Masa Loves Cars: Introduction to my vlog

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Posted: 2020-06-24 02:12:34
Author: Masa Loves Cars
Welcome to my new channel!!!!

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Hey guys welcome to my new channel my name is masa and today we’re gonna introduce to you to my new ride Honda ft2 type aa baby isn’t it this looks cool I mean like oh my god and oh I know you are you got from what is it

The tollgate hunt is to like something that you know has had like the yellow Miata oh and then like oh yeah for months and months and months yeah congratulations you did you start a channel are you buddy same day yeah Bob job same thing are you gonna live be

Living in Osaka yeah you are going to have a big responsibility mmm-hmm yep everything okay I have to take everything do your best do your best and this is a pretty cool car really set up for you we’ll be visiting you very soon in Osaka me in Dustin so

What are you gonna do in your channel well I’m gonna do like a brief daily life vlogging style stuff that I’m gonna do not just only myself and my car but also you know daily life in Osaka as a you know a new you beginning of my new

Life that’s about it show us the gates up show us around your car why you like it so up here okay continue hey go and car is bone stock ft to tie part cokie 180 model which it stands for final production mulatto a line for FD to type

Are so coming up front this iconic front headlights with traditional red on the logo which is really proud and osaka plate cuz i’m gonna live in osaka and you wait let’s go back right here so the noticeable difference between a dinky and cokie is this tail light right

Here which as you can see this has octagon octagon shape whereas in thinking model its rear ound like a r34 or like sky on taillights and don’t forget the genie a masters my one of my friends from the genie M masters featured dis car and this ft 2 in their

Movie and their YouTube video so they’re gonna explain to all the small little details about the car so yeah go ahead and watch that channel like um I’ll link it the video in this description below ok anyway tell us why you like this car so authentic JD in car like you can see

Inside here it’s dark boy yeah look at it type our logo on a shooter and everything is yeah ninety-two thousand days on a clock some differences between this and that all right so look at here this looks a little bit familiar isn’t it this is master G make a joke

This is just like an economy car model a second you gotta box no no swear words you and what it says yeah it’s just get used to it so this is just a ordinary econo box that hana made when I was born so this is ek9 type haha which looks normal

Cuz it’s over no championship weight but you can clearly see a championship white rims and nice a do-er tires he has good taste I think and look at it interior red brick carros as usual oh it’s open let’s go inside ah nice Recaros Oh God talk about how you don’t have a car

Roads but the older one has a little straighter well my teenager so this car has a titanium shift knob and also momo steering wheel and a Recaro seats but unfortunately my car is genuine Honda steering wheel genuine Honda’s seat that you know technically it’s made together in corporation with in collaboration

With the car oh yeah and my shifter is aluminum not titanium but yeah I do like two titanium the feel of titanium but the looks I think my little moon looks better and after that you know real really generic are pretty cool yeah I became a

Thai park I can’t wait to start my life you know Sacco well and at the end of the day this is gonna be like my style vlogs I’m gonna do a lot of dealing blogging in Osaka I try to you know go to as much of a bunch of Osaka place as

Possible so yeah thanks for watching guys this is my brief intro video of my new channel my lot a lot on my new channel which is unbelievable but anyway thanks for watching guys I’ll see you next time take it easy have a good day