Masa Loves Cars: Taking @AlexMartini. on a Tokyo Tour! Day 1

Posted: 2022-12-12 16:00:30
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this video I took @AlexMartini. and @marioperez for a Tokyo tours!!!

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Alex Martini

Mario Perez

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

So now they’re here Alex we’re at uh Nismo Mori 31 um tourist it could say that again could you say that oh we’re gonna now finally we’re gonna get some lunch Miss tawa over by Carlos yeah I was gonna say this is like this is the picture

So guys I’m at in this area in Shinjuku right now waiting for that special guest that maybe you guys see him on his Instagram or maybe in the YouTube videos but yeah so he said to wait up here and he’s gonna bring up some bunch of cameras everything so yeah let’s wait

For him to show up yeah so now they’re here how’s it going man I’m so sorry that we’re late I had no idea how long the train was actually going to take everything is very different here than in America so thank you so much for being so patient so this

Is Alex from uh Alex Martini so I have a yep I have a new YouTube channel been making content this is Mario Mario is a videographer hey what’s up boys the one that makes me look way cooler than I actually am and masaki is going to be uh Moss is

Going to be showing us around a little bit of Japan and the automotive car Community which is like the whole goal of the trip so thank you so much for allowing us no worries man so I’m gonna hang out with Alex for entire day today yep yep absolutely and

We I’m gonna take them to one of my go-to spots which is like Nismo and like ASM and like daikoku all these three and yeah let’s get going awesome are you guys excited yes hell yeah all right Alex we’re at uh Nismo Mori what’s your first impression I’m in heaven that’s my

First impression so first off it’s it’s a whole different world to just be able to walk in and to see all this like laid out that’s the first thing that’s just wild to me but there’s so much so Nissan was founded in Motorsport from Prince Motors back in the late 60s early

70s that’s always been a part of their culture and when you read about it you talk about it you you get one glimpse of it but then when you walk in and you see like the meticulousness that they have towards their Motorsport Heritage it like it adds a whole nother layer like a

Whole nother element of cool respect to what Nissan stands for and stood for especially back in the day in racing because without Nissan in Motorsport especially in the 70s you probably would never have gotten the competition that you got to see in the Japanese domestic Market in the 90s so super cool yeah

So yeah well Alex is filming right there let’s check out these cars right here real quick r31 um group a car r33lm btcc Premera I think that’s a 2021 season R35 GTR currently 2022 season is now run by Z so that’s the final model year R35 GTR

Right there that’s a 2013 model your multi ultec GTR Nismo leaf and Nismo aura oh my goodness you’re geeking out right you guys are geeking yeah right I am I’m like I’m losing my mind I’m also looking at a Datsun thing going under in water I just I’m learning so much so fast

Content overflow that’s what you guys call it what do you think Mario dude insane it’s like a little kid at a candy shop bro like I feel like I’m in a dream right now mm-hmm it’s just insane right all these trophies and like all these old racing

Yeah these are real racing suits yeah back when these drivers are used to you know use it Foreign shots can you give an advice to the people that how to get up good b-roll shots so I always do the little leg method where you bend your knees a little bit you grab the camera at the bottom right here I have to do this and

Then the key here is you hold it for seven seconds because everyone does this but they do it for three and then the shot’s not long enough so you can’t use it so look at the little timer that you have like on the bottom of your screen right here when you’re recording

And you hold it for seven seconds really smooth boom boom boom and then you just do three different variants you do one shot like usually I do like a front end shot a quarter shot and then if there’s like cool accents on the car then I’ll just get like a really

Close-up close-up you should have enough to like use for something so I see oh well that’s how they look that’s how they do so learn from experienced people alrighty then show it show me how you do Thank you So we just finished the tour of Nismo factory omori factory how are you wild I mean it’s it’s it’s so cool to see because I think a lot of people don’t understand all of the Heritage that Nissan has in Motorsport they like all the new like the JDM stuff and the

Skylines they’re all super cool cars but when you see what it took to make those cars actually be as incredible as they are on the street and you see it in here it’s a whole new level of like respect and the cleanly I can’t get over how clean it is it’s so clean

I love it it makes my inner like OCD super happy to see how organized everything in that shop was so 10 out of 10 experience absolutely love it it’s important this guy right here right right how was it Mario dude it’s amazing man I’m gonna go lick the floor I swear

That’s how clean everything is I swear to God thank you so much man who does delivery he’s not lying when he says that he delivers whatever song thank you man okay guys so we’re just gonna go onwards with uh now we’re hungry hungry yes so let’s go eat some Japanese food

And head on yes sir in a different spot right now we’re in a Nissan headquarters also known as a global uh Global headquarters gallery and what do you think Alex you’re just staring at a freaking B1 and like a magnet like things you know 1200 yen yes it’s like nine bucks yes nine

Bucks for a key chain USD is a steal I don’t want to rip it I’m taking this home I’m gonna listen if there’s not a Nissan Gloria in here though it’s not the global headquarters it’s not Gloria apply the headquarters Gloria approved I don’t want it

But yeah all the all the swag is here like the dots and old school thoughts on Logo Nissan logo t-shirt like bags you name it cool in fact Nissan sponsor a Japanese soccer series soccer team so that’s why you have a soccer team or a soccer uniform right here it says Nissan and

They have a Nissan Stadium right across the Yokohama so yeah this is me it’s just all black Nissan it says Nismo how do you like it Alex I’m trying to find the Gloria I’ve rated a 9 out of 10 of experience Gloria nope how do they have love for the

