Masa Loves Cars: SOOO MANY GR YARIS AS EYE CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 2023-06-24 15:00:09
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this video I attended the GR YARIS ONLY Parade Run hosted by Gazoo Racing, during Fuji 24hr Endurance Race!!!! With my Co-Pilot Kyochan we drove in Fuji home course before the race began!! It was surreal experience for both of us!!!!

Special thanks to @ALBO for letting me use one of video footage!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Okay Hi guys it’s Masa here again and I’m at Fuji Speedway as you guys can see there are so many row of gr yarises today I’m at the Fuji Super Target 24 hour race in this event we have a special event for specifically gr yarises so we’re gonna

Check it out we’re gonna go and experience four giruses as you guys can see there are so many girs that’s coming in which is so cool I don’t see this car not too often in Japan but come on and check it out so before we go let’s check out some

Cars that are here this is basically a press card for the gr menieres which this car doesn’t have a play as you can guys can tell with like the no shocking sticker and everything but this is a a press car finishing Matt storm Gray just so rad and sick

Interior this is a little bit different from mine you can tell with that there’s not a middle big cluster this is so cool I don’t see this um matte storm um quite a lot often because this is like only 50 in the world and it gives existence

Next to that we have a black very cool and unique and let’s go and check out the role of gr yaris’s we have a white one which really looks like my previous one you get clean another white one this one’s very rad look at it it has a massive canards and everything

Another cool one for dry Wheels very nice HKS wing 2. another white one wet sports are always and here comes the black one love the hood over there it’s very unique not seen a bit before and this is very interesting this is not a grm and yours this is a

GRS RS so 1.5 liter three cylinder n a front wheel drive and CVT but you have four grmn parts here and there including the full interior as well we have multiple of raw giors here and there this is very interesting this is a I think the girs but with the Tom swan

Transform bumper like the front rail of the car which really looks like a rally car s oh and mine only two grm and Yara system brought by a owner so this is very special and I can’t think that I got this which is very lucky for me and fortunate enough to get this

And let’s look at from this section right here but yeah we have a full row of GRE races until about which is over there and to be honest it’s a very cool thing and can’t wait to go and drive at the main course because we’re gonna go in about

20 minutes we’re gonna go to the main track and we’re gonna have a parade run on a track before Super Target which is so cool let’s go check out the section on the left would you look at that gr Corolla this is the the left one is maurito

And the right one is the in us we call it you guys call it circuit package but in Japan we call it the RZ which is so cool first time seeing in a random person I think it looks good in red too at the back

Wish we had a bigger wing for the gr Corolla right here and also the look at the roof it’s a forged carbon and look look over there that’s a grmn white one and actually we’re gonna go and do that some test drives over there at the car gr cars over there which is

Basically what they’re going to do is a gr part they’re parts that you know have in my car the grma can be put into the normal base car and we’re gonna check that later later this today but yeah I’m so excited and so hyped right now we’re gonna leave now

We’re going to the main course right now through 100r oh my god let’s so many gr irises as I can see ah unfortunately the Mount Fuji is covered by clouds today but gosh it’s so nice I’m so happy right now I mean the fact that Toyota made this car and like Toyota’s

Doing this kind of event officially which is so cool and interesting the amount of people who came here and like checking out the cars and people are a fan of CRS is just upset even though this car is relatively new I mean it’s not relatively like pretty new

This car was announced I still remember because um in 2020 when I went to Auto Salon this car launched I was at the launch event I mean and I saw this car in person at all and I thought to myself I couldn’t maybe I

Could buy it but if I can maybe but here I am driving the grmn and going to main stand with other GRS so absurd so happy right now oh my God look at that we don’t usually enter from here but I think because of due to yeah

Because there’s a pit over there and people are racing yep so we’re gonna go for a very interesting entry point I like the car in the front it has a very nice Wheels I want to check out the specs of that [Laughter] [Applause] Wow look at that camp spot right there oh my God and the most important part is look at how people are behaving this is the gr’s owners it’s like in Japan like people are behaving so well like people are not going left and right they’re well behaved

Let’s just follow the cars up front oh my God this is a lifetime memory right here I’m glad that I’m being here man this is so upset so excited I’m I’m I’m speechless it’s just uh the fact that I’ve known this car since the launch never thought I would ever to

Buy that car let alone get this model is just upset and I thought like in 500 units they’re gonna be so many cars and I’m gonna see it every time but even at this event which is held by Toyota even though it’s not really publicized a lot there’s only two cars including us

Just that the fact that I could own this masterpiece by Toyota at my age and my current status it’s just absurd I cannot think enough that I could be able to do this so yeah I’m very speechless right now actually it’s so it’s upset lifetime memory looks like we’re gonna move let’s go

I remember I remember uh I’ll be on a track since this January with my 34 GTR and rain this is first time actually first time driving it on dry right now it’s just upset look at look at it look at it look at the front and back too

We’re like in the really good middle middle area so oh my God this is so cool and interesting oh look at that gr flag over there maybe that’s an event menu or something so we’re gonna have we’re entering to this game now we’re entering to the

This is my favorite section here I call it like a Toge style section this is one of my favorites here oh my God this is such a oh That’s it look at that roll of gr’s kilco is doing well on a camera job right now look at I wanna I want you guys to see a smile on her face but she’s just so happy that driving in a just being in this section right now in Fuji [Laughter] Awesome [Laughter] foreign this is such an exciting moment such an exciting moment such an exciting moment right now oh my God look at that So we’re gonna go into the first corner oh look at look at the officials waving at us right there oh yeah we came all the way from here the 100r look at all the tents right there it’s so upset this is like the 24 hour race only thing but so many tents

Now we’re gonna enter the second hairpin he’s on to it and then go now we’re gonna enter to the Dunlop I’m lost for words right now I’m just Googling right now you know like there’s no words right now to describe how fun this car is and right after that I’m driving right here

We’re not going too fast but it feels so satisfying the fact that we all have gr Oz is the front GRS is at the back driving through this nice stretch of roads is to me that’s insane and look there’s an osprey right there ah such a nice feeling

Oh now it’s all double yellow which means we gotta have to go back well yeah that was a very very very satisfying moment right there oh I got this this super Thai Q day dream this I have lost my words right now I cannot describe how I’m happy right now just to

Be in it just here and like driving with all the other grs’s owners with people who have a lot of passion to the car oh yeah this is the corner I always spun out right here turn two very sketchy corner on the rain look at that I wish I could be in the

Front section right there with the matte storm and the black one the gr2 grm and yarises it was a very nice moment so glad I got this car so happy hahaha I think we pick up some Tire d