Masa Loves Cars: Maaya Orido brought her dad’s Supra for a night run.

Posted: 2022-09-22 17:00:13
Author: Masa Loves Cars

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Hey guys it’s Masa again for another vlog I’m a media what’s up please subscribe to my channel help me help me get my Instagram back up to okay It is driven by our favorite cargo hiaton what’s going on well because I didn’t know you guys are gonna film today foreign So yeah Maya’s gonna come out there let’s go all right should we go we’re right now shooting me see oh my God look at that shot yeah that is sick right now we’re shooting filming you can get some cool footage from the album’s video but I think there’s a lot

Of Windows coming in but nicer That’s really fun thank you that was it was super cool and like seeing you in the shops it’s like yeah that was so cool yeah like of course it’s cool but then like seeing you drive it it’s like it looks like a movie yeah more like it more like you know like

We’re living in a dream yeah it’s like Yokohama theme in the background of Yokohama yeah foreign I was really nervous at the first moment but now I really enjoy it thank you so much is this your future card if if you could make your own like touch butter how would you build it

Exactly yeah yeah so Maya gave me a permission to sit in it lovely cushion oh very cozy it looks like fresh I like the seeds dude everything looks fresh dude this thing is Super Fresh thanks for the lighting 79 000 oh yeah it is color matched so beautiful yeah

I mean like the dash has a little bit of work but aside from that it’s like so clean it’s like oh yeah unreal can you explain about this car a little bit a little quick yeah so I take my dad’s car today yeah yeah that’s what I usually do when I

Bring my 34. oh yeah it’s real yes that’s my last car yeah wait my NASCAR is not as cool as your dad’s car um the first time driving this car okay I was so nervous that so this is a natural redox Arrow three dogs three dogs I know I explained all about it

But um I don’t know this is a drug problem yeah dragon fruits Yeah I think that makes uh Yeah right yeah also redox kit I’ve been GT yeah of course the project new calipers too yeah it’s uh and the seats the interior like it’s so difficult to tell because it’s pretty dark but yeah foreign [Laughter] let’s go so far Yeah she asked she yeah go watch your album’s video because my video is going to be okay I know I know but yeah redox kit demo redox is actually pretty like it’s the design itself is already that this kit was released 10 more than 10 years ago I think

The original kit released 10 years ago it’s made by Ferris by the way but so but actually this kit never ages I I even just say I see this kid it’s so cool well like I prefer the redox kit over like a normal Toyota Supra thank you before which is your favorite Is my car so it’s my favorite is that it was kind of kind of I thought it was really difficult to try um yeah you drove Perfect by the way thank you I mean guys you gotta have to check out the album see the video I’ll put the

Link in the description below yeah my my wing men my wingman where’s the part three now I’m the white man in your videos yeah where’s the part three tonight actually Um part three Jessica I said my best friend up on a date with my yard anyway I mean yeah go watch elbows Vlog yeah because we’re gonna they’re gonna have a better shot in there he uh she explained a lot and I was video so yes yes even though I only have less

Subscribers than he does you know what’s our next video I want to race you again okay It Count Me In Count Me In Count Me In tell me loser buy dinner I’ll practice um Let’s go yeah let’s go to the park training and learn from Mr maxorito himself oh yes okay sounds good yeah okay all right we should we should go we should uh yeah we need to get going right uh yeah Maya’s got to go home soon I got to go

I I don’t have work tomorrow big I need to get up at 4 30. oh okay okay okay okay so they’re gonna shoot some photos before we leave yeah okay okay so thank you very much for watching um go watch Apple’s Vlog Master’s Vlog I gotta have the daily upload

Like I’ll keep promised guys I’m gonna upload three videos per week until end of this year or okay and also also I got we’re doing like the 100th day challenge right now I forgot to I forgot to apply for the you know gyms but I will I promise I’ll do it like

This week yeah okay finger promise yeah if I don’t then I’ll pay him the dinner yes yes but yeah so thanks for watching I’ll see you guys in the next video oh peace out my penny