Masa Loves Cars: Sooo many SKYLINES as far as I can see!!!!

Sooo many SKYLINES as far as I can see!!!!

Posted: 2023-05-24 15:00:10
Author: Masa Loves Cars
We checked out Skyline Museum!!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Foreign Museum located in okaya nagana prefecture and today we’re gonna check out some Skyline so as you guys can tell people know about skylines from hakosuga Kim Mary but this kind of has more history than those two cars alone and this is the man himself who was the head of in charge of skyline

Manufacturing this is a Mr Sakurai he passed away a pretty almost close to 10 years ago now actually but yeah this is the man who was in charge of the Nissan skylines and look at it right in front of us we see a bunch of skylines inside and a little bit history

About this Skyline museum is basically this Museum was intentioned for well Scala has a huge cold following so they made this Museum so in order to preserve all these histories of memorabilia and these are the cars are one that’s borrowed from a Nissan Heritage Center aka the Zama collection another one is

Some other parts are from donated from owners and these are cars inside I have a a lot of huge history behind it also some of the cars are prototypes and some of them are kind of made specifically for one specific event for instance like a Gloria um the open top convertible for the

Token Olympics and stuff so let’s come in and this is the original Prince Skyline aka the first generation Skylight this was built in about 1950 19 oh Showbox 32 so I don’t know that’s into a century but this is built in I guess early late 50s early 60s

Yeah and this is like this design was built in between collaboration with the cards area I think so you can tell with the the design are kind of influenced from European slash American aha designs and right next to that we have a original non-restored Skyline super 19 1963.

You can tell with like the condition of it which is very very old but yeah this is the original Skyline right here common to the you can tell this car it’s been imported or something but like old registration stuff I think it’s from the New Zealand originally

So this is these Sakurai Sans Memorial Corner which is so this these are the cars where build in charge of Sakurai son this is the Gloria um six wagon this is the Tokyo Olympic it’s for Prince Gloria so Gloria you guys noticed the name came from these uh cars um also

If you guys don’t know Gloria has a huge history in Nissan cars as well until they build until early 2000s this is the very rare 1964 Gloria convertible which originally Gloria was came with hardtop sedan form but this is a one-off close to one off custom build on Gloria convertible

So now we have a this section right here if you guys are interested in the cars over there on my left but let’s talk about these two this is the Nissan Skyline hakosuka Wagon in a service car from form so which means basically back in early six uh late 60s early 70s

Um people you know cars get you know broken down on a side of the road so this is some of the dealers they bring this car and they go and fix the car for you so this is the service car right here this is the 19

Uh 73 Canary 800 GL uh Hokkaido one lap Hokkaido rally Champion car so this is the basically a rally car that’s been there’s there was a series where in Hokkaido they run across the loop of Hokkaido and this one is a Replicon unfortunately but this is the replica for the the

Hokkaido rally Victory car that turned into an advertisement right there in the infamous advertisement photo by Kim Mary skylight and now an interesting thing is Kim Mary’s came with sedan in the coop but this one was one in a sedan form which is a very interesting considered a

Lot of you know you guys are no skylines more in the coop form but there you go so come behind that this is what you call a N1 spec car this is the R32 GTR chassis number one zero zero zero one which is basically inismo but this is

The N1 IQ slash uh spot foreign number 66. car right here this car was been raised until 1998 where this car was outperforming a lot of performance cars back in the day and this car remains right here in this facility but some of these cars are actually fun fact they are drivable

So I don’t know about this specific car but all the cars right here they can start up and they can drive around inside but yeah there you go this is the Alexa car let’s talk about this car right here this is a R32 GTR but it’s not just any R32 G2 come check

It to sell real quick has a factory sunroof so as you guys know 32 has never came with sunroof but this car has and it’s not a aftermarket modification this is the original sunroof that came from the factory from murayama Factory back in the early 1889 uh late 89 early 90s

But this is basically uh from the uh VIN number it seems to be a prototype car for a R32 so this is basically a pre-production car so that means the 32 had a original sunroof so this is a very interesting car I think it’s only one in the entire world and maybe

It might be the most rarest car of all this is the r33 sedan also known as ecr33 gtst 25 Taipan this is actually owned by Kosovo Watanabe which is a man who was in charge of r33 and R34 GTR slash skylines uh production uh development and stuff

