Masa Loves Cars: Is This the future for THE JDM CARS!?!?

Posted: 2023-06-03 15:00:08
Author: Masa Loves Cars
We checked out brand new facility in Fuji Speedway!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Foreign sport forest and we’re going to check out this facility and also a little bit of sneak peek at the rookie racing Factory and fun fact guys this Motorsport forest was open two days ago in May 26 2023 so I’m gonna check it out inside come join us right out the back

We have a gr86 to protect your car run by Mercury Racing for a SD forecast This is a whole entire Heritage regarding to rookie racing look at this car wow grex Thank you Oh oh So this is a Toyota all cuts off which is basically a Lexus IS in States but this car is actually first time Akio Toyota used his Alias burrito yeah because of you know a lot of Japanese people especially like the CEO of a company will work like being in a race

Is it’s not prohibited but it’s just like the people will think that like why the Sea of Toyota is doing some kind of this race for fun so use his Alias and maurizo it does this car was here and also this car was raced as a Gazoo

Which at that time was just a um like a communal website this car is the origin of a Gazoo racing now you see you guys today let’s go over there Welcome to the new world of sports cars we have right in front this is a 86 82 concept that was unveiled in this year’s Tokyo hour salon let’s look at real quick and outside it looks like you’re an ordinary to a86 but here’s the catch in this tank right here

This is basically the tank from Toyota Mirai high pressure tank and get here this is the sticker that usually used usually says like U.N or Luanne which means unlead or United gasoline that sticker was on the a lot of commuter cars back in late 60s but late

70s and early 80s and you guys know this this letter right here me this kind of basically it’s out of the initial D and since there’s a 86 a86 Torino let’s check out the cars over there right next to it thank you voila there you go guys this is the 8086 EV concept

Which is this Eevee is so unique because when you look at the interior you still have a sick manual gear left it’s basically the mortar and the drivetrain is kind of connected to each other so you have a manual shield on an electric car these two correspond factors what I’ve

Heard they Source the cars from Yacht Rock which is basically you guys’s eBay or something and they just Source from a personnel and convert them into hydraulic engine and electric car right here Same thing they have all these like cool like unique Easter egg touches to the car which is so awesome cool another cool part right here is we get to check out the rookie racing garage which is right there and today right about now they’re still racing in the 3D

Speedway over there but yeah this is the rookie racing garage and look they’re still racing and this is the pit right here where they are always doing the maintenance on the car so interesting right there that’s the that’s one of the race cars called inner Proto it’s run by Mazda team by Mazda

It says which means one one man and horse Antoine with one and right next to that that’s a GT500 Supra and over in the middle that’s a super formula or a formula Japan car right there which is so rad look at it all these stuff right here on the Akio Toyota uniform

Racing suit this is so interesting I like how Akio Toyota started life as yesterday no more Taylor to racing by 2019 20 20 21 and 2022 these are all the iterations that went through this entire rookie racing thing Yeah so that’s about it so right now the race just finished the 24 hour Race season but we just glad that we came here and check out real quick about this facility in general because this is not open to the public so just to come here and check out all these cool cars

And stuff right here and then looking at the the history of GR and the rookie racing it’s just mind-bogging that I get to kind of experience a little bit by owning the gr maniaras and experiencing GR in Toyota is killing the game hey guys well I guess this tour of a facility

Comes to end right here in beautiful Mount Fuji in a back yeah this facility was actually really really new it’s opened two days ago so it’s a very cool facility and yeah just to check out this rookie racing garage and it’s welcomes more water sports welcome Park is very cool and

Basically Toyota is cutting the game with all these cool facilities and stuff and right just now stz class overall winner was a Toyota rookie racing GT3 AMG and yeah congrats to Toyota and this turtle is killing the game without recent carb sports car genre and like it’s all entire racing in general

And get out thinking enough that I could own one of the masterpieces from Toyota and yeah thank you very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little tour about this facility in Fuji Speedway and I hope you guys going to come to this facility

When you guys come to Japan and check out Fuji Speedway thank you very much for watching I’ll see you guys on the next one peace out foreign