Masa Loves Cars: Masa Channel Update!!!!

Posted: 2022-09-14 17:00:28
Author: Masa Loves Cars
In this quick video I’m gonna talk my updates of my life and what’s coming next on this Channel!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Hey guys it’s masa and well i’m in uh my hometown well not my my current house right now i’m in i’m at noda i’m shooting in right in front of family mart by the way um yeah so i’ll let’s just give you guys some updates for my channel

And first of all i would like to thank you guys for watching it even though it was a i mean you guys seen through maybe dustin’s videos or our videos or maybe like you know videos from my friends like mickey and yeah i mean i couldn’t thank you

Guys for you know first of all noticing me second of all you know following me and liking me for the past three videos of valvo’s video where which was you know me with moe hanging out uh having a blind date that was uh to be honest that was a pretty

Interesting thing i never thought i could have that kind of experience so yeah i’m sorry i have a beard and so it’s like it’s like 10 8 and 10 p.m in a night i’m gonna get some actually even though i’m training right now cheat day today cup ramen having a

Compromise right now i know you guys got to say oh masa i thought you were doing 100 day challenge yeah but sometimes you know you want to talk chill you need to get a cup of ramen so cheers everybody seems like my body doesn’t take cup ramen but anyway enabled up

First of all updates i mean first of all of this movie channel i’m gonna post a lot of videos promise stuff unlike last time where i one two videos were about two years apart and then another videos are like two months apart this time i’ll try to be consistent i’ll

Try to post like three videos a week at least trying i mean it’s so difficult to get a routine so yeah i’ll try to get a uh video as much as i can and yeah open there two i’m gonna already shoot actually i already should have um reaction video

Maybe i should keep it secret for that like a lot of videos excuse me a lot of videos with moy are coming soon so do with um maya rito actually last night maya took her supra and well not super her dad supra like me i take my that’s gtr but yeah

But he she took out um that’s uh max arita’s infamous red supra and we did a shooting together and i think you guys gonna see it through elvis video first or maybe my video first i don’t know but my videos are more of a chill vlog type

Of stuff where albo is more focused on scenic drives and stuff so i think you guys gonna like apple’s video too but yeah i already made a bunch of vlogs for past two weeks i have uh five videos of work footage right now so i’m gonna keep on editing keep on posting

And also we’re gonna do a lot of videos um style videos as well aside from vlog style videos like i tried to do like car reviews um also the stuff that you guys wanted to see and also some people like to see the daily of mata which is surprisingly

I mean my daily life is just eating ramen chilling outside in a freaking stalin martin uh 10 a p.m in the night hello doing nothing making videos so i don’t know you guys gonna like this kind of stuff but yeah i’ll try to do it as well also yeah i mean

Maybe down the road if i trip videos oh yeah there’s a trip actually coming up on 23rd uh well not 23rd uh come out come on right around like end of the september i’m gonna go back to oki again okinawa and i’m gonna try to film

A lot of stuff with friends from moki as well so yeah um stay updated and as as for you know situation with moen um right now i don’t really want to say it out loud um we’re in the war um i’m i think you guys saw my uh

On epilogue of alva’s part three video then you guys kind of tell what i’m me and my me and her situation is but yeah i’m trying to stay low-key for now do i like her yes um i don’t know i won’t i’m just i’m not gonna say too loud for this one so

Yeah i mean so if you guys are asking questions about what is the situation with boat um that’s the thing that i can say is just to follow my instagram and and yeah just fingers crossed i don’t know i don’t know what’s going to be with her

I know right now to be honest with you we’re we i’ve been hanging out with her for past i think now eight months now holy moly i think seven eight months we’re not we’re we are we are like closer than what you guys watched on a first video

Which is she only spoke in cable which i was pretty freak um you know she kind of had that kind of bond thing but but yeah so yeah that’s the situation with moe right now can’t tell you guys too much but stay tuned um actually she’s going to

Post a lot of stuff on instagram as well so go follow car girl in japan um she’s a very nice girl by the way and actually from fact she can speak good english so you know she speaks chinese japanese and english i don’t think japanese english so holy moly she’s

She can speak three languages no one can speak too sucks but anyway and as for that second of all doing a hundred day challenge i’m doing a holiday challenge right now with albo and a lot of my friends jackie jake parsons jake parsons the pro driver um and also

Um yushi you might know he’s in a lot of albus videos as well and yeah we’re doing that kind of 100 day challenge with it i’m trying today’s a cheat day well almost i was i was eating a freaking mcdonald’s on a challenge day so yeah you know same

Thing but i only eat this thing i only eat this actually i’m gonna get a protein shake later uh yeah and we’re doing it i’m gonna get ripped actually you know what i saw in the epilogue and i look like a freaking dorky i look like a otaku which i am otaku but

I look like the otaku like a quintessential d otaku otaku and i was like ah that’s i knew why that’s like that’s why i can’t get girls so i have to fix that yeah well i didn’t get like a you know done a hair properly on that video so it kind of

Look it’s kind of look like this actually but yeah i will try to you know as you guys saw in the video level up myself so i’m trying to level myself actually my i’m here eating cup noodle outside is because i my hair my room is actually pretty dirty so i

Don’t want to show you guys my room yet so that’s why i get cup noodle outside in the middle of nowhere where there’s a bunch of traffic and people coming in and out and so that’s about it it’s already nine minutes so just gonna be my quick little update video i hope

And yeah so actually in the end like now i want to say again thank you guys for watching pause this vlog i know it’s the quality is not that good compared to others i’m still working on it i’m shooting with my iphone 11 pro s that’s miata morris car well shall see

We shall see i mean so far for past from 2022 i have a lot of ups and downs like seriously i have a lot of ups and downs behind the scenes that i don’t really want to show it to everything but i did have a lot of ups and downs with

My life stuff i changed my jobs i changed the job which only in a year i would stayed at uh toyota um and moved the top on switch to top rank doing a lot of social media stuff but i to be honest i didn’t make enough money

From transitioning to one company to the car company but i have so i have even though i have a lot of ups and downs right i still have i feel happier in here than i was in osaka well i lost 10 kilograms when i went to osaka in two months i think

I only ate cup noodles 24 7. and i still lose weight because i think it was stress it was pretty special for me first time living in osaka i don’t know nobody over there i just went what up on my during my days off what i do is drive

My old car which was civic to random togay and go drive that tailgate or go to onsen alone by myself which was cool and fun at the same time it was a bit lonely now i’m in tokyo well this is right now where i’m in chiba yoda but now i’m in tokyo

Um i hang out with a lot of people and i met a lot of people i made a lot of new connections and uh everybody noticed me through my instagram and videos and whatnot and i’m so thankful for it to be honest i think it was

Even though it was pretty much risky my parents said like you should not change the jobs by the way i think i’m so far for past year now since i moved to tokyo moved back to tokyo it’s been pretty good it’s been pretty good i’m happy right now and it’s all

Thanks to you guys and you guys made me encourage to make videos and i will that’s muscles come in so let’s end this uh video right here it’s already 13 minutes just looking at my camera and no bgm whatsoever just gonna post this onto on youtube and call it a day so

It’s just uh no editing one video i hope you guys like it sorry this is just a little life update so yeah thanks for watching i’ll see you guys on the next video peace out