Masa Loves Cars: SPOTTING C2 Split Window at Daikoku PA!!! W/@ALBO

SPOTTING C2 Split Window at Daikoku PA!!! W/@ALBO

Posted: 2022-09-08 17:00:27
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this video me and @ALBO and I went to Daikoku and saw bunch of cars as always.

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Holy oh my god i love the back oh my god it’s a split window Rn35 gtr this mode is it this album media hey guys this is masa right now and i’m brought to you by driving through wangan highway right now but guys there’s this two not one not two but three civic type cars on a truck right now oh my gosh this is

First time seeing it in person and i can tell you one thing this car is pretty cool it does remind me of a ft2 that i used to him before holy Look at that Yep but anyway guys this is going to be my five-minute vlog of you know showing you guys the daikoku but yeah so let’s go to daikoku shall we so let’s just start masters walking around in uh daikoku people so i’m gonna meet today actually so we’re just gonna do

Some walk around see some cool stuff oh speaking of which found one it’s an uh r35 gtr this mode but a 2020 2020 edition so the 2020 versus 2021 special edition is different this is the the hood which you can get exposed carbon hood but the 2020s are very cool because one

You have this nice carbon fenders right here also with carbon ceramic brakes with 20 inch raised wheels and the interior is different they have a better redesigned um nismo seat i hope you guys can see it yeah this is very expensive car by the way this is close to 30 million yen and

Now they’re trading hands roughly about 35 to 40 million yen so about 300 to 400 grand 400k it’s worth it is it worth it nah i wish i could buy it but it’s pretty hefty price for r35 but still it’s very cool would you look at that full top secret r35 gtr

Well not oh that is sick oh look at that is it this abba media looks like i arrived in the middle of a subi gang meeting here yeah thanks man by the way elmo i have a very cool update coming up so very cool update dude check this out you know that’s

My car but look at that on the left aria mia old school body kit active versus look like an attack spec rx-7ft dude this wing is massive that’s a very cool car which do you guys like prefer do you you know the musical attack versus old school arya mimia

Or your 34 gtr i know you guys gonna like 34 gtr more man but yeah let us know in the comments man guys before we leave oh my god it’s a split window it’s a c2 split window no it’s a 1963 model your split window Holy hell it was like this car and uh and uh i’ve scoffed before oh my god only in japan right how crazy is this look at that split when i’m moving Man thai cuckoo never disappoints me i know not everyone’s into jdm world but yeah that goku never disappoints Well today was a good day right we saw like a 63 split window yep we saw a bunch of cool cars it’s a good day as always yeah good days always on the road yeah yeah bbc receive food here in japan right yep so yeah i mean

Dude today was a good day right so yeah thanks for watching this you know five minute short well like i’ll try to make a short clip you know like a good daily stuff i hope you guys like it thanks very much for watching i’ll see you on the next video peace out

My tonight