Masa Loves Cars: I Recived a Mystery Box From USA!!!! Here’s what happened….

I Recived a Mystery Box From USA!!!! Here's what happened....

Posted: 2022-09-19 17:00:13
Author: Masa Loves Cars
Seems like I recived mystery box from usa that I’ve not ordered lol

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

What is this thing ah what the hell is this big box from hey guys hey guys it’s masa and i got this massive package from legends media thank you dustin and i moved from the doors here right now and it was pretty heavy to be honest so i wonder what’s inside so

Let’s open it Oh i see some some stuff coming oh my gosh how many t-shirts is inside okay oh my god this is this is a lot more than i expected dustin [Laughter] well if you send all these things you know you gotta have to do you’re gonna have to wear them

I’ll wear a grass dustin don’t worry how well um wear this especially this is one of my most favorite legends media drops ever which is the the grey championship circuit i see this does i see this dustin wear a bunch of times and to be honest i really like it

I was so jealous because you have that you have the sponsor logo on your sleeves on the sleeves and it looks amazing so yeah all of these are sent all of these were sent by dustin so courtesy of dustin thank you very much thanks dustin i’ll promise you i’ll wear

This and i’ll shoot a vlog in it so thank you dustin arigato so we just decided to put all the all the stuff that they gave me on a dustin’s pack care package on a sofa and like that’s pretty a lot man okay this is this is quite insane i can’t believe

It doesn’t send all this man that’s quite a lot like dad if you’re watching this thank you this is insane insane well i guess whenever i’m gonna see dustin i can’t wear a top-ranked t-shirt instead i have to wear these legends media goodies oh man like check this um the duffel

Bags out look so it has a nice legends media spirit of night drive like it but look at this japan and usa flag right next to it you know kind of like me i’m a japanese boy but you know half american you know i can speak english a little bit

You know just like me and yeah nice kyoto mug cup i love it i’ll definitely use this um like i won’t drink coffee oh no i won’t i’m not going to drink coffee in this actually i’m going to drink a japanese green tea out of this ultimate japanese flax

And then yeah for as for like a license plate flame um just gonna put a hang on a wall okay so wonder what this poster is no it’s a windshield banner so let’s try to take it off oh it’s a black one i seen it on a lot of dustin’s car

Well i won’t take it off because it’s going to be painted as a product back so i’ll keep it inside for now look at all these hoodies oh i had a kyoto one i love i love this one actually like all the drops i really do love it but

The my favorite one is actually the circuit team like the sponsor logo and everything it looks so cool but like these kyoto drops have a lot of sentimental attachments oh not this these two actually these two i saw like the the dragon ones have a lot of sentimental attachments

To me because we shoot a lot of stuff together including this one and nice let’s just meet a cap love these you know the mount fuji drops too i think i’ll have to wear this and take a mount fuji shot again yeah i remember just being wear this all the time

When i were we in the kitchen and yeah most importantly always at the daikoku nights i will try to wear this hoodie right now japan is pretty hot so it’s not like a hoodie season yet but on night it starts to get cold so i’ll put one of these in my cars so

Whenever it gets super super cold i’ll make sure to you know use it yeah oh my god like all these stickers too look at how so detailed it is oh this is air freshener jet tag i got these stickers right there yeah this one actually i do remember

When when we went to ken ninji we have i used this sticker um to take some photos with it oh these lovely geisha nice dragon like these box stickers are my favorite i wish i could put it on my car but you know i’d say out loud but future plans coming

To my car so i don’t really want to put this in right now oh my god okay one last look for the lineup do Do Do very much for watching maz’s you know short little um unboxing video of the legends media goodies but yeah i’m wearing a hks t-shirt today courtesy of my uh you know moe because whenever she did a birthday party for me she gave me this um it’s not just with mo just

Like you know we did it with a uh old friend you know but thank you very much i’ll see you guys on the next video peace out mata