Masa Loves Cars: I hung out with Maaya Orido!!

I hung out with Maaya Orido!!

Posted: 2022-07-09 15:00:14
Author: Masa Loves Cars
I hung out wih Maaya Orido, the legendary driver Max Orido’s doughter at Daikoku with my big bro @ALBO .

Maaya Orido
IG: maaya_oriodo_559

You can see this interview from Albo’s POV

Masa Loves Cars Video Transcript

Good morning people today i’m at this lovely entire goku and monday morning monday afternoon which is monday is my day off actually so i could come out here and do a lot of stuff but so i brought my 34 and that’s a lovely 720s but look at that car

That’s a nice gr6 spot i think i’ve seen this car before let’s go ask to the owner shall we look we have here english please with us hi lovely little lady with a lovely oh awesome car i’m super jealous by the way oh Cigar what do you think about the gr86 i love the color oh i do i do love the color too dustin doesn’t like this color actually dustin said this is for your girls yeah it didn’t come with the exhaust tips right yeah the wheels wheels are used to be touching

I thought you liked it [Laughter] i tended did you change the brake pads oh yeah When i go to the circuit uh part training apart training yeah so those of you guys don’t know um max cerrito does this thing called part training part training is at the fuji right they do a fuji uh part two they rent out the whole entire

Parking lot and they do this like a training session where for you know controlling the cars movements etc the show you know i got driver’s license when i was 18. then started driving from around 21 20. and then before i go to circuit i started training with the park park yeah and yes

She did a lot of part training so she could she’s a better driver than me dustin and everyone else [Laughter] for the job it looks it kind of looks like a you know normal gr86 but with that little bit of you know extra touch it looks it makes the car look more sharper

At all my sister’s birthday Foreign foreign foreign so she wants to train more of an fr layout chassis so that she could know what a car control which is true yeah i agree i 100 agree because when i had an opportunity to ride a hachiroka racing the this before this previous model at the track

Kind of like a part training i wasn’t good at controlling the car i always spun out with the you knows that [Laughter] my let’s go to konbini so she’s going to take us a ride so let’s go hop on it stay hey quickly super awesome car let’s go so we’re at car ride with maya right now i have some questions to ask you okay uh do you want to start with

Okay let’s start with normal questions normal no not too much personal questions okay so first question is what is your favorite call my favorite car your favorite car this is my favorite car oh she’s a metal woman of culture yes i do agree the gr86 is very phenomenal okay

What part of the gr86 do you like First of all i love the color of this oh i see let’s see and then i don’t know i like 80 80s yeah because my nuts have it so hey i love that car let’s go so my question is how do you get into the world of cars why why all right

What i’ve heard from you like whatever we met last time you told me that you’re not like when you’re young you’re not into heart you’re you are like even though your dad is like a pro driver and he has a whole car so you didn’t really interested in it but you

Kind of eventually get into cars why why because um i grew up with like seeing a lot of cars yeah so i think it was normal to go to circuit or like to see like cool cars when i was younger but like i got driver’s license when i was 18 and then started

Driving after two years so like 20-21 um Opportunity to drive around like nice to see you again good to see you did you solve my vlogs i did how was it good job i’m proud of you i’m proud of you man finally he’s releasing videos yeah i mean you guys do you like the intro i i you

Don’t have the intro part i did pretty good on the intro right yeah so well as you know mr hunters yeah well as always one of my good friends um he came out to see uh hang out with maya i’m a real youtuber yeah yeah but anyway so now you’re gonna

Do some questions right uh yeah yeah yeah yeah nice sure now it’s all it’s so hot so they are filming his point of view video right now kawaii and kakui scars and to be honest i’m so glad that i’ve been in you japan do stuff like this i have so much

Privilege that i get to enjoy hang out on a day off with my car and maya’s car and almost car oh my god this is the shop money shot right there such a quality experience this is a jdm dream to be honest it’s not just owning a car or like a

Cool jd car is a jdm dream actually you own the cool car you come up to here at the daikoku which is a mecca of jd and carson hang out with all these cool cars and share the memories together this is what you call a jdm dream and we’re living the jdm life

Awesome stuff you guys shoot your own car with you driving it which is so awesome um yeah if you want to see that kind of cool v-roads check out our media channel link in the description below well you guys know elbow right always in his videos so you guys know me through all

Those videos but anyway what’s so fun i i hope you guys get to see from my arena from my perspective as a japanese guy lonely guy no girlfriend life blame from my perspective and i hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching more videos will come to my channel so

Don’t comment on my instagram saying i want your videos because i’m gonna deliver the videos to you guys so thanks for watching i’ll see you guys in the next video peace