Masa Loves Cars: Taking New Z for a Spin!!!

Posted: 2023-03-11 16:00:13
Author: Masa Loves Cars
I took New Z for spin curtsy of Omoshiro Rental Car and @ShogunAutosport !!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Good morning guys or hello guys I’m Masa here again for another a very very quick Vlog and today is Tuesday afternoon why I’m walking into this afternoon is because I have another privilege thanks to Almost Hero rental cars for letting me to drive there another very special car so catch you guys on

Today’s Vlog and yes now we’re here at Omar red these cars are available for rental cars I’ll put their Link in the description below look at these two nice double RX STIs and today I’ve gotta take a car over there the new yes Omarion now got a new Z for uh to

The rental and I’m gonna take this car to Shogun Auto Sport a day gonna detail this car today and right after that this is my well not really a initial impression since I’ve seen this car for quite a while but oh my God I love this saline blue color with nice two-tone

Oh my God look at these Body Lines right here it’s so cool and yeah well I’m gonna take this car for a ride so let’s get the keys and roll this car to Shogun and this is one of the underrated gdm cores the Suzuki Swift sport 1.47 1.4 liter

Four-cylinder turbocharged and this car only weighs less than a ton 990 kilograms and yep it obviously it comes with a stick this is a very good car and actually quite cheap brand new it was about 1.8 million yen which is about 15 000 give or take

And yeah this is like basically like a Fiesta ST for those of you guys in state aside but this car is very very cool I love this red metallic color I mean it’s a very cool car but I have some few grudges with Swifts you know Swift in general like in Japan they’re very cool cars but like some of the drivers you know ah there’s sometimes bit awkward but next right here 80 Supra big crack

Yeah very cool and this is another R34 GTR that is available at omoran this car really reminds me of my old R34 well not old the old version when the we got the fir we got the 34 GTR in 09 it really looked like this basically look at the

Right right yeah one knuckle yeah like this this car we came in like this so but looks cool but it’s a 20 year old car yeah this car is very cool FKA so they Type R actually this is a koki version you can tell with the uh revised bumper and

The suede steering wheel which only comes with the koki models and that shift and all right there it’s a very cool car oh yeah actually koki comes with the two-piece front rotors as well very cool this car is also available to Omarion and fl5 right there oh look at this combo fl5 versus

FK fl5 L another gr Harris as well oh my God these these are my favorite cars that I’m wearing to be honest with you guys you guys cannot you guys can’t rent like the GTRs r34s r33s R32 is that almost your rental cars and yeah those are very cool

But like for example right gr Yaris you only can get in Europe and Japan and like FKA yeah sure fl5 you can still get in Stateside too but it’s a very hard to come by still and yeah you can rent out ft2 right here also there is

Like a Citron DS3 racing like all these cars that are not available in Stateside can rent here at almost your rental car so to to my opinion I think you guys should drive these type of new JDM slash sports cars like Honda like new Hondas and stuff rather than drive like a 34

GTRs my opinion I think those are a little bit more cool it’s more fun and yeah I mean it’s more comfortable too to be honest it’s more realistic because you guys 34 GTRs are super expensive yeah sure it’s cool to drive in Japan but these are another cool Alternatives as

Well so and yeah that’s a very Infamous the car that’s been hooned by a none other than that Infamous F1 driver do not Hoon this car guys do not Hoon any almost your rental cars as well because you guys gonna get ass kicked by them so do not their cars please

Trust me and I’m not gonna Hoon it I’m gonna take care of it so guys I have to keep the key let’s go for drive all right so let’s open it up wow interior oh and clean oh obviously it’s a 6B manual can’t wait to drive it oh it’s already

Done like 3 000 kilometers on the clock start the car up interesting wow so cool so sick I love the KJ system let’s give it a live so we shall we oh it sounds like a big engine up front right well let’s get going so guys this is very interesting look at it

Terrible speed I don’t know why you need a turbo speed for the cage but guys now I’m inside the car let’s get going so well now I just drove it for a little bit of while and I’ll give you some few impressions of this Z so right off the bat

Once you sit inside you agreed it with this super super tiny mirror and you could cut it kind of see it but there’s like small Clips so actually you could see like there’s like two fingers I mean like two hands I kind of vaguely see it

And I thought it was like a you know one of those um like a digital inner mirror type of mirror but it’s actually like a normal mirror so it’s kind of a you know very iffy to look at it back and obviously the rear view is lack of rear view also

There’s a big trunk space right there and dropping your monomics is actually it’s okay I kind of like it the shift of yours is very nice um but the steering wheel steering feel is actually very vague than I thought it would be because I’ve driven 370Z

Four and that 370Z NISMO that I drove were I do remember the steering felt very very heavy but it’s actually not that heavy than I thought it would be it actually feels light lighter than my grrs to be exact and the feedback coming from the steering wheel is very numb compared to

Gr Yaris which to be fair the GRS steering wheel is kind of on the numb side to compare to the other you know like the hydraulic steering wheel that my 34 the 34 has which is obvious but the gr steering field versus this steering feel gross feels more more engaging to say

