Masa Loves Cars: Japan’s MUST VISIT SPOT IN AUTUMN


Posted: 2022-11-12 18:57:12
Author: Masa Loves Cars

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Thank you Foreign Foreign Hey I’m Masa I’m a Japanese banana who lived in America for a few years and now I live in Chiba I spent my days washing cars and doing Social Media stuff for work and on my days off I hang out with my best friends album and Dustin and

Drive my GTR in Adventures around Japan this Vlog is my journey to level up myself and to get a girlfriend welcome to muscle Stadium life yarushku hey guys it’s monster here and today I want to talk to you guys about my nickel Vlog unfortunately a bunch of

Clips I lost my audio footage so I have to voice over it right now but this is me right now driving through stucco Expressway and yeah so QD driving footage [Applause] foreign Foreign So I’m at Nicole toshozi and follow me So yeah this is the Nico pusho group it’s the one of the most famous if not the famous shrines in Japan and unfortunately we couldn’t go inside due to cut I’m constraints but this is the Gate of nicoto Shogun So this is gonna be the next spot which is right next to Nico toshogu and this is one of the nicoto Shoguns Kari then or also known as a temporarily um trying so temporarily means that whenever nickel toshibu has to go under construction due to the renovation and stuff they

Have to remove the gods to this cardigan or or like the temporarily uh Palace so that they can praise their um anytime they want oh yeah this is me walking towards to that uh the temporarily uh Place yeah there’s family over there is obviously is just amazing and I love it and I

Would definitely 100 you guys should go to this spot Thank you So next let’s check out this next Temple minoji in fun fact it’s very unique to have a temple and Shrine located in the same area which basically shine is Shintoism and Temple is Buddhism and these religions they’re different religions so it’s very unique to have that same tempo and shrine at the same

Spot so now I’m gonna do this omiguji or fortune telling thing yeah look at me pointing out the friction having thingy but yes I’m gonna drop a hundred again and check out my fortune for that day it is And long befold it’s normal nothing too interesting and yeah well so I’m like okay not bad that’s why I’m gonna put it on a this uh thingy over there yeah look at me I’m like meh not really set up but yeah gonna go and put it on that uh

The strap over there so you know I could get better luck next time so yeah that’s gonna me tying that uh this Fortune time paper to this uh Pole right there foreign Foreign OG had this very nice Garden in the same area so yeah that’s me wandering around checking out the garden and it wouldn’t look so amazing on that day yeah I was pretty impressed Thank you foreign Thank you foreign Heading out to Nichols um upper area and the leaves were very nice and I really really like the way it looked outside it was just magnificent Thank you and now this is the clip where I’m attacking irohazaka which is one of the roads that been used in an initial D in fun fact irohazaka is both open um daiichi irohazakore number one irohasaka which is right now I’m driving right now um this is not used it it showed DC

Which is um uphill and in a downhill the dining or the number two is the hero hasaka that’s been used in other shorty Now we’re at the area called let’s check this out guys so like I said in a previous clip Nico is the best place when it turns off Autumn Seasons this is a place to come and this is one of my favorite place actually you guys have to check this magnificent scenery all right

Now yeah emails online Would you look at that That is like a magnificent waterfall right there and obviously it’s the biggest flag that’s particularly people’s trip it’s going the water resources from the lake Chief engine I mean this is the real JDM in my opinion you can see a little bit it’s a bit like the leaves around are not

As much as you could be but still it’s a magnificent place to come and yeah if you guys could have come to Nico you guys better have to check out this spot let’s see what other YouTubers think what do you guys think incredible it’s pretty sweet

It’s a it’s a cool simulation I don’t know how they get the graphics to look like that it’s pretty sweet thank you foreign But basically this is the Nico’s national parks what the main spot look at it like how deserted it is this it’s just I don’t know okay I’m not good at describing words I’m not have that a grammar to express how beautiful this Valley is or more I should say

But yeah if you guys come to Nico this is a little bit far up from uh part far north of Nico it’s about I guess uh 30 minutes from Nico’s one of the famous Shrine called Niko toshogu but if you have time to come this is the spot

And it’s so cold I’m gonna froze to death so I’ll give you guys some b-roll and I’ll in today’s video let me know if you guys want to know um more stuff from my channel make sure comment share subscribe and I’ll see you on the next video peace out or or peace out