God end up what the drag slicks on the back and like even they cut the floors on the back and put like a massive cage in everything oh Jesus Christ this is just insane Cow induction oh my God Japan this is this is cool and right next to it you have a clean Z it’s like this is Japan right here it’s not just one JD and car just swarmed inside daikoku you have the European cars you have Exotics you have this muscle car

Just coming to daikoku and chill and most importantly they don’t rub their snot out of their cars they just come here and rest and hang out with people and respect others so yeah this is that’s why I love daikoku it’s just because of how versatile the car is and

Also they’re so respectful to others man this is daikoku is no like not gonna like daikoku is the spot whenever you guys are going to come to Japan you guys gotta have to check it out so this is insane right the quirkiest cars here a Piazza this Isuzu Piazza sitsar and BX

I mean this is these are these are my friend’s cars actually really yeah these are my friend’s cars man I have so many friends here huh your question is who do you not know here Come by me what are you not instead of this guy um foreign no no yeah this is my friend not Nana YouTube videos Foreign [Applause] foreign foreign water stuff do this so much so right now I just came across with this hako circus cube right here but check this out to play it’s ibar ibaraki but it’s supposed to be ibaraki there’s another character right here but it’s just a one single

IBA at 55. this is just like so unique because only in like certain years like first I think about like 97 or something like that they are still using that play but afterwards they’re like in a different you know regions name or something like that so this car is

Actually owned by a single person or it’s not like a descendant of that person it’s in the same foreign countless years and I mean look at the condition oh my God this is just insane seriously look at the paint a hundred percent that’s like restored or anything but and like nice work

I don’t know what the wheel is there but it looks nice too it’s like it’s just insane it’s insane oh my God daikoku man so I’m just gonna end the video here for tonight tonight was a very chaotic night you know seeing from a bunch of like cool JDM

Cars European cars Exotics too people running their engine in the middle of daikoku which you are not supposed to do by the way if you like the person who’s did that you’re wrong you’re but yeah aside from that daikoku always delivers a bunch of cool cars man I will

Always come every freaking so thank you very much for watching uh make sure comment share and subscribe the three important things and I’ll see you on the next video peace yeah say bye to Mr show the POV right there go ahead subscribe to his channel oh

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