So that’s one of them this is the fifth Skyline also known as the skyline Japan which also used in um very Infamous TV series called a Cebu case at the western police this is machine X machine zero right here and come right next to that we have the

R30 Skyline we have one in the top rank so you guys can buy it from Top Rank but this is the R30 R30 Skyline Coupe AKA they call it um in people most of the people call it as a tech government and um in a lot of Skynet Community actually

This is not the tech comment type this is the zenky version so it has two Thin grills right here but the uh koki Tech coming cars came with a kind of like a grill that you’ve seen on a R32 GTS SD Grille where the hood comes all the way up to the grill

Those are the comments kind of like the models right next to it which is the r31 um GTS I believe this one is a gtsr so yeah this is the this is what you call a like the early 80s style Grille right here which the hood comes up all the way

Close to the headlight lights right there this is the very cool ones are underrated these are the skylines that are kind of bit outrated and not being really featured a lot only videos that I’ve seen on a western Medias the feature is the top uh the recent one

Will be a donut media video but but these are not a Skyline GTR but these are Ace kind of line and I think we really need to appreciate these cars with all these cars there are never been an R32 which is right here R32 is kinda

Tell me Kyra M20 m30 this is the original complete car that’s been out of Nissan hands and this is the first ever aftermarket car that’s been certified in Japan that’s been roadworthy so yeah this is like kind of like tomikara is a roof or a hot Toge or

Gambala type of manufacturer in Japan and they made a complete car like this and there are some of the complete cars still left in the and still uh been sold in a used car market but this is one is very rare this is a Tommy Garner M20

We have you can see with the front lip side skirts wheels and a wing which is very interesting and another one hr32 Kai Arctic version Skyline only Arctic versions came with this specific grayish greenish color all the cars most of the cars 99 of cars came with automatic

Rb26de so non-turbo 2.6 rb26 with a automatic transmission why they chose to do that the reason behind it sakuraisan who was in charge of the development of this specific car they want the re32 to be more available to water audience thus they chose the automatic transmission

This is the er34 GT GTV so non-turbo well are we 25 de car you can tell with non-turbo with like no Center cluster parts right here but yeah this is the everyone’s favorite R34 Skyline another cool car right here original Prince truck so Prince back in early 50s

They’re producing not only a civilian Motor Vehicles also like trucks as well so this is for a commercial use but for a smaller size truck but this is like so early on at stage I think only few of them exist in a world and this is the one of them

This is a Infamous group a R32 Skyline GTR which is one of the most sought after touring cars in the world this is number just uh number 11 BP trampio car this is the final car that’s one in the races winning 24 winning in consecutively in uh Four Seasons

This is a very cool car this is original car wreck here in actual fun fact you guys can see the um the catalog right there you could have bought this R32 GTR race car for 55 million yen back in the day imagine 55 million yen

Back in the day we’ll be close to 800 to 900 000 in adjusted into inflation to this to current market so yeah there you go this car was could be able to buy yours for 55 onions which to be honest it’s a very huge sum of money especially in early 90s but

Yeah there you go this is the number 11 BP um PP trampio car also won the final race of 25 winning streaks in the group pay championship right next to that we have two r31 GTS uh cars this one is a jss you guys don’t know jss is called a Japan super suit

Jss Touring Car Championship this car was racing against RFC RX7 and if you’ve seen it before kg was screaming like because FC was good on the cornering but this car was going on straight because it has turbos and stuff so it was faster car overall so this is the second generation Skyline

Also known as s54 this one is a s54 a racing replica this is this car has a basically a similar engine that had in a Gloria which is the six cylinder engine that’s stuffed in a force under the chassis so so this car was very fast what I’ve heard and fun fact foreign

This car was almost his car was the only car that beat Porsche 904 Corella Corella sex I think on a Fuji Speedway and a final Corner this car came in front of their Carrera and not necessarily won the race but actually Carrera was just too fast in all the

Same classes but this car won basically a race car back in early 60s so that’s why the people praise a lot about this all right this Skyline So this is the r33 GTR prototype AKA The Crow this is also the r34s um pre-production version so this car was basically R34 GTR underneath you guys can tell with like these act like this add-on winglets Wing blades that are basically kind of like the ending the R34 GTR also a phone cracked

Uh what I’ve heard this this cutout right here was basically it has some minor accidents or something so they have to weld the quarter panel in here but when they did that body work they have to do in a short time and it will look kind of iffy so what they did

