Masa Loves Cars: Nismo Festival 2022 In Fuji Speedway (Nissan Fan Boys Dream)

Nismo Festival 2022 In Fuji Speedway (Nissan Fan Boys Dream)

Posted: 2022-12-09 16:00:09
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this video I visited Nismo Festival 2022!! It was surreal experiance that I wouldn’t forget!!
Special Thanks to Moe IG:cargirlinjapan for help filming entire day!!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Foreign Foreign Thank you hey guys it’s Masa here again for another Vlog but this is special because we’re at Nismo Festival 2022 it’s December 4th it’s a bit freezing but you guys can enjoy this video so come check it out so let’s go walk around a little bit about

The lineup here so actually we’re at the um the pattern well the event area of Nismo Festival right now why I’m here because I was uh we got this special pass parking permit for Nismo Festival specifically for um Nismo Festival R’s meaning and this is the one of the RS connection

Parking lot and as you can tell we have a full of GTR line up here my well everyone knows our R34 GTR right there very beautiful and thank you to Shogun for cleaning up this car perfect right next to that we have a wangan blue

R35 and look at it now you can tell the original color in wangan blue and let’s walk around a little bit right there all over our flare Blue Pearl it’s a very interesting color it’s only available from until from 2011 model your car to I believe 2018 2019

And this is a millennium Jade R34 GTR well this is the D pinnacle GTR right here this is the Millennium Jade and this is very special from let’s check it out this is the championship blue r33 GTR also known as r33 GTR LM Limited the body color the Unique Card the

Unique part of this car is the body color and these stickers right here this is called a championship Lube oh it’s D spec too this is a very unique Car you’re not gonna see this uh especially right now where this car became super super expensive but yeah this is so cool

Well enough said we’re gonna walk around a little bit and find out some oh this is very unique R35 special edition this just rolled out recently and like oh my God look at how beautiful this exposed carbon fiber is look at it stealth gray color is absolutely stunning it’s all GTRs and stuff

By the way camera monster how do you like my new look good looking good all right let’s check it out on a different lot we have a cheese over there car it’s a c432 fun fact about D430 432 has a special engine also known as s20 engine that was available from

Arthur um hakosuka and Kim Mary GTRs the reason behind that is since Nissan made a bunch of s20s but they cannot put it on kpgc standard can marry Skyline they instead put into the Z platform it does z432 were made This is another unique car as well this is a z432r and I believe car only made like 10 units or so this is a very quite a unique bar so this is the reason behind it there’s a 432 is this engine right here this is the s20 engine also available from Kim

Mary Scott on GTR at hyper circus gone on GTRs and this engine is driven from a fence race cars back in the day it’s almost the same layout it’s the same valve train itself but a little bit different in terms but the general style is the same

So the 432 main reason that they call 432 is four balls four stands for four valves per cylinder three stands for three carburetors this one is has a selects carburetors uh right there that those are carburetors and two means two camshafts right here the uh late 60s early 70s

This type of engines were very rare and very exotic so that’s why they want to commemorate that by saying it’s 432. and this is a very special part because this is a 432r the reason behind that is you could tell if the macri the hood also this headlight cover right here as well

This is just a very unique car and you will never see this in public at all so it’s very popular so one of the cool things about unismo Festival is actually this this is called garage sale and you can get uh Nismo jacket like reference photos here like I

Got this Nismo jacket like I got a a real jgtc race car wheels from garage sale and as you guys can tell over there a little bit there are some stuff for sale so but this year they have to give it in a ticket for that and which I couldn’t get

Because it was a lottery and I didn’t want a lottery so I can’t go inside after 11. so what right now it’s 10. so we’re just gonna go around and go to the paddock oh yeah so this is the brand new 2023 Nissan Z in white but actually this car has a

Prototype Nismo parts installed for instance we have a prototype lmgt4 Wheels in matte black which is same color as I have also the exhaust is different and this carbon fiber mirror caps right here this is a prototype as well so this oh yeah it’s actually come check us out

Um it’s a 19 inch lmgt force in matte black which is one of my favorite colors also the exhaust is a Nismo exhaust there’s more stainless steel exhaust right there Which is cool because yeah if you can tell from this angle right here it says Nismo on a logo right there squeezing it yeah right there says Nismo so this is a style prototype and the ECU has been re-tuned for a sport resetting which is um well basically it’s a remap ECU from

Nissan and yeah so this is another prototype parts that will be available soon to public but since not too many people could get halves on this right now so it’s a very um I guess a rare part nowadays but anyway nismo’s still working on it so let’s check out the cars that are

Currently running um track the coolest things about Nismo Festival is actually you can see the old historic cars racing and I’m shooting this right now before the start it says those cars are pretty loud but I’ll guys give you some footage of that but you guys this is insane you