The least and the power feels very very good but it’s almost like too powerful enough that you need to warm up the rear tires or else the rear tires won’t hook up so it’s a very I wish the car had more I don’t know more engaged

Engage feeling that I got with the gr86 but this car is kind of lacking a little bit on that side but it’s just my first impression so once we get onto this highway and then we will find out more but for the meantime it’s so obviously a bit of a letdown to say

The least but you know there’s a Nismo version coming very soon so I hope that version will be very good but right now this is my impression of the the new Z to be honest Deluxe wise the new Z looks so so cool I mean you could tell it’s a very long blower

Too and he had them the line on my roof run is actually the grass is way more taller than a z but it looks so cool I really like it I like the way it looks but the front tip of the front is actually very difficult to you know to feel for it

Because it’s lacking right here which means the front and view you feel like the front end is very very long but it’s actually quite long but it’s like it feels more longer than that you imagined so it’s very difficult to maneuver around in a narrow and tight Suites of Japan

Yeah but the the line of this Defender line right here is actually quite cool looking I love the hill it’s so cool it really gives you a reminiscent of the old ZD and I love this blue color especially it kind of reminds me of the wangan blue

Slash Bayside blue R34 and R35 GTR but a little bit more darker shade of blue tint to it I think but it really really looks so so good especially with the red and black interior this combo is amazing hmm modern car roof look gr Yaris versus C which is your favorite comment down

Below my personal opinion but the driving wise GRS is more fun so now I’m driving a road a little bit and actually it’s very very interesting call and the right Comfort is very very smooth and soft shifter feels very nice nice clutch is actually quite good to be honest

And yeah the shifter feels very notchy and crisp as like like I said and yeah and sounds very good check this out yeah it’s actually sounds so nice I really really started to like this car very nice view of rural area of a Noda freaking nowhere can’t believe this is

Chiva in like 50 minutes away from Central Tokyo look at it nothing nothing else why am I living here this is awful knock on life and just like that I’m at Mr Shogun honors bar hey what’s up boys what’s up boys how’s the car dude how do I look how do

I sit in the car yeah all right you know look at me look at me guys look at me Looking pretty matched I would say I know right yeah yeah yeah one hand on the side what’s up boys look at my ride I’m so sick right I think you need a bit of practice bro bro bro what’s up Jake what’s up oh bro just like that I delivered a car for you

Guys yeah a second time huh yep smells new obviously yeah oh yeah damn I never seen on this color actually yeah it’s quite it looks it looks so good and you guys could do your magic to this car right with some magic yeah so what are you guys gonna do with it

A little assessment on the car and just see like what we think we can do we need to refresh the top coat for the coating uh if we can do like a detail clean engine bay or body we’re gonna basically look through and find out what we can do

Bring this car back to perfect yeah it’s not a brand new car but it’s quite fresh still right yeah three thousand uh less than four thousand K’s on the clock yeah yeah so so yeah first time to get hands up with the Zen so I can’t wait

Right I’ll give the keys to you guys and blz style have the shift of the handbrake right here nope but they did not yep yeah I know well Jake’s gonna drive around the Z For the First Time yep yep he will give you some guys Impressions but while I’m driving this

Annoying part is right here so if I put a drink right here it’s very difficult to reach and oh right there’s there’s power and the torque is about like 45-ish kilograms I bet yeah yeah right easy easily pulls yep get around this truck let’s feel it in a corner we know the engines

Uh oh Auto blip as well damn yep give it a truck up my corner 20 Front it’s great yep and and stable rear because I did that in an S2000 the other day on the exit the rear just came out straight away yep and it’s very annoying yeah very annoying yeah very annoying right here all your uh you know mouth juice is going to get on my

Head okay I’ll fight right it’s very cool but you’re right it does feel a little bit numb like it’s very electronic feeling in the steering it takes a lot of the you know data yeah the feedback away yeah from the road exactly yeah okay that’s my uh gripe about the

Steering aside from it’s actually the gr steering wheel is much better right but because this car puzzle you know it’s an electric steering and the 370Z was a hydraulic so you have more feeling but yep it sounds good right can came out oops oh well fortunately it’s

Empty yeah well it’s a little bit on the seat actually oops it’s so weird I have to get used to that I’ve really tried to Auto blip before right now regular manual pretty convenient actually I like that oh yeah Yeah man these uh stock cars are pretty damn good to be honest like it’s already good out of box all right get out of the box yeah it doesn’t feel like too soft you know of course it’d be nice to get a little bit more stiffness but front’s quite

Pointy and the rear is able I’m happy with it but uh on the circuit will be the real test you know you get to actually like yeah take it to the Limit and a bit over and then it’ll tell you where it needs some improvement but does the street easy

Nice one thanks dude Pro driver during track days Pro washer washer during the day Pro Driver sometimes some days behind the scenes of Shogun Channel I’ll put the link in the description below but look at it the pro setup right here the boys support the boys