Masa Loves Cars: Taking Delivery of The RARE LIMITED EDITION TOYOTA GRMN YARIS and Special announcement!

Taking Delivery of The RARE LIMITED EDITION TOYOTA GRMN YARIS and Special announcement!

Posted: 2023-04-05 16:00:30
Author: Masa Loves Cars
I finally got what I wanted!!! Also it comes with a bit of surprise too…

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Guys it’s Masa here I’m in a area called mitaka and I’m at gr garage Tokyo mitaka and I’m gonna get a special car today so look what I’m wearing I’m wearing a gr full full gr today so come follow me sounds like Elmo’s here too oh that’s awful wow come follow the switch

So actually these two I’m not all too long of it but I thought a one of them unfortunately this mad stop that’s from great one is actually this one today yes I couldn’t believe myself but this is my gr is grms and actually utushi actually fall back the cameraman right behind me is

Actually it’s official that’s my girlfriend so yeah I’m gonna got my car and I have my girlfriend filming it so yay Thank you Thank you oh I know yeah it’s a big part more power it doesn’t it only makes uh 20 newton meters more oh okay this is more important yeah so but the engine is a bit special as you can see right here yeah it says grmn yes all right there

Uh I’ll show it to you with the light um yeah that one over there it’s supposed to be just a gr but this is a grm special engine but the basic basically nothing has changed other than the distance are kind of segregated like selected from like three different variants for the

Normal ones versus this one is attracted from the five different variants and most lightest and most well balanced so technically speaking this is a bit better I think a bit better huh yeah all right I forgot my income ah [Applause] foreign it’s so inconvenient that’s good all right let’s go

Maiden voyage baby let’s go upstairs okay let’s go oh yeah guys oh you mean if the right off the bat it so the car comes with the mechanical clutch oh no actually aftermarket uh upgraded clutch and also the diff so it’s actually really different from my old Yaris which is just a normal

Clutch oh look at it look at it right there look at that a very cool cluster and I had a um the one with the cruise control and everything so the cruise control stuff will show up here and have more uh variations but it’s just a no cruise

Control so just here and look at it volume bulbs nothing is functional crazy dirty dirty shifter fuel is actually much more solid info Oh oh my god wow immediately you could tell this car is more sturdy and firm it’s totally different from normal GR it’s much better to be honest I don’t know if I’m saying I should say this but this car worth more spending this amount of money 75 000 or more then

Get for like an old 20-year 20-year signs and stuff such as a 33 GTR every other company because this course feels so special oh my God freaking amen can’t believe it I can’t believe still I cannot believe this is my car it has my name on it like you can look

At it like it has my name on it it’s for real and obviously unlike someone I have no assistance so basically I got this on my own that I I got like I have a GTR my parents have a GTR so they can afford this their their parents no it’s all my money

So shut up because yeah this is all my money so as you guys said um I have a girlfriend now and there she is her name is Kelco I call her Joe job for sure but yeah um I guess it’s official I’m not a lonely driver anymore

And I have a beautiful girlfriend right next to me by myself I mean when you’re doing 2023 is so getting excited I’m so hyped for it can’t wait for more in the future