It’s like 50 our race cars still driving with basically person the drivers are relatively old like not gonna lie to their 60s some of them are in there in the 70s 70 Euro racist just driving this old school hakasukas Z’s cherries you name it they are driving hard in Fuji Speedway

Which just to me it’s insane so yeah enjoy the footage Thank you Oh my God that race was insane man that Z versus I think that was sunny the silver sunny on the back street going like it’s trip streaming and stuff it was just insane but this is just the one part of a visible festival and we’re gonna go to The Paddock area and check

Out the historic race cars a bunch of cool cars and also a lot of shop stands so let’s go Pit area of miserable festival and this is the one of the most crucial part of Nismo Festival which is to see all these cool cars parked inside a paddock the the Z safari car Safari Riley Z right next to that this is a Z1 uh S130 Z but it’s been used in a

Drama or Japanese TV show called right next to that that’s another rally z31 right there Um words Oh this is a x Fuji Speedway safety car on the right that’s a z32 Fuji Speedway Um safety car and over there that’s another safety car that’s a z33 Nismo on the right this is the hakasuka Skyline GTR race car And everybody’s taking photos right now but this is the Nissan Silvia super subtle what used in around late 9 late 80s uh early 80s super silhouette race cars this is a Sylvia right there this is actually based out of S12 Soviet which you guys are known you guys know

Sylvia’s from s13 in all words but this is the before those Generations these two are the most iconic cars right here this is a Coca-Cola Sunny super solo what and all right that’s the most infamous Nissan R30 Skydive super solo white car Nelly we’re at the paddock area and as

You guys can saw the videos over there where I showed you guys around the pit area this is the paddock so as you can tell these are a lot of shops and also manufacturers come up here and they showcase their all the products and also the new upcoming uh

Spot as well also fun fact they do sell like Rich seats for like really cheap you know a bunch of cars on parts and stuff are on sale so let’s go check it out and I’ll show you guys one of the few shops that I think well worth

Featuring so let’s go from here we have two Z’s right here this one is a fujitsuba booth and fujitsubo is a well-known exhaust brand and they’re showcasing the brand new stainless steel exhaust system for new Z and you can tell from the mirrors it’s a full Cat-Back system

And actually from the graph right here seems like they made a little bit of power and cameraman camera woman this is first time me seeing a Z the new Z in this I guess we call it stealth gray color my personal opinion I will get this over blue

What do you think about camera Amazon which do you like which color do you prefer Kochi or Kochi which one this one this one this one ah okay well since cameraman focused on this car let’s talk about this so actually dusted if you’re watching this is your

Wheel right so this is a brand new raised ne24 Wheels uh fully forged very lightweight wrapped in Michelin ps5s which is another brand new tire as well and guys look at it from the the side profile right here foreign guys this Wheels really suits with a

Brand new Z not gonna lie I love it I love it so much I’m at The Summit booth and my best friend Sam is here how you doing I’m good congrats with your booth now it’s like you’ve been stepped up a lot yeah I guess I mean you know you’re having your

Own shop you have your own stuff yeah you have your own merch line yeah and now you have your cool cool ass car that yeah the uh FD fdj2 right yeah J2 car yeah and yeah last year you had your the pig Sylvia the first Sylvia now now I got

Three of those you got three Sylvia’s three Sylvia’s man A lot has changed I know right many more cars to come yes but yeah congrats to you with your booth and there’s this man the myth the legend is here right yeah yeah there is there is someone off the back there yeah yeah

Hello Good to see you again Adam good to see you again yeah guys this is the demand the mythologian and mlz if you guys can see in my diet coke video um before well we just saw we just met him at akoku I was a bit nervous and I was a bit

Fanboying at the same time so I admit I made a little bit of awkward video but yeah all good man well good to see you in Japan and like I’m good to see you again as well uh how’s Japan it’s been awesome last day oh that oh

This is your last name yeah yeah really well anything that you wish you want to do more in Japan I want to go to a bunch of like car dealers we’re going to try to cram that in tomorrow morning if we’re going to the airport oh really like you know like

Used car dealers and stuff but anyway well I mean thanks for coming in I mean thanks for saying hi you’re you’re cool man you’re just such a cool amazing keep what you’re doing man like I love it I’m yeah thank you very much yeah thanks very much for Sam it no

Worries and I’ll see you yeah good to see you man I think I cannot join on meet and greet I don’t think you can come I mean you can come and line up I’ll be there I’ll be there I’ll be the most Fanboy thing ever you know but yeah

I mean yeah thanks for coming yeah thanks for showing us your booth and stuff yeah and I’ll buy your nice all the Christmas setup yeah better pre-order they’re like only available now go to yeah and grab yourself some uh All I Want for Christmas Is car parts Christmas sweater

