Masa Loves Cars: Masa Goes To Hakone!: Masa Vlogs EP.02

Posted: 2022-06-25 15:00:13
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this video I went to Hakone with the usual boiz for some touge action!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Good morning today we’re going for drive So yeah let’s start with the gas as you can see i’m getting a guess right now it’s pretty cool pretty warm outside it’s already seven and it’s like 25 degrees well speaking of which or fill it up okay let’s go to hakone Your information is on the left yes no vlogging live if you don’t release that vlog today it’s uh you owe me canary stick if you don’t do two weeks yo me you’re getting the game well we are going today we’re gonna go get the academy today so uh chase might

Be coming today actually and oh really yeah i invited him and a few more folks okay yeah so well obviously almost filming i’m in his videos as always remember watch look at the camera no i mean like i i’m as i’m focusing on you than me right now

No so can you hold can you hold this for a second oh yeah yeah sure here can you hold this one so well apple was late well everybody’s late because we’re supposed to be here at eight but we’re end up being 8 30. as always where am i okay yeah so

Right oh this bike um so i have uh some some good bro well snacks okay here we go what do you got i got a karaoke taste test well it’s very good very good um actually this is called a salad salad so i bet it kind of tastes like a giant rico salad

And that’s very good not bad oh wait what do you got for a drink healthy healthy cafe latte very nice very nice for morning you know morning drive you know yeah so let’s go to hong kong [Applause] So So [Applause] [Applause] So we are arrived at hakonen turnpike and that’s almost car look at all these porsches today oh my god 993 930 993 993 964 997 gt3 and i like the the one that’s over there the gray one it’s a strong porsche 964 or 930 on i93 i think

The butt looks like an nx3 but look at that strazinic that is super rare and i love this ruby stone red 911 turbo 964 awesome looking hardware stuff look at these i’ll be an a110s a110s maybe with the original lp with gt4 in a freaking icone that is awesome and

Look at this check this out we have s30z and right next to that we have a gymkhana spec dk9 and quite nice 930 sc big bumper micro sd pro c and then another ruby stone coretta too nice x4 now in front of the you have a fe tributeo

Oh my god this is this is like and we’re in japan man this is not like in some random areas in germany or something we’re in japan there’s a sun right over there but it’s covered in clouds but oh my god this is so cool just so many cool porsches and like all

These german cars and japanese car combined and speaking of which hey jason hey mr masa hey what are you doing where’s your car on the other side mark with the no fuji view no fuji view but yeah it’s kind of sucks today because it’s just it’s like there aren’t

So many clouds but that fuji is covered with fake clouds right this kind of sucks maybe later out there yeah during the german cars yeah dude i love german cars man i do love german cars especially like these you know porsches like old school porsches and like new school porsches

They’re all my favorite have you shown the viewers the um what the one with the sticker yeah oh do we do because everybody likes that stickers yeah of course so the group is here right now as you can see we have my iris oh yeah ken m’s jared’s not gr8686

Apple says 2000 jason’s r34 miyakovasan’s porsche g3 yoshi’s shipbox and the julian the oil geeks Look at the shot ah this is the life you know we come out to the mountains of hakone and drive these awesome cars and do some stuff together So You want to hear my sexy radar what is it ah i got i know i know i’ve heard it before this is the stock one girlfriend material a little bit more genki i like that anime voice version enemy voice oh that sounds sexy sexy voice which one suits the car

Sexy voice sexy voice sexy boys sexy voice it is okay what do you think about this this radar detector cannon let’s listen oh so we just drove down the turnpike a little bit but i think you guys saw through my gopro footage but actually there was a freaking cops doing a speed

Trap on a turnpike that’s kind of you know f’d up right that’s kind of like you know how do you say like like lost you know the vibes you know kind of you know loose that vibes you know kind of sad it kind of sucks it

Sucks a lot well we just go to different places yeah so we’re going to go to ashnoko skyline later on we’re going to do some you know awesome drives over there so yeah well so we came back and we have a nice group of cars i love the prelude over there that’s nice

And a chimney but yeah nice very good group group is now heading up to lake ashinoko except from ken because he’s with family well yeah let’s go to ashinoko So guys we made we had a good run at the ashinoko and now we’re at akiniku king we’re gonna have some good meat meat boys meat boys meat boy time first i have one overview so there’s so much are you using the viewfinder to save battery right now uh no no see the

Details awesome oh like zooming in yeah that’s how you order you have to order so your viewfinder has higher res than the guy yes yeah there we go oh i already ordered a cabbage so we ordered a double cabbage oh yeah so we’re gonna have a you know lunch lunch dinner

What do you call this we’re we’re eating like a 3 p.m in the afternoon winter glitter a little bit of water so and alba’s like geeking out in his photos crazy pictures Oh yeah oh yeah the meat’s here the meat’s here we’re gonna have some good ass meat Yeah let’s eat those before we eat and look at look at look at album media doing it guys we’re gonna have some meat time you know meat time meat time vlog and meat at the same time we do vlog and you cook me And almost not doing any right now i’m busy busy with filming it’s getting busy i need to have like a um you know like some kind of background music right now playing scissors yeah they do yeah they do Yeah we will cut it up later oh yeah this one right yep dude this is the dream bro this is the dream this is the dream you wanted before so do you chase you you’re hanging out with the 400k subscriber 4k subscriber youtuber right next to you yeah the big guy

So we finished dinner right now and so we finished dinner right now and we’re heading back to daikoku but check this out guys dolly jam yeah this is this is like usual stuff that it always happens whenever we’re in a tome it’s like all these massive traffic jams

That is causing like a 50 minute delay 15 minutes of having this amount of delay this is always this always happens like look at look at this with passing by on the left shoulder look at that look at that lc500 with advanced gt wheels that is so awesome like

You get to see like these random car finds in here and as always there’s a apple media behind us so we’re at bina pier right so this is the parking area that we just started kyoto trip yes which is so awesome a few weeks ago a few weeks ago already a few weeks

Already oh god man time just flies you know it’s already like mid mid june and very soon round two that’s what’s gonna be back are you excited for it yeah yeah yeah of course of course well i’m the i’m the planner so i could just say oh oh my god i tried

A good plan this time you have to you have to uh it is just so difficult right it is just so difficult to you know like step up the game you know what i mean but you know i think around here i think we’re gonna go

Yeah we’re gonna do some road trips you know but yeah today was very good day actually we’re like super early yeah like i woke up like 5 30 this morning yeah but so yeah i mean so you’re gonna release this video today not today bro i need to edit bro okay

Come on give me a can you say like at least tomorrow okay and then up i’ll finish the editing and i get a reason of next week done and the video is okay well yeah let’s get out of here okay i mean today was fun we’re gonna have another trip i think

You i hope you guys saw this kind of like masters you know what i do on a day off yeah you guys gonna see me whenever i do a topic video that’s my day job so but yeah i hope you guys liked it this is my

First video more vlogs to come and yeah oh and thanks for watching i’ll catch you guys real soon bye