Nissan Leaf but they don’t got no love for my 1996 Nissan Gloria because it’s too original Ultima you know that you know the grade huh you know the greeting yeah yeah being a tourist what did you bought I bought gifts for uh some really good friends

And uh yeah so this is a part of a Christmas gift and I probably could have gotten this literally anywhere else but I’m getting it here because we’re here and it’s cool so actually the fun fact about this facility is on top floor is actually a real Nissan headquarters oh really yes

It is so the actual team is up there I mean people work for Nissan can go up there and when Carlos gone got quote unquote arrested yeah people just like all these media people are Scout swarm over there tried to get a glimpse of god

Let’s go oh so this is where that okay yeah this is where it took place you know I would rate this experience a nine out of ten yeah I don’t know the only thing it’s missing Gloria Nissan Gloria oh my God feel like once you give it some some

Arrow and you get it like properly wide with some good Wheels it looks super sick not gonna lie I love how the car looks especially the low low the decal yeah on a rear quarter and the swan necklings just I mean obviously everything’s functional but it’s like it’s such a nice touch

What do you think Mario dude it’s beautiful it’s gorgeous this right this body kit the swan neck wing but on a 1996 Nissan Gloria please let’s go what’s crazy to me is like back when I used to be like the foundational research on a car right usually

Wikipedia would pop up I’d go onto Wikipedia and when you go there’s always a picture next to like the new generation of cars I walked in here and something felt familiar and then I realized this is exactly where they took the stock images of the cars when you referenced Nissan it’s literally this

One by one image right here that’s why it looks so familiar I was like something is just clicking here it’s like that we just finished uh the tour of gallery or beforehand we already kind of brunch now Brew dinner or brunch not even brunch but yeah so how was Gallery guys the

Nissan Gallery was beautiful it was really cool to see like how much care they have to the Heritage stuff but I will say what was even more delicious or better was the food because I was starving so gang hungry okay and it’s gonna take about 25 minutes and then I’m

Gonna be hungry again but there was no Gloria though there was no Gloria there was one small fragment of Nissan history dedicated to the glow Gloria and it was the wrong generation not a 33. come on come on well onwards too hey Asm let’s say that way

So Alex now we’re at the ASM Yokohama and we’re staring at uh the infamous Tower over by Carlos yeah I was gonna say this is like this is the picture yes sir I didn’t know it was at ASM this is super cool mm-hmm what do you think

I think that I have a really ugly S2000 in comparison to what I’m seeing here okay but I will say that they’ve got some really cool seats and I kind of want to get the ones so I’ll show you my personal favorites this is a super cool car I love the paint

But the seats in this thing look like they probably correct a lower ligament but look at how awesome they look they don’t look they don’t look too out of place which I feel like sometimes when you put Aftermarket seats in s2ks they can get a little bloated because

There’s so much side bolstering and then it makes the rest of the cockpit feel like small-ish and if you have an S2000 you kind of know what I mean Miatas do the same thing too so to see it obviously it’s a race spec seat but when

You shave down all that extra padding it makes it worse for sitting in but it does open up the interior of these cars and I think it looks Wicked and by the way I’ve sat in the seat it’s not as uncomfortable as you might think of it really yeah there should be a

Tester seat right here somewhere oh actually right here If you won’t mind you can sit in it yep Ricardo Pro racer RMS are these available in America um maybe super cozy right that’s not bad I mean if that works wow you gotta ask yourself how many seats do you think these guys sell to have this

Many seats in a single building time I’m just blown away I don’t know what else to say like this is it’s not a thing where we’re from and I want these I want these seats fine well sorry okay it favors the for the yen to dollar ratio its favorite two

Dollars to dollars so you can walk for cheap 100 yeah you can by the way do you know you want to know how much this car this seat cost guess guess how much don’t look at the price guess how much no because what if I do look guess the price guess the

Price I don’t know seven eight nine hundred dollars seven eight and nine hundred dollars yeah um close um twelve hundred dollars twelve hundred bucks yep you think you think it’d be on sale with how little material there is on it you know what I’m saying oh you’re a bit Savage aren’t you

No it’s cool save a ton of space yep and yeah this is one of my favorites um pole position FIA standard yeah that seat’s a classic and it fits you like a glove I know now we’re at daikoku and check this out we have an A45 AMG my awful parking

Yaris and Challenger Hellcat that’s it oh it’s not a Hellcat it just got back can you take us to a Walmart parking lot um you guys want to do some donuts in here I’m pretty sure he’s actually leaving because he saw us film twice now you might actually know a little bit of

English so that being said we should probably get out of here but it’s been an absolute blast we should come to that kofu tomorrow when it’s not raining so you can actually see just what this entire landscape looks like because it probably is absolutely well I see a van that’s pretty sick

Everything else looks a little bit more like a CVS parking lot but that’s okay it’s 100 leaving because we’re filming thank you thank you thank you thank you Alex thank you Alex thank you Marco for joining I mean I mean yeah thank you very much for coming guys um you guys

Are so awesome man I appreciate it thank you oh thank you thanks for like showing us around and hanging out with us teaching us all sorts of great things oh yeah it’s so cool to hang out with these guys man because I’ve seen them in a

Bunch of videos in the past and I’m so honored that they know me and come to me and say like let’s hang out and we just hang out the YouTube handles are very much legit for him Masa very much does love cars oh yeah 100 oh yeah man guys

Yeah they’re saying it so yeah that’s true all right then guys don’t forget please share subscribe and like this video and I’ll see you guys on the next one peace out