Masa Loves Cars: Masa Vlog Ep.01: My trip to Shimane!!!!

Masa Vlog Ep.01: My trip to Shimane!!!!

Posted: 2022-06-22 18:00:09
Author: Masa Loves Cars

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Good morning guys welcome to melza loves cars channel and today i’m at middle of nowhere as you can see it’s filled with nature i guess it’s very cold outside it’s like 15 degrees it’s pretty cool with you know short sleeve polo shirt stuff but i’m at a middle fukayama

Which is like well basically it’s a middle of nowhere um i’m heading towards to izumo no yashiro which is one of the most biggest shrines in all entire japan so come join us with my trip and catch you guys later before i go to um izumo um i’m gonna go to this place

Called chihara onsen which is very unique it’s like in a middle basically it’s a middle of nowhere in shimane and it’s i think i went there before it’s one of the best hot springs that i ever experienced in japan so yeah catch you guys i’m gonna show you I’m gonna show you it once i go to that onset so guys i’m now at the chihara onsen look let’s look at this view my god it’s so rural it’s like nature everywhere all around look at this nice stream it’s clean water and this building itself it looks pretty old and very unique

So i’m here it’s like eight o’clock in the morning and i’m gonna take a very good bath so yep this is the onsen right here so let’s go inside and show you briefly a little bit it’s very unique yep this is it this is gonna talk

Cause i just finished taking a bath it was a very good very very good bath um very relaxing how i already i haven’t realized it but i spent almost an hour just taking a bath from that tub that i showed you guys and since i’m here right now why not show you

Something very interesting this right here is actually a drinkable hot spring section so you’ll pay 195 and they will give you a special bottle that you can take a water from that tube right there and i mean just look at this view it’s so clean and the water looks

Really clean and look at the nature clean wheezing blue stuff not crystal clear but it’s very uh sunny today which is good thing because last time i was here it was raining so hard and i can’t really enjoy this atmosphere so yeah let’s go to the izumo which is our next destination

And yeah let’s enjoy the trip shall we so guys now i’ve arrived at shimane on izumo but before we go to um the ismo grand shrine or izumo no o yashiro i’m just came here to this place this is this place is called inata mohammad

And so why i came here to this beach there’s a reason there’s a reason why i came here oh from before i go to isma shrai is to pray to that monument over there and after i played it i’ll tell you the main reason why i came here

Here you go this is 5 yen and put this in here and yeah let’s wait so the main reason i came to this inausa beach is because i will get the sand from this beach in an exchange at the another sand that’s located inside the izumo shrine right there and

Apparently there’s a saying that when you get the sand from here and exchange to the purified sand that’s located in izumo it will bring a good luck and something like that so yeah let’s get some sand in here shall we let’s alrighty let’s get some sand okay so let’s

Scoop scoop up like so and then drop it in and another one more scoop will be just fine maybe more since i have a bigger bag yep that’s i think this is good enough so yeah guys we’re i’m arrived at the parking spot parked the car it’s always a bit dirty

From all the trip and yeah let’s go to isuma try shall we and before we go to izumo shrine just found this really nice bronze or like front supra right here is that a supra roy supra love the old school vault racing wheels and like the ball these body kits are

Like so purely correct nice so yeah as you can see now we’re in the izuma shrine yeah so we already we just passed the the the biggest uh the first totally date right there since the first tourney gate road is coral so i can’t walk through it

So we just start from the secondary game which is right there okay let’s start the journey shall we this one is the uh called a hara you know which means that so you pray here for the all these things that you have been you have done in the past without knowing

That you have done it and that god right there will cleanse all the things that you have been done before you came here so yeah the next spot is the territory gate which is right in front of us so yeah also a fun fact about the izumo shrine is that

So there’s a specific etiquette in order to pray to the gods of the shrine that’s inside the ismo so usually in japanese shintoism the etiquette for the praying procedure is nide which is about two times minhashu clapped two times and after that praying then you found out what ichire but in here it’s

Which means you have to clap four times and fell once so it’s kind of different and very unique to specifically foreign i’m almost at the territory which is right in front of me and look at this view it’s very peaceful it’s quiet not too many people around even though it’s a sunday

So usually it’s day off or majority of people but seems like there’s not too many people around which is a good thing now look at that we are here we are here at the main palace of the shrine which is this building right there and oh my god it’s big it’s very big

Pretty nice very quiet okay let’s start praying shall we so in ismo um izumo we go walk around counterclockwise so first of all this is the main building uh well actually the main one is one behind that right there but uh so actually we’re gonna go walk

Around and it’s going towards that way and yeah let’s check it out yeah this is the main trine right there so it seems that we can go inside so let’s go and check it out so this building right here is actually when the around november in izumo this region specifically they called november

Uh kami arizuki which means the god the god is here month so so um in izumo there’s all these japanese you know gods all over the japan come to ismo during the november of kamiyarizuki season and this is where these gods will be you know staying at during the kamiyarizuki

So yeah all these doors are shot but well this is it it’s very nice and quiet so remember when like um at the inausa beach i take the sand and put it in a bag so this shrine right here is where you trade up sand in the uh in here

And i get the center of the building inside of it let me show you how right and behind this is where you drop your sand right here in exchange for the sand that’s in inside here so what so the sand that’s been kept here will be cleansed by this uh

Mythical power that makes sense but so they will be cleansed and will be used as a holy sand and that will give you a good block in your and yeah that’s about it and i already did that it actually i think i dropped it right here and also these rocks

You can touch them so and they will give you a power as well so let’s not forget to touch it so and yeah let’s move on to the next place look at this place right here i mean it’s a very good day but like all these buildings i don’t know why but

For some reason they just give you a some kind of you know a power and you’re in me and like i don’t know why but it’s just so cool so this is the final place which is called a kagura den and as you can see look

At this massive shimano which is a type of rope that we use in a religious ceremonies but actually this shimanawa itself weighs over five and a half tons you can clearly see it’s very big whoa that’s so massive okay guys so it’s been a few days later now

Actually um sorry i forgot to do the outro but yeah that’s the the whole shimada trip that i did um so far i hope you guys enjoyed this first ever vlog well it’s kind of you know very interesting for me since i did all these vlogs by myself

So yeah i hope you guys liked it enjoy subscribe as always good to hang out with you guys i’ll catch up with you in the next vlog peace out jamata