See all the wheels and the yeah the wheels engages suspensions turbos crankshafts Pistons conrods it’s great from a distance it looks like a normal ugly Christmas sweater yeah it is an ugly Christmas sweater but it’s a car are you guys selling it here yeah uh no they’re only available for free on the

Website right now they’ll be valuable in in-house on the 15th can I buy it of course you can can you can you can you secure it for me can I secure one for you can you secure for me yeah we can make something happen all right yeah thank you very much this is

Sammy the biggest YouTuber in Japan sure I’ll take that first viewed very smooth most of you not most subscribed yet we’re really close yeah yeah you’re you’re getting there man yeah yeah we know him since we only had like what 30k yeah you you’re like only 20K like almost

Like my channel level yeah three years oh God grind every day hey daily uploads daily uploads is different way to start wait so can you give me advice to me if you want to start YouTube career and be consistent be consistent consistency is number one most important thing if you can only

Upload once a week then make sure it’s always the same day at the same time so your audience knows when to come back consistency is key second thing is um do whatever you want to do make videos that you want to watch and you’ll be successful don’t give up never give up

Believe in yourself right yeah sure just start start doing something everyone’s always like one day I’ll do this no none of that just do it there you go guys so why don’t you um ask this lovely lady out for a nice date and uh just do it Car parts car parts is here this is what I came for so now we’re checking out the HKS booth right next to that we have a yokotama tire Booth but beforehand let’s check out the HKS so this is the new Z for HKS cars and as you can tell from the caliper

It’s been well tested for sure look at look look at how dirty the caliper is right now it’s been well tested but yeah so HKS is right now doing some performance mods to a brand new Z and this is the hks’s new Z Demo car and cameraman Kochi

This is their new coilovers called HKS hypermax Arc they are now new line beforehand they had a hypermax 4 SP and 4 GT now they started with RNs a little bit more simple you know gr Yaris my car but yeah they’re making a new coilovers right

Here this is and then on shifted towards to left this is the HKS console and there are demo cars right here that’s a very famous R32 Skyline GTR and over there that’s an R35 that we haven’t driven and the one of the Kansai review videos You guys will know that I already did a little bit of walk around Tour all the invisible more exactly but basically right here the remote Nismo Warrior Factory so let’s just check it out a little bit yes so this is the R35 Nissan Clubman race spec R35 GTR

So the difference is between the normal one and the club on Race Track is for the exterior wise you have a Nismo front lip right there right there that’s the Nismo front lip on top that’s the Nismo R35 carbon fiber hood right there come check it out attack

Style FRP there’s right here and this this Wick right here causes the turbulence around here so that it will generate the thumb Force more than the OEM Hood oil Fender which is just little thing down like so coming on the right side we have a Nismo side skirt

This week also affects with the downforce as well over here and the Dismal track Edition Wheels right there and up on the top that’s a carbon fiber additional wing obviously it makes more downforce and coming out of back that’s a titanium exhaust from this one as well this

Is the most heat important parts this is the engine what’s inside of a R35 common race spec this is a Nismo S1 5 S1 is basically a OEM plus overhaul so what do you do is they generate they use a bunch of different uh bits of parts

For a different generation R35 that is suitable for making a good power and that’s the S1 engine these are the other comma race tracks R34 GTRs we have an R34 GTR right here which obviously um this car has a R4 engine 2.8 Stroker with the R3 turbos it’s about 500 horsepower

Car has an R3 engine instead of our Thor R4 that’s the R32 GTR yeah is yeah that’s a very cool car not gonna lie I’ve seen a lot of r32’s r33s R34 from numerous amounts of events but I don’t see a lot of R35 here but this is this is what is really

Interesting this one right here this is what do you call it really version of the OEM parts this is the newer version of r36 cmcr contract these parts are you it was used to be discontinued but now there’s start to be we make it so fuel pump assembly right here clutch master cylinder

Foreign GTR uh front arm this is like a visible replace um also known as N1 duck r32g both headlights the R34 GTR front lift uh this is revised what I’ve heard this used to be about 5 000 here now only one thousand yeah like rear panels and like floorboards and stuff because these are like whenever you get into the accident like you need to replace these but these are the discontinued for a while so this move is trying to revamp those and then for ReStore purposes and also for um fixing accents

These are like everyone’s everyone want these so this was trying to replicate that okay guys so this I will end this video today we cannot go through all the boobs and check out all the cars over there but yeah it was a very good day we just

Saw a bunch of race cars going fly by and we saw cool cars and we enjoyed a lot in This Book Festival three years three years last one was 2019. it’s 20 22. three years been but yeah thank you very much for watching please comment share and subscribe I’ll

See you guys on the next video peace out