Was they basically repainted entire car with a Mac collar that’s why they all look like mac gray finish you guys can tell with the wheels right here this is basically R34 GTR Wheels but this is a prototype version also come with it in a front right here this front

Um the lid underneath of the lip is actually a the front diffuser which now it has in a R34 GTR as you guys can know and fun fact um the holes right there are actually made by a driver uh katosan who was a Top Gun test driver for Nissan back in

The day and they were modifying this car and Nurburgring so in order to be um make it even more better and inefficient and they can put that into a production team and they can you know lay it out and then you know doing that uh back and forth right next to it

R34 GTR aka the stealth this is basically a R34 GTR test car that was Drive driven in Nurburgring before testing this is a little bit different from a normal R34 GTR as you guys can tell with the hood pins right over there and also you made me you guys can see it but

There is right over there on a b pillar there is a roll bar right there as well so this car was basically r33 GTR shoved 20 seconds 21 seconds off from Nurburgring clap nor actually for laptop so they call it uh minus 21 second of

Romance for the 33s um cash copy 40 uh commercial use so production uh development team thought they achieved the goal of being the fastest car the fastest production of Japanese sports cars in that day so what they did to the 34 is they made the driving pleasure more in-depth and more communicative

Towards the drivers so that’s why they made this car for more of an in-depth driving feel rather than going achieving more better lap times and actually the target of this R34 GTR was more shoving 10 seconds more than what r33 achieved and a lot of times 10 seconds more shorter a

Lot of times um 10 seconds more quicker lap times than R34 r33 GTR which they never uh disclosed a lot of time to the public so who knows maybe I achieved it or not but then again it is what it is and that’s why our 34 GTR is

Here and I don’t know about it but I think this car if you put in like in uh Bahamas or something this guy will fetch a lot of money because this it is has a lot of history to this car and let’s go to the next car right here inFAMOUS two kinds

Can marry Skyline GTR oh no how can marry Skyline GTR and hakasuka Skyline GTR the original takosuka and actually people know hakosuga in a lot in the Coupe form but this is a gc110 Skyline sedan and people call it this is the original Skyline GCR um people call it what hagasuko is because

If you look at the shape of this R30 uh this gc110 Skyline shape of it actually looks like a box or like a tissue box like a box shape so that’s why they called it hako from box and Suka is a short term of skyline so they call it hakosuka and can marry

Can marry GTR with Infamous s20 engine right here this is the most unlocked Skyline because they’re only on product the production cars were only made 197 units total so it’s a very very low production car due to the emission standards this s20 engine cannot pass the emission

Standards so that’s why they made it only 197 of them so this these are the cars that you guys all in love 32 Skyline GTR r33 Skyline GTR and zenki with you know super clear red one r33 GTR altic version and next to the original second generation Skyline we have a R34 GTR

V spec 2 but this is a very special v-spec 2 because the final murayama Factory produced R34 GTR in v-spec 2 form so what is difference between the murayama version and the tochigo factory version that you’ve seen on Facebook tenders announcer 01 so this is basically was assembled in a murayama factory which

All the other than some of the 34 GTRs all those car lines were produced in a factory in murayama located in the Musashi murayama in Tokyo this is a chassis code 10107 only few of them were made in v-spec 2 form which is very rare because this is basically a cookie version but

Production plant was built in the zengi plant and the hood and a little bit of stuff are a little bit different from it for instance the weaves in the rear diffuser are slightly different from the production version of a v-spec 2. they only made it several of these in

The entire world and this is one of them and as you guys can see it’s in kept in a museum condition so maybe this car is worth a lot of money but anyway r34r final where I am a factory production model Arth ar-33 GTR Super GT This car was actually driven by Kate zicchio himself and look at it the wheels don’t you guys so yeah this is the Super Mag basically a Nismo olum GT1 wheel but in a Super GT form and this car was driven with keichi to Chia and Satoshi matayama who satoshimotoyama became the Nissan Works

Driver and won a championship in 99 and 2002 but this is the r33 GTR jutc car next to that racing replica for a hakosuka Skyline GTR Race version A very cool car nevertheless so this is the end of the tour of a Nissan Prince Skyline let us know in the comments where what is your favorite part of a car and my favorite car was actually although to um test cars over there the black one a

Black R34 GTR and the matte matte black r33 GTR those are my two favorites and thank you very much for watching I’ll see you guys in the next video peace out awesome why did you drove your GR the car