Masa Loves Cars: REAL LIFE JDM TIME ATTACK EXPERIENCE!!! Attending Tsukuba ATTACK 2023 Event Coverage

REAL LIFE JDM TIME ATTACK EXPERIENCE!!! Attending Tsukuba ATTACK 2023 Event  Coverage

Posted: 2023-03-04 17:00:13
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this video I went to Tsukuba Circuit to check out some of the Time Attack cars that were competing at this event!!! Here is quick video of what is like to see these attack cars flying in TC2000

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

You’re not good Hey guys it’s Martha here again for another little bit of Vlog so as you guys can tell I’m at hotel in middle of nowhere and well since I haven’t been uploaded for two weeks might as well just gotta post this a little bit of short clip about a vlog

And yeah so this Vlog is about a day when I went to attack scuba which happened in February 19th I’ve if not my date’s mistaken and yeah we went there a little bit late actually the event started around like seven eight P a.m but we end up being

There like 2 p.m in the afternoon so the most of the event’s been already done but yeah please enjoy the short clip of that attack scuba video and also I have some big announcements coming up so stay tuned guys right let’s enjoy the clip hey good morning guys it’s Masa here

Again for another vlog starting at 2023 attacked scuba and I’m at the tsukuma circuit right now actually it’s already 2 p.m so it’s quite late but yeah should be fun so look at these things right here you know the usual with the chimney still ran on track here actually it’s so interesting Look at it right here so there’s the track right now hey this is interesting because this is an R35 GTR Nismo but with an attack package that’s been heavily modified oh another midnight car over there that is so rad ready oh my God the pig the pits are insane in here

Look at that yeah all these cars parked right there so actually another car that’s really cool is this car right here this Gars is fully equipped with the ferris full kit right here the hood the frog leg besides skirts love these t-37s and obviously the interior is full

Very Street spec actually a lot of embarrassed double decker Wing as well running on Eddie and then yoga 809s Actually fun fact I saw this car at the HKS headquarters in Fuji but this is a driving performer gr86 and this car is run by a Nobu tane Gucci insane Okay so how about how was that Scuba Attack video was great right well I have some announcements first and foremost I’ll be in Texas so this month from March 15th to 19th I’ll be at Texas for a Texas 2K yes I’ll be in America courtesy of topic

Uh I was now allowed to go to Stateside and I’m so excited to go and check out these high horsepower cars what I’ve heard the average horsepower is about close to 2 000 horsepower which in Japan that’s like non-existent the highest horsepower GTR in Japan is about like 1500 horsepower and that considered

Super super astronomical horsepower car whereas in Stateside it’s already like 2 500 horsepower so you know for me it’s like big surprise but yeah I can’t wait to be there and yeah that’s about it for the big announcement so thank you guys for watching maybe I will

See you guys in Texas so if you guys are in Texas come say hi to me and I’m more likely to be you know talk with you guys but be sure that I’ll be with the top rank crew and going around and stuff so I might be busy

Um so I well I won’t go there as a I will go there as you know as a representative of top rank so yeah okay thank you very much for watching this video I hope I’ll see you guys in the next time